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Magic Touch Live Wallpapers 1.5
Free Magic Touch Live Wallpaper reactstoyourmovements revealing a deep world within .Enjoy different setting in this Free Live Wallpaper:---> Multiple Backgrounds to choose from (Moreontheway!)--> Bubble Count Option - Adjust number of particlesonthescreen--> Particle Type Option - Switch between 3 types ofparticleandalso select random particle.--> Magic Touch Option - Magic touch On/Off.--> Magic Touch Color Option - Adjust color of magic touch .
Holi Live Wallpaper 1.9
FREE Holi Live Wallpaper .This live wallpaper app contains bestselected HD and QHD Holi colors wallpapers with color TOUCH bubbleseffect . Features- -Select from Colorful rangoli backgrounds.-Select different paint color flowing on your screen -Selectdifferent color bubbles which splash paint on touch. Enjoy thisHoli festival with this "Holi Live Wallpaper" May this season isfull of colors for you Happy Holi.
Spring Leaf wallpapers 1.7
Spring Leaf wallpapers – Dynamic HD live wallpaper with fallingmaple ,autumn leaves and rain effect,
Fireworks City Live Wallpaper 1.6
Fireworks City Live Wallpaper is a free HD live wallpaper based onnight city and fireworks theme .This City Wallpapers features manycustomized settings for android smartphone users . Moving cloudsand birds over city landscapes enhances this beautifullong-exposure images of night city. Download app and get dazzlingFireworks actions live on your android screen and that too FREE .
Live BSE NSE Stock Market 1.16
Get Live Stock Market watch on mobile App-This android app for live share market BSE India & NSE Indiatocheck live stock market prices & MCX .Check share market live prices for all stocks under BSE &NSE,Live information for all Indices like SENSEX, NIFTY, Mid CapandSmall cap indices including sector wise indices with charts&list of top gainers, top losers & mostactivesecurities/stocks.Create Watchlist of your favorite stocks and track all yourstocksin single screen with latest prices & stock news.- View all necessary information on shares (open price, closeprice,high/low price, current price, percentage rise or fall,share tradedvolume, 52 weeks price range, key financialetc.).Also be updated with top business news, global market indexandlatest currency price.Get latest Gold , Silver & other commodities price all at oneinthe app.Unique Features:- Indian Share & stock market watch with market movementbasedUser Interface (e.g. GREEN if market is in positive trend& REDif the trend is negative)- Check market sentiment for each stockondaily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly basis to get an ideawhatcommunity thinks about a particular stock.- Tailor made daily stock tips by experts help you inbetterinvestment decision.- Search any stock in no time, just type your keyword (for e.g.tosearch sbi share price type code/symbol or company name of sbi)andfollow the search suggestion to directly land on the desiredstockpage.We are making android app for you and your valuable feedbackwillhelp us improve it further, so that you may track the marketstheway you like. Or just a WOW will do!!
Halloween Live Wallpaper 1.8
We invite you to Haunted house, on the feast of the Halloween, theeve of All Saints Day through this Halloween Live Wallpaper 2017app . Let's walk through the spooky cemetery, look at the hauntedhouse, accompanied by bats, witches, ghosts and spirits. Enjoy thestarry sky at night with a full moon. The whole world and natureare embraced with mysticism and magic. Bats move very naturally,glowing pumpkins and appearing ghosts adds a thrill. In addition,the parallax effect, flying clouds on a background of red moon andlightnings on the sky makes this application a perfect HappyHalloween Live Wallpaper for celebrating Halloween . Animated livewallpaper " Horror house" for Android will create an atmosphere ofthe spooky and scary night on your android smart phone . Lots ofsettings and dynamic effects will give your smart phone or tablet anew unique look. We hope you will have a great feast of All SaintsDay . In this Halloween live wallpaper HD app there are two views :1 Outside haunted house theme . 2 Inside haunted house theme (PROVERSION). You can transition from inside theme to outside themefrom your android smartphone home screen . If you like our freeversion of Free Halloween Live Wallpaper then download our proversion and enjoy .
New Year Live Wallpaper 2018 1.28
Get vibrant and live Firework effect with New Year Live Wallpaper2018 .the beautiful night view of Red Fort , India Gate, Taj Mahal, Chatrapati shivaji terminals and for FREE!! Turn your boringphone screen into a beautiful night sky which is full of colorfulfireworks and Diwali and New Year light effects with the mostrealistic and stunning Happy Diwali live wallpaper. This New YearLive Wallpaper also offers a firework glowing Digital clock whichgive a new look to your smart phone live wallpaper Fireworks is afun for all of us, and we all especially kids celebrate thefestival by lighting up candles and letting fire crackers offduring diwali festival and new year . This wallpaper will sleepwhen your phone does, so this Android live wallpaper will not drainyour battery. - 6 Types of glowing/ firework clock to choose from.- 6 HD backgrounds and 11 monuments foregrounds to select from. - 6types of fireworks and light types in this live wallpaper - SparkleParticle flowing over the screen Lets have and create firework onour Android screens with this beautiful 2018 New Year FireworksLive Clock Wallpaper . This Live wallpaper has an awesome HDbackgrounds .
Clock Live Wallpaper 1.25
Digital clock and sports car theme based Clock Live Wallpaper HDapp with Speedometer shape clock is a beautiful Free live wallpaperbased on Clock Widget theme with speedometer clock widget and morebattery saving live wallpaper with battery info and temperature .Your screen will be with a beautiful digital clocks, which are morebattery friendly than many other live wallpapers.It makes you seethe time all the time when your screen is on!Use this cars clockwallpaper HD theme asDigital clock live wallpaperORAnalog clocklive wallpaperas u likeFeatures-* 63 beautiful cars wallpaper HDbackgrounds.* 5 types of speedometer clock which give various info- Time - battery level indicator - battery temperatureYour screenwill be with beautiful sports car theme digital clocks which aremore battery saver than many other live wallpapers .
Allah Live Wallpaper 1.5
Praise to Allah! This Islamic app is carefully designed for all theMuslim brothers and sisters around the world who love Islam, Allahand his Prophet Muhammad. Download AllahLive Wallpaper free app forAndroid™ and feel the presence of God wherever you are. TheseMuslim wallpapers will help you find the way through all theproblems of today's life. The sign of Allah on your home screenwill make your faith stronger than ever. This beautiful religiouslive wallpaper is FREE to download . How to install: Home → Menu →Wallpapers → Live Wallpapers → Allah Live Wallpaper Cool appFeatures: ★ 17 Allah wallpapers HD and 6 foregrounds to choose ★Three types of speed of the animation: slow, normal, fast! ★Fabulous animation makes the Allah background images look like thebest animated Allah wallpaper ★ Optimized battery usage, doesn'tdrain your battery when your phone is inactive. ★ Allah LiveWallpapers support horizontal orientation and look amazing on bothmobile phones and tablet devices. ★ Full support for portrait andlandscape mode These Islamic Live wallpapers will inspire to makegood deeds and visit holly places Mecca and Medina. Mecca SaudiArabia, the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad and a site of thecomposition of the Quran, to perform once-in-a-lifetime Hajj andvisit Al-Masjid Al-Haram, where Islam’s holiest place, the Kaaba islocated.Allah will be with you even during the other importantdates in the Islamic calendar, such as Eid al-Adha, Eid al Ghadeer,Mawlid, Muharram, Ashura as well as during each day of the year.While fasting during Ramadan, Allah wallpapers will give youstrength when you need it the most to stay devoted to yourreligion. Not eating and drinking during the day through the wholemonth will be easier when you look at your phone and you see abeautiful Islamic wallpaper on your home screen. Express thedevotion to Allah!These HD background images will help you neverloose your faith. Enjoy the wonderful pieces of Islamic art with “Allah Wallpapers ” free app .
Superbike Clock Wallpaper HD 1.9
Super Bikes Clock Wallpaper HD is a beautiful Free live wallpaperbased on Clock Widget Bikes live wallpaper theme with speedometerclock widget which gives you various phone informations. Use thisSuper bikes wallpaper HD theme asDigital clock livewallpaperORAnalog clock live wallpaperas u likeFeatures-* 35beautiful sports and cruiser Bikes HD backgrounds.* 5 types ofspeedometer clock which give various info -Time,batterytemperature,battery info
My Photo Live Wallpaper 1.6
Make your mobile screen gorgeous with My Photo Live Wallpaper app.Choose your own photos as mobile backgrounds with amazing raindrop effects.You can choose rain drops falling effect and waterscrolling effect on your selected pics.In the app settings, you canmodify the following features:-* Choose your own images as mobilebackgrounds.* Choose the type of falling drops* Choose the numberof falling drops* You can Enable/disable rain sound* You can On/Offrain, falling drops and static drops.
Clock Aquarium Live Wallpaper. 1.1
Beautiful 3D fish and plants dress up your home screen, withgorgeous backgrounds and smooth motion. Double-tap to feed them,With beautiful clocks tap to get their attention in Clock AquariumLive Wallpaper.Now you can turn your smart phone and tablet in areal aquarium. Blue, azure water, exotic fish , coral reefs andleisurely sailing sharks. Give into the underwater world of beautydistant solar islands, warm salt water and rare inhabitants of theocean . Enjoy our dynamic animated Aquarium live wallpaper forAndroid . A lot of settings and different backgrounds with coralswill allow you to achieve a unique look for your device. Watereffect and HD quality will give you realistic feeling of beingimmersed in an underwater world . If you love the sea, summer anddiving, these AQUARIUM Live Wallpaper 3D for you.Key features:-Select from 8 fish and there quantity- real dynamic 3D animationsin aquarium theme .- 3D fish, settings: types, amount, speed - 3Analog Clocks made with ship anchor.- 8 backgrounds and 6foregrounds let you to create different aquarium , photo-realisticcoral reef , seabed backgrounds
Indian Railway Timetable 1.62
Indian Railway Timetable & Live PNR Status & Live trainRunning Status app can be used for information regarding : -Railway Seat Availability/Seat Predictions -Indian Railway Timetable - Live Train status - PNR status - Indian Railway enquiry -Express Railway Ticket Booking &much more This app is free todownload .We have tried to create a lightweight app and its stillloaded with features - Here is what you can do with this IndianRailway Live Train Running Status App: * Works fast on 2G / 3G / 4Gand Wi-Fi * Check PNR Status and save it for later use with refreshfunctionality at any time * Look for your Train schedule and status* Check Fares for Trains * Find Indian Railways Trains between twostations * Check Seat Availability * See Train Route on Google Maps* Live Train Status * Live Station Status * Seat Predictions * ViewCancelled and Rescheduled Trains * Add your Journey Event onCalendar * Set Alerts / Notifications for PNR Status * View SeatMap * Alarm While Approaching Station * Platform, Coach Locator andSeat Map * Express Railway Ticket Booking Disclaimer : IndianRailway Timetable & Live Train Status app is privatelymaintained and does not have any official connection or affiliationwhatsoever to Indian Railways, IRCTC and related organizations. Allcontent available in this app is for general information purposeand is intended for personal non-commercial use only. You areencouraged to re-verify the information from official sources.
Halloween Live Wallpaper HD 1.2
Halloween Live Wallpaper HD is an app to enjoy Halloween each timeyou use your phone! Haunted House Live Wallpaper has a very highquality graphics, all the details are worked out at the highestlevel. High resolution used elements allows for the use ofwallpaper without loss of quality even on tablets. Bats move verynaturally, glowing pumpkins and appearing ghosts adds a thrill. Inaddition, the parallax effect, flying clouds on different abstractbackgrounds of red moon and lightnings on the sky makes thisapplication a perfect app for celebrating Halloween .In thisHalloween live wallpaper HD app there are two views :1 Outsidehaunted house theme .2 Inside haunted house theme .You cantransition from inside theme to outside theme from your androidsmartphone home screen .
Christmas live wallpaper 1.7
Christmas live wallpaper is a beautiful animated HD quality livewallpaper for celebrating new year 2016 and christmas . This livewallpaper has animated Christmas tree, dynamic Christmas lights,animated fireplace, animated sleepy puppy and much more. This Livewallpaper will be a perfect decoration for your android phone ortablet home screen during long winter evenings and winter holidays:Christmas and New Year. While there is no time limit on using thisfree Live wallpaper .Please support our work by purchasing the fullversion. You also get additional features and customizationoptions! Look on the Android Market to Upgrade! -It’s a two in onelive wallpaper with Christmas OUTSIDE as well as INSIDE HOUSE viewwhich change with a wonderful transition effect in our paid versionof this app . OUTSIDE VIEW OPTIONS- -Get Different Christmas HDViews or you can customize your own view. With effect of- * Snowman throwing snow on screen * Santa reindeer in the sky * Fireworkswith different colors working in the sky * Bubble or balloon flyingwhich on touch blow with dropping gifts such as candy andchocolates. * Snow falling which can be customize according tosetting like- ->snow type . (Available in PRO Version) ->snowspeed (Available in PRO Version) ->wind speed (Available in PROVersion) * Choose different Christmas tree with light effects.(Available in PRO Version) INSIDE VIEW OPTIONS - Choose differentview like night with wonderful light glow effect (Available in PROVersion) – Choose different Christmas tree with different lightingon them (Available in PRO Version) – Play Music directly throughhome screen by touching gramophone and browse the music librarythrough settings. - Enable Santa, teddy, fire, dog animations.(Available in PRO Version)
Asteroids 3D Live wallpaper 1.1
Asteroids 3D Live Wallpaper in Outer Space: adventure, enormousdistances, never ending journey! Feel the breathtaking adventure ofjourneying through space and galaxies with this outstanding 3D LiveWallpaper! The best there is in our universe!Visit Mars (maybe oneday Curiosity drives by??), Venus, Earth, Sun, Orion Nebula,Antennae galaxies, M101, Messier and more of the most scenic placesthere are out there in space, flight path controlled by gyroscopeand tilting of device!Each of them you can view in 3D, in realtime,in OpenGL.Check out what is in each of them. Adjust the settings,change them.OPTIONS :+ Set Predefined Galaxies (17 available now)+Set Background type (5 available now)+ Set light type (4 availablenow)+ Set Asteroid type (3 available now)+ Set Stars count (for maxspeed reduce stars)+ Set Asteroid type, on/off (default off)+ SetStars on/off
Sand Live Wallpaper 1.3
DescriptionA classic desert theme APP - Sand Live Wallpaper withcactus in different sizes, particle and containsvarious options such as- Real time mode (sun moves over the sky,moon and stars at night etc)- different day , evening night views-Cactus count- dust layer with wind which can be rubbed on touch-camel animation- 4 types of desert selection- Desert type- Starcount, moon size, moon position, night sky brightness, night lightintensity etc.And much more!
Halloween Clock Live Wallpaper 1.4
Halloween Clock Live Wallpaper Free is a beautiful free livewallpaper based on halloween clock theme with Pumpkin and ghosttheme clocks which gives you various phone informations for FREE .Features- * 26 halloween HD wallpaper backgrounds. * 2 types ofHalloween clock which give various info -Time,batterytemperature,battery info
Digital Clock Wallpaper 1.2
Digital Clock Wallpaper is a beautiful livewallpaper with Speaker grill clock which gives you various phoneinformations. Use this live wallpaper asFeatures-* beautiful music theme HD backgrounds.* 2 types of Music speaker grill clock which give variousinfo-Time,battery temperature,battery info
Valentine's Day Hearts Live Wallpaper 1.3
Beautiful Valentine's Day Hearts Live Wallpaper 2018 app havingcolors and drifting hearts, just in time for Valentine's Day 2018 !Not a movie, fully supports home screen switching and landscapemode!This live wallpaper has settings screen with controls forheart appearance, hearts appearing where you touch, camera speed,background image, hearts with a loved one's , and more!TO USE:Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers
Snowfalling Live Wallpaper 1.6
Winter 3D Snowfalling Live Wallpaper HD features day and nighttheme with mind calming snowfall , beautiful sun effects , calmmoon at night Fireworks and even Christmas lights to give thatspecial feeling! This live wallpaper is rendered in OpenGL withfull support for both phones and tablets. Features- -Selectdifferent Snowfall Scenario foregrounds(6 types) -Select differentday time,evening,Night backgrounds with shader effects. -Selectfireworks of different colors. -Select different type of snow,adjust there wind and speed. -Select different type of northernlights(Aurora lights)effects. To use: Home->Long Press->liveWallpapers->Snowfalling Live Wallpaper
Windmill live wallpaper 1.6
Windmill live wallpaper - Enjoy beautiful Scene of Nature in thislive Wallpaper app and let your mind filled with peace and thescenic beauty of nature landscapes based on windmill theme .Enjoydifferent setting in this Windmill live wallpaper for free:-->choose between 9 nature background and 6 different abstractforeground themes .->Select four types of windmill->selectfrom birds , clouds , stars .->select different flying particle.
3D Galaxy live Wallpaper 1.4
3D Galaxy live Wallpaper - Galaxy , Outer Space , adventure,enormous distances, never ending journey! Feel the breathtakingadventure of journeying through space and galaxy with thisoutstanding 3D Live Wallpaper with asteroids effect and galaxytheme . Check out what is in each of them. Adjust the settings,change them. OPTIONS :(PRO VERSION,note some option are locked inthis free version) + Set Predefined Galaxies (17 available now) +Set Background type (4 available now) + Set light type (4 availablenow) + Set Asteroid type (7 available now) + Set Stars count (formax speed reduce stars) + Set Asteroid type, on/off (default off) +Set Stars on/off
Nature Clock Wallpaper 1.4
Magical Nature Clock Wallpaper is a beautiful sight for the soreeyes that will instantly bring serenity to your life. Make yourscreen the embodiment of the most beautiful HD views you have everseen in this free live wallpaper . Features(Some features arelocked)- * Butterfly numbers with different type flying * Allseason live wallpaper with summer,autumn,rain,fog and wintereffects * 3 types of nature clock hanging from trees branch. *beautiful leaf touch effect * House and fire place setting * Lizardmoving on the tree * Board with custom text setting * Beautifullight effect of 3 types Download the app for free and enjoy.
Butterfly Live Wallpaper 1.5
Butterfly Live Wallpaper brings mesmerizing images of springtimeflowers and cute colorful butterflies to your android smart phone.Enjoy heaven on Earth while these joyful flying bugs dancedelicately on your smart phone screen . Start your journey throughmagical forest while beautiful colorful butterflies having 3Deffect guide your way through! This lovely live wallpaper app isavailable for FREE download, so download it and share it with yourfriends!Follow the installation instructions: Home - > Menu -> Wallpapers - > Live WallpapersFeatures :1. choose differenttype of foreground and background .2 . choose different type ofcolorful 3d butterflies and Quantity.3 . different type of seasoneffect such as rain,fog,autumn etc.4 . light effect and differenttype of touch effect .If you enjoy the magic of blossoming colorfulnature, this amazing Colorful Butterfly Live Wallpaper is just whatyou need .Free colorful live wallpaper like this is perfect for allnature lovers who want to be inspired and are looking for alifetime experience! Let the untouched nature overwhelm you andengross your senses with misty woods and sunny meadows covered withbeautiful flowers and delicate butterflies through Nature LiveWallpaper app .
Winter Snow Clock Wallpaper 1.3
Winter Snow Clock Wallpaper app featuring 2D / 3D snowflakesfalling against photo-realistic snow covered landscapes in wintersnowfall season with analog clock and falling snowflakes effects onyour android home screen in this FREE live wallpaper .BeautifulWinter Clock Live Wallpaper app that displays time, date ,year,day.Change your Android device with a nice clock design, downloada beautiful wallpaper from 17 backgroundsIt is easy to set, go toSettings > Display > Wallpaper > Live Wallpaper >Winter Clock Live Wallpaper. You should set a background if youwant a nicer style.Select from HD Winter WallpaperIt’s fullycustomizable:- Font color- Stroke color and width- Shadow color,offset and blur radius- Color transparency- Time format (AM/PM)-Device rotation- Full color picker- Background picture- Each itemcan be customizable- Great battery performance
Aquarium Live Wallpaper - Analog Clock 1.5
Aquarium Clock Live Wallpaper Free is a Clock Wallpaper AquariumLive in a beautiful free aquarium live wallpaper app having fishand plants dress up your home screen, with gorgeous backgrounds andsmooth motion. Double-tap to feed fishes , With beautiful analogclocks tap to get their attention! Now you can turn your smartphone and tablet in a real aquarium. Blue, azure water, exotic fish, coral reefs and leisurely sailing sharks. Give into theunderwater world of beauty distant solar islands, warm salt waterand rare inhabitants of the ocean . Enjoy our dynamic animatedAquarium live wallpaper for Android . A lot of settings anddifferent backgrounds with corals will allow you to achieve aunique look for your device. Water effect and HD quality will giveyou realistic feeling of being immersed in an underwater world . Ifyou love the sea, summer and diving, this underwater ocean theme 3DLive Wallpaper is FREE for you. Key features(Some settings arelocked): - Select from 8 fish and there quantity - real dynamic 3Danimations in aquarium theme . - 3D fish, settings: types, amount,speed - 3 Analog Clocks made with ship anchor. - 8 backgrounds and6 foregrounds let you to create different aquarium ,photo-realistic coral reef , seabed backgrounds in Aquarium ClockWallpaper Free
Fairy Tale Live Wallpaper 1.3
♥ Fairy Tale Live Wallpaper ♥ is a brand new live wallpaper app foryour mobile based on dream world fairy tale nature theme ....fireflies.... If summertime is one of your favorite times of theyear, with the backyard fires, warm moonlit nights, and firefliesall around. Get the best app for your new Android™ mobile based onlake and nature theme .This is FULL VERSION FOR FREE of ♥ FairyTale Live Wallpaper ♥ for you. You Get 2 in 1 live wallpaper :★Magic Touch Live Wallpaper★ Magical Dreamland Live Wallpaper Followthe installation instructions: Home ➤ Menu ➤Wallpapers ➤ LiveWallpapers ➤♥ Fairy Tale Live Wallpaper ♥• A selection of beautifulAnimated Background.• Different types of touch effect and seasoneffect .• Select no. of Beautiful Fairy and Light effect .• Veryeasy to use just tap once to preview the Animated Background andhold to set the background.• Set as wallpaper or as screen saver,horizontal orientation is fully supported.• Animated Backgroundcompatible with 99% mobile devices.• Optimized battery usage,supported sleep mode.• Completely free Live wallpaper for yourscreen. • Wonderful Live wallpaper is just a click away from you.
Holi Live Wallpaper 2018 1.2
This Holi Live Wallpaper 2018 have colorful background with coolestballoons and bubbles full with water flowing on the screen.Touchthe balloon and it will move on the screen.So set as Holi LiveWallpaper 2018 in your mobile wallpaper, share with your friendsand enjoy the festival of colors.This live wallpaper app containsbest selected HD and QHD Holi colors wallpapers with color TOUCHbubbles effect .Features--Select from Colorful rangolibackgrounds.-Select different paint color flowing on yourscreen-Select different color bubbles which splash paint ontouch.Enjoy this Holi festival with this "Holi Live Wallpaper 2018"May this season is full of colors for you Happy Holi.
Clock Wallpaper Magic Touch 1.2
“Clock Wallpaper Magic Touch“ will allow you to see one of theAnimated place of the insect world, the magical synchronous flashsignals by fireflies. Don't waste any of your precious time, enjoythis mystical show for free now. Enter the enchanted forest full ofamazing and colorful flickering lights and relearn to appreciatepeace and tranquility. All the lovely yellow, green and orangelights will prove to be the most creative “background wallpaper”you have ever seen – just download this extraordinary applicationand let the miraculous insects do their magic.- Amazing 3D livewallpaper for your phone!- There is full support for landscape modeand home - screen switching!- This beautiful, free and enjoyablebackground is waiting for you!Installation instructions:Home ->Menu -> Wallpapers -> Clock Wallpaper Magic Touch“FirefliesWallpaper” will brighten up your life and all the colorful flashinglights will make your tablet or phone screen come alive instantly.The magic of the firefly light show on a warm summer night can becaptured by mesmerizing “Fireflies Backgrounds”. Much like NeonFireflies Live Wallpaper, this charming wallpaper will bring youserenity and make you feel relaxed in no time. Enchanting glowswill dazzle you and make your screen dreamlike. Each lovely,charming firefly will illuminate even the gloomiest day – thesecond you let them fly , you will fall in love with this magical“live wallpaper”. Did you know that if you catch a firefly, you cankeep it in a jar only for two days before you have to set it free?Luckily, this cool glowing background offers a solution!Options-*Fireflies Clock Live Wallpaper is having digital clock which can becustomized by several options-color the clock with color picker andchange opacity.-Give stroke to clock live wallpaper with colorpicker.* Beautiful Rain layer on screen od 4 types with beautifultouch on screen effect.- Fireflies of two types glowing your screenwith 2d & 3d rotation and 3 direction options.* 26 HD Animatedbackgrounds.Enjoy the Clock Wallpaper Magic Touch.If you like itplease rate us.
Nature Clock Wallpaper - PRO 1.0
Nature Clock Wallpaper is a beautiful sight for the sore eyes thatwill instantly bring serenity to your life. Make your screen theembodiment of the most beautiful HD views you have ever seen. Sevenwonders of the world among the natural landscapes can be decoratingyour phone or tablet screen Features-* Butterfly numbers withdifferent type flying* All season live wallpaper withsummer,autumn,rain,fog and winter effects* 3 types of nature clockhanging from trees branch.* beautiful leaf touch effect* House andfire place setting* Lizard moving on the tree* Board with customtext setting* Beautiful light effect of 3 typesDownload the app andenjoy.
Waterfall Live Wallpaper 3D 1.5
Discover a peaceful Forest (Jungle) in this Waterfall LiveWallpaper 3D app teeming with wildlife and surrounded by naturalbeauty every time you use your device. Sunlight filters through thetrees as a gentle breeze rustles the leaves. Pause for reflectionat the path while birds flutter past and deer graze contentedly inthe rich foliage and quiet solitude of the undisturbed woods.Choose the Natural theme, and your Forest (Jungle)becomes pristineas you discover a cascading waterfall. Or, rest at your privatecabin before setting out on a hike through the woods at the pathwaysigns - it's all up to you! Interact with an Lizard or Tiger andwatch the Giraffe gaze at the Jungle(Forest). Customize the Forestwaterfall Mountain, Forest Terrain grass, Sunlight, weathercondition (Rain ,Autumn ,Foggy), grass, waterfall, and much more!Several optional are available in this but to get all featuresdownload full version, allowing you to choose the features mostmeaningful to you: *Select from 3 Forest waterfall mountain throughwhich waterfall starts. *Select from 3 different forest theme ofhuts, jungle cave , and green forest. *Select from various weatherconditions- -rain Forest -autumn Forest -foggy Forest *Select threesunlight types flowing through the tree and creating beautifuleffects. *Select from various wildlife animals and animate themwith sound effects And above all this live wallpaper havemesmerizing Night mode in which it creates a beautiful Night Jungle3D Waterfall Live Wallpaper theme with fireflies glowing lights,will make your screen adorable . Please rate us if you like thelive wallpaper...its our newest collection of Waterfall LiveWallpaper 3D this 2016 .
Fireflies Live Wallpaper 1.4
Fireflies Live Wallpaper is an app for your mobile having 3Deffects . Lightning bugs....Have you ever wondered about the small,blinking creatures that light up summer nights? Can there be a moreadorable insect than a firefly? If summertime is one of yourfavorite times of the year, with the backyard fires, warm moonlitnights, and fireflies all around. What you need is a picture of agorgeous firefly on your screen. Most people like them because theyare pretty and graceful. This beautiful high resolution “ FirefliesLive Wallpaper ” photos show you beautiful fireflies appearing anddisappearing in the night sky. Get the best app for your newAndroid™ mobile. Follow the installation instructions: Home ➤ Menu➤Wallpapers ➤ Live Wallpapers• Includes different animatedwallpapers.• Very easy to use just tap once to preview thebackground image and hold to set the background.• Set as wallpaperor as screen saver, horizontal orientation is fully supported.• HDwallpapers compatible with 99% mobile devices.• Optimized batteryusage, supported sleep mode.• Completely free wallpaper for yourscreen. • Wonderful 3D wallpaper is just a click away fromyou.Download this breathtaking “ Best Wallpapers Nature ” app onthe market, and enjoy the beauty of nature with these stunningfireflies. Share free wallpapers with your friends and family andenjoy beautiful “ NATURE pictures ” on your phone screen!
Magic Touch Bubble Live 1.4
Magic Touch Bubble Live with bubbles theme reacts to your movementsrevealing a deep world within.Enjoy different setting in this FREELive Wallpaper with magic touch live wallpaper and bubbles :--->Multiple Backgrounds to choose from (More on the way!)--> BubbleCount Option - Adjust number of particles on the screen-->Bubble Type Option - Switch between 3 types of particle and alsoselect random particle.--> Touch Option - Magic touchOn/Off.--> Touch Color Option - Adjust color of magic touch .
Halloween Live Wallpaper. 1.4
Halloween Live Wallpaper 2016 Animated live wallpaper "Halloween"for Android will create an atmosphere of the Halloween night. Lotsof settings and dynamic effects will give your smartphone or tableta new unique look. Excellent graphics will please your eyes for along time. We hope you will have a great feast of All Saints Day .Key settings and effects in Halloween Live Wallpaper 2016: - 4Haunted hoyse foregrounds to choose from: the castle with ghosts(haunted house), gothic cemetery with gargoyles, skulls andtombstones - 6 types of the night sky - Animated ghost flying withPumpkin - Ghosts / Spirits - Photo-realistic clouds - dark leaffall and Rain . - Animated fireflies (flying sparks, glowworms) -Sparks (glowing Pumpkins) - Flickering lights, adjustable - Thisfree Halloween wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientation andlooks great on both mobile phones and tablet devices and supportsscreen switching - This free Halloween Live Wallpaper 2016 nightwallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so this livewallpaper will not drain your battery How to set dynamic halloweenscreensaver on the screen of your phone: Home → Applications →Settings → Display → Wallpapers → Home screen wallpaper → Livewallpapers → Halloween Live Wallpaper
Photo Collage Editor 1.2
Give your loved one a personalized photo card using Photo CollageEditor themed templates. * Collage Picture Maker allows you tocreate amazing collages using your photos, fun stickers,backgrounds, text with cool fonts and frames.* Photo Collage Editorhelps you combine multiple photos with various frame patterns andphoto grids, then share them at a time!* Photo Collage Frames packsa simple design with a powerful editor to give you everything youcould, and Collage your photos to be amazing!Key Features:+ 50+types of frames to choose from!+ Easy to change border colors,BGand patterns!+ Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize+ Lots ofbackgrounds and stickers to choose from!+ A full-featured photoeditor included!+ Easy to use UI+ Share to social networkSp createyour wonderful collage with this Valentine's Day Collage PictureMakerNote: the edited image is saved in "FileManager/DCIM/PhotoCollage_App" or “\Sdcard\PhotoCollage_App”
Skull Live Wallpaper 1.5
Better beware because the new creepiest Skull Live Wallpaper HD appis here with the most frightening HD pictures that will make yourblood run cold every time you glance at your smartphone screen!Prepare for the horror these scary animated images bring! Downloadthe best creepy live wallpaper on the market right now, completelyfree of charge and enjoy the most terrifying HD pictures daily! -26 free unique themes of terrifying Skulls! - This Live Wallpaperfully supports landscape mode and home-screen switching and isperfect for both mobile phones and tablet devices. - Thisbackground app will sleep when your phone is inactive so the appwon’t drain your battery. Scary skulls, gloomy background,mysterious smoke and much more is now available for free download!If you like creepy and gloomy pictures, Skull Halloween LiveWallpaper has to offer many amazing scary effects that will makeyou tremble with fear every time you look at you’re your phone.
Snowflakes Live Wallpaper 1.7
Snowflakes Live Wallpaper reacts to your movements revealing a deepworld within. Celebrate this new year and Christmas with SnowflakeLive Wallpaper for free :- --> Multiple Backgrounds to choosefrom (More on the way!) --> Particle Count Option - Adjustnumber of particles on the screen --> Particle Type Option -Switch between 3 types of particle and also select random particle.--> Magic Touch Option - Magic touch On/Off. --> Magic TouchColor Option - Adjust color of magic touch . Set this livewallpaper on your favorite Holidays like New Year's Eve - Holidayor Christmas! and enjoy .
Galaxy Clock Wallaper 1.3
Galaxy Clock Wallpaper-Space Clock Live is a beautiful Free livewallpaper based on Galaxy space and asteroids live wallpaper themewith Metallic clock widget which gives you various phoneinformations. Use this live wallpaper asDigital clock livewallpaperORAnalog clock live wallpaperas u likeFeatures-* beautifulgalaxy theme HD backgrounds.* 5 types of Metallic clock which givevarious info -Time,battery temperature,battery infoDownload forfree and make your smart phone screen beautiful with this GalaxyClock Wallpaper-Space Clock Live
Halloween Live Wallpaper 2018 1.2
Halloween Live Wallpaper 2018 We invite you to witches coven, onthe feast of the Halloween, the eve of All Saints Day. Let's walkthrough the Gothic cemetery, look at the haunted house, accompaniedby bats, witches, ghosts and spirits. Enjoy the starry sky at nightwith a full moon. The whole world and nature are embraced withmysticism and magic. Today spirits and other supernatural creaturesare among us. Animated live wallpaper "Halloween" for Android willcreate an atmosphere of the Halloween night. Lots of settings anddynamic effects will give your smartphone or tablet a new uniquelook. Excellent graphics will please your eyes for a long time. Wehope you will have a great feast of All Saints Day . Key settingsand effects(All Features are Available in pro Version): - 4backgrounds to choose from: the castle with ghosts (haunted house),gothic cemetery with gargoyles, skulls and tombstones - 4 types ofHalloween house - Light effects - Gramophone in house to play yourselected song. - Piano to play and create great hallo weenatmosphere. - Tv animation of ghost. - Shadow of ghost in door andwindows. - Select different Rocking Chair. - Animated witch flyingon a broom - Ghosts / Spirits - Photo-realistic clouds - dark leaffall - Meteor rain (Meteor shower effect) - Animated fireflies(flying sparks, glowworms) - Sparks (glowing stars) - Flickeringlights, adjustable How to set dynamic halloween screensaver on thescreen of your phone: Home → Applications → Settings → Display →Wallpapers → Home screen wallpaper → Live wallpapers → HalloweenLive Wallpaper 2018 .
Merry Christmas Live Wallpaper 1.5
Celebrate this christmas and new year 2017 with Merry ChristmasLive Wallpaper app .Now enjoy winter snowfall season on your homescreen . 3D CHRISTMAS Live Wallpaper in HD is divided into the day,sunset and night theme . You would see the Christmas Tree,Christmas lights , Snowman, Snowfall, Santa Claus and many moreanimated 3D effects . This beautiful Christmas HD Live Wallpaperapp has an amazing collection of "HD quality images" for yourandroid mobile phone or tablet, so hurry to Android app market andget it now! Beautiful background pictures of winter snow, Xmasgifts and lights, frozen fountains and playful little snowflakesall around your phone display! Choose your favorite Winter imageand share it with your friends and family. Features- - Selectdifferent Snowfall Scenario as foreground. - Select time of day andenjoy beautiful Day , Evening ,Night Shader effect. - Selectdiffident type of snow and snowflakes. - Select Christmas Treelight with different color,watch Santa Animation in sky. - EnableSnowman animation. - Select different animated cloud and variousother customization setting.
Aquarium Clock Live Wallpaper 1.6
Beautiful 3D Clock Aquarium live Wallpaper with fish and plantsdress up your home screen, with gorgeous backgrounds and smoothmotion. Double-tap to feed them, tap to get their attention! inaquarium Live Wallpaper. Enjoy our dynamic animated Aquarium livewallpaper for Android . A lot of settings and different backgroundswith corals will allow you to achieve a unique look for yourdevice. Water effect and HD quality will give you realistic feelingof being immersed in an underwater world . If you love the sea,summer and diving, these Aquarium Clock Live Wallpapers FREE foryou. Aquarium Clock Live Wallpaper is a beautiful Free livewallpaper based on Clock Widget Aquarium live wallpaper theme withAnalog clock widget. Use this 3D Aquarium wallpaper HD theme asAnalog clock live wallpaper OR Aquarium clock live wallpaper as ulike. Key features: - Select from 8 fish and there quantity - 3Analog Clock to choose from - real dynamic 3D animations inaquarium theme . - 3D fish, settings: types, amount, speed - 8backgrounds and 6 foregrounds let you to create different aquarium, photo-realistic coral reef , seabed backgrounds
Speedometer Cars Clock Live Wallpaper 1.11
Speedometer Cars Clock Live Wallpaper HD - Sports Cars is a SportsCars theme Cars Live Clock Wallpaper app with a beautiful Nightcity view of building , and a smooth flowing lake on which you canenjoy the sports cars racing and running over the Bridge in thisFree live wallpaper having live clock , battery temperature andbattery status live on your smartphone screen . Cars ClockWallpapers has everything that you need to make your screen lookpowerful and cool! Super cars that you always have dreamed aboutcan now be yours with these wallpaper backgrounds HD ! Features-Select 5 types of speedometer clock. Select 13 types of HD Carsbackgrounds. Select 2 types of Racing car clock showing variousinformation - time - battery temperature - battery remaining SportsCars Wallpaper - Speedometer Clock Live is a beautiful Free livewallpaper based on cars live wallpaper theme with speedometer clockwidget which gives you various phone informations. Use this livewallpaper as Digital clock live wallpaper OR Analog clock livewallpaper as u like
Christmas Countdown 2018 1.13
This Christmas Countdown 2018 live wallpaper App counts down thetime left to Christmas 2018 Our FREE Christmas Countdown 2018 showsthe remaining number of days, minutes, and seconds. It is a highquality and customizable app. FEATURES - Choose between 34 HDbeautiful background themes including cute penguins, Christmasgifts, Santa Claus, reindeer or ornaments. - Choose between classicor modern countdown with fonts - Customize the look of yourcountdown by setting the text color - Set the background images asyour wallpaper - Choose different christmas object of 6 types -Select snowflake quantity , color and much more.
Live God Wallpaper 1.6
Get Devotional and spiritual with All Hindu God Wallpapers Live appfor FREE . This god live wallpaper app is created to give you peaceof mind and makes you relax. App Features: * Realistic fire leafand particle Animation. * Choose from different photo frames. *Crystal Clear HD images. * Contains different gods like Laxmi jiMaa Durga lord Shiva , hanuman ji, Ganesha ,Krishna ,Vishnu ,Goddess Sarasvati , Lakshmi Ji. So create your own God livewallpaper . How To use: After installation -> Go to Home ->Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers -> Select All HinduGod Wallpapers HD. Go to App Setting -> Settings -> EnableSound. The divine look of Lakshmi Ji Maa durga , lord radha Krishnaand ganesha with beautiful Hd backgrounds makes this amazing liveWallpaper app .
Delhi Metro Route Map and Fare 1.36
Delhi Metro Route Map and Fare/b> with Delhi Metro Routes FareInfo is an effort to append convenience and flexibility toNational/International tourists and proud Delhiites by providingessential information related to Delhi-NCR Metro System as well asof Delhi. It is an offline application, which once installed,provides all the information of Delhi Metro and much more. It hasbeen designed with a very user centric approach, with some of themost prominent features. Delhi Metro & Bus Guide - Delhi Busroute and timetable , now get all bus timings and routes with thisapp Given below are their details. 🚇Route Search - Provides metrotrain fare information between two station, total time, number ofstops, and number of switches between the intermediate stations.🚇Displays multiple possible paths 🚇Interactive Metro map,displaying your route search results and route in Map 🚇Route searchresults on Google Maps and individual station information.🚇Includes recently added stations and updated fare. 🚇Information ofall the lines, individual stations, first train timings, feeder busservice information, exit gates information, parking, lift,elevator facilities information etc. 🚇An offline application withadvanced features which works magic while online e.g. Searchstations "By Address" using Google Maps. 🚇Application provides"Locate Nearby Metro" functionality which gives nearest metrostations using your current location from GPS. 🚇Details related toLines, Metro stations, Tokens, Smart cards and other type of cardshave been updated. Features - 1. Fare Calculator , 2. DetailedDelhi Metro Map (Hindi Support), 3. Offline Color Coded RoutePlanner , 4. Parking Rate 5. Interchange Station Highlight 6. DelhiBus Number Guide Simple, effective and accurate data includingfares, parking fee info, offline route map and all this is withoutthe use of internet. We encourage suggestions, feedback andcomplaints to improve our product. Happy traveling with Delhi MetroRoutes Fare Info.
Nature Rain Live Wallpaper 1.3
Nature Rain Live Wallpaper – beautiful free live wallpaper withraindrops effect that falls over your smartphone screen, Contain HdRainy season backgrounds , Glass ,Nature ,Flowers and much more.Above all a beautiful glossy transparent rainy effect and Digitalclock for your live wallpaper. Rain effect pouring from top ofscreen and sliding over the screen create a beautiful rain effectsFEATURES: - Animated rain drop effect - 39 HD background photos tochoose from - Smoky window (steamy window) effect - Digital clockwith background glossy effect. Enjoy this Rainy season with this "Nature Rain Drops Live Wallpaper " and if you like it please rateus.
Cute Wallpaper Live 1.3
Get ready for something really sweet! Cute Wallpaper Live for Girlsfree app is finally here. You will love this new Live wallpapergallery with adorable pictures that will melt your heart. You haveto admit that you have searched for the animated background imagesthat will put a smile on your face every time you look at yourphone. There is a cute wallpapers collection with ten amazing cutethemes backgrounds that will make your phone look sweet andbeautiful at the same time.How to install: Home → Menu → Wallpapers→ Live Wallpapers →Cute Wallpaper LiveCool Features: - 10 cutewallpapers HD to choose. - Fabulous glitter effect makes all thefree cute background images look like the best live animated cutewallpapers - Optimized battery usage, doesn't drain your batterywhen your phone is inactive. - Cute Love Live Wallpaper andbackground supports horizontal orientation and looks amazing onboth mobile phones and tablet devices.
Bubble Clock Live Wallpaper 1.3
Bubble Clock Live Wallpaper based onanalogclock theme is a beautiful live wallpaper which gives youvariousphone informations.Features-* 17 beautiful gradients HD backgrounds.* 5 types of bubble clock which give various info
New Year Countdown 2019 1.3
New Year Countdown 2019 live wallpaper - This App countdown thetime left to New Year 2019 . Our FREE 2019 New Year Countdown LiveWallpaper shows the remaining number of days, minutes, and seconds.It is a high quality and customizable app. FEATURES - Choosebetween 34 HD beautiful background themes - Choose between classicor modern countdown with fonts - Customize the look of yourcountdown by setting the text color - Set the background images asyour wallpaper - Choose different Happy New Year foregrounds of 6types - Select snowflake quantity , color and much more.