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LaunchBoard: Modern app drawer
No patience to read a lengthy description? Here's a TL;DR Version:LaunchBoard is a perfect replacement for the age old concept of appdrawers. To get the best out of LaunchBoard, do these 2 things: 1.Add both the Launcher icon & Homescreen widget to yourhomescreen. Now, you can get to any app with just a single touch.2. From LaunchBoard, long press your frequent apps and mark them asFavorites. They become even more easily accessible. Follow ourFacebook page for updates: Detaileddescription: What do app drawers do? Show you all the apps all atonce, how dumb? Meet LaunchBoard, and say goodbye to searchingthrough long list of apps & cluttered folders Let's admit it:90% of the time, you exactly know the name of the app that you wantto launch. With LaunchBoard, you use this knowledge to avoid seeingunnecessary apps in the process of launching apps It's all in thefirst letter of the app. To open 'w'hatsapp, you quickly press 'w'& you're presented with just the apps that start with 'w' Longpress apps and mark them as favorites to make accessing those appseven easier. There are 2 ways to use LaunchBoard: 1. Launcher icon2. Homescreen widget Pin the Launcher icon to the bottom tray ofyour homescreen. Clicking on it will open Favorites by default. So,if you have marked all your frequent apps as Favorites, they arejust a click away. If the app you want is not in your Favoriteslist, click on the 1st letter of the app in the keyboard to quicklyget to the app Adding the LaunchBoard Widget to your home screen isthe best thing you can do to launch apps. YOU CAN THEN GET TO ANYAPP WITH JUST A SINGLE TOUCH. Try it, you'll fall in love with it.Use LaunchBoard settings to see how you can customize theappearance and behavior of the app Do you havesuggestions/feedbacks/complaints? Contact us We're here to help making your experience withthe app better