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Alien Path 2.9.0
★ Winner of “Excellence in Gameplay” Award in IMGA SEA 2017 ★ AlienPath combines RPG, Puzzle, Path-Planning and Strategy for anout-of-this-world gaming experience. Players must eliminate enemiesby cleverly navigating the aliens on a path to destroy the invadingrobots. Every move counts, so set a path and pave your way torescuing your planet and eventually the galaxy. Travel from planetto planet as you face of the invading Robots who are hell-bent ondestroying all living civilization. Hatch new ascended Aliens,discover legendary powers and set your self on a path of robotdestruction - all life in the universe is counting on you! Features• Unique Gameplay : A completely fresh, never before seen RPGPuzzle game • Hatch New Aliens : 16 different Aliens to hatch andupgrade, each with unique strengths • Power Cards : Collect over100 Alien Power cards with thousands of skill combinations • CardEvolution : Break the upgrade limit and further strengthen yourcards with runes! • Everchanging Levels : More than 300 levels withunique enemies, obstacles and power-ups to challenge your strategy!• Mind Blowing Strategy: Limitless battle tactics to employ withhundreds of passive and active skills • Character customization:Multiple ways to develop your Aliens and Power Cards • Guild System: Join a guild to earn exclusive Bolts to upgrade cards, sharedecks and compete in weekly world rankings! • Face fearsome GiantBoss Robots and against their numerous Robot Tech • A Whole NewDimension: Unlock Parallel Planets take your battles to the nextlevel • Fresh Challenges: Participate in special daily events andunique planets with set rules and challenges • Friends Spirit :Lend a helping hand to friends with Spirit to explore the wholegalaxy If you face any technical issues on your device, pleasecontact us and we will try to address the issue as soon aspossible. Support Email : For latest news,updates, and events, follow us on: Facebook : Youtube : Instagram : Twitter :
Caveboy GO 1.1.0
Step into the world of Caveboy Go as you move along the puzzle bymatching 3 tiles to navigate through the maze and gather treasures.Use your gathered gold to free the adventurers cursed by the mazeand unlock fun unique characters! “After proving himself as themaze master, Caveboy set out to find his missing companions. Hissearch led him to the lost labyrinth, where many adventurers havefallen victim to the labyrinth’s curse and turned into GoldenIdols! Could his closest companions be trapped in these idols? JoinCaveboy in his quest to collect the treasures from within the mazeand free the adventurers!” Caveboy Go Features • The only Match 3Maze Runner game in the world. • Release, collect and level up over28 cute characters. • Meet mysterious Ghosts on your adventure. •Character passive abilities give a unique game experience. •Compete with friends to become the ultimate maze master. • UnlockRare Characters by collecting special treasures. • Playable inAirplane mode. If you face any technical issues on your device, wewould appreciate if you could contact us prior to writing anegative review. We will try to address the issue as soon aspossible. Support Email : For latest news,updates, and events, follow us on: Facebook : Youtube : Instagram : Twitter :
CarneyVale: Showtime 1.0.1
Become history's greatest circus acrobat in the enchanted land ofCarneyVale! Perform aerial displays of flawless flings,death-defying stunts and fantastic flips with ragdoll physicsaction as Slinky the puppet in a show that will captivate youraudience. Now available in English, Spanish, German, French &Italian. Unlock achievements, compete times and top theleaderboards in this fun, exciting and highly anticipated game ofepic action! Features: • Perform flips and tricks on trapeze likegrabbers. • Collect balloons to impress your fans. • Manipulateprops and steer rockets like a rodeo. • Avoid dangerous hazards toadd flair to your performance. • Uncover hidden stars within themaze of levels. • Make a spectacular finish as you zip through thering of fire! Help Slinky realize his dream to become the mostamazing acrobat that has ever lived! ------------ Award winner ofthe Dream-Build-Play Challenge Finalist of the Independent GameFestival Featured as one of the 10 top games at PAX The greatestperformance of a lifetime awaits you, as you swing your way throughthe level for a performance that your audience will never forget.Dodge through hoops of fire, avoid flaming cannons and fly passelectrical blocks as you race your way to the end in a spectacular5-star show. If you face any technical issues on your device, wewould appreciate if you could contact us prior to writing anegative review. We will try to address the issue as soon aspossible. Support Email For latest news,updates, and events, follow us on: Facebook Youtube Instagram Twitter
Hellopet House 3.1.0
Enter the world of Hellopet House! Help Jane collect pets andtransform a rundown old home into a beautiful mansion. Step in andbegin your journey with new friends, neighbours and your very firstpet! Rush to complete special cooking, gardening and crafting tasksin time to help renovate and decorate the space in your mansion.Restore every corner of your home for your cats and dogs as youmaster your skills as a chef, gardener and carpenter. The excitingworld of Hellopet House is free to play and cute fluffy pets awaityou, so just get right to it! ■ Decorate and choose the design ofyour perfect DREAM HOME ■ ADOPT a huge collection of adorable catsand dogs ■ Addictive GAMEPLAY with cooking, gardening and crafting■ BOND with your pets by bathing, feeding and playing with them ■Meet interesting characters that tell a compelling STORY ■ Hundredsof FUN levels to play and complete ■ Collect unique DECORS to placeall over your mansion ■ Powerful BOOSTERS to help you throughchallenges ■ Obtain keys to UNLOCK new areas around the mansionHellopet House transforms the wildly popular virtual pet simulatorHellopet into a free casual game that everyone can enjoy. Make newfriends who will help you find adorable pets, restore the mansionand reveal the mysteries of the manor! If you face any technicalissues on your device, please contact us and we will try to addressthe issue as soon as possible. Support Email For latest news, updates, and events, followus on: Facebook : : Instagram : Twitter :
Thor : War of Tapnarok 1.3.5
Ascend as Thor The Viking God of Thunder, and get ready for anepicadventure in this Norse-themed action clicker! After the dustofRagnarok has settled, Loki the God of Mischief has declaredeternalwar against Asgard! Wielding Heimdall's Crystal Staff, hehasunleashed ferocious monsters and evil gods into the NineRealms.Loki's vile forces are now at the gates of Asgard, andTapnarok isalmost upon us. O heroic Thor, son of Odin, King ofAsgard, theTrue Ruler of the Nine Realms - heed our call! With thehelp ofValkyrie defend your home from this monstrous invasion!HIGHLIGHTS:🥊 Tap the enemy's weak spot to deal devastating damage!🔥 Activate10 fearsome skills to unleash Thor's explosive might!🧞‍♂️ Recruit20 loyal allies and equip them with unique weapons! 🔮Collect 37mystical relics to harness unfathomable power! ☠️ Slayterrifyingenemies such as Loki the Trickster God! 👑 Summon theAll-FatherOdin to fight by your side! ⚔️ Immerse in the myth andmight ofThor, battles countless monsters with the help of VikingWarriors,Valkyrie, and even the All-Father Himself, Odin. ⚡ Thefate ofAsgard is in your hands, Hero. Dust off that ol’ Mjolnir,tightenyour jockstrap, and defend the realms at all costs! ToValhalla!Thor-n up by an issue? Send us an email and we willaddress theissue as soon as possible. Support Email :support@appxplore.comFor latest news, updates, and events, followus on: Facebook : Youtube: Instagram: Twitter:
Void Troopers : Sci-fi Tapper 1.2.16
The Zurlocs are ravaging your galaxy! It’s time to defend yourhomefrom alien invaders in this space adventure clicker game. Willyouemerge victorious from the beautiful yet deadly attacks ofthisbullet hell? - SHOOT down an endless stream of alienspaceshipsfrom the Void! - Tap furiously to kill BOSSES before theydestroyyour shields - Send your CAPTAINS on space expeditions toearn goldwhile you idle - Build a majestic SPACE FLEET byrecruitingcaptains and upgrading ships - Collect an arsenal ofbadass sci-fiWEAPONS to wreck your enemies - Become aTIME-TRAVELLER and restartyour journey to gain even more powerfultechs Do you have what ittakes to defend a species, a planet, agalaxy? Do you have what ittakes to be a Void Trooper? If you faceany technical issues onyour device, please contact us and we willtry to address the issueas soon as possible. Support Email Forlatest news, updates, and events, followus on: Facebook : Youtube: Instagram: Twitter:
Light a Way : Tap Tap Fairytale 2.17.1
Darkness has enveloped the sun and from within it, emerge the darkbeings with a sole purpose to consume all beings of Light. It isnow up to you, the Guardian. Gifted with the magical Staff ofFlare, you must set on a path to restore the Light back to theworld and rid the darkness that has tainted the very lands that youstep on. Bring the Light back to the world as you channel thepowers of Light. Tap to radiate flare onto your enemies, empoweryourself with magical artifacts, and befriend cute glowing Lumis asyou battle the forces of the abyss and restore Light to the world.Build Your Own Guardian Choose strategically from 90 differentBonds with your Fairies to strengthen and customize your characterstats! Adorable Companions Collect all 30 squishy little Lumifriends with a total of 240 skills to assist you on your journey!Tap or Idle Tap to banish the shadows, or let your Lumi companionsdefeat the darkness! Customizable Light Magic Learn 6 signaturespells and develop your own spellcasting style from 18specialisations! Weapons of Light Equip your Staffs empowered byLightstone combinations to defeat the shadows! Light Up the WorldSave this world, receive blessings from the Feys, and bring yourlight to new worlds! If you face any technical issues on yourdevice, please contact us and we will try to address the issue assoon as possible. Support Email : For latestnews, updates, and events, follow us on: Facebook : Youtube : Instagram : Twitter : Discord :
Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen 1.1.7
Step into the world of Masketeers, where heroes empowered bymysterious masks take a stand against the inner demons of society.Topped with an orb-matching feature, Masketeers pushes the boundaryof idle games to create a familiar yet refreshing experience.Charge into battle against the Wraiths to explore new talents andstrategies. Discover runes and relics along the way, and evenreceive the blessings of guardians along with magical allies. Don’tbe trapped within darkness, embrace your powers and charge towardsvictory - one orb at a time. • Be Adorned With Power A Masketeercan be equipped with masks and runes of various bonuses and rarity.Collect and equip them to see which ones best suit your battlestrategies. • Master The Orbs Chain orbs to unleash eachMasketeer’s various unique attacks! Use them wisely along withother special orbs to enhance your team’s strengths against theWraiths. • Grow and Transcend Through experience, rise abovechallenges and reach greater heights! Explore talents, skills andstrategies that allow the Masketeers to shine at their fullestpotential. • Fortune Favors The Bold A Masketeer is never alone.Guardians, wisps, charms, and fortune creatures will bring aboutluck and timely help to them. - Minimum Device Specifications - •Android Lollipop 5.0 • 2 GB RAM We’d love to hear your feedback!You’re welcome to visit our Discord or send us an email with yourthoughts at: Join The Masketeers Community!Discord : Twitter : Facebook : Instagram :