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Messenger Go for Social Media, Messages, Feed 3.20.2
Messenger Go app is the most complete application that letsuserswith all the popular messengers, social media applications,browserand a personalised content feed. All in 1 Social Media&Messenger Access all the social messengers like facebookmessenger,whatsapp messenger, telegram and much more. Enjoy contentfrom allthe social platforms which include youtube, instagram,twitter9GAG, RSS, Wordpress, News, etc. and be connected on theMessengerGo.. Pin your favorite posts to see them later on thedashboard.Personalized Content Choose your Interests and yourcontent feedwill be there as per your likes, dislikes and tastes.See shortvideos, long videos, bite sized content, articles of thetopics youchoose. 🎤 Trending News 🎬 Entertainment 🤪 Funny Videos 🎥ShortVideos 🎬 Celebrity Gossips 🔮 Astrology 💃 Fashion 🥊 Health&Fitness 📲 Status and Stories 🐻 Animals 🎮 Gaming SmartMessenger GoBrowser Messenger Go browser is a smart browser whichprovides youwith all the best websites on a single click across allcategoriesas Travel, Entertainment, Social, finance, Gaming andNews. Pinyour favorite apps and websites on the dashboard to enjoyapersonal homescreen Browser Features Reading ModeIncognito/PrivateBrowsing Download Manager - Categorised by Images,Videos and DocsDark Mode Pin to dashboard Bookmarks - Websites,Posts and Readinglist Games Discover Websites and Lite appsExtensions - Reader,Adblocker Essential apps Download Messenger Goand forget aboutinstalling multiple apps on your phone. Getfeatures of all theessential apps on the phones as 📞 Caller ID 📟 QRCode Scanner 📁File Manager 🎥 Video Player All in 1 Lite Apps WithMessenger Goapp and you get instant access to over 500+ apps injust One App.Through ‘Smart Apps’, you can get immediate access toall the topshopping apps, social media apps, deals, travel apps,food apps andhotels. All In One Online Shopping App - Shop on allmajor appslike Flipkart, Amazon, etc. All In One Social App Accesssocialnetworking apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram andLinkedIn. Allin One Games App Play popular games as Ludo, CardGames,Minesweeper, Battleship etc. Easily switch between languages.Set alanguage to switch your app in your nativelanguage.Internationallanguages supported are Arabic,Bangla,Danish, French,German,Portuguese,Spanish,Japanese Chooseamong your native Indianlanguage or Hindi, Kannada,Malayalam,Tamil,Telugu. Whatever youwant to do on the Internet,Messenger Go makes it easy for you.Made with love, Team MessengerGo
Messenger Pro for Messages, Video Chat for free 1.6.8
The ultra lite Free Messenger Pro Lite app will help all users opentheir popular messenger & Social Media applications, such asFree Messengers With Messenger Pro Lite send FREE messages to allmessenger apps or text messages SMS and image messages MMS withoutan internet connection. Enjoy texting and the richness of chatwithout limits. This app is your one-stop destination for all yourMessenger apps. It helps you to open all major messenger and socialapplications. Messenger Pro Lite app also shows you your usagestatistics of major messenger and social media applications andmany more Get all the chat applications in this messenger app sothat you can access all messenger apps using this app itself. Youcan open this app from any screen on your Android device, simplyenable the bubble from the menu bar and just tap the bubble to openthe app. This messenger app can also be opened from thenotification bar without any hassles. Some of the major socialmedia and messenger apps integrated in this Messenger Pro Lite appare Facebook Messenger This messenger app lets you to Instantlyreach the people in your life—for free. Facebook Messenger is justlike texting, but you don’t have to pay for every message (it workswith your data plan). Using Facebook Messenger you can messagepeople in your phone book and just enter a phone number to add anew contact. Whatsapp Messenger It is a FREE messaging appavailable for Android and other smartphones.WhatsApp Messenger usesyour phone’s Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, asavailable) to let you message and call friends and family. UsingWhatsapp messenger you can make calls to your friends and familyfor free. Tango Messenger It is the messaging app with the bestvideo calling. All messages and calls are free. Tango works onsmartphones and tablets. Tango has over 350 million people. Tangois the first and best video calling app. Tango works on bothsmartphones and tablets. Use Tango to keep in touch with the groupsof people that matter to you
Free Random Chat & Meet new People - Messenger Pro 1.3.7
Free Random Chat & Meet new People app is one of the lite appsto meet new people and talk to strangers. Random Chat & Meetnew People helps you find new people nearby who share yourinterests and want to chat NOW! It’s fun, friendly, and free! OnRandom Chat & Meet new People you can… - Text chat with localpeople - Chat with new people near you and around the world - Findpeople who share your interests 💬Chat Anonymously: Chat withstrangers anonymously. Our robust privacy ensures you in sendinganonymous confessions easy and keeps you safe from subjectivesocial judgement while you talk to strangers. 🆕🚻Meet New People::Do you have any experience using random chatting with stranger? Youcan talk to strangers who live all around the world and make newfriends by using stranger chat. 🗣Random Chat: Chat with strangersanonymously. Find new friends that share common interests in ouranonymous chat rooms. Our cool chat rooms are packed with realpeople – not bots. Confidently chat with strangers your age in asafe, protected online environment! 📱Explore Features: Start yourrandom chat journey in our interactive mobile chat window! Start alive chat with random people and tell our community of 2+ millionusers what is on your mind! Share your confessions anonymously inan environment where open and honest communication is valued andallows you to be your true self. 😍Get the best of Chatting andDating: Our innovative random chat and live talk app features a tonof fun and exciting text role-playing on how to start aconversation and successfully complete anonymous chat &stranger chat. See for yourself why Random Chat & Meet newPeople is your anonymous chat room dating app solution for strangerchat. 📄Learn New Languages: With Random Chat & Meet new Peopleyou can talk to strangers and learn new languages like English,German, French, Chinese, Japanese, South Korean, Russian,Portuguese, Brazilian, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Swedish, Norwegian,Dutch, Danish, Ukrainian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese and many otherlanguages by matching for stranger chat with native speakers inthousands of chats! 🌐No Login Required: No login required, you canstart Random chat in just one tap! Share your live moments withlive talk at anywhere any time, meet new friends and talk tostrangers. A chance to know who lives around you and all over theglobe with smooth interface. 🍻Make Freinds: You can make a friendand talk to strangers in chatting room or history. Find people whoshare your interests. If you and stranger are a friend, you cansend some picture what you want. Let's make many friends inRandomTalk!
Story Saver & Video Downloader for Instagram - IG 1.3.6
Download HD photos, story, or videos from Instagram Downloader andIGTV quickly. It is super fast🚀 and 100% free app for Instagramstory saver, video downloader Looking for an app that can easilydownload or repost Instagram images and videos without logging in ?This Insta download and repost app is definitely what you want!Imagine you are on the feed of IG and interested in a photo orvideo, you want to save the photo or video and review offline, orinsta share with friends, or repost to Instagram or other socialmedia. Then how? Photo & Video Instagram Downloader forInstagram and Repost Instagram app, can help you save IG photos andvideos in simple steps. Imagine you are on the feed of Instagramand loved a photo or video, you want to save the photo or video, orshare with friends, or repost to IG or other social media. We knowthese are the times you badly wanted an IG video downloader andphoto saver. Alas! Your search ends here. Story Saver, a photo andvideo downloader for instagram is all you will ever want! Just asthe name suggests, Story Saver is a photo saver and videodownloader for instagram. Insta save happens to be a highly lovedapp by instgram users, simply for the great utility it brings.Theapplication is also very easy and fast to use. So now you can keepall the photos and videos on IG that you loved and also be able torepost them. Story Saver, the instgram video downloader is 100%FREE to use. Here’s a quick look at what Insta Save &downloader has to offers to Instagram users. → Repost any photos orvideos. → Save photos from instagram to your gallery, usingInstaSave → InstaSave acts as an IG video downloader → Copy tagsand descriptions from instagram → Easily repost to IG or any otherplatform → No login required, Insta Use → Story Saver is verylightweight, just few MBs → Get high quality images & videosfrom Instagram → Photo Downloader & Video Downloader forInstagram Here’s how to use Story Saver app to download videos andphotos from Instagram. There are two ways to do so. Copy the linkfrom IG and paste it in Instasave. Click on ‘download’ and you’redone! OR Use the sharing option in Instagram to share theimage/video with Story Saver & Video Downloader app. InstaSavewill automatically fetch the URL. Now just click on ‘download’.Even you can Repost as well. Unbelievably simple, isn’t it? Yes,you will fall in love with the Insta Save app and recommend theInstagram video downloader to all your friends who use IG. Anothergreat thing about Insta Save is that it doesn’t ask you to login toInstagram. Yes we understand that you might find it unsafe to loginto IG from a third-party application. So we’ve kept that in mindfor you. InstaSave ensures that your photos and videos you downloadfrom insta are high quality content. Made with love, Team InstaSave, Instagram's Photo & Video Downloader (Repost IG)**Disclaimer about the usage of Insta Save app: - According to theInstagram user copyright procedures, you need to get permissionfrom the owner of that Instagram post if you want to repost them -We are not responsible for any intellectual property violation thatresults from an unauthorized repost of a video or photo fetchedfrom Instagram using Insta Save - InstaSave app is not associatedwith Instagram
Free TV App: Free Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, News 1.2.4
About Free TV - Live TV, Free Movies, TV Shows You can downloadFree TV App for free. Alternate to Cable or Satellite TV, but Free!Download now and start streaming today with Live TV The Free TV appis a Free Movies App for all the movie buffs out there! It offers aone-stop destination to watch free movies and Live TV withoutdownloading, signing up, no credit card required to watch moviesonline. ✔️ No sign-up required on this Live TV app ✔️ No creditcard required ✔️ Add movies & TV shows you like to FavouriteList ✔️ Zero buffering ✔️ Subtitles available ✔️ New titles addedevery week ✔️ HD Movies Largest collection of free movies You cannow watch thousands of free movies and TV shows without a paidsubscription for streaming services for movies and TV shows likeNetflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, coto, movies, hotstar, and also freemovie apps like tubi tv, vudu, pluto tv etc. in just one place! Newmovies & tv shows added every week The Live TV app adds freemovies and Tv shows every week so that you never run out ofentertainment to stream on the go or at the comfort of your home.Or goal is to bring together the plethora of free movies and TVshows on one platform so you don’t have to go searching themeverywhere or download them from torrent (or create new accounts touse first free months of Netflix and amazon prime :P ) There’ssomething for everyone in Live TV We have a huge collection of toprated free movies and tv shows. On the Free TV app, there’ssomething for everybody to watch - from comedy to drama, kids toclassics and niche favourites such as animated free movies andKorean dramas and much more. A range of 24/7 Live TV Channels thatoffer: - Live News - Live Sports - Lifestyle - Music - Health -Food Many more entertainment channels! Following are our topcategories of free movies. # Action movies # Horror movies # Romcommovies # Thriller movies # Cartoon & kids movies # Documentarymovies # Historical movies # War based movies # Award winningmovies # Family movies # Newly released movies # Animated movies #Hollywood movies # Best of Netflix # Best of Amazon Prime # HD freemovies # Bollywood movies # Movies from the 80’s and 90’s # Koreanmovies # Sci-fi movies # Oscar winning movies And many more freemovies... Among TV shows, the following genres/ categories of tvshows is what we offer apart from free movies - # Comedy TV shows #Award winning TV shows # Reality TV shows # Crime TV shows #Historical TV shows And many more free tv shows... Super convenientto use You don’t even need to give us your credit card details. Thepower is now in your hands as you can choose which movies to watchand when, with significantly fewer ads than what you see on TV orany other free movies app. The app is also extremely lightweightand is designed for a great movie watching experience. So if youwere looking for free movies and Tv shows, live news and livesports, your search will end here. Download now and start streamingentertainment for free, today! We really hope you enjoy watchingfree movies and TV shows on our LiveTv app. For the love ofentertainment, Team LiveTV Disclaimer- The movies and Tv showsoffered by our free movies apps publicly available on differentpublic platforms like Youtube, tubi tv, 123 movies, vudu, cyberflixetc. We neither own this data nor do we host any of the content. Weare just providing a way to stream free movies and Tv shows in anorganised way, while copyrights remain with their respective owners
Messenger for Video Call, Video Chat & Random chat 1.4.6
✅ All-in-1 Video Call & Messaging Apps Video Call Pro is alsoan all-in-one video call and messenger app. The app lets you accessthe world’s best of free video chat apps like viber, facetime, kik& skype, apart from messaging apps like whatsapp, facebookmessenger, tango etc. VideoCall Pro also includes an intelligentcaller ID to help you identify spam calls. ✅ Random Video ChatVideo Call Pro is a random video chat app that lets users do freevideo chat with strangers. It allows users to meet someone new overvideo call with every tap. -------------------------- ✔ The RandomChat Advantage - Gender Filter Although the fun about random videochat is when you actually randomly meet new people and talk tostrangers, but the app comes with a gender filter that let’s userschose to be connected with only males or females. - Location FilterThis is another feature of the app that lets you semi-control yourrandom video chat experience. This filter allows you to only beconnected with people in your city. And trust us, random chat haslot of power ;) - Free video chat - unlimited fun This random chatapp is absolutely free to download. Though users can make in apppurchases to upgrade their experiences, one can essentially doUNLIMITED random video chat and talk to strangers for FREE ! - Facefilters, virtual gifts and other cool features The random chat appcomes packed with fun features like cool face filters, lets yousend virtual gifts, hearts and hugs, to spice up your random videochats and ward off awkward moments ! - Meet new people from 120+countries What’s a better way to meet new people than a randomvideo chat app on your phone all over the globe. No need to travelor spend any money - just use the random chat feature on Video CallPro to explore the world! - Female friendly - 100% Safe &Secure Some people might be a little hesitant towards the idea ofrandom video call and talk to strangers. Video call pro is a femalefriendly app that uses a community reporting system to weed outsketchy users. Random video chat feature on Video Call Pro is supereasy to use. -One tap to start Once you’ve downloaded the VideoCall Pro app, you’re just a tap away from connecting with strangerson random video chat. -One tap to make a new connection If you wantto jump to another conversation, just tap and voila!, you’ll beconnected to a new person right then. -----------------------------✔ The All-in-1 Video Call Messenger Advantage This feature allowsyou to access the following messenger, video call and random videochat apps. Kik: Kik is a popular messenger, the easiest way toshare pics, videos, GIF’s, games and more. Skype: Skype is a simpleway to connect with family and friends. Skyper offers free videocalling app. One can easily share content using Add-Ins withoutleaving Skype. Viber: Viber connects millions worldwide. Viber isyour go-to free messenger, allowing you to message or call anyonein the world. Viber is a free international calling app. WeChat:WeChat is a messaging and calling app connect with family andfriends across countries. Make calls to landlines and mobile withWeChat Out Calls. Add custom wallpapers, custom notifications withWeChat. Tango: Tango is the first and the best video calling app.Send and receive text, stickers, photos, video, audio and locationon Tango for free.Tango works on both smartphones and tablets. UseTango to keep in touch with all those who matter to you. Azar: Azarallows strangers to connect over random video call. Azar works onboth phone and desktop. Few other similar apps like meetme andholla that allow users to do random video chat. We really hope youhave fun using our random video chat app ;) With love, Team VideoCall Pro
SHARE Go : File Transfer & Share App 2.37
Share Go (Share Karo) is the quick and easy file transfer appwithout internet in the market. This file share app is the bestalternative other sharing apps Share Go (Share Karo) comes with alightning fast file transfer speed without using your internetdata. Do Share it with your friends. Now Share your favouritevideos, music, photos, mobile apps through Share Go. Receive filesin any format be it contacts, apps, images, videos, music,documents, etc. easily Why Share Go is the best sharing app &Xender? ★ Best alternative to xender ★ No Mobile Data Usage ★Lightning transfer speed upto 20Mb/s ★ Share large files instantly★ Receive files in any format ★ Use app Without any Ads 📂All typesof files supported - Photos, videos, music, APK or any other files- Infinite large files transfer supported - Send multiple files orfolders at ONE TIME 💥Share Files Offline - Transfer files anytimeand anywhere - No mobile data, no network connection needed Withthis SHAREkaro app you can send and receive files ( Secure filetransfer) as big as you want be it movies, videos etc with 200times faster speed than bluetooth transfer without any interruptionand loss in file transfer speed. Use the app without any wificonnection and if needed Resume and Pause your downloading fileswhenever you like. Connectivity with QR Code is easy and instant,just choose the files you want to share and send. Share Go asks forsome permissions but only that which is relevant to ourfunctionality like it needs location to help discover nearby usersto send and receive files. Download Share Go and keep motivating usby sharing this app. For support contact at
QR code reader & Barcode Scanner (QR Code Scanner) 1.1.0
Fastest QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner For Android QRCodeReader and barcode scanner is the fastest and the most powerfulQRcode Scanner/Barcode Reader in the market. It supports all majorQRcode Scan and Barcode Scan. QR Code Scanner can scan and readallQR code/ barcode types including text, url, ISBN, product,contact,calendar, email, location, Wi-Fi, Facebook, Twitter, Emailand manyother formats. After scan and automatic decoding user isprovidedwith only the relevant options for individual QR or Barcodetypeand can take action. You can even use QR Code Scanner toscancoupon codes to receive discounts and save some money. Allthis,100% FREE! When scanning a QR code, if the code contains awebsiteURL, you will automatically be taken to that website. If thecodecontains text, you'll immediately see it. For other formatslikeemail ID, phone numbers, or contact information, you willbeprompted to take appropriate action. Amazing, no? How to useQRcode scanner and Barcode Scanner: ✓ To scan QR code or barcode,youcan simply open the app, point the camera at the code andthescanner will automatically recognize it ✓If you are inthelow-light situation when scanning the code, click theflashlightbutton to turn on the flashlight. ✓Various options tochoose andgenerate QR code and Barcode for like SMS etc. Features★Fastest QRcode reader★ QR code reader and Barcode scanner are thefastest inthe market. You just need to point out to a QR code or abarcode toscan the code. Just once scan to find for both QR codereader andbarcode scanner ★Create Social Media Codes★ Using thisapp you cancreate QR codes for multiple social media profiles likeFacebook,Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Playstore apps, Whatsapp andmany more★Smart History for QR code reader and barcode scanner★Easilyaccess all your QR code reader and barcode scanner throughthehistory. We store all of your QR code and barcode scans inyourhistory tab so you can view them later. ★Flash Light★ Easilyuse QRscanner and QR reader at night times or at low lightconditionsusing the inbuilt flashlight feature. ★Multi format★ Usethe mostpowerful QR scanner and QR reader to scan 1D/2D QR codesandbarcodes easily. ★Scan product codes★ If you are looking forapowerful QR code reader and barcode scanner that supports allmajorbarcode formats such as ISBN, EAN, UPC and others, this QRCodeReader and barcode scanner is the one. ★No internetconnectionrequired★ This QR code reader and barcode scanner don’trequire anyinternet connection. You can easily scan QR codes andbarcode scanswithout any mobile internet of wifi. ★Free QR codescanner★ All theabove mentioned features of our QR code scanner/barcode scannerapp are free of cost and will always be! ★Lighteningfast QR codescanner★ Simply point your phone towards whatever youwant to scan.This QR Code Reader / QR code scanner /Barcode Scannerscanner appwill mechanically sense and scan. No need press anybuttons, takephotos or adjust zoom. QR barcode scanner /barcodescanner andgenerator read all QR code reader types including text,product,contact, email, whatscan, Wi-Fi and many other formats. QRcodescanner or barcode scanner build for Android, and can scanalltypes of QR code & barcode. It is very simple and easy touse.Scan any QR code or barcode to get additional informationincludingresults from popular online services; Amazon, eBay, Googleand manymore. So go ahead and download our QR code reader/ QR codescanner/barcode scanner app to enjoy speed, convenience and greatfeatures.Scanning a QR code made as simple as it should be! Madewith love,Team QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner.
Unfollowers and Followers Tracker for Instagram 1.3.3
Found some interesting profile on Instagram? Need to know whoalways liked and commented on their post and etc? This is the appfor you. With this app you, not only you can get more insightsabout your profile, it also can unlock many secret of your friendsand unfollowers. Get it now! ★ FEATURES •View who unfollowed you onInstagram and who is not following you back, Unfollowers ,track newfollowers, view fans and more •View follower/followers who NEVER orALWAYS liked your posts •View follower/followers who NEVER orALWAYS commented on your posts •View your top liked and topcommented posts •View your top watched video •View people who aretagged often in your post •You can also analyze any of your friendaccount or any account that you follow to see their stats such asmost liked post, top liker, top commenter, most profile tagged intheir post and many more. Get it now to reveal your friend secrets★DEVICE PERMISSION This app request only the necessary permissionfor it to function properly. We explain those permission below:•storage/SD card : To store the image generated by the app forsharing purpose •in-app billing : Contain additional feature thatcan be purchase to unlock the true potential of the app ★DISCLAIMER•You need an Instagram account to use this app! •This app is notaffiliated with Instagram. •It is recommended to use phone with atleast 2GB of RAM If you have any trouble or want to ask questionregarding the app, please send an email to our team. We will bemore than happy to help
Like Karo : Short Video App for India, Like Video 1.3
Like Video India - Short Video app for Likee is an app that letsyou create and share fun videos with all your friends andfollowers. Like video india for likee is a master Video Editor andFree Video Maker app, with all video editing features for youtube,add stickers to video, add text to video. So Download Like VideoIndia to edit video with music & effects! Like Video IndiaStatus App is the best platform for finding funny like videos &like app short videos for likee. Like provides you video statusmaker with special effects for all short videos, video status &funny videos. Like lets you make funny videos for likee in highquality and share it to Instagram story & Facebook story. Likeis a free app where you can find all types of short video clips,status videos, tending videos. Why Like is the best in the market :- Like is a made in India creation and sharing platform. - Likelets you share Love video status - Share Dance Party video status -Create music videos - You will get to enjoy Likee original videos,music videos and funny clips. - Like lets you Watch funny and viralvideos on Likee. - Download endless ‘good morning’ messages andhave have fun with its variety of camera filters - Share yourfavorite funny videos, trending videos Like is User Friendly as youcan use Latest video status, Popular video status, Favourite videostatus. Easily Search full screen video status, funny videos,songs, love shayari status & whatsapp status. Create yourfavourite video status & funny videos creator & never misstheir new short videos when creator upload. Like video is a ShortVideo app. You can easily share trending video status, funny videos& hot videos to whatsapp, Instagram & other socialplatforms like likee, VMate. Discover the best videos, cool people,and interesting souls from all around the world! Like Video Indiais an app that lets you share fun music videos with all yourfriends and followers Please feel free to contact us We really hope you enjoy our app For the loveof music & videos, Team Like Karo