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Long Exposure Video Camera: Night vision simulator 1.0.99
Use long exposure to create detailed videos in the dark of thenight. We are using a unique patent to accumulate more light intoevery frame. Hold your camera still while recording and be readyfor the extremely low frame rate. Check out website for instructionand demos. Weare sorry but If your phone is a legacy/older device. afterinstallation - you will get a message on screen that we do notsupport it. We cannot know this before installation.
Background Quick Mp3 Audio Recorder Pro HD 2 1.1.7
Quick Mp3 Audio Recorder Pro HD 2 Record Mp3 files in thebackgroundwhile your phone display is closed. How to: Option 1:Press the Biggrey button Option 2: 1. Start the service from thewidget (startlistening to volume buttons) 2. Use your volumebuttons to start andstop recording. New - Audio detection - setmaximum recording time -audio detection will start every time itgets noisy. audio detectionwill resume once maximum recording timewill finish. Cool Gallery -Play, Share, Delete. Tutorial video
Motion detection Ultimate 1.4.0
Motion detection ultimate New - sound detection. Google drivesupported!!! Leave your phone to do the motion detection - andcheck your google drive for captured images or videos. New - Pinchto zoom. Instruction: Press the big red button. Set the sensitivityscroll bar to 15,000 ~ 20,000 Make sure your phone is steady. Makesure you have enough light. On Motion detection you can: CaptureImages. Upload pictures to google drive. Sound Alarm. Vibrate. Mainfeatures: * Choose to save images with low or high resolution. *Choose from different alarm sounds. * Choose auto focus. * Choosemotion detection sensitivity. Choose from 4 different Motiondetection algorithms : * Small animals * Fast & optimized. *Brightness comparison. * Fast brightness comparison. Choose fromSettings->Motion detection Algorithm. Premium users can also: *record videos. * upload videos to google drive. If you liked us -please rate us with 5 stars. More information on: Privacydeclaration:
Background Video Recorder Pro
1. Video recording 2. Motion detection 3. Cloud Home Security 4.Long exposure 5. Burst Image Capturing 6. Google Drive integratedbackup All of that in the background Background Video Recorder Prois free, Install and Press the "Big Red Button". * Record videos inthe background, while you use your phone. or the display is closed.* Android 11 - optical zoom & files bigger then 4 Giga! *Widgets to start recording on front/back Camera. * Motiondetection. * Press "Volume" buttons to start/stop or restartrecording. * Record Video in the background while playing musicfrom the same phone!!! * Snapshots. * Trimming. * up to 6K(6016x4512p) 60/90/120/240 FPS. * lock screen for privacy. * muteshutter sound. * Auto split video files. * Share video directlyfrom Gallery. * Unlimited video duration. * Zoom. * ninja camera(忍者カメラ) New - Premium users - WearOS supported: Start/Stoprecording/Capture Image. Swipe left for image gallery Extra features: 1.Background Motion Detection!!! 2. Preview. 3. Start recording usingthe Volume buttons. 4. Tablet support. 5. Flash widget! Importantnotices: 1. Best practices: 2. Run thepermission wizard (at the bottom of the Settings). 3. 4. Settings:Special features:bypassingoptimization:aggressive. 5. To see videos using your normal Gallery- Settings:Special features:unhide 6. We install 3 icons with 3different features(you can disable 2 from the settings) 7. Afterupgrading from Android 10 to Android 11 - check this link On Detectionyou can : 1. Capture images. 2. Sound notification. 3. Premiumusers can also record videos when motion detected Languages:Hindi,German,Spanish,Portuguese,Ukrainian,Arabic and more "Big RedButton" - recording will start , now you can close the display. Youcan also use the volume buttons to start & stop the recording."Big Green Button" - motion detection will start. make sure thatthere is enough light. "Big OrangeButton" - Repetitive Image Capturing. Home security feature,monitor up to 4 cameras from our dedicated secure website:https://bvr.arbelsolutions.com Monitor up to 4cameras on your Android TV. "How to guides": Your Privacy matters: For suggestionsor questions - We will be happy to hear from Important notices 2: 1. Do not openthe camera on other apps while recording. 2. Long exposure createslow frame rate videos. 3. only on Android 11/12 - file size can bemore than 4 Giga. 4. Beta resolutions is not necessarily stable. 5.For best video quality: try beta resolutions. change thebitrate/fps. Most functions are free, Premium version includes: Ads. 2. Saving to the removable SD card 3. Save Videos on motiondetection 4. Upload videos to Google Drive 5. Monitor until 4camera simultaneously(and not only 1). 6. Repeat schedulerecording. To become a Premium user - press the "Buy Premium"button on the Main Menu(appears only on the second time you openthe app). BVR Ultimate - Best Practices for Motion detection onlegacy devices Samsung: Xiaomi & Huawei: Permissions: * Camerapermission/Record Audio : to record videos * Write to externalstorage : saving those videos. * Request to manage overlaypermission : to display preview. * Request to ignore batteryoptimization : prevent your phone from stopping our backgroundservice. * Location (optional) - add location to the videos. If youlike the app please rate it 5 stars ★★★★★ . We will reallyappreciate it. Follow us on:
Background Camera Service 1.3.79
1. Burst capture camera 2. Video recorder 3. Motion detection4.integrated google drive uploader All in the background JustPressthe "Big Orange Button" - Continuous Snapshot mode whichrepetitivecaptures images. you can also choose burst mode orschedulesnapshotting. Other features: "Big Red Button" to startrecording,now you can close the display. You can also use thevolume buttonsto start recording. "Big Green Button" - press it,motion detectionwill start. make sure that the device is stable andthat there isenough light. NEW: Monitor your home using our secureddedicatedhttps://bcc.arbelsolutions.comOR Exploreultimateprotection for your home. use one phone as a discretemotiondetection. second phone or even tv as monitor. the phone donothave to be in the same Wi-Fi - you can monitor your homefromoffice or on Demonstration from our motion detectionapp: 1. Background Motion Detection!!!2.Preview before recording. 3. Start recording using theVolumebuttons. 4. Capture high resolutions photos while recording.5.Tablet support. Important notice: For best results runthepermission wizard to disable battery optimization (at the bottomofthe Settings). especially if you want to use the volume buttonstostart recording. And use Vibration on record to be sure itstartedrecording. Check also optimization for your specificdevice: On Detection you can : 1.Captureimages. 2. Sound notification. 3. Premium users can alsorecordvideos when motion detected (set video recording length inthesettings: Split Recording time: Maximum recording time)Videoeditor with - brightness, contrast, sharpen, watermark andmoreYour Privacymatters:
Jerusalem Compass & Prayer times (Zmanim) 5.95.0
Jerusalem Compass is a simple app that will help you to findthedirection to the western wall in Jerusalem. It also shows youtimesof prayers. New - background map for better orientation. New-Prayer times. Please note that the accuracy of the"JerusalemCompass" like any other compass, is affected by existenceof metalsnear it or other environmental conditions. This app willhelp youfinding the direction to Temple Mount easily. Pleasecontact us forany question, requests or bug report. Please notice -some devicesdo not support Azimuth/gyro ability. We cannotcalculate azimuthwithout this ability. In this case - a messagewill appear on thescreen. Also : activate location on your phone :If you do not havelocation enabled on your phone - JerusalemCompass will not be ableto find the direction cause it cannot knowthe origin of yourlocation.
Arbel Home Security 1.1.27
Home Security Solution. New for premium users - monitor thecameraof your phone from your other phone. Google viewer to watchimagesfrom your phone on other device(use the same google account)How tomonitoring from far away? Use our dedicated securewebsites:https://a.arbelsolutions.comOR Premium userscanmonitor up to 4 Cameras at the same time (Settings:Google)360degrees protection : for specific devices like Samsung S9,S10,S20, S21 - 2 sides cameras motion detection. try it for yourdevicefrom the setting and let me know if itworks. All in one app that providessmarthome security solution. You can get instant intruderalerts,low-light filter & unlimited google drive storage. Youcan alsoshare and playback your videos. Needed permissions: 1.Camera +Audio recording - to do the motion detection and savevideo/imagefiles to the SD. 2. External Storage - to save files tothe localSD. 3. Internet - to uploaded video/images to google Drive+ newexperimental Video chatting. Premium users can also: *recordvideos. * upload videos to google drive. If you liked us -pleaserate us with 5 stars. More informationon: FREE& RELIABLE
Black Wallpaper Changer 1.0.60
Wallpaper changer from a collection of beautiful BLACKthemewallpapers. All wallpaper material are self created or takenfromUnsplash - specific credits will be added soon.