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Arcade Emulator Collection 1.0
If you love Arcade Games, then I am sureyouwill love this App.Arcade Emulator Collection helps you to make the access of thebestAndroid Arcade Emulators in a short time in Google Play thatyoucan enjoy to play day and night!Use Arcade Emulator Collection ,you can find various androidarcadeemulators eg:MAME:MAME4droid(0.37b5), MAME4droid Reloaded(0.139)Nintendo :John NES Lite (NES Emulator) ,RetroArch AndroidSuper Nintendo: RetroArch Android,Snes9x EX+, SNESDroidNintendo 64: Mupen64+AE FREE (N64 Emulator),Nintendo DS: nds4droidGameboy Advance:My Boy! Free - GBA Emulator, John GBALite,RetroArch AndroidGameboy Color: Jonh GBC Lite, RetroArch AndroidSega CD:RetroArch Android,Sega Game Gear: RetroArch AndroidSega Genesis:RetroArch Android, GENPlusDroidSega Master System: RetroArch Android, GENPlusDroidNeo Geo: RetroArch AndroidNeo Geo Pocket: RetroArch AndroidPlaystation Portable: PPSSPP,Sony Playstation:RetroArch AndroidCommodore 64: Frodo C64
Shadow Sword - Ninja Combat 1.0
Shadow Sword Ninja Combat is a classicactionarcade game!The Shadow Sword was created at a perilous time after the Kylinwerebetrayed by one of their own. With their strength gone, theKylinplaced all their essence, souls, and spiritual power into oneoftheir own fangs, creating the shadow Sword. This divine weaponwasthen entrusted to the strongest and most spiritually pure ofninja,a ninja who would be the start of the Kylin bloodline. Withtheshadow sword, the ninja warrior was able to slay the DarkKylin, andhis descendants the Kylin ninja were able to banish theEvil Deitiesand their Fiends. As time went on, the shadow swordwas passed downthrough the generations of Kylin Ninja, all the wayto their moderndescendants, The shadow sword was used by ancientninja warriors toslay the Black Kylin