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Brick Calculator + 1.0
ArchiApps are proud to release this architectural app which helpsArchitects, Architectural technicians & technologists, Builders& DIYers to coordinate their brickwork or other buildingmaterials. No more referring to brickwork dimension tables with theapp which also includes a calculator to quantify sections of wall.The calculator can also include windows, doors, etc to provide anaccurate quantity for ordering or estimating purposes. Program andsave your own modules of European sized bricks or other buildingmaterials such as blockwork, wall tiling and timber cladding.Calculations can also be saved for future reference.
Gradient Calc 1.0.5
The Handy Gradient App is useful for everyone especially for theArchitect, Technician, Technologist, Builder, Engineer, Student orDIY enthusiast who needs a quick calculator application to work outgeneral falls and gradients for typical building or engineeringtasks such as Drainage Falls, Ramps, Roof Timbers, Pavements,Roads, Footpaths. The app only requires the input of 2 known valuesand then automatically calculates the 3rd value providing theresults in mm, gradient, percentage and degrees. Enter either thedistance / length, the rise / fall, or the required gradient andthe incomplete fields automatically complete. This free appcompliments Archiapps current suite of architectural apps for theconstruction professional or novice.