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Lamper VR: First Flight 2.0
This classic addictive virtual reality runner game asks, "How farcan you fly as a small bug in a HUGE world?"In this VR runner game,you will fight your way to safety through a series of treacheroustunnels through the eyes of a firefly bug called Lamper. TheLampers' kingdom was attacked, and they are now fleeing for theirlives. Explore the world of Lampers, through a seamless virtualreality experience.For the best Cardboard experience, check outLamper Cardboard VR, designed specifically for Google Cardboardplayers!REVIEWS“What may be the best Cardboard game yet.” -CNET“This game has beautiful graphics and is a great way to havefun with your Google Cardboard. This is definitely one of the bestCardboard-games we have tried so far!” - VR Bites“Lamper could bethe best game for Google Cardboard so far.” - Tech TimesCOMPATIBLEVR HEADSETSGoogle CardboardStooksyDurovis DiveRefugio 3DVRTXOneANTVRVR SmartviewColorCrossNibiruHomido
Lamper Cardboard: First Flight 2.0
Optimized specifically for Google Cardboard, this classic virtualreality runner game asks, "How far can you fly as a small bug in aHUGE world?"In this addictive VR runner game, you will fight yourway to safety through a series of treacherous tunnels through theeyes of a firefly bug called Lamper. The Lampers' kingdom wasattacked, and they are now fleeing for their lives. Explore theworld of Lampers, through a seamless virtual realityexperience.REVIEWS“What may be the best Cardboard game yet.” -CNET“This game has beautiful graphics and is a great way to havefun with your Google Cardboard. This is definitely one of the bestCardboard-games we have tried so far!” - VR Bites“Lamper could bethe best game for Google Cardboard so far.” - Tech TimesCOMPATIBLEVR HEADSETSBEST FOR: Google CardboardStooksyDurovis DiveRefugio3DVRTX OneANTVRVR SmartviewColorCrossNibiruHomidoFor the bestexperience on any platform, check out Lamper VR: First Flight!
Deep Space Battle VR 2.0.1
The ultimate VR space shooter, Deep Space Battle Cardboard VR isnow better than ever and 100% free. Become earth’s mightiest heroin this fast-paced virtual reality shooter game made exclusivelyfor Google Cardboard VR. In this action-packed dogfight battlegame, use your wits and your weapons as a lone space pilotdefending against the invasion of the Shadow Fleet. Experienceimmersive virtual reality flight through a colorful galacticlandscape while blasting enemy ships. FEATURING: * VR FIRST * Thisspace shooter is designed exclusively for Cardboard VR to offer themost immersive virtual reality experience. *100% FREE * We heardyou, no more In App Purchases! All Ships, All Levels - absolutelyfree. * NO CONTROLLER REQUIRED * Once you get an enemy in yoursights, your ship will auto-fire. It couldn’t be easier to blastyour enemies away. * ACTION PACKED * The best dogfight battle spaceshooter available for Cardboard VR. Experience the best quality VRscreen shattering effects that will blow you away. * CUSTOMIZE YOURRIDE * Choose from 6 sleek ship designs, each with their own uniquereticle and stats so you can optimize for your play style.
Roll Home: CVR 2017 1.0
The adorable penguins of Waddle Home are back! With the help ofyour phone and a special edition CVR 2017 postcard, it's up to youguide them home. The ice is too slippery to waddle on, so you’llhave to roll these pudgy penguins back to their spaceship through amaze of twists and turns. Just be sure not to fall into one ofthose perfectly penguin-sized holes!○ Instant AR fun! Download theapp, point your phone’s camera at a CVR 2017 postcard, and watch asthe card transforms into a slippery iceberg maze.○ Tilt to play!Move and tilt the card around to guide your penguin past trickycorners and troublesome traps.○ Rescue the eggs! Roll over the 3pink eggs in each level to carry them along to safety.○ Multiplecleverly crafted levels to tumble your way through. Can you clearthem all?Don't have a CVR 2017 postcard? Just download and printthe image using the link below:
Hidden Fortune 2.0
Hidden Fortune is an adventurous treasure hunt through a virtualworld of enchantment, with Chapter One: Outcast Cove free to play!Chapter Two: Shanty Seas is available through single purchase, andunlocks over two hours of content, including new puzzles,collectible Wands and vast areas to discover. As a sorcerer on adaring rescue mission, players must use their magic—cast with theDaydream Controller—to explore the vivid world around them, andcollect peculiar trinkets to aid in their quest. Solve puzzles,meet quirky characters, and uncover secrets and treasures alike inthis humourous VR title.Cast Your Magic: Swing the DaydreamController to capture trinkets, make charming new acquaintances,and solve tricky puzzles. Draw the Wands: These collectible magicdevices enable seamless interaction with the virtual world.Orienting intuitively to your hand’s movements, each Wand hasunique art and visual effects. Replayable Challenges: Each quest inOutcast Cove and Shanty Seas offers three levels of difficulty totest your wizarding skill.
Waddle Home AR 1.04
An adorable arctic rescue in AR! The little penguin family ofWaddle Home have lost their way, and it's up to you to guide theseroly-poly birds back to their spaceship. Help them navigateslippery ice floes by toggling blocks, opening doors, and escapingthe ever-patrolling Guard robots. For an added challenge, lead thepenguins to collect the pink Bonus Eggs in each level, and bringthem back home, too! - 3D puzzle gameplay in fully immersive AR.Can't puzzle a level out? Get up close or down low to reveal thepath...or hidden eggs! - Play anywhere! In your living room or atthe park, just place the Waddle Home game grid and begin. - Guideyour penguins to collect increasingly hard-to-reach eggs for bonuspoints. - Slide, hop, and waddle your way through unique levels,each one trickier than the last! Play 16 full levels for free, withan additional 24 levels available through in-app purchase. - Bop apenguin or dunk your phone below the surface of the ice foradorable and surprising interactions. - Full support for landscapeview.