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Plus - Fruit Number Game 1.0.1
Plus – Fruit Number Game is a simple yet addictive puzzle game.Player has to jump through trees, eat fruits which contain numbers,in order to smash the door and proceed to the next level. Plus is acute creature that lives in the woods. He loves eating fruits andsolving math problems. Help him survive through the “depths ofMath”. All you need to do is get the right result by playing withthe numbers on the screen using one of the four operators “plus”,“minus”, “divide” and “multiply”. As you go on and cross thelevels, the complexity increases and ultimately improves yourlogical and thinking capability. The game has been designed to fitany age group, as it contains 3 difficulties with 100 levels each.This way even a newbie or an experienced player can enjoy game.Givethis fun game a go! GAME FEATURES ✓ Suitable for all players ✓ Easyand complex mathematical calculations ✓ 300 levels with increasingcomplexity ✓ 3 difficulties ranging from Easy to Hard ✓ Hint systemin case you’re stuck ✓ Unlock hatsSupport and FeedbackWe areconstantly working on improving this game and make it moreentertaining for you. If you have any suggestions/queries to makethe game better, feel free to write to us. We would love to hearfrom you. We need your constant support, thank you!
Betting Tools 1.412
Betting tools helps you get a better view on the upcoming matches,using accurate statistic methods. Every tool has a description andan example for easy usage. Every player should try to takeadvantage of the numbers and this app makes it possible. All youneed to do is type your choices and this tool will provide youimportant information about the bets, odds, stakes andprobabilities of each outcome. This app will make it easier for youto get profit in the long run. App Features - Convert your odds toprobability and vice versa - Calculate Trixie bets - Kellycriterion for getting the best out of your bets - Find value oddsusing Poisson calculator Support and Feedback We are constantlyworking on improving this app to make it more useful to you. If youhave any suggestions/queries to make the app better, feel free towrite to us. We would love to hear from you. We need your constantsupport, thank you!
Football Tips - Big Odds 1.17
Big Odds Football Betting Tips uses statistics and analysis foreach tip to provide you higher profit in the long run. We alwaystry to bet on value football tips that have big odds and highchances of winning. Follow our tips with the stakes given and youwill be on profit. • Big odd bets that are always 2.00 and higher •1-2 free tips every 5 days, cheap subscription for more tips •Football - Soccer Predictions • Early update for users to not missa single bet • Betting Stake for better bankroll management • Trackof our history and statistics record We will try our best to helpyou make profit by analyzing each football match thoroughly.
Self-Help Book Summaries 1.6.2
Book Summaries contains quality summaries of self-help,self-improvement, business and nonfiction books, providing thereaders with concise and comprehensive texts. It’s a perfect appfor those that love books and want to save time by reading the keypoints without having to go through everything. Self Help and SelfImprovement books help you boost your Personal Growth, Mindfulnessand Success. They motivate and inspire you to achieve great thingsin life. Some books summaries contained in this app: • 12 Rules forLife: An Antidote to Chaos • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People •How to Win Friends and Influence People • Rich Dad, Poor Dad • The48 Laws of Power • The Obstacle is The Way • Mastery We aim toconstantly update the app with new summaries.