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Touch Blocker / Disable Touch
Netflix usage: because many users want to use this app withNetflix, please check below for details on how to use this TouchBlocker with Netflix to prevent the movie playback from stopping assoon as you disable touch input. This video shows you how to do it: Blocker prevents unintentionaltouch interaction with the touch screen of your device by blockingtouch input. When you disable touch input while watching a movieyou don't have to worry not to skip scenes by accidentally touchingthe screen. Also useful if you hand your phone to someone (e.g. toshow them a picture) and don't want them to mess with thedevice.Usage: Install and start Touch Blocker and select whichmethods you want to use to disable/enable touch interaction withyour device (I would recommend enabling at least the options 'RunIn Foreground' and maybe 'Disable On Triple Tap'). Setting up theseoptions has to be done only once. Then select 'Enable' inpreferences (you may also set it to be launched automatically ateach reboot of your device). You can then lock the screen byclicking the notification icon. The donate version offers a evensimpler way of blocking/unblocking touch input by the way of aconvenient overlay icon.If you want to use this with NETFLIX: Thesecret of disabling touch input for Netflix is to start blockingtouch events while the Netflix app is buffering the video streamfor playback. It works using any method Touch Blocker provides, buteasiest and most conveniently by using the overlay icon (availableafter donating -- just click on it while Netflix displays'Loading...' next to the rotating circle animation). If you alsoenable the Fullscreen option you can enjoy uninterrupted playbackof your Netflix movies! What is currently not possible is to blocktouch input if the video was paused once or you used the slider toseek forward/backward. This is NOT a bug of this app, but a'feature' of the Netflix app. The way around that is to stop theplayback (the position is saved by Netflix) and then start itagain. Then proceed as described above.A thanks to the people whodonated: I've added an overlay icon that gives you a simple andalways availabe way to toggle the blocking function (no need to usethe notification anymore). The overlay icon is hidden 3 secondsafter the touch input is blocked. You can show it again by touchingthe screen once. Also available is a shortcut that you can place onthe home screen to block touch input or that can be called bygesture control programs (like GMD) to block touch input.Moreoptions of the donate version: - lock the volume keys when thetouch input is disabled - hide the notification bar - remove allads from the app - add a configurable delay before the touch inputis is disabled (useful if you want to use it for Netflix) - apassword can be set that is required to unlock the device - awidget to quickly easily disable touch input - an option to goFULLSCREEN (hide navigation and notification bar) -- *ROOT* isrequired up to Android 4.3 to use this thoughKeywords: baby lock,baby touch block, child lock, kids, child, children, notouch, notouch, netflix, touch blocker, untouch, disable touch,touchdisabler,deactivate touch,block touch,touch blocker,touchscreen,notouch,prevent touch,touch screen,prevent accidential touches,blocktouch input, netflix
Bluetooth GPS Mouse - free 0.9.8
Use an external Bluetooth GPS receiver as GPSsource in your applications!YOU HAVE TO ENABLE Settings -> Applications -> Development-> Allow Mock Locations FIRST!If you're running Android >=4.0 you might have to set theprogram option 'Alt BT Connect Method' to be able to connect toyour Bluetooth GPS receiver and receive data.If you find any bugs, please write an email and I try to fixthem ASAP!