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King of Boxing Free Games 2.2
Are you in boxer games or MMA fighting games? Become a streetfighter and a king boxing super hero. If you are looking for greatboxer games to practice mma against a street fighter, stopsearching now for more king boxing games, this is the best of allthe boxer games you will find, even better than mma games and kickboxing games. Be a boxing hero and download for free the bestboxing fights on your mobile. The best of Street fight games andkick boxing games in a free style boxing game. This boxing gameoffers the best boxing workout to become the hero of King Boxing.The other boxers want the King Boxing title too and they will fightharder than wrestling fighters. Knock everyone of them out withyour iron fist and have fun with this free 3d boxing game. Are youa boxing hero? Are you the king of this King Boxing Championship?Combat in this free boxing game in its different fighting modes.You will feel the adrenaline burst of MMA or street fight games butthis time with the best of boxing fighting games. Enjoy of thisBoxer games: Quick Fight: Is the King Boxing Game main mode, boxersfight in quick training sessions. Championship: Fight in the ironfist boxing tournament, beat the best fighters in the world in thisboxing game for free. Survival: See how many opponents you can beatin this boxing game in a street fight games style. Theseboxers,trained in the toughest street fight, now compete in thisboxing game. Unlock the best boxers in this free boxing game:Julius Creed: The best street fighter. He was the first to becomethe King Boxing champion. Boxing game is his life. Rocky Marcian:This great boxer fought against Creed to win the King Boxing titlein 2016. Joe Lous: He had fought for years in MMA and wrestling.Now fights in boxing rings. The real boxing superhero. Many Pak:This boxer invented a great boxing training program and is now oneof the most powerful fighters of boxing fights. Rob Sugar: Raisedwithin clandestine boxing fights and street fightings. He is thetrue street fighting games free hero. Robert Darum: Veteran of theKing boxing game, fights with all possible fighters in boxing gamesfree. The best street fighter original boxer. Hector Valbuena:First in kickboxing and MMA fights and now in boxing games free. Hewants to become the fighting games free hero. Joe Franz: Creator ofthe King Boxing Game. He was trained with boxer games and streetfight games. He has come to fight in this boxing game for free. Heis a true street fighter. Jack Damps: This boxer, tired of fightinggames, started practicing kick boxing games and boxing games freeto become the new King Boxing. Mr Ali: He is the Champion of thisboxing game free. The iron fist belongs to him. He is The Boxer. Isthe best super hero of all super heroes. Ear Tyson: He began hiscareer as a boxer in fighting games. He is boxing, he is kickboxing, he can fight for hours in a ring. The toughest boxer. FloydMayweather: He defeated all wrestling fighters and and all the kickboxing games free fighters. He retired of boxer games, but now heis back on this King Boxing Game. This boxing game free is amazing!Take your street fighter to a professional ring with one the mostawesome of the boxing games. Enjoy incredible 3d graphics in thebest game of king boxing. Kick boxing games are just for training.This is a real boxing game. It's not like other boxing games free:This is the final boxing game. Be the best in the boxer games.Twitter: @Aristokraken Facebook: And do notmiss all the news and upcoming releases on our website: Release The Kraken!!!
Moto Racing GP Championship 2.5
Download the best Moto GP racing free game for your mobile phone.Beat your records, enjoy moto racing and show who is the fastestrider of the real moto racing world. Be a hero, make your nameappear on the top of the ranking and win all the challenges in thisfree 3D moto GP racing game. Feel the speed of moto racing on twowheels and let your adrenaline rise thanks to the real feel of itsawesome real moto racing 3D circuits for the best moto racer 3Drider. Compete against an exciting AI that will leave youbreathless, dodge traffic and do not be the last rider in any GrandPrix. Getting the pole will be very challenging ... Do you haveenough skills and courage to be the ultimate champion? One of thebest motos GP games. And it's for free. Are you prepared to be amoto racer 3D rider? Up to 5 different game modes: - Championship:Free race in the Moto GP World Championship 2017. - Career: Ridethe tough way to become a champion. - Ranked: Get all the stars andbeat your own records. - Quick Race: Train yourself in each Moto GP2017 circuit, improve your times, get the pole and get ready forChampionship Mode. - Training: Run every circuit of the motos GPChampionship 2017, without traffic and practice your moto racingstyle to become THE motor hero. Unlock all Moto GP bikes ofdifferent brands for free. Multiple motos GP models available!Select the control that suits your real moto racing driving stylethe best: Joystick, Pro Control or Accelerometer. Go full throttle!Be fast! Be furious! Be a motor hero! (Riding motorbikes is aserious matter, don't imitate what you see in this game. Ride safe)Twitter: @Aristokraken Facebook: And do notmiss all the news and upcoming releases on our website: Release The Kraken!!!
Motocross 2017 2.5
Download the best racing game for motorcycles and moto cross endurofor your mobile. Get on your 4x4 trial bike and prove that in thistrial bike game you have no rival. Make the best motocross jumpsand motocross freestyle tricks to become the best motocross riderin the world. Become the motor hero of extreme motocross racingwith the most crazy super bikes. Overcome all obstacles of thetrial motorbikes in the most spectacular circuits, competing inbike races of exciting motorcycles.  To be the champion youmust master the motocross freestyle tricks of 4x4 trial, have theability of a cross-country bike rider, and the speed of motorcycleracing. The moto cross game contains 14 levels of increasingdifficulty that will test your skills as a trial bike driver. Willyou be a hero on two wheels and next moto cross enduro champion? Ordo you predict to be the motocross racing champion jumps as thebest Pilots of fresstyle of the universe in this magnificent motocross game for free? In the moto cross game you will find loopings,hoops in flames, explosive barrels, impossible slopes for your motocross and trial 4x4 motorbikes. There are descents and ramps thatwill put you to the test in this free moto cross game. There are 6different game modes for moto cross enduro: -Reach the goal: Get tothe finish line with your moto cross, if you can, moto racer-Destroy them'all: Destroy all objects indicated in the trial 4x4circuit.But beware, not all are harmless as in motorcycle racing. -Pick'em all: Get all the stars of each level of motocrossfreestyle. - Motocross Freestyle: Make the most tricks with yoursuperbike. Take advantage of all the motocross jumps with crazybikes on incredible circuits of trial bikes and moto cross enduro.- Time Attack bikemania: Reach the finish line with your motorbikesbefore the time runs out in the free moto cross game. - Motocrossracing Rings Mode: Will you be able to cross all the rings withyour motocross jumps and with your trial 4x4 bikes in thismotocross game mode? Twitter: @Aristokraken Google+: And do not miss allthe news and upcoming releases on our website: Release The Kraken !!!
Bubble Puzzle Bobble Fish 1.8
Play free puzzles for adults and kids in this bubble free PuzzleBobble style games. Shoot bubble pet of colors with their samecolor to make them explode and make the best score. Find the freejewels in the wonderful realm of fishdom for free. Captain Nemo islooking for Dory in this bubble bobble puzzle, her childhood friendwho got lost in the sea because she was trying to get all the sagajewels for free. But there were too many free puzzles for adultsand the bubbles games were getting complicated. And here begins ourstory of this jewels saga arcade for free. In the free fishdomworld there are lots of bubbles games and many fun fish that willwant to play with your bubble shooter and help you in your search.Take the role of Captain Nemo and explode all the underwaterbubbles and get the Bobble Fish help. Get all the jewels for free.Discover the shoot bubble pet of fishdom. Enjoy as Captain Nemoincredible juices and beat the pezmania in this free Puzzle Bobbleor bubble bobble puzzle. This is the best bubble shooter games youcan try to get more saga jewels free than any other. And continueto surpass the Nemo games raised for the captain. This bubblefishdom is the most fun, be careful not to spend all your livesbecause when you use them up you have to ask your friends. Whenthey send them to you again you will be able to continue lookingfor Dory among all the bubbles puzzles games. Dory was named by hermother because she shoot bubble pet. In this game it does notappears the golden Dory because she is lost and everyone is lookingfor her, but its friend Bobble it does, which is a horse mackerelthat in turn is the friend of a sarge and a mackerel, together theywill help you to look between the Bubbles games. The bubble bobblepuzzle and match 3 rpg puzzle battle games are somewhat difficultbut in the kingdom of free fishdom nothing it is, be a hero. InBubble Puzzle Bobble Free you can enjoy: - Incredible 3D graphicsof fishdom for free. - Shoot bubble pet. - The best bubble shooterfree with jewels. - 2D beautiful graphics to enjoy bubble bobblepuzzle. - The free puzzles for adults and children morechallenging. - Incredible fish searches. - Free puzzles for adultsand children, for the whole family. - Find the free saga jewels onhidden levels. - The best free sliding puzzle for kids in thisbubble shooter Bubble Puzzle Bobble free. Twitter: @AristokrakenFacebook: Google+: And do not miss allthe news and upcoming releases on our website: Release The Kraken!!!
Rogue Racer Extreme 1.5
The evil empire has spread through the infinity of universe, butthe rebels have decided to defend the universe and all its aliens.This is a rogué one adventure in the galaxy.

 Pilot the bestspaceships and warplanes to fight against the evil guardians of thegalaxy in this space game through the Infinity. The best arcadeonline game.
As in the best free airplane games spaceshipsimulator, you will have to prove your abilities to overcome thechallenges of this arcade, and defeat the great ship of thealiens.

 Create your own fleet of war planes from rogue one inthis spaceship simulator, improve your space crafts, train thepilots to fight against aliens and hire the best engineers for 3dspaceships of the Infinity.
In this arcade online pub spaceshipgames you will have to defeat the evil guardians of the galaxy,hired by the fearsome leader of the universe 3d.

 It is betterthan the flight simulator aircraft as you will fly through thegalaxy using 3d spaceships of rogue one. Do not let the alienscapture you and sell your warplanes for parts on other planets.Join the rebellion in the mode arcade of the pub spaceship gamesand find the universe's secret of this spaceship simulator beforethe guardians of the galaxy soldiers and attack you with theirwarplanes and aliens trained to kill. 

Space crafts of pubspaceship games:
You can create any of the following combataircraft and spacecraft for the space battle simulator:

 -VTLPropeller Y: Known among spaceships 3d games for their hugepropellers. 
-Fighter BGA 1991: A perfect spaceship for an arcadeonline game, for its manageability and speed. 
-Star Fighter Nova:The yellow bullet. Faster than any guardian of the galaxy and spacewarrior. 
-FireSpark: No alien will damage you because of yoursturdiness. 
-Millonaire Falcon: The Terror of the Galaxy and theempire. An old legend. 
-Triangle Fighter: Its peculiar shape wastested in flight simulator aircraft, by the rebellious engineers.
-Tango Fighter: The Jewel of the Universe 3d. Fast and precise likenone. Perfect for a Spaceship combat
 -Tango Evolution: An improvedversion, adapted to the aliens and guardians of the galaxy. 
-TangoBomber: Perfect SpaceShip for Free Aircraft Games and a spacebattle simulator. 
-X Bird 1.0: The ultimate weapon against thesecret key to the universe and the empire. 
-X Bird 2.0: A versionmore adapted for the arcade mode of 1.0 This is the best arcadegame of the infinity of games universe and it is a free galaxy gametoo. ********************************* Twitter: @AristokrakenFacebook: Google+: Instagram: @AristokrakenYoutube: Aristokraken Games And do not miss all the news andupcoming releases on our website: http://www.aristokraken.comRelease The Kraken!!! *********************************
Super Bikes 2018 2.5
Get your real moto and beat every superbike racing free game. Bethe best in Super Bike 2018 Get in Aristokraken Superbikes WorldTour: Aristokraken's first superbikes free racing game for yoou!Feel the thrill of super bikes racing and prove your skills in thischallenging superbike gt. Compite worldwide: Spain, Australia, UK,USA, etc. Beat the best super bikers in superbikes 2017. Are youready to face the challenge of the siper bike 2018 grandtournament? This is the ultimate free racing game, don't getconfused, this is way far of a moto racing gp game, this is a superbike grand tournament. Amazing 3d graphics: Riders, bikes, circuitswill get you to a real racing competition. Easy to control but hardto master for profesional moto bikers used to moto race gp and motoracing games. Upgrade your bikes and rider skills and evolve tobecome the best! This is the next step if youre done with motoracing gp games and free moto racing games. Choose a free bike andbeat your moto bikers oponents, get all the upgrades and be theking of the super bikes 2017 grand tournament, the new moto racerhero! CHARACTERISTICS: - 11 circuits to compete with your moto bike17. - Unlock to 8 super bikers riders winning every bike race. - 8super bikes, ready for a moto wheelie. - Tons of cards withupgrades for bikes and riders GAME MODES: - Quick Race: Compete infree mororacing game tournament and practice. - Championship Mode:Play the real Super Bikes 2018 Gran Tournament Twitter:@Aristokraken Facebook: Google+: And do not miss allthe news and upcoming releases on our website: Release The Kraken!!!
Car Football Games Free 1.3
Car Football Games Free Football car games or free kick games? Thisis high SCORE!!! Rocket Football to victory in this awesome FREEcar football games where cars battles for soccer goals! Downloadthe best rocket car games and wear your soccer car with footballpaints. Play this car games multiplayer of car soccer and improveyour footbie! Get the best football paint and use it in your soccercar. This car games multiplayer is a action-packed car footballgames competition brings the world´s rocket car games into the mostamazing of the football games. Rocket Football, skid, and jump yourcar games across the field while you and your team launch balls tothe goalkeeper games. Be careful though - if your opponents sneakup on you, you´ll need to use your boosters to make last-secondsaves with your car games. Car Football Games Free Matchs: Quickfootball games 2vs2 and football car games championship. Win to getcoins and fans to reach victory in the football car games. Play thebest cars battles in a car games multiplayer with differentsfootball paint in your soccer car. Win all cars battles of thisrocket car games to become in a car soccer hero! Free Kick Games ofCar Games Multiplayer: Practice or compete against another localcar games multiplayer opponent of the soccer car. You can addbarrier and goalkeeper to make things interesting... Will you getmore goals than your opponent? Enjoy the best cars battles! Competein four game modes: * Quick Game: Play matches of rocket footballand train yourself for the Championship mode in the car footballgames. Option to add goalkeeper included. * Championship: Crownyourself as the new hero of the rocket football by winning all thecups of the rocket car games!!! Includes option to add goalkeepergames. * Free Kick Games 1 Player: Free kick games. Practice withfree kicks shootings in empty goal, with a goalkeeper and / or witha barrier in free kicks games. * Car Games Multiplayer for 2Players: Free kick games. Compete against your friends and family.Show them that you are the best free kick shooter with cars, withor without a barrier, with or without a goalkeeper ... FROM YOUROWN DEVICE!!! This cars football game includes 3 rocket ball andthe best rocket football with the best rocket car games. BENEFIT OFTHE DAILY REWARDS OF THIS FOOTBALL CAR GAMES!!! Note: In order toenjoy this car football games free with the best cars battles, wehave included ads. Please value the game just for its playability,performance, design and fun. Thank you and enjoy this football cargames of soccer car!!! ********************************* Twitter:@Aristokraken Facebook: Google+: And do not miss allthe news and upcoming releases on our website: Release The Kraken!!!*********************************
Turbo Rocket Basketball 1.3.1
The All Star players setup their cars for Turbo Rocket BasketballLeague, basket cars competition. Play basketball with cars and asuper ball, a giant basket car ball. Play the new basketball season2018 Drift on New Orleans court, hit the super ball and win thebasket carnage. Enjoy this game for kids. Drive cars for free onyour mobile. Use your Turbo before your rivals! The reactivateevery 10 minutes, you will feel the maximum speed to hit the carball. Unlock the fastes cars during matches: - The Curry: Very fastand stable, it can win most of rocket basketball all star match. -The Slam Dunk: A bit slow, but its huge size can hit the basketsuper ball and score easily. - The Briant ONE: The fastestbasketball all star car, its speed is unmeasurable on a free game,but its short height makes it really difficult to hit the rocketball. - The Rose Jordan: The most versatile car of all, both inspeed and control. You will play your starting basket match withit. Beat the different teams and unlock skins of the differentbasketball all star teams for your vehicles for free: - BostonCeltas: Greatest basketball star of the season, the three greenclover. - Cavalleros de Cleveland: The smartest gentlemen of theturbo basket league. - Los Angeles Likers: They are the ones withmore Likes on social media, they just play basketball to get morelikes, Johnson Magic it's the most valuable player of the rocketsuper ball. - San Antonio Spirits: When the basketball stars becomesomething more, they get into this basketball team, the best andoldest team of Turbo Rocket. Choose different turbo game modes: -All Star Mode: Play a basket match with the greatest stars of theTurbo Basketball All Star. - Championship Mode: Compete on the bestsport cars tournament against the basketball stars. - Three PointContest: Compete against a friend on your same device. You can playalone to practice or multiplayer to have some real fun. Fill yourvehicle with Rocket Fuel and prepare to play!********************************* Twitter: @Aristokraken Google+: And do not miss allthe news and upcoming releases on our website: Release The Kraken!!!*********************************
Strike Soccer 2018 Free Kick 3.8
Strike soccer has become in this Free Kick Football Game. Enjoyfreekick, penalty shoots, and win the soccer World Cup 2018BestFree-Kick football game with different targets in variousflickmatches and goal keeper. Become a football hero in penaltysoccer,free kick and dribbling in a world cup soccer game 2018.Now, forfree, you have an amazing football game with nice graphicsand allthe action you want of your soccer games 2018 to shoot agoal inthe World Cup Soccer freekick. Prepare your finger tospecial flickand free-kicks dribbling the wall and score in goalpost in thisfree kick soccer! A LOT OF LEVELS IN STRIKE SOCCER 2018Free KicksWorld Cup! More than 60 football levels. This soccer gameincludeschallenging targets on every matches. In some cases, youwill haveto be a hero and score realkick over the barrier andthegoalkeeper. In others, you will have to score free shootovercrates, crossbar, soccer goal, etc. Enjoy this football game asasoccer football hero and get all targets in each matches withyourfree-kicks. Customize your football striker with your teamcolourand win all matches of world cup soccer 2018. Face-offmatchesagainst the goalkeeper and score goals with your fingerskills inthis free kick soccer game. You can play for the worldstopfootball teams in this free soccer game. BE THE BEST SCORER OFTHEWORLD CUP SOCCER 2018 When you shoot goal, you will get coinsandother rewards after every level and equip the best footwearinorder to improve the scorer points and rewards. You could alsowintickets and go to the roulette to get a lot of prizes thatwillhelp you to achieve the targets of each level and winthetournament with the top world teams and the Soccer Free KickWorldLeague Win all matches with your strike soccer and become arealfootball star. Try news flick, soccer kicks and crossbarthegoal-post with the football ball. Get ahead on your soccerworldcareer. Improve your free-kicks, your dribbling skills andpenaltyaccuracy to become a football game hero. Your fans willfollow youin every match. Feel the adrenaline of every free kick,beat everytargets and win all the matches. The football game isawaiting foryou. The best free kick soccer penalty and realkick ofthe WorldChampion in this soccer games2018.********************************* Twitter: Youtube:AristokrakenGames Instagram: @aristokraken And do not miss all thenews andupcoming releases on our website:http://www.aristokraken.comRelease The Kraken!!!
Indy Formula 500 2.0
Join the 500 mile race with cool cars in the most formulaxtrememasses a turbine of the universe. Win all your racing rivalsinraces. One of the biggest recipes manages a free 2 personracer.Careful! Formula racing game is not just speed, choose wiselywhenstopping pit so you get the best time against your racingrivals.Choose one of our great Formula Racing in the car for the500 milecontest: - Cool orange cars are famous for racing in allracesuntil today. - Alonso Fast: White Race 2 with xtreme speed. -SpeedBolt: Be the king of speed and the current king of race carracinggames. - Magic Plus: A Formula black racing car that feelslikehaving wings in auto racing. - Cool Cars: Royal yellow car wasoncethe fastest car on the mass formula circuit. - Indy Race Car:Awhite racing car in the car with the fastest speed of theFormularacing game. Just pit stop and unlock all the free racingcarshere! 500 miles of racing! We have cool cars for you! Carsracinggames are not the same anymore, formulated a racing gameevolve.Race in the free car game at its highest level, feel theformula arace car racing manager 3d free games like neverbefore.******************************************************************Instagram:@aristokraken Youtube: Aristokraken GamesTwitter: 
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Release TheKraken!!!******************************************************************
HERE IS THE NEW SUPER HERO FIGHTERS IN A EPIC FIGHTING GAME!Epicsuperhero fighting games across the universe in your hands.Feelevery fight games as in the superheroes games. Grab your superherofighter and become a super hero girls games and super heroboys.Discover the ultimate fighting game for mobile. If you lookfor MMAor boxing, here youll find the most amazing fighters withFidgetSpinner. Battling with the best super hero fighters in thisfightgames of SuperHeroes and villains fight in a flashsuperheroesgames. Join the best super heroes against the DevilTeam, a groupof evil characters and start this brand new adventure.Become in aSuperHero Fighters and use all your powers! • Compete inthe MMAleague. In the Ranking of Ultra League of super herofighters youcould win chest to get all the secrets for upgradingyour skills. •Test your strenght againts supervillains games, brandnew heroes,super heroes fighting games and more. • Unlock all thesuper herofighters and upgrade their super skills. You have a wideselectionof superhero fighters like the mysterious hero with afidgetspinner, or Dr Tarantula, Deadloop, Manolo, Pepe, Hell Guyandclassics like Master Nebula, Toru, Kyffu and many morefromsuperheroes games. • Show your skills and defeat every villaintosave the universe in this fight games. • Gain relics toupgradeyour skills of MMA, like the Hammer of Thor, the FidgetSpinner orthe Infinity power of the superhero fighters. INCREDIBLEFIGHTINGGAME OF SUPERHERO FIGHTERS! • Crush every villain withyourpowerful punches of super hero fighters in this fighting games.•Awesome stages like the Nebula Tower, the Infinity WarMMATournament or the Castle of the Guardians of the Endless Galaxyineach fight games. • Mistery super heroes hidden, powerfulsuperherofighters to unlock in this superhero fighting games.FIGHTINGADVENTURE GAMES! EACH BATTLE IS A NEW CHALLENGE AGAINS ASUPERHEROFIGHTER! In this fighting games free you need to use yoursuperpowers to win each battle. Get the upgrade cards openingspecialchests to upgrade superhero fighter skills and become yourhero inthe most powerfull of superheroes games. Get ready forthesuperhero fighting game! Enjoy this superhero fighting gamesfree!********************************* Twitter: Instagram:@AristokrakenYoutube: Aristokraken Games And do not miss all thenews andupcoming releases on our website:http://www.aristokraken.comRelease The Kraken!!!*********************************
Superbikes Racing 2018 2.7
Get your moto race gp and beat every superbike racing free game.Bethe best in Super Bike 2018 The new easy rider game Superbikes2018has arrived: The superbikes racing game for yoou! Feel thethrillof super bikes racing and prove your skills on a super motoin thischallenging world superbike gt. Beat the best super bikersinsuperbikes 2018, and compite worldwide: Spain, Australia, UK,USA,etc.. Are you ready to face the challenge of the super moto2018grand tournament? This is the best motorbike games and it ismuchbetter than the moto racing gp 2018 game, this is the realsuperbike racing grand tournament. This is the next step if youredonewith moto racing gp games and motorcycle games. Choose a superbikeand beat your super moto bikers oponents, get all the upgradesandbe the king of the super bikes 2018 grand tournament, the newsportbike hero! Amazing 3d graphics: Easy Riders, bikes, wsbk,motos,motogp, circuits will get you to a real racing competition.Easyrider to control but hard to master for profesional supermotobikers used to ride moto race gp in the moto racinggames.CHARACTERISTICS: - Upgrade your bikes,super moto and easyriderskills and evolve to become the best! - A lot of circuitstocompete with your moto bike 17. - Unlock to 8 super bikersriderswinning every motorbike games tournament. - 8 super bikes,readyfor a moto easy rider. - Season mode with upgrades for bikesandriders GAME MODES: - Quick Race: Compete in free motoracinggametournament and practice. - Season Mode: Play the real SuperBikes2018 Season: - Mode Circuit: Try to win every race of theworldsuperbike using different motorbikes from variouscategories:formula racing, GP or GT - Mode LapKnockout: eliminatethe last oneon the super moto games when it passes through thegoal. - ModeSpeedTrap: it measures the speed of the superbike andpunctuatesfor that . Feel the real speed and need for asphaltstunts. - ModeCheckpoints: take extra time in the superbike racingby goingthrough the checkpoints. - Mode Elimination of racinggames:similar to the LapKnockout in the mmotorace but eliminatesafter apredefined time. ********************************* Twitter:@Aristokraken Facebook: Youtube:AristokrakenGames Instagram: @aristokraken And do not miss all thenews andupcoming releases on our website:http://www.aristokraken.comRelease The Kraken!!!********************************* 
Defenders of the Galaxy 2.3
Your favourite heroes assemble in this awesome free 3d puzzlegame.Experience superheroes games like never before! Join KennyDeGroot, a galaxy hero, and his crew of superheroes in theirjourneythrough the galaxy solving tricky puzzle games. Have agreatexperience playing this free puzzle game. There's nodifferencehere between boys games and girl games, anyone can jointheadventure. Do you like super heroes games? Enjoy an awesome mixofamazing levels in an epic puzzle matching adventure based oncomicsuperheroes! Join your galaxy hero on a journey to connectandmatch hundreds of puzzles for free! Kenny De Groot is themaincharacter of this matching games, he is a space pirate whohasjoined forces with the Defenders of the Galaxy, a groupofsuperheroes that fight the Evil Guardians of the Galaxy oftheEndless to defeat Rocket, an evil villain who calls himselfTheDark Star Lord. Unlock more heroes games and experiencesuperheroes games as you've never done before. Ran out of hearts?Inthis super heroes games you can have more hearts for free, sofunwill never end. - Classic puzzle game based on super heroes.HelpKenny Le Groot and his band of misfits to defeat the Dark StarLordin this superheroes games, a game where doesn't exist adifferencebetween boys games and girl games. - Connect 3 or morefaces tosolve the puzzles. The Evil Guardians of the Galaxy of theEndlessare not your only trouble, The Dark Avengers will try tostop jourjourney - Make awesome mix of chain reactions and watchits power!- Pilot your spaceship, the Infinity War Machine, throughthegalaxy and find more than 50 free princess games. Comingsoon:Travel alongside your Facebook friends to defeat the EvilGuardiansof the Galaxy of the Endles with yoursuperheroes.********************************* Twitter:@Aristokraken And do not missall thenews and upcoming releases on ourwebsite: Release TheKraken!!!*********************************
MMA Fighting Games 1.7
For all the fans of mma fight who where wondering how kickboxingwould do, download this fighting multiplayer games. Thisfightergames 3d is for MMA games lovers. The Best Fighting Game forMMA& strategy. In this mix martial arts fighting games, youcanchoose a legendary martial combat x fighter all over theuniverseand step into the cage of mma fight clash. Try your best tobeatyour martial combat opponents. Use all your MMA games freeskillslike punching, kicking, blocking , super kicks and takedownsto getyour opponents down on the ground. Do not rush, don't riskcuts,protect yourself and wait for the right moment to use yourrage toslam everyone in your way in this mixed martial arts games!= MMAGAME FEATURES = ★ MMA fight Championship: In this career gamesmodeyou will fight against the roughest fighting video gamesfightersto win the Champion belt in MMA games free and martialkombat x! ★Defend the title: Fight against all mixed martial artsgamesopponents without recovering health. How many fighter games 3dwillyou defeat? ★ Local Multiplayer Online: Play against othersoverthe same WiFi! In this MMA fighting games you could use yourmixmartial arts fighting games skills and beat them all inthisfighting multiplayer games!.PvP fights! ★ RealisticSounds,Graphics and Animations for the underground MMA games.★Action-packed martial combat x gameplay with different stylesofmartial combat like mixed martial arts, Kick boxing, Kalimartialarts games,mma fight and many others. ★ Watch MMA fightinggames ina gripping Kick boxing atmosphere: experience the sensationof MMAin a big arena! ★ Collect all fighter games 3d and get themostimpressive MMA fighters group! ★ This mixed martial arts gameshasintuitive touch controls for your fighter man. ★ Play againstyourfriends in this fighting multiplayer games of MMA tycoon. Enjoythebest MMA games free! *********************************Twitter:@Aristokraken Facebook: Youtube:AristokrakenGames Instagram: @aristokraken And do not miss all thenews andupcoming releases on our website:http://www.aristokraken.comRelease The Kraken!!!
Aristokraken Puzzles: Simple Classic Puzzle Game 1.1
Relax and enjoy completing a wide variety of puzzles themedforfree. Simple interface, without complications, so youcanimmediately access the game and focus on the important thing:fun.Choose from the 100 puzzles included and solve each of its5difficulty levels. They will go including new puzzlesprogressivelyin different updates. Always for free! You can try itwithout anyhelp or use the ones offered by the game: * Separate thepiecesfrom the edges of the rest. * Show the image to complete asaguide. * Regroup the pieces. To make things easier for you,onceyou put together pieces correctly, they will no longerbeseparated. Also, as long as you put a piece or a group of themintheir final place, they will no longer move. Includes: *Classicpuzzle system. * Up to 5 collections... And more to come! *100photographs of great professionals. * Updates with new photosthatwill be incorporated progressively. * Wide variety ofimages:people, landscapes, animals, architecture ... * Simpleandimmediate, without a multitude of buttons and options, justplay.Download our puzzle game and stay tuned for updates to expanditscontent. Thank you very much for downloading it! Havefun!******************************************************************Instagram:@aristokraken Youtube: Aristokraken GamesTwitter: 
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World Cup Soccer Games Caps 2018 1.8
Welcome to the awesome world of soccer caps! For the first time,agame that brings together all the stars of soccer in more than150clubs and all the teams of the Football World League Cup ofSoccerCaps 2018 and Russia Championship! Here is the best offootballgames! And is a soccer games for free. Just beat thegoalkeepergames! The only game of football caps that includes...Referee Cap!You can play Tournaments with a limit of fouls and evenexpulsions!Sounds good, right? Let’s play football games!Aristokraken offersyou much more in this game of soccer caps: 24NATIONAL SELECTIONSOF THE FOOTBALL WORLD LEAGUE CAPS CHAMPIONSHIPTHAT WILL BECELEBRATED IN RUSSIA IN JUNE 2018. MORE THAN 80 CLUBTEAMS OF THENATIONAL LEAGUES OF THE PARTICIPATING COUNTRIES IN THEFOOTBALLWORLD LEAGUE CAPS CHAMPIONSHIP 2018. 5 TOURNAMENTSAVAILABLE OFFOOTBALL CAPS FOR EACH OF THE 15 GROUPS! 15 LEAGUECHAMPIONSHIPS INKICKOFF GAME! 35 SPECIAL GOLDEN EQUIPMENT FOR YOURSTARS OF SOCCER(GROUP OF EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS). GAME MODES: 15LEAGUES: Compete ineach of the 15 leagues against other 7 teams (14rounds), win theChampionship and get great prizes to increase yourteam portfolio.5 TOURNAMENTS: 1 Goal or K.O. Tournament In thisgame mode, thefirst team to score will win the kickoff game. Yes,it's cruel, butfootball is that exciting. The most exciting of thegoalkeepergames. 3 Goals: The first team to score 2 goals, wins. Donot staybehind! 1 Minute: The team that will win at the end of thefirstminute of play will go to the next round. In case of a tie,anextension will be played. 3 Minutes: Qualify by winning matchesof3 minutes (normal mode). At the end of the match, an extensionwillbe held in case of a tie. Fair Play: Matches with a relentlessandstrict referee. If a player (cap) commits 2 fouls, he willbeautomatically expelled from the game (with extension in case ofatie) without free kick games. All goalkeeper games in 1. 1PLAYER:Free mode in which you can test your equipment andtactics,measuring yourself against any opponent of your choice. 2PLAYERS:Play against friends and family... On the same device!PENALTIES:Batch of 5 exciting penalty shots in the free kickgames.CHARACTERISTICS: 15 initial tactics available for the kickoffgame.Dinamic weather. Referee to maintain discipline on the fieldwithyour football caps. Collect all teams in the soccer games forfreeof the 2018 World Tournament and improve them until theyareunbeatable. Earn rewards in the soccer games that will allow youtoacquire new equipment and improve the ones you already have.Workyour football games tactics with free modes (1 Player, 2Playersand Penalties) and find your own style. Intuitive controlsystem ofsoccer games: Control strength and direction with just onefinger.Train your free kick games. We hope you have fun with thestars ofsoccer! Do not forget to leave us your comments andopinions aboutour soccer games forfree.******************************************************************Website: Twitter: Youtube:AristokrakenGames Instagram: And do notmiss all the newsand upcoming releases on our website:http://www.aristokraken.comRelease TheKraken!!!******************************************************************
Soccer Caps League 8.4
Soccer caps - The football game of the International Cup 2018Haveyou ever played the Soccer champion´s tournament with buttons?Areyou ready for this soccer championship? know thetraditionalfoosball game of Soccer Caps Star League? Win theonlineinternational table Football Tournament and become a legendof themini soccer in this free Soccer Game. Surely you playedwithfriends at school classic football games sheets, drawing aminisoccer football field and using the classic soft drinks andplateswith your favorite bottle caps and football traditionalbuttonsgame players. In this Soccer Games everything is done, playtheonline International World Tournament 2018 on your phone ortabletcomfortably with your foosball legends. Try to win theSoccerTournament and be the soccer champions. If you like tablesoccerthis is your football game. Coin football evolves into yourdeviceand becomes the ultimate mini soccer experience!! Thispennyfoosball game will make you forget button foosball soccerleague,and make you want to play table foosball forever. The aim ofthis2018 Champion Soccer League is for a player to score moregoalswith the soccer caps than their opponent by their digitalfootballlegends and champions. This is an electronic version oftheInternational Cup 2018. The button football has been inexistencesince at least 1959 and yet has arrived the soccer gamesfor free.The digital soccer has arrived!. Reaches the top of theSoccerLeague with your star soccer team and play football game likeneverbefore buttons fun game where you have to try to score thebestgoals of the season In this goalkeeper games. Use your bestsoccerpro skills of the foosball games for the Champion'sTournament.Want to be the best soccer star of soccer champions?Play thistable foosball! Play mini soccer cup with the best teamsin theworld, this amazing soccer game sheet that will make you feelthebest soccer star in the world, try to win every football gametheyhave this season of champion´s tournament. Remember how weplaytable foosball games or button football?, plates on the flooror onthe table, with chalked circuit to play a race or a footballmatchin the free kick line. Using every soccer star, buttons,bottlecapscoins and football legends to score a goal. Similar to soccercapsor football caps even mini soccer but played with sheets, chipsorcoins to get the football caps. Want to be the best soccer starinthe world sheets of soccer league? Download now Soccer Capsgamesfor free, and enjoy leading your star soccer caps to glory.Becomea foosball legends. You can win the soccer champions in thisfreekick games. Soccer games, foosball game or penny caps, allowsyouto be the champion of world soccer caps. Your soccer pro capshaveto play a good football game and show that they can play intheteam, pass, dribble, sprint, make free kick, shooting andgoal,this is the way to be the king of the sheets! The foosballlegendsare hare! Enjoy playing with foosball caps and buttons withyourfriends as ever in this addictive soccer games that is asoccergames for free of soccer caps where you have to win footballgamesand the Champion's Tournament 2018.
Formula Racing 2018 3.0.2
Racing car games free are now the top! Enjoy this formularacinggame! The best of formula games! Compite in the most xtremeformulaturbo championship of the universe. The favourite game ofthe codemasters. You can be the number 1 in this formula app. 
Oneof thegreatest formula car racing 3d games free with project carsbetweenall racing car games. The definitive formula app. 
Becareful withthis formula games! Racing games are not just aboutspeed, choosewisely when to pit stop so you get the best timing andbecome thenumber 1.

Pick one of our great formula racing carbetween theseproject cars: 
- Orange formula cars famous forcompiting in everyformula racing games till today.  
- Thewhite racing formulacars with xtreme speed of racing formula
. -The red racing formulacars are the king of speed and the currentking of formula racinggames
. - The black formula racing car thatfeels like havingwings.
 - The yellow formula racing car that usedto be the fastestcar on the circuit. - An alternate white racingcar between theothers formula cars with the best top speed offormula racinggames
Just pit stop and unlock all the formularacing cars ofthis racing games for free!  
Racing car games3d are not thesame anymore, formula racing games evolve. 
Competeand winhundreds of trophies to access new GP circuits of racingformula:

- US Grand Prix circuit. 
- Italia Grand Prix circuit. 
-FranciaGrand Prix circuit. 
- Germany Grand Prix circuit. 
- SpainGrandPrix circuit. 
- UK Grand Prix circuit. 
- Colombia GrandPrixcircuit. 
- Czech Republic Grand Prix circuit. 
- SwitzerlandGrandPrix circuit. - Brazil Grand Prix circuit 

Racing cargamesfree at its top level, feel formula car racing 3d games freelikenever before. Code masters love these racing games of Projectcars.Stop searching for racing car games free, this is the formulaappyou were waiting for. All the others racing car games ofracingformula have nothing to do against this formulagames!

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Free Kick Beach Football Games 2018 1.8
Play the great sport of football at the beach with all thesoccerstar, you must train with the mister your shooting of thesoccerball and free kick to get the best score in the matches andtry toget all the targets of this football game. Soccer beach isthesport of this summer, better than handball, so go to yourtrainingcamping, win all matches and become a soccer star on thesandwithout making a penalti or a foul play, you can be the soccerheroof this league of the world cup 2018, by dribbling and makingagood flick shoot of the soccer ball you will be the best inthefootball world league against the other soccer star. The winnerofall free-kicks football games. Play a soccer match at thebeachunder the sun, football is the King sport this year, nothandball.Shoot balls to the goal avoiding the goalkeeper or theobstacles byfree-kicks and do not make any penalty or foul play. Itis soimportant to train the free kick of the soccer ball in thesoccercamping with your soccer player and the mister. Multiply yourscoreof flick shoot passing the ball through the rings or hittingthepoles during the matches and getting free-kicks. There are somanyfunny targets to get. In the very first levels the goalkeeperis anoob but as you pass levels it will get harder to score goals.Beready to challenge yourself against other player in thetournament,train your dribbling capacity and you will get the worldcup 2018by shooting and avoiding to make penalty. When you win thecup ofsoccer hero you will be the real owner of the soccer cup.

If youlike football games you will love this one. Handball willseem tobe a boring sport. Make your team be the first to win alltargetsby a great flick shoot. Play in career mode with all soccerstar,in which you will have to win the beach soccer championship,with alot of levels that will force you to show that you are thebestsoccer player, and show your are the best in free kicksandpenalties but not making foul play. In this soccer game, youalsohave a new soccer mode of challenges, in which you mustcompletesome soccer challenges and get the victory to get a greatreward,show that you are capable of achieving them and become thebestsoccer hero player of history!

In this soccer game you willhavesome targets: 

★ Show your skills shooting goals from thepenaltypoint. 
★ Train your free kick and dribbling capacity withthemister in the camping to get all the targets. 
★ Avoid theplayerswall to score like the best football players in the world.
★Compete in the beach soccer league and get the world cup 2018.
★Enhance your player skills like ball effect, poweroraccuracy.

Stop searching for football games, this is the gamethatyou were looking for, the best beach soccer game! This gameiscompletely free but you can make some purchases to level upyourplayer skills or game assets.  Royalty Free MusicfromBensound:********************************* 
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Stars League Soccer World Champion 2018 2.1
Here is the best of football games and goalkeeper games.Strikesoccer has become in this Free Kick Football Game. Enjoy freekick,penalty shoots, win the face-offs with your football hero,train tobe the best with your teammates and win the soccer WorldLeague2018 with your flick shoot. The football world league ishere, thisis the best of free kick games. Go right to the goal postwith yoursoccer player. Welcome to the stars league. BestFree-KickChampions Cup 2018 football game with different targets invariousflick matches and goal keeper. If you love football games offlickshoot this is your game. Become the best football hero ofshootingpenalti in the best of free kick games with face-offs. Thisis thechampion tournament. Train your football hero and become afootballhero in penalty soccer stars league by shooting in thestadium,free kick and dribbling in a Champions Cup 2018 soccergame. If youlove goalkeeper games this is your game. Now, for free,you have anamazing football game with nice graphics and all theaction youwant of your soccer games 2018 to shoot a goal in theWorldChampions 2018 Soccer freekick. Train your finger to specialflickshoot with your soccer player in the stadium of championtournamentand free-kicks dribbling the wall and score in goal postin thisfree kick soccer of shooting to the goal post! A LOT OFLEVELS INSTRIKE SOCCER 2018 Free Kicks Champions Cup STARS LEAGUE!More than60 football levels. This soccer game includes challengingtargetsfor of champion tournament on every matches. In some cases,youwill have to be a hero and score realkick over the barrier andthegoalkeeper. In others, you will have to score free shootovercrates, crossbar, win the goal keeper with your teammates,soccergoal, etc. Enjoy this football game as a soccer football herowithyour soccer player and get all targets in each matches withyourfree-kicks. Enjoy the football world league beating the goalkeeperwith your teammates. Customize your football striker withyour teamcolour and win all matches of soccer 2018 in the best offree kickgames. Face-off matches against the goalkeeper in thestadiums andscore goals with your finger skills in this free kicksoccer gameof the international stadiums. You can play for theworlds topfootball teams in this free soccer game. Best ofgoalkeeper games.BE THE BEST SCORER OF THE WORLD LEAGUE SOCCER 2018When you shootgoal in the stadium, you will get coins and otherrewards afterevery level and equip the best footwear in order toimprove thescorer points and rewards. You could also win tickets inthisLeague Cup soccer to win the face-offsand get shoot goal and gotothe roulette to get a lot of prizes that will help you toachievethe targets of each level and win the tournament with thetop worldteams and the Soccer Free Kick World League Win allmatches withyour strike soccer and become a real football star. Trynews flick,soccer kicks and crossbar the goal-post with thefootball ball.This is the best of soccer games. Get ahead on yoursoccer worldcareer in the stadiums. Improve your free-kicks, yourdribblingskills and penalty accuracy to become a football gamehero. Yourfans will follow you in every match when you get to shootgoalaganst the goalkeeper. Feel the adrenaline of every free kick,beatevery targets and win all the matches. The football gameisawaiting for you. The best free kick soccer penalty and realkickofthe World Champion in this soccer games 2018. The best offootballgames. The great football worldleague.********************************* Twitter: Games Instagram: @aristokraken And do not missall thenews and upcoming releases on ourwebsite: Release TheKraken!!!*********************************