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الرقية الشرعية 1.1
Spell legitimate voices of the readers of months the Arab world,including:Sheikh Ahmed bin Ali Al-Ajmi, Sheikh Meshary bin Rashid Aallasi,Sheikh Nasser Al, Sheikh Nabil Al-Awadi, Sheikh Yasser al, SheikhSaad Al-Ghamdi, Sheikh Khalid Al Qahtani, Sheikh Ahmed Alpeletd,Jurani Sheikh Mohammed, Sheikh Oboalah Jurani, Sheikh AbdullahPrivate Labels, Sheikh Mohammed Jibril, Sheikh Maher Almaikulai,Sheikh Idris earlier, Sheikh Abdullah al-Khalifa, Sheikh Khaledal-Habashi, Sheikh Mohammed al-Luhaidan, Mhaisni Sheikh Mohammed,Sheikh Abdul-Wali Arkani, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, SheikhNabil Rifai, Sheikh Abu Bakr Shatri, Sheikh Majed Al-Zamil, SheikhAbdul Mohsen Al-Obeikan, Sheikh Mohammed Sulaiman Hamouda, SheikhOmar Agazzabri, Sheikh Yasser Almnla, Sheikh Jassim Alqrtoba,Sheikh Karem Hariri, Sheikh Saud partner, Sheikh Ali Alhodaifi,Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, Sheikh Tawfiq goldsmith.Spell legitimacy used for treatment, God willing, for eachcomplaint:- Treatment of worry and grief and anguish- Treatment of eye infection- Magic ruqyah treatment- Treatment of Miss Elves ruqyah- Prevention of infection with magic eye- Ruqyah prevention of evils and pests.
Prayer Times Al-Moazin 1.1
Prayer Times Al-Moazin application, is a must have companion forallMuslims. With Al-Moazin, you will not miss Salat again even ifyoutraveled to a new country.Prayer Times Al-Moazin help the user to find the direction ofQiblafrom anywhere in the world.Using this App user can find direction of Qibla accurately andalsoinclude prayer time and Azkar.Features:* Displaying Prayer times.* Islamic prayer times with different calculation methods.* Find Qibla direction no matter where you live.* Easy to use.* include daily azkar after faraz salah.
قصص القرآن 1.0
ال تعالي : {نَحْنُ نَقُصُّ عَلَيْكَ أَحْسَنَ الْقَصَصِ بِمَاأَوْحَيْنَا إِلَيْكَ هَـذَا الْقُرْآنَ وَإِن كُنتَ مِنقَبْلِهِلَمِنَالْغَافِلِينَ }برنامج قصص من القرآن بصوت الشيخ نبيل العوضيقصص من القرآن من أروع التطبيقات التي يمكنك تحميلها علي موبيلكفهو يحتوي علي بعض القصص المذكورة في القرانلتكون لنا عبرة وموعظة
فتاوى ابن باز 1.1
This "fatwas bin Baz" based on "fatwas bin Baz." Who is thebigworld, due to the great effort we have learned anything and weareable to offer programs today, and this is made up of thefollowingcontents- Terms and Conditions fatwas in sales- Issue fatwas foliation- Usury and exchange opinions- Fatwas Prayer- Fatwas Zakat- Fatwas fasting- Fatwas Hajj- Opinions of Marriage and Divorce- Fatwas foods- Fatwas talk- Fatwas scienceYou can add your favorite fatwa.You can share opinions.It is a series of questions put to him in all areasFatwas of Ibn Baz for the first time in the largest Androidmarketnumber of fatwas in a single application on the phone themercy ofGod for bin Baz
Seerat un Nabi 1.0
seerat un nabi contains the biography of the ProphetMuhammad(PBUH).Muhammad PBUH is the last Prophet of Allah (Rasool allah)whichiswhy it is obligatory for every Muslim to know every aspect ofhislifeseerat un nabi describes the life of Prophet Muhammad frombirthtillhis departure from this world.The Life of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) is role model not onlyforMuslimsbut also for all human being. Muhammad’s Sunnah (Seerat unnabiS.A.W)which is the only way to be closer to Allah and is possibleonlywhenyou know Muhammad’s life and Seerah well.The app is developed upon the lectures delivered bythefollowingscholars in Arabic Language.- Sheikh Ayed Al-Qarni- Sheikh Nabil Al-Awadi- Sheikh Mohammed Arifiapp contains the following featuresEasy to use friendly interface.Simple design.Free audio download.It contains a lot of information.
Lectures of Al Arifi 1.1
Lessons and lectures, Dr. Mohammed Al Arifi audioDownload lectures Arifi program that containsTopics in all areas of lifeAnd displays many of the problems that we face in ourdailylivesAnd dispositionThe program has a wide spectrum of topics, including:- How was the banter of the Prophet, peace be upon- Preferred to pray- Our situation after Ramadan- In Karun Palace- Rise to the top- Worship people- Devil's Party- Prophecy house- Men do not die- The reasons for marital happiness- The function of the Prophets- Mistress- Prayer- Advice and advice- Envy- Preferred dawn prayers- Hodhod Solomon peace be upon him- Ramadan without a serial j- The tragedy of the Muslims of Arakan- How do you win the hearts of others- Sahpetk reputation- The story of Hussein- Deep hatred- Secrets in the biography of Imam Ibn Jibreen God's mercy- The responsibility of the man in his home- Happiness for those who- Zainab- Walk timidly- The Holy Quran- Marriage- The story of a prisoner- Memories and attitudes- Be a hero- I approached him trot- Signs of the Hour of the Mahdi ..- Sacred Love- Speech of Sheikh bombings in Riyadh- The security of the destitute answer ??- Good word program - entitled - (except the Messenger ofAllah,peace be upon him- This is the beloved of God be upon him- And nothing left to God from God offset by better than it ...aninfluential section of the lecture confessions lover- Dear Xqon and lovers .. What is the treatment of thisdisease?..mokta Influential of confessions lover bar- Penalty chastity ... an influential section of the barconfessionslover- Description of Howrah Hur paradise ... an influential sectionofthe bar confessions lover- Love- How to Succeed- Enjoy your life- Etiquette Travel- Insulting the Book of Allah- Success- Ghulam owners groove- Hatred and purity of hearts- One hundred and eighty-four and interest in fasting- Who calls me- Islam is sick- How to convert to Christianity religion?- Non-Nasr nation uncertainty- Former Ramadan- Sedition Antichrist- Teachings of the Prophet, peace be upon him in the PromotionofVirtue and Prevention of Vice- Meet on Al-Jazeera- Strip steadfast- Your fingerprint with Gaza- The promise of Gaza- Strip pride- Strip and hope- Wound Strip- A campaign to defend the Prophet, peace be upon him 1- Defending the Prophet, peace be upon him 2 campaign- A campaign to defend the Prophet, peace be upon him 3- Defending the Prophet, peace be upon him 4 campaign- Worship people- Rbaon not Ramadaon ..- Beck- Alkhmah Ramadan fourth (good breezes)- Show me the grave- Guards ship- Arts deal in light of the Prophet's biography (1)- Arts deal in light of the Prophet's biography (2)- Security answer, forced- Conducting our own eyes- The most beautiful love- Goodbye, hero- The positions of life companions- Verses of prophecy- Travelers- The love of Al al-Bayt- If saw you for the love you- The last moments of death- Because of rewards for Ozadnkm- Stories and news from the life of the predecessor- Village wonders- Killed him fought God- In the House of Prophecy- Obedience to God and the Prophet- Thanks graces- Almsteq trip- Rbaon not Ramadaon- Memories of a repentant- Medicine lovers- A tour of the House of Prophecy- Learn God in prosperity- Courageous decision- Sincere repentance- Confessions lover- Almsteqon to paradise- In the belly of the whale- Breach in the ship- Paradise Key- Girl story- Tears minarets- On the mountain peaks- Melodies and Ashjan- Beware of minor sins and- Houses righteous- The responsibility of men in his family- Malcolm does not hope to God Gara- Live happy- The reasons for the destruction of peoples and victory- Clamps on hot coals- Almsteqon to paradise- Gardens death
Fatwas of Ibn Uthaymeen 1.1
Fatwas of Ibn Uthaymeen for the first time on the largestAndroidmarket number of fatwas in one application on your phone tothemercy of Sheikh Bin Uthaymeen God.In all matters of religion and the world, download the programforgood on you and those around youTell her you about almost all of the facts of your life.Thisapplication of the establishment for every Muslim in the worldApplication sectionsFatwas monotheism and faithFatwas PurityFatwas PrayerFatwas Zakat, fastingFatwas of fastingFatwas of Hajj and JihadFatwas salesFatwas of marriageFatwas feloniesFatwas interpretation Fatwas scienceFatwas womenFatwas FuneralsFatwas sporadicHave a good graphical interface for the userGreat demand for all Muslims in the world
Hisn Almuslim with Audio 1.1
Hisn Almuslim Azkar & Doaa contains alotofazkar that muslim needs in his day and in dealing withpeople.The application includes alot features enables you to reachallazkar easily including:- Azkar index- Play audio for all azkar- Search both the index and the azkar- Copying azkar and pasting them in other applications- Sharing azkar via mail, SMS, Facebook, Twitter ... etc- Complete book in Arabic language- Can change text font size- No internet or online connection required for readingNote: This free App is supported by Ads. Jazak Allah Kheir.
Billiard : Snooker Pro Free 1.0
Let's Play Snooker in full 3d environmentwith3d physics. One of the most realistic and playable snookergamesyou have ever played. If you play snooker at home or in clubwithyour friends, then you will love this game for sure.Find a best collection of Snooker Games in just one app onGooglePlay Store and the popularity ranking based on the numberofdownloads.This is an application that combines the best snooker game onlineinevery category.Lets enjoy the moments while playing this Feaboulous snookergamewith multiple category.Game Play Modes:This unique game offers four game play modes:1.Snooker2.8 ball pool3.9 ball4.challengers8 ball have two player mode9 ball have two player modesnooker have practice mode and two player modeAnd challengers have also 3 modes:Random shotTime attackCHallenge modeFlag Selection:When entering names player also have to select flag oftherefavourite countries.The game includes flags of top ranked 10 most playingsnookernations of 20151- Australia2- Germany3- England/Great Britain4- China5- Brazil6- Wales7- Scotland8- Belgium9- Ireland10-ThailandGame Play:- Swipe screen up & down to adjust your view on tablebeforeplaying shot- Set ball movement right, left, top & bottom for spinningballaccordingly- Play with your friend on same device- When player 1 completes his shots then player 2 turns comes(Therewould be a label calling the next turn)- Use chalk on stick for playing proper shots- Player can give replay shot to his/her opponent on fouls- Set cue ball in D when potted- Full Snooker rules applyGame Features:- Play live with your friends- Full High quality 3D environments- Full 3D physics- Flags of worlds top most ranked snooker playing nations- Practice Mode: Play to learn with proper snooker rulesFeels like playing Real Snooker in a room. Immature playerscanlearn & play for fun, but experts can challenge therefriendsto play game professionally.Let's Play Pool Match 2015, become a master, and becomeSnookerChampion.
Surah Yasin / Surah Rehman 1.0
Surah-Ya’seen, Surah-Rehman an easy touseapplication is being provided to you to get the blessings ofAllahAlmighty by reciting on your devices. This is abeautifullydesigned application with audio recitation of theSurahYa’seen,Surah-Rehman.Usage:• Verse by verse audio recitation of thewholeSurah-Ya’seen,Surah-Rehman with pause and stop options• Urdu translation as well as transliterationSurah-Yas’een:Tapping on the Surah-Ya’seen button, takes you to the page,whereyou can view and listen to the audio recitation of the wholeSurahverse by verse.Surah-Rehman:Tapping on the Surah-Rehman button, takes you to the page, whereyoucan view and listen to the audio recitation of the whole Surahverseby verse.Its Quran Karim's Beauty! Install this Very nice and importantAppSurah-Ya’seen,Surah-Rehman into your Android smartphone.Please remember in your prayers.Jazak’Allah
Helicopter Air Strike 2016 1.0
The world's most powerful mountcombathelicopters are at your fingertips. You are going to fightthelatest and modern battlefield of gunship helicopter warfare. Bethefrontline commando in gunship helicopter warfare that haselitesniper trained for combat for mount sniper shootingscenario.You are afloat in a chopper, as a sniper commando. Yournewestmission is to bring misery on the desert mount by shootingdown theterrorists who are posing as bombers and attacking on yourarmytrucks and vehicles that are crossing desert. You are requiredtofire down the enemies and shoot them all before they destroyyourarmy vehicles. You have limited ammo and time to respond fromtheheli view is vital as you are the sole sniper defendingthehelicopter air battle. So gear up, because this time to shine!Helicopter mount warfare is an action packed helicoptershootergame. This game takes is the best gunship helicopter gamesyou'veseen before. Here you will have different missions of warsindesert. We are sure you will have fun and will enjoy thisnewestmount helicopter warfare game.
Sahih Muslim Hadith (Urdu) 1.0
Sahih Muslim (?a?i? Muslim, fulltitleAl-Musnadu Al-Sahihu bi Naklil Adli) is one of the Kutubal-Sittah(six major ahadith) of the hadith in Sunni Islam. It isthe secondmost authentic hadith collection after Sahih al-Bukhari,and ishighly acclaimed by Sunni Muslims. It was collected by Muslimibnal-Hajjaj, also known as Imam Muslim. Sahih translates asauthenticor correct.Read Complete Sahih Muslim Hadith Book Translated in PureUrduLanguage on your Android smartphones. User can send or shareanyHadith in Urdu to his / her friends through many social siteslikeFacebook and sms.This Islamic Hadith Book is for Muslims in Urdu Languagewithsimple but stylish layout. Useful Features are built to providethemaximum ease of use of this App. You must of capable to readandunderstand Urdu to learn this books properly.Key Features of This App Are:> Complete Sahih Al Muslim Book Data used.> Stylish but user friendly interface is designed.> User can select any Hadith to open by few touches.> Save the favorite Hadiths list by bookmark feature.> Send or share any part of text of any Hadith toyourfriends.> Can clear the saved bookmarks or delete any one.The collector of the Sahih Muslim, Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj, wasborninto a Persian family in 204 AH (817/18 CE) in Nishapur(inmodern-day Iran) and died in 261 AH (874/75 CE) in the city ofhisbirth. He traveled widely to gather his collection ofahadith(plural of hadith), including to areas now in Iraq, theArabianPeninsula, Syria and Egypt.