Art Mega Drive Games Apps

Sniper vs Futuristic Robot 1.0
Immerse yourself in the fight against mad carobot as a sniper. Youhave to disclose all your shooting skills to become a professionalassassin and save the city from the large soulless machines ofcorporation X Ray. Control your futuristic robot take the job, goto point, shoot the enemies and get valuable rewards for your work.If you do not mind to be a sniper, you will get a lot ofimpressions!You will enjoy amazing 3D graphics, which you will findyourself in this technological city which is undergoing thedevastation and despair. Appreciate the beauty of your futuristicrobot assassin and all the horrors of the atrocities of carobot XRay, the scale of the devastation and the fear of residents.Excellent physics and damage system will help you get revenge:destroy enemies to pieces well-aimed shots, use the environment,set traps and arrange spectacular ambushes, using futuristic robotcapacity. The energetic music will not let you get bored and willdo battle memorable. Feel like a real sniper assassin!In order tofully win carobot of X Ray you will have access to the generatingplant and destroy it. To achieve this will not be so easy: you willfind a lot of missions on the way to your goal, during which youwill hone your skills and get funds for your development. Open newequipment, weapons, body kits and traps. Buy cosmetic improvementsand express yourself as futuristic robot - do not be boring sniper.Do not forget to explore the city and prepare the groundwork for anattack. So you'll always be ready for surprises from carobots of XRay.Everyone can experience the atmosphere of the war from theshadows to become a futuristic robot assassin and test your skills,because the game is completely free. Find out if you can save yourown city and even capitalize on it. It's your time to show yourselfand destroy carobots of X Ray. Successful shots, the young sniperassassin!
Russian Racing Lada Vaz 2106 1.0
This racing simulator on Russian cars. If you are not averse todrive a Lada VAZ 2106 and test your driving skills, then you willdefinitely like it here. Soak up the atmosphere of speed and theroar of the engine, enjoy the romance of the Russian countrysideand urban views, extortion in the first place ranking and show allyour skills!In the simulator you will find an excellent 3D graphicsthat allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery from the car window.You will feel in this Russian city and see all of the features ofits traffic - these Russian cars. Thanks to the good drivingphysics, you learn the nuances of the Lada VAZ-2106, and thecomplexity of the trip on Russian roads. Exciting music add funduring the racing and will not get bored during breaks.Sophisticated system damage and repair will cause you to be carefulabout your car and add realism.Get ready for the fact that inconventional simulator competitions on Russian cars is not limited.If you do not use all the features, then very soon be left behindby competitors and can not even get to the final racing. Explorethe city, it is so you will know all its streets and detours, whichwill help during the race or chase. Improve your Lada VAZ-2106 andchoose your driving style. Express yourself with the help ofcosmetic enhancements and earn credibility in the simulator. Watchfor city traffic and remember particular areas, to be ready for anysurprises on the road. Do not forget that you are against realprofessionals on the Russian cars and the victory in the mainracing will not get easily.The simulator is completely free, sothat anyone can now test their driving skills, sitting behind thewheel of the Lada VAZ 2106. Show that you are a true master, andyou know all about Russian cars and racing. Do not forget to shareexperiences and talk about your results. Have fun and show theclass on your Lada VAZ 2106!
World of Artillery Simulator 1.0
Welcome to the world of war and artillery in the simulator. Takepart in large-scale and exciting battles, become a storm of armytanks of the enemy and show all your accuracy in the defense.Immerse yourself in the gloomy atmosphere of the war, acknowledgeits privations and horrors and become the best hope for victory. Ifyou are ready to test, then go ahead!In the simulator you will findbeautiful 3D graphics, which will allow you to see with your owneyes a picture of the real war and the process of destruction ofbeauty of the world. Excellent physics will show you all thefeatures of warfare in the defense and management of artillery. Youwill be able to train and use your eye and logic against the enemyarmy, operating with real laws of nature! Exciting music simulatorwill not get bored during the respites and will add energy duringlabor. A system of improvements will allow you to express yourselfto find your own style of fighting - be unique hero of defense.Importantly, do not forget to engage in artillery repair, so yourinvestments you will not waste your investigations on the best shotof the enemy army.To win a complete victory over the enemy willhave to try fairly, so be prepared to show the wonders of your hitin the simulator. Show everyone the power of your artillery anddefense your country from the enemy army. Do not let the chance tocarry out tricky maneuvers and yourself attack at the right moment.Scroll to the enemy capital, and apply your last hit!Anyone canbecome a hero of defense of his country in this simulator becauseit is completely free. If you do not have fear, you are spoilingfor a fight, the World Artillery invites you! Become a new hero andshow your power. Good luck and well-aimed shots at the enemy army!
My lovely Trump Simulator 1.0
Get in your hands own Trump and dress him. Get complete controlover the life of USA presidential candidate and fun. You can turnhim from a tycoon in the homeless and vice versa. Enjoy a hugecollection of clothes, environments and give free flow to yourimagination.Funny dress a president Trump is very simple. In thebeginning put it to any place in the USA. Let your tycoon going tothe airport, the White House, the sea, the cemetery or a hostel forthe homeless. Then use the same interface arrows, change clothesand invent new images of the presidential candidate. An extensivecollection of simulator fit any your ideas: there are nationaldresses, suits and professional, and special sets for the workersand the homeless. You are free to choose the new entity for USAtycoon Trump and dress him. Do not limit yourself and do not beafraid to experiment. If possible, do not do it alone. Call friendsand arrange a competition. Find out which of you is better than allthe ridicule in the USA presidential candidate and will create themost fun way tycoon or homeless. Do not forget to share experiencesand the results of changing!Simulator My Lovely Trump is completelyfree, so anyone can try to change the image of the popular tycoon.If you already have some ideas, do not wait. Your home candidate isready for change, and may even become homeless in the USA! Goodluck in dress and positive emotions with your own president Trump!
Zil Hill Climb Simulator 3D 1.0.0
Immerse yourself in the hard work of delivery cargo on ZIL in thissimulator. You will be an ordeal on the offroads and hill climb.Will you be able to endure all the difficulties and prove that youare a Russian driver? Enjoy a long journey to find out all thefeatures of Russian nature and traffic. Take new jobs, improve yourskills and truck, explore the vast world and get a lot ofimpressions! All this - ZIL Hill Climb Simulator 3D!You immerseyourself in the process, as you will find amazing graphics.Consider every detail of the nature, of your car and transportedcargo. Get effect of total immersion and feel yourself like aRussian driver. Thanks to the good physics, you will learn all thefeatures of ZIL driving on offroad and hill climb, and even be ableto use your skills from real life. Together with well developedsystems of damage and repair simulator achieves a high level ofrealism, so you have to try hard not to lose the cargo on theoffroad, and even your ZIL. And exciting music will not get boredon the go and add energy during the passage of difficult areas.Torightly called Russian driver, you have to perform all tasks ofsimulator. Be prepared for the fact that it will not be easy. Becareful on the offroad and not much risk during the ascent hillclimb. Better a little late than to arrive without cargo. With mindspend your money: always save a little on repairs and improvementsaccumulate. You can spend too much on cosmetic enhancements, butremember that it is not important for the Russian driver.Anyone cannow get behind the wheel of ZIL and start cargo, since thesimulator is free. So if you do not mind to try your driving skillson the offroad and hill climb, you can not expect. Embark on anexciting journey and conquer the Russian nature! Good luck, Russiandriver!
Real Road Racer: Racing 3D 1.0
Here you can take part in exciting racing of overtake. CompetitionThe Real Road invites the best racers on the unique street event -you will find a lot of tests, secrets, drift and busy traffic.Action will take place in the whole city, so that your skills willbe where carousing. If you are ready to plunge into the world ofspeed and machines, the game Real Road Racer: Racing 3D welcomesyou!Beautiful graphics and physics will allow you to really feelthe road, your car and feel all the tension when overtake or drift.Enjoy spectacular views of the city at night, the beauty of thebustling traffic and amazing effects. All models was created fromreal, so you will know the familiar car and even be able to use theexisting knowledge about driving. Exciting game music will not getbored during the relax and add energy during hard racing.For you,the novice racer, winning the tournament of overtake and drift RealRoad - the main goal. After receiving the grand prize, you will beable to unleash your talent of driving. But get ready for a hardfight, because you are against real professionals, who werepreparing the years. Quickly learn, learn new driving techniques,learn the city and cars, memorize features of different trafficareas and watch the other players. Take part in all kinds ofracing, from drift to overtake, to earn money and influence.Upgrade your car, in time to carry out repairs on the assembly andcheck build on test tracks of Real Road. On the remaining moneyexpress yourself as a racer and make your car unique. Of course, donot forget about buying a new: at the beginning you will still notbe enough for a car that will lead you to victory in thecompetition Real Road and withstand surprises busy traffic at highspeed. Also do not forget about the police: you street racer, andtherefore try to avoid problems with the law.The game is completelyfree, so everyone can plunge into the world of bustling traffic andovertake racing. The main thing is to have the courage, pride,skill and luck fraction. Have a good time and become the new heroof the drift of the night city!
Traffic Police X Ray Robot 3D 1.0.0
In the simulator you will be able to become a unique employee oftraffic police. Take the role of a futuristic robot, become trafficcop and guard traffic laws. You have a mind, but your body is madeof iron by X Ray technology, so you have a superhuman capabilities:speed, reaction, memory and logic. Will you use them for thebenefit or not hesitate to pursue your goals - your choice, but bethat as it may, you will get a lot of impressions!In the simulatoryou are waiting for an amazing 3D graphics and physics, so you willfeel the present futuristic robot with special X Ray skills. Enjoyspectacular views of the city process, the nature of thesurrounding area and machines of a new time. Use the environmentwhile working as traffic cop: push, destroy, substitute, but trynot to exceed authority. Exciting music of simulator will not letyou get bored on the breaks and do everything chaseenergetic.System improvements and workshops will allow you toexpress yourself and make yourself unique traffic cops. Repair andimprove your futuristic robot, discover new abilities of X Ray andstunts, connect the pilot modules and multiply the possibilities.Apply cosmetic improvements and show your sense of taste. You caneven buy a portable traffic police post and frighten criminals onlyone of its kind!In the simulator, you will have several ways ofbecoming the best traffic cop of the city. You can strictly followthe laws to catch all criminals, not to take bribes and become astorm all of criminals. So you enlist the support of honest peopleand get new opportunities by moving to serve in the traffic police.But you have to give up all the lucrative offers of criminals andlose the ability to quickly develop your futuristic robot X Ray.This can affect your outcome of the struggle with their newsurprises. If you miss the bargains are not in your rules, you canjoin the criminal forces, and even be a double agent. Help withcrimes disrupting collapses of traffic police, take bribes, andeven interfere with other traffic cop. Mix and match all possible,choose your own style of work and become the best futuristic robotof the city!If you are ready to plunge into the atmosphere oflawlessness on the road, you can not wait, because the simulator iscompletely free, and it can make everyone. Uncover all the unique XRay of your body, to seize power in the city and get a lot ofimpressions. Good luck on the post of traffic police!
Robot X Ray Parkour 3D 1.0.0
Take battle parkour in this simulator. You will assume the role ofa futuristic robot and save the city from the evil influence of thecorporation X Ray. Perform a job, travel on the roofs of a greatcity, evolve and get a lot of impressions!You will enjoy amazing 3Dgraphics that allow you to enjoy the beautiful views during theexecution of your work. Consider every detail of your futuristicrobot, high buildings and attractive gadgets. Examine the effect ofthe flight and fatal jumps. Excellent physics allow you to performany stunts of battle parkour, change the environment and even shredenemies to pieces. Create your own tactics, experiment, and smiteyour enemies in battle. Exciting music of simulator will not letyou get bored and will make your adventure of futuristic robotunforgettable.To stop the corporation X Ray you have to get totheir main building, crack it and destroy it. With the current gearyou definitely will not be able to do this, so you have a long wayto go. Earn money, develop your futuristic robot, discover newskills of parkour, explore the city, look for workarounds, study XRay enemy traps and hone your combat skills. Take up all taskssimulator: the consignment guard or destroy objects, perform chasesand more. If you help others, you will be able to receiveadditional prizes and assistance in overthrowing the X Ray. Do notforget to express yourself in the style of parkour - use cosmeticimprovements and even enemies tremble only on your appearance!Thesimulator is absolutely free, so everyone can take part in a battlewith the evil corporation. If you're ready to become a futuristicrobot, show the wonders of skill and speed on the roofs of the hugetown houses and forth. Show that the skills of parkour can evenbreak the power of the X Ray! Do not forget to share yourimpressions of the simulator and good luck in battle!
Safecracker Lock Picking Pro 1.0
Feel like a real safecracker in this simulator. You will find awhole collection of locks, are just waiting for hacking by you. Geta free in the choice of methods of lock picking and expressyourself. Become a true professional in your field and show allyour skill!As a safecracker in the simulator, you can choose threeoptions: to use manipulative, coercive methods and combinationsthereof for lock picking. If you choose the former, you have torely on your intelligence and intuition: be alert to every detailof the lock mechanism, memorize recurring patterns and learn how tohacking the lock easily and gracefully! Your style will show yourelegance and skill, as if you do not lock picking, just use thekey. Using the methods of force be prepared to show the wonders ofdexterity and strength, because you have to pull, push and hit atthe right time in the right place. If you remember all theweaknesses of safes and are train in reaction, then this style ofhacking will allow you to become a real safecracker.But do not beentertained alone. Call friends, share with them the simulator andarrange a competition! For this several modes was prepared thatwill find out who the most skilled attacker. Lock picking the lockson time, with a limited number of tools, conduct simultaneoushacking and stuff. So you get more emotions and show your skills.Do not forget to share experiences and talk about the results.Thesimulator is completely free, so that anyone can now plunge intothe atmosphere of life of the thieves and test their hackingskills. Will you be here for this safecracker or not? Try yourselfin the lock picking of all the locks and find out! The main thing,remember that you should not carry entertainment in real life -stay safecracker only in the simulator! Good luck!
Nitro CLUB Russian Racing 1.0
Immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere of speed and drift. Hereyou will join the ranks of the elite Russian nitro street racingclub and become the best driver. You are waiting for the lights ofthe big city, suburb, and expanses of intense struggle with realprofessionals. Can you overcome all the tests and show the wondersof speed and agility? Show your answer on the road!During theracing, from the window of his Russian car you can enjoy amazingviews of the city, all thanks to the excellent 3D graphics. Ratethe excellent effects of drift, nitro, reflections, glare and feelpart of the club, an elite driver. Good physics allow you to get upto any tricks and actively use your driving skills. Push and croprivals way through the roads, arrange traps. Just try not todestroy the car. With exciting music you will never be bored duringa drift, and each racing will be unforgettable.If you really wantto become the best driver in the Russian nitro club of streetracing, then you need to explore the city actively. Look for waysaround, explore features of the areas, learn the secrets of drift,invent new tricks. Do not forget to call in to the workshops forrepairs and replenishment nitro. Money to spend wins on new modulesfor the machine to keep up with the development of your rivals. Youcan also use cosmetic improvements to express yourself as a driver.Find your own image and make opponents of the club fear only ofyour species!Anyone who is ready right now to drive Russian carsand be seen drifting or racing, can not wait, as the game isabsolutely free. Push on the gas, go to the top of the ratings andpull out the victory. Russian Nitro club is waiting for new driver- good luck!
Voyage on Police Car 3D 1.0
Here you will find a distant voyage in a police car. Become a braveofficer of traffic police, sit behind the wheel of the Lada VAZ,become a real Russian driver and soak all the trials of the road.You will be a real fight with the violators, the vagaries ofnature, weather, bad roads and mechanical problems. But along withthis, you get a sea of unforgettable emotions, and if you canfinish the trip, you can rightfully call yourself a master ofdriving!In the game you will have the chance to enjoy amazing viewsof Russian nature: fields, forests, mountains and rivers arepresented by beautiful 3D graphics, so you will experience thepresent aesthetic pleasure. Each vehicle model is made on the basisof real, so you will be able to evaluate in detail the Russian carindustry, and in particular your police car Lada VAZ. Learnfeelings of the Russian driver and find out the whole atmosphere ofthe country voyage. Thanks to the good physics, you can not doubtthe realism of what is happening and be able to actively use theenvironment during the chase. Ready traps, push, crashed,destroyed, and much more. The main thing is try not to break yourcar of traffic police. Together with the vibrant music you'll neverbe bored, and your voyage will be unforgettable.Since you are inRussia, and even in a long trip, you should be prepared for avariety of difficulties. Your work of Russian driver of trafficpolice is not so easy to do! Do not forget to monitor the status ofyour police car Lada VAZ, promptly engaged in repair, refuel andbuy improvements. Find your own style of driving, supplement itwith appropriate modules and fully expand your skills of driving.Do not forget that you can spend on cosmetic improvements and toexpress yourself as a Russian driver - be unique employee oftraffic police and make violators to be afraid of your policecar.Everyone can get behind the wheel of Lada VAZ and send to adistant voyage, as the game is completely free. So if in you livethe desire to become a defender of the law on the road, then goahead! Your police car waiting for you. Find out all thedifficulties weekdays of traffic police and show all your skills.Good luck in the voyage, Russian driver of Lada VAZ!
Futuristic Robot Survival 1.0
This is an exciting horror about the survival on the factory. Youwill assume the role of a detective and uncover all the secrets ofthis place. But all is not so simple. You can not come out from thefactory for five nights, plus your investigation would interferewith the security guard - a futuristic robot with X Ray vision. Canyou find all the incriminating records, be best in survival anduncover the world all the atrocities of horror factory?Feel all thefeelings of the main character, thanks to the excellent 3Dgraphics. Detailed models perfectly give the whole atmosphere andrealism, so that you will feel the tension and the presence of XRay observing all five nights. Excellent management and goodphysics allow you to escape from a futuristic robot truly andactively use the environment during survival. Move any items readyrefuge that hides you from the X Ray view and use the shells tohold a horror guard. Exciting music will make all five nightsunforgettable and will not allow you to avoid the sense ofdanger.Be prepared that you will find a real fight with afuturistic robot. After all, to fulfill your mission, you need tocollect all the records that reveal the atrocities of the horrorfactory. Try to hide from X Ray guard look and drive him into atrap. So you win some time searching for information, is afuturistic robot will be disabled. To come back with empty hands isimpossible, so it will have to be best in survival all fivenights.If you are ready for the upcoming test, you can not wait, asthe game is absolutely free. Soak up the atmosphere of cold horror,cheat the futuristic robot and do your duty. X Ray opponent waitingyou for a game - good luck in survival for five nights!
World of robot tanks 1.0
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of war of futuristic robotstanks. Anyone who would like to test their shooting skills ofartillery and become a defender of the city, can enjoy thissimulator. Turn out onto a battlefield open all your combat talentsand save the inhabitants. Your personal futuristic robot is waitingfor you!Beautiful 3D graphics simulator will allow you to enjoy theamazing views and the battlefield effects. Rate characteristics ofnew military technologies, examine them in detail and find all oftheir weaknesses in order to properly take advantage of artillery.Together with excellent physics and control, you can even performtricks, use the environment and simply to destroy enemy robotstanks into small pieces. Do not forget about the damage system ofsimulator and watch how the status of your artillery and vehiclesof the enemy - not all dead, that does not go. Exciting music willnot let you get bored and will add energy during futuristicbattlefield.Be willing to try, if you really want to save theinhabitants of the city in the simulator. You'll have to fend offwaves of hundreds of tanks and do not let them break through thegates. Adjust artillery, shoot the enemies and move to a new point.In short breaks go to the shops and is engaged in repair - do notlet a little failure lead to defeat in the war. Destroy the alienmachines and change the look of your futuristic robot to become areal storm the battlefield.Can not wait, and immediately sent tofight with tanks, since the simulator is completely free. If youare ready for the upcoming tests, you will be able to cope with theartillery, then forward. Get into the cockpit of your futuristicrobot and show all his skill enemy tanks. Good luck!
Tubers Blogger Life 1.0
Immerse yourself in the incredible life of a blogger in thissimulator. You can become a youtuber as PewDiePie, fun, delightviewers by quality content and promote your channel. Create videos,advertise yourself, increase views and follow the path ofsuccess!To earn your first view in the simulator, simply tap thescreen. Make your first step, and you're a blogger! Get ready foran exciting work as youtuber and show your speed, because only ifyou are productive, you will come to subscribers, will offeradvertising and you will become like PewDiePie. The first will beyour constant audience and will always bring views. The second willincrease the value of your efforts in the simulator and will leadto success. Do not miss these bonuses and you will be just asyoutuber PewDiePie.To maximize the popularity of the new hirebloggers. They may be more talented, to bring a new atmosphere tothe channel and offer new ideas. It will certainly appreciate thepeople and they will love you as PewDiePie! With the developmentyou will also decorate your room with new gadgets and awards thatwill also add you respect. Do not be afraid to experiment with theimage of the blogger, theme or title in the simulator, maybe itwill attract the necessary attention!Challenge yourself in the roleof youtuber can everyone, as the game is absolutely free. Do notrejoice alone! Call friends, compete, compare your bloggers andviews. Do not be afraid of difficulties and confidently go tosuccess of PewDiePie, because this simulator it can do everyone.Good luck, beginning youtuber!
Parkour Ninja Samurai 3D 1.0.0
Take part in an incredible contest of martial arts. Assassins,ninja and samurai gathered in the simulator to find out who amongthem is better in parkour. Choose your character, train and showall your skill jumping on the roofs. Each class has its own uniquefeatures, so that you can express yourself and get a lot ofimpressions. It is enough to not be afraid of heights and dangerousbattles, and the rest in the sphere of parkour you willlearn.Excellent 3D graphics simulator will allow you to enjoy thebeautiful views of the city, the surrounding nature andbreathtaking skies. Feel like a real assassin, a ninja or samuraithrough special effects, motion, jumping and flying. Good physicsand simple controls - this is what you will open space forperforming almost any tricks. Use the environment, hinder theiropponents, break walls, and even set traps. Energetic music ofsimulator will allow doing it in rhythm and will make youradventure unforgettable.To win in the competition assassins, ninjasand samurai you have to try, because each is a true professional.Explore the town, looking for shortcuts, study particular areas,traffic behavior, and people. Learn new tricks and secrets ofparkour, avoid the police and take care of your outfit. You go inthe special underground workshops, remodelers, buy new units,shells and cosmetic improvements, which will allow you to create aunique image. Become famous among ninja, assassins and samurai andwin in a show of parkour!If you are ready to test yourself in a newrole, you can not wait because the simulator is completely free,and anyone can now get their hands on the sword, or dagger. Immerseyourself in the atmosphere of speed, show the wonders of skill andingenuity - justify the name of your class! No matter whom youchoose, ninja, assassin, or samurai - we wish you good luck in thesimulator and flow in Parkour!
Neighbor Simulator Hello 2017 1.0
In this simulator you will to have funwithyour evil neighbor on the show. You will take part inthecompetition Hello, assume the role of victim and live fivenightsin a dangerous game. Your friend will receive a powerful suitandchallenge - to get to you and destroy. You also have to behiding,seek supplies and special keys that allow you to escape fromtheterrible maze. Show all your skills to survive and winyourneighbor on the show Hello!The oppressive atmosphere of the underground complex will provideanexcellent 3D graphics based on real models. Walk on thescarycorridors and feel constant fear for five nights! Excellentphysicsof simulator will enable you to use the environmentactively, sothat if you adapt yourself to skillfully use the Helloshow items,then you will have something to counter the powerfulneighbor suit.Ready traps, throw missiles and solve spatialpuzzles. Thanks toexciting music of simulator, you will not bebored for five nightsand will remember your adventure (if you donot lose, ofcourse).Winning on the Hello show do not get easily. In addition totheskills of stealth and survival, you also need skills of findingthehidden objects. This is a special key that only together willopena way out of the terrible maze and lead you to the reward.Findthem will not be easy, because you will disturb your neighborin astrong suit. He did not need to search for supplies and hide:hisgoal - you. You will be able to work around it only if youcansuccessfully deal with it for five nights, and find time tosearchkeys.You can not wait, if you are ready to test yourself and to showthewonders of ingenuity, since the simulator is completely free.Ifyou are afraid of the dark, or can not find a pen in yourroom,there is no place for you - show Hello provides muchgreaterdanger. We invite all intrepid an exciting game with anevilneighbor. If you accept, then good luck in the simulator! Livefivenights, and escape from the labyrinth!
Strike Assault Frontline 1.0
Here you have to go to the battlefield together with a sniper gun.Become a frontline soldier, take part in the assault and testyourself in accurate shooting. Become a master of one strike anddecide the outcome of battles with your skill. The main thing tohave a steady hand and keen eye - then you will definitely be theperfect soldier.In the game you will find an amazing 3D graphics,will allow you to enjoy the spectacular views of frontline combatand gritty of war. Rate different shooting effects, special strike,fired your sniper gun and using of gadgets to assault. Goodgovernance and physics will allow you to feel like a real soldierand use the environment actively. Move items, ready your position,create traps, as well as opponents of reach for even obstacles.Music add you energy and will not get bored and will help to strikein the right rhythm. You will not forget your sniper involved inthe affairs of the frontline fighting - simple shoot with a gun!Youhave to win the confidence of the team and become the most famoussoldier. Be willing to travel in order to perform different typesof tasks and show yourself to the world. Assault, defense,tracking, rescue, destruction ... Take up any frontline work, andthen you will have sufficient funds for development. Buy newmodules for your sniper gun, ammunition unique refill cartridges,and use the latest technology. Purchase new equipment and developyour character to be ready for any test. Surprise all by yourspecial abilities: strike, assault, concentration, speed and so on.Complete your image by cosmetic improvements and you will become astorm of frontline war!If you are ready to plunge into theatmosphere of the shadow of observation and destruction, then donot wait, because the game is completely free. Anyone can pick up asniper gun, and feel all the difficulties role of stealth killer.Support the assault and lead your comrades to victory. Good luck inthe first strike, the soldier!
X Ray Scanner Steel Robot PRO 1.0
With this joke scanner you can search for robots inside the people.Become a real hunter of steel transformers and create a realcollection of their X Ray images. Uncover new mysteries of theorganism and friends as well as get a new unique abilities. If youare not afraid to learn about the robot inside, this joke scanneryou will certainly appreciate.Make the first X Ray picture and geta lot of impressions is very simple. Turn on the camera, just pointat the target and once you get information about the availabilityand characteristics of transformer steel within. Size, color,design, skills, age - all the secrets of your service. If you cannot find a robot or suddenly want to change it, then it's noproblem. Examine the inside base of the joke scanner, selectyourself liked transformer steel and call it at any body! Make XRay image and make sure that the application is working.To get fullaccess to all robots, you have to actively use the scanner. Themore people you test, the more copies of steel transformers youwill get. Call your friends to speed up the opening of the jokecollection. Share X Ray images with each other, compare yourdomestic robots and just have fun.The app is completely free, soeveryone can get their hands on a unique scanner that will make anymaster steel transformers. It is enough to be able to use thecamera, but otherwise you will understand. Good luck in youradventure in the world of joke X Ray!
Truck Robot Simulator PRO 1.0.1
Prove that the only human able to easily deliver a truck withrobots. Get ready for a real test on the offroad and show all yourskill of driving. Embark on an exciting journey through afuturistic untrodden roads and have a good time. Good luck in thesimulator!Dense forests, beautiful mountains and hills, captivatingrivers and lakes - all this you will be able to fully enjoy throughamazing 3D graphics. Also you will be able to see all the detailsof your trucks and the entire offroad traffic. Rate the design offuturistic robots and surprise of their power. A good physics ofsimulator will allow you to make active use of your environment andmake the care of your truck. A simple controls help you to react tosurprises of offroad and give a capability to perform any tricks.Do not wait! Embark on a journey with energetic music that will notlet you get bored!Each of your departure - a real test. Futuristicrobots may need anywhere in the world regardless of deliveryproblems. Damage the goods concerned can not, because he is worthmillions and you are just a truck driver. In the simulator you onlyyour luck, driving skills on the offroad and a special one-offmodules. Be careful with the robots, do not take the time tosoberly assess the situation and do not neglect the repair. Yourfuturistic truck endure many trials, but the less mistakes youmake, the more you earn.If you are ready to take on the role of aprofessional transporter, to take your responsibility to loadrobots and ride on the offroad, you can rejoice, because thesimulator is completely free, and it can make everyone. Get behindthe wheel of a futuristic truck and make its first delivery.Achieve success, discover new models and win credibility. Good luckin the simulator!