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Sniper Action: Angry Shooter 1.0.2
It’s a call of duty soldier for some armywaraction. Go snipe and kill as a hungry hunter for enemiesagainstyou. American Sniper and a sharpshooter is known fortheirprecision. Surprise your enemy with a sniper attack. Filltheirempty head with a bullet and show some death to the rivalarmyguards.As a player you’re on a spot in a military battle zone. Yourmissionis to break your enemy defenses and give your team a chancetopenetrate and capture army training and operational bases. Youare ahitman sniper and a silent assassin. As a commando and atrainedsniper, assassinate your enemies without blowing off yourstealthmode. Be careful it is not an easy territory, you must bequick.Decide, aim and shoot your target. Prefer for headshotsmostly. Be adeadly shooter for enemy that can cause some seriousdamage to youor your squad in the action territory.The strong, amazing-looking 3D FPS sniper-shooter game you havebeenin search for is here. Answer your superior’s call and getyourhands dirty. Join the battle and shoot to kill! Killassaultattackers with a long range sniper rifle. Hunting evilarmies wasnever FUNtastic before.SNIPER ACTION: ANGRY SHOOTER is a new free 3D sniper game of2017for modern action genre lovers. A Stunning FPS shootinggameagainst evil army. We tend to make this free game as one ofthebest sniper games available in the market. With that inmind,unlike other sniper online games we have created and designedthisgame in a way to discard all the complexities. This gameensuresthat user does not get stuck or confused in traversingthrough manyunnecessary menus. We are sure that this game shouldleave a goodimpression in new sniper games.Game features:• First Person Shooter Game (FPS)• Easy and intuitive controls• Realistic 3D graphics• Easy and user friendly Interface• Real 3D sniper experience• Addictive Gameplay• Varying AI behaviors• Extra Rewards for Headshot• Multiple MapsWe are continuously update our games. Your suggestions &reviewswould be great pleasure for us.DOWNLOAD the app for FREE now and don't miss amazing NEW CONTENTonperiodic UPDATES. If you like action shooting games, you willlovethis cool sniper shooting game!Want to talk about the game or find allies?Join us on Facebook: us on Twitter: new videos onYouTube: the game!
Military Commando: Sniper Kill 1.0.6
"Military Commando: Sniper Kill" is a 3Dthrilling action expereinced game. In the Storyline of this elitefrontline sniper game you play the role of Contract assassin killerand a Hitman crazy sniper. As an elite killer frontline MilitaryCommando trained with both Sniping and combat skills, assassinateenemies and finish the job. Terrorist have taken over the specialforce camps full of equipment and battle ground. You got to takeback what has been lost. You are an elite frontline full powergorilla commando skill warriors fighter,Contract killer and a crazysniper you have been assigned a task to rescue prisoned armies andclean up the base from enemies by some serious crazy sniper killaction. Attackers are the most dangerous terrorist group. Make sureto use your elite frontline, Military Commando and combat shootingtraining with super weapons and make serious assassin strike andsurprise them with a huge attack. Remember you are on a Sniperelite killer mission. Take aim at evil, where it hides bia.You must sniper kill all the enemies and their savage eliteleaders. Elite Military commando have fully trained with superweapons. you as a Frontline crazy sniper and elite member, expertin warrior fighter with special weapons and team tactics. You areequipped with your favorite sniper hunter rifle. Now go on, usethis powerful sniper guns and slay hordes of enemies with assassinstrike. Get ready for a kill shot. Destroy all those peoples whostands in the way of a peaceful world. If base is not recapturedpeople shall be afraid of Enemy nightmare.You may face fully armed terrorists hidden behind the walls but youmust make an assassin strike like Crazy sniper. Don’t lose focusonce they uncover themselves make sure to put a bullet in theirhead. We assign you very important mission. Aim and Shoot! Make anassassin strike on bad guys and accomplish missions prove you are aMaster hunter. Leave no enemy behind.Patrolling Enemies ready to kill you, you must save yourself andshow your Remarkable performance. Don’t worry Military Commando ison the way to help you complete mission successfully. Prepare theSniper rifle, kill the attackers and make your country proud. It istime to load out your fire arms.“Military Commando: Sniper Kill” is the most immersive andrealistic 3D battle game you were looking for. Join the war andenjoy greatest combat and snipping experience now. Don’t forget torate the game and share with your friends if you like it.Game features:• First Person Shooter Game (FPS)• Cool enemy animations• Easy and intuitive controls• Photo Realistic Camps• Easy and user friendly Interface• Real 3D sniper experience• Addictive Game-play• Varying AI behaviors• Extra Rewards for Headshot• Multiple EnvironmentArm yourself with deadly assassin strike sniper weapons, assaultrifles, machine guns and the latest military gear to completecovert combat missions deep inside enemy territory! Prove yourselfas an elite frontline Champion Striker by increasing marks onHunting Log.***The game is free, all things are free. So start playingnow.We continuously update our games. Your suggestions & reviewswould be great pleasure for us.Onward, Commando! Victory is yours!Want to talk about the game or find allies?Join us on Facebook: us on Twitter: new videos on YouTube: the game!
Elite Frontline Assassin 3D 1.0.2
Elite Frontline Assassin is a top notchfirstperson shooter game. Aim and Shoot and enjoy anultimateexperience.You are the frontline assassin Commando on the ragingbattlefieldagainst the most dangerous terrorist threats of theworld. This isa modern war fought by a lone commando with the jobto take downthe base on his own. Wander through the environmentsand completethe missions by taking down the all-deadly terroristwith singleKill Shots!Elite Frontline Assassin 3D is a new addictive shooting game.Keyfeature that makes this game stands out, is the availabilityofmodern artillery to the elite commando. In this elite commandogamethe modern weaponry includes modern machine guns and modernassaultguns. The reason of providing you modern assault guns andothermodern machine guns is that your enemy in this elitefrontlineassassin game is very smart and is ready for combat. Yourenemy inthis elite frontline commando game is supported with topsecretagencies, the only way to eliminate your enemy is by usingmodernweaponry, your strategy shall be crucial to cheat yourenemy.You’ve always been one of the finest military army commandosoldier.That is why military army has chosen you for a specialmission. Amission on which the security of your base & countrydepends. Amission with a lot of shooting, guns & weapons.Military army iswell aware of all your skills whether they arewar, shooting,fighting or spying. You’ve always been great withguns & weaponshooting as well as melee weapons & hand tohand combatfighting. That is why it was easy for military army tochoose youfor this mission with full confidence & trust in you& yourskills. No matter how strong the enemy is you’ve beentrained bymilitary army to cope with all sorts of emergencysituations. You’vefaced terrorists, mafia gangsters, and streetthugs before so it’snothing new for you. You’ve been selected bymilitary army to put anend to terrorist’s evil plans & gamesin order to save yourcountry & win this war to be a true warhero!Key Features• Unique art style• Free roaming stages• Thrilling sound effects• Full functional enemy base environment• Action filled thrilling first person shooter (FPS) game.• Simple, beautiful, user friendly & clean UIDOWNLOAD this FREE shooting game now and don't miss amazingNEWCONTENT on periodic UPDATES. If you like action shooting games,youwill love this cool Elite Frontline Assassin shootinggame!The sequel for this game is planned and will soon be coming.Join us on Facebook: us on Twitter: new videos onYouTube:
Army Combat: Survivor Commando 1.0.5
Feel the ultimate thrilling experience ofArmyCombat in this action-packed 3rd Person Shooter (TPS),withdifferent campaigns and multiple missions. You have a lotofweapons at your disposal in this new immersive armycombatgame.Revive the killer instinct inside you. Be a Survivor Commando,takecover behind sandbags, and shoot while leaping fromcorners.Complete the missions in different rural and urban areasinmultiple sites, cities and countries.You are the sole survivor of your battalion as you’ve betterarmycombat skills. Your party was ambushed by the enemy troops andallof your team members were brutally killed in front of youreyes.Our forces had no chance against the deadly attack carried outwithsuch firepower, heavy artillery and drones. We had no idea thatourrivals had the power to carry out such a ruthless attack.Ourintelligence reports indicate that terrorists have allied withourenemy forces and the current attack was the result of thecampaignplaned deep in the far rural areas of enemy territory.Utilizingyour survival, stealth and army combat skills you were theonlymember who managed to escape and cheat certain death. Now isthetime to show them the rage and fury of survivor commando.All of our forces are already engaged in other war zones sowecannot survive any onslaught attack. You are the onlyactivesoldier on our frontline and a true survivor commando. Weneed youto reduce the enemy attack force and survive untilreinforcementsarrive. Use everything that you had learned in yourarmy combattraining. Now all of the responsibility lay on yourshoulders. Youare our only hope in this raging battlefield. Grabthe enemy withsurprise, avenge your fallen comrades and save ourcountry from theterrorist invasion.We have seen your profile and due to your survival and armycombatskills the higher command are very confident about you forthismission. Although all of your squad is dead and you arestrandedwith no med, armor or any other kind of resources but weknow thatyou have the potential of becoming the ultimate weapon weneedright now. You were very good in your army combat tests andwereeager to Join Army and serve your country. After becomingmember ofUS military force, your training was tough but as an armyrecruityou showed some extra ordinary skills. Your proficiencywithdifferent kinds of weaponry and precision in shootingalreadyearned you the name of dead shot. You never missed a singletargetand only needed one bullet to finish your enemy, which fillsourneed for a sharp shooter. From your profile I can guess youalwayswanted to do something for your country, which have broughtto ourelite army combat training program. You also receivedCommandotraining which makes you a silent but elite killingmachine. Yourskills in countering and eliminating threats,knowledge aboutmodern army combat and advanced warfare made you theperfectcandidate for this mission. Therefore we think that you canproveto be the unstoppable key force that can lead us tovictory.DOWNLOAD this FREE shooting game now and don't miss amazingNEWCONTENT on periodic UPDATES. If you like action shooting games,youwill love this cool army combat shooting game!The sequel for this game is planned and will soon be coming.Want to talk about the game or find allies?Join us on Facebook: us on Twitter: new videos onYouTube:
Frontline Commando Shooter 1.0.0
Enjoy thrilling FRONTLINE COMMANDOSHOOTERmission based game with modern commando combat zones.Quickly pickup the weapon in your hands, make your blood boil up,do not letthe terrorists terrible criminals live long and createchaos. Enemyhas taken your land and hence creating trouble in yourcountry. Youare only last person left from your force. It’s yourchallenge tokill enemies before they kill you and take back yourland and basesfrom enemy and become a last lone commando shooter.Use your radarsystem to locate and understand movements of enemies.They alreadyare informed and aware of the fact that you shall cometo claimback what’s yours. They are ready to kill you, soplaystrategically. The mission you are given is very hard andrisky,enemies and artillery Play up to exciting elite one manmissions.Find ammo and guns laying around when you get out of ammo.As anarmy commando, use your specialized shooting skills to surviveinan offensive attack of terrorists. You can wander aroundanywhereand tap to shoot the enemies with variety of weapons andlimitedtime. Be-careful, opponents are trained and wellequippedtoo.As professional us army super frontline commando get readytoexecute dangerous operations in enemy base, try to keep silencebutif anyone sees you shoot the ultimate fury and win the battle.Youdo not have many weapons in your inventory, get the rifles andgunsfrom your enemy and utilize medics available in the battlezone.It’s a kind of an impossible mission but superior chose you astheyare confident about your capabilities.Use all of your specialized skills to survive the onslaughtattacksof the enemy forces and give them the taste for revenge.From theM16 to AK47 and sniper guns, you will find and have accessto avariety of light and heavy weapons, as well as powerfulgrenadetoo. Only thing you need to do is look for it. Remember,you’ve totake down many bases located in different locations.For sure! You haven’t seen such delightful challenges thatyou’llencounter in this great FRONTLINE COMMANDO SHOOTER game. Solet theexcitement begin and take down bad guys with some seriousthrillingshooting action.Game FeaturesGreat graphics and environment with cool animations.Intense battle scene and challenging missionsPlay with many different types of weapons in a single missionGreat War sound effectsVisit our official site at www.artyscorp.comJoin us on Facebook at us on Twitter at
War Action: Impossible Quest 1.0.0
The most advanced and thrilling Army WarActionShooting Game is here. Fight as a best army FrontlineCommando withfull of heavy weapons and bombs to finish thisimpossible quest fullof war action. Fight with courage and braveryand win the waraction. Show everybody what you got when it comesto an impossiblequest to take down. You have great and heavyweapons in yourarsenal, fight with the best weapons and defeat allthe enemies youface in this dangerous war action game.In this one of a kind frontline assassin combat act as an IGIwaraction commando, use rifle and sniper to kill, ambush and surgeonthe antagonist base camp, move and shoot the rival combatant likeatop US IGI war action Commando Marine and an elite spec opsarmytrained sniper. IGI Combat Agency have a great task foryou,distract the enemies with your rifle, sniper and grenades;damagethem as much as possible. So the secret mission of disposingthedeal of heavy nuclear missile weapons between twoterroristorganizations can be disclosed. The terrorist’s red alertthreat ison its way. Agent– as an assassin you are assigned thisimpossiblequest to wipeout terrorist hunt Mission so the deal canbedestroyed, kill and conquer all the terrorist bases andtheirsavage leaders.Exterminate and encounter your opponent mercenary forcewithbrutality and take control of the army encampment to win thetitleof last IGI war commando. Go to the battle squatting,crouching andengage rapid fires on the enemies in this impossiblequest. Reloadyour rifle change your machine guns and fling the stungrenade toexploit everything which come in the way to conquer thisimpossiblequest. Crouch, take cover to kill and smash the opponentsto dust.It’s a real challenge for you that as a lone IGI warcommandoshooter, how can you strike and survive at the same time orinother words how can you act as an IGI war commandosurvivalkiller.You are trained to act as a strike sniper to kill theenemysoldiers. Make them leave the bases or send them to hell. Thismaybe the final fight after which you would be given tribute asthefrontline heroes of the country. Never back down. Be thecrazysniper, rifle shooter and a survivor. Be a real IGI Commandoandtake the hell out of enemies. Make your strategy as enemybossesare way stronger. Think it through whether Sniper strike istheonly way you can kill them on their bunkers and tanks orgrenadesor rifle combat shall help. They have weapons, iron tanks,guns andbest snipers. Now you have to be the best sniper shootertoassassinate the enemy forces. Assassin the attacking soldiersandteach them a lesson. Assassin anyone who is coming your way oryousee on the line of control. It is a secret IGI attack on theenemydon’t get yourself captured.Features1. A 3rd Person action commando shooting game2. Amazing 3d environments3. Thrilling missions Story with various challenges4. Two Primary Weapons (Sniper Gun, Assault rifle)5. Realistic sound effects6. Missions to accomplish7. Challenging levels8. Multiple weapons to use
Frontline Combat Special Force 1.0.0
Dive in to play FRONTLINE COMBAT SPECIALFORCEgame. It is one of a kind operation by special force conductedforthose who love action, battlefield, surgical strikes andwargames.In the game, as an IGI Frontline Combat specialist andFrontlineCommando Assassin your mission is to destroy the enemy astheyinvaded on your land. Kill all the invaders and get back thatisyours. Remember you’ve to kill every single enemy in amission.Don’t let them run away or they may call reinforcements. Asa oneof a kind IGI Combat specialist and Frontline Assassin strikethemhard with modern artillery, grenades and many other weapons inyourdisposal. There are many striker levels in this ultimatemission.Take your every step strategically as it may cost thenation bigtime. But if you get through and got our lands back, youare Herofor the nation.Prove yourself as the brave Frontline Combat Specialistandchallenge your rivals with special guns like pistol, AK-47,M-16,MP5, M4A1 and Sniper rifles.You are a recruit from a special force, it’s time to provewhySpecial Forces have selected you as a best option for thisdeadlyand horrific mission. Use your combat training of assaultshootingand sniping. Show off why you are the best FrontlineCombatSpecialist and Frontline Commando Assassin.Assassinate every one that comes in your way of glory,inflictlethal strikes and use your Frontline Combat and commandoshootingskills to survive the battle on the dangerous warzone.Game Features:1. Intense First Person shooter action.2. Kill the enemy and use his weapon if needed.3. Find medics to heal yourself.4. Aim for headshots for easy kill and earn extra game cash.5. Wander around and explore the environment.6. Use grenades for multiple kills.7. Photorealistic graphics.8. Easy to understand gameplay and smooth controls.9. Real world sound effects and thrilling music.Visit our official site at www.artyscorp.comJoin us on Facebook at us on Twitter at
US Army Sniper Hitman 1.0.0
"US Army Sniper Hitman" is a 3D thrilling action expereinced game.In the Storyline of this elite frontline sniper game you play therole of Contract assassin killer and a Hitman crazy sniper. As anelite killer frontline Military Commando trained with both Snipingand combat skills, assassinate enemies and finish the job.Terrorist have taken over the special force camps full of equipmentand battle ground. You got to take back what has been lost. You arean elite frontline full power gorilla commando skill warriorsfighter,Contract killer and a crazy sniper you have been assigned atask to rescue prisoned armies and clean up the base from enemiesby some serious crazy sniper kill action. Attackers are the mostdangerous terrorist group. Make sure to use your elite frontline,Military Commando and combat shooting training with super weaponsand make serious assassin strike and surprise them with a hugeattack. Remember you are on a Sniper killer mission. Take aim atevil, where it hides.
Hero Goku Jungle Survivor 1.0.1
Son Goku (Japanese: 孫 悟空? Hepburn: Son Gokū)is a fictional character and main protagonist of the Dragon Ballmanga series created by Akira Toriyama. He is based on Sun Wukong,a main character in the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West.Goku is introduced in Dragon Ball chapter #1 Bulma and Son Goku(ブルマと孫悟空? Buruma to Son Gokū)As Goku grows up, he becomes the Earth's mightiest warrior andprotects his adopted home planet from those who seek to harm it.Goku is depicted as carefree, cheerful and friendly when at ease,but quickly serious and strategic-minded when in battle. He is ableto concentrate his Ki and use it for devastatingly powerfulenergy-based attacks; the most prominent being his signatureKamehameha (かめはめ波, lit. "Turtle Destruction Wave"), in which Gokulaunches a blue energy blast from his palms. Also pure of heart,Goku has frequently granted mercy to his enemies, which has oftenearned him additional allies in the process (though has alsoresulted in others taking advantage of his kindness), and he is oneof the few who can ride the magic cloud called Kinto'un (筋斗雲,lit.Hero Goku is one of a kind Third Person game available thatsimulates the Goku Character from Dragon Ball cartoon series withall of his powers. In the series Hero Goku is fond of training injungle, facing and surviving all the dangers present in the jungle.This game would gave you the exact feeling, in fact even morepowerful, because you get to control the Goku and make him performmoves the way you want.As a player with addition to the training you would have to helpthe community around the jungle by breaking and removing all thehaunted trees from the jungle. Keep your stamina intact to performsome deadly moves and win the missions along the way.Features of Character:Run FasterJump higher and longerThrow Fireball (Kamehameha)Power moves (Punches and Kicks)Game Features:Immersive 3D environment with realistic sound effectsEasy controls and fun gameplayTwo camera systems making game more realistic and Enjoyable.
Zombie Terror House 1.0.1
History shows that this idea dates back tothe8th century. The word 'zombie' is said to have come fromnzambi,which in Kongo means 'spirit of a dead person', or zonbi,used inthe Louisiana Creole or the Haitian Creole that represents apersonwho died and was then brought to life without speech orfreewill.A virus unlike anything before has spread in the house fullofterror and danger. This virus can spread in the whole city.Beforeanything worst shows up we have to get rid of it by killingallzombies in the house. There are innocent people who got in tohousefor some help but virus attack was so brutal and all of themturnedin to zombies assassin. Kill them all before they get out ofthehouse and infect entire city.Soon your hometown may overrun by the dead rising zombies, evenyourloved ones can go infected. Clear them all and let the virusdiewithin the house. You have many guns in your inventory asshotguns,assault, pistols, sniper rifle and lots of ammo, so youcan goreally hard on them and kill them with their source.Features3D graphics with realistic details showing infected zombies.Innovative Gameplay.Lots of Guns with different sound effects.The zombies with many forms and dangerous abilities.Enjoy epic battles with huge waves of zombies frontier3dgame.Choose your way to destroy all the zombies: aim to the heads,chopthe limb and crush them
Animal Hunter Epic Challenge 1.0
Hunter Epic Challenge is the one of themostrealistic Hunting simulation game that is completely free.Itoffers you a unique game-play in which you can be a predator oraprey. Follow the rule of jungle, Kill or get killed. So useyoursniper shooting skills to kill these animals before they attackorrun away.You have the best hunter and show sniper abilities to shoot downthesafari animals. Some amazing hazardous safari animals arespreadaround the rain forest, destroy the freshly place andkilling theother wild animals. In this “Animal Hunt shooting 2017”your missionis walking alone in the green fresh jungle, equippingwith uniquekilling weapons, aiming at the powerful dangerous bigsafari animalsis around the green jungle areas. Dangerous safarianimals have manypowerful and too long, so the mission of thehunter is just about tobeing. You are required to hit the focus onyour target indicate byarrow and do not let them loss from thescene. Take your sniperrifle and kill them all. Huge animals havestrike on forest so bealert, hold your breath, aim & fire withunique weapons andammunition! Front line shooter hasresponsibilities to save thejungle life and war with animals.Eliminate them one by one quietly.You need to complete the task inthe given specific limitedtime.Develop a steady hand, line up yoursights, and master theskills to take the perfect shot.Distinct 3D environments including pine forests, muddy marshesandrolling hills give room for different hunting tactics, whichareimportant because the hunter may easily end up becomingaprey.Be warned if you scare predator animals with your gun shot,theywill hunt you down. Make sure to be very precise and alertwithyour shooting.FeaturesHuge 3D worldMultiple locations, terrainsMultiple weapons to Hunt withGreat HD GraphicsGreat Sound EffectsEnjoy the wilderness with assault shooting
Hero Goku Super Power Warrior 1.0.0
Hero Goku Super Saiyan Fighting Legend(Japanese: 孫 悟空? Hepburn: SonGokū) is a adventures fictional character and main protagonist ofthe Fire light Ball manga series created many years ago by AkiraToriyama. He is based on Sun Wukong,every Chinese knows a mainfamous adventures character in the classic Chinese novel Journey tothe West. Goku is introduced in Fire Ball chapter #1,#2 and #3Bulma and Son Goku (ブルマと孫悟空? Buruma to Son Gokū) As Goku Saiyangrows up, he becomes the Earth's extreme mightiest warrior andprotects his adopted home planet from those who seek to very harmit. Goku is depicted as carefree, cheerful and friendly when atease, but he is hurry quickly serious and critical strategic-mindedwhen in battle.He is Fire light ball blaster. He is able toconcentrate his Ki and use it for devastatingly super powerfulenergy-based attacks; the most prominent being his signatureKamehameha (かめはめ波, lit. "Turtle Destruction Wave"), in which Gokulaunches a blue heavy energy blast from his palms. Also pure ofheart, Goku has frequently granted innocent mercy to his enemies,which has often earned him early additional allies in the process(though has also resulted in others taking advantage of hiskindness), and he is one of the best game for childern few who canride the magic cloud called Kinto'un (筋斗雲, lit. Hero Goku is supersaiyan one of the best kind Third Person game available for kidsand every age that simulates the Goku Character from Fire Ballcartoon series very famous in kids with all of his powers. In theseries Hero Goku is fond of training in jungle,mountain and in thewater facing and surviving all the dangers present in the jungle.This game would gave you the exact real feeling, in fact even morepowerful, because you get to easy and nice control the Goku andmake him perform moves the way you want.Charge quickly your poweruntil the red bar reaches the gauge's max to transform.
SuperHero Goku Xenoverse Dragon Survival 1.0.0
Son Goku (Japanese: 孫 悟空? Hepburn: Son Gokū)isa fictional character and main protagonist of the Dragon Zmangaseries created by Akira Toriyama. He is based on Sun Wukong, amaincharacter in the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West.Goku isintroduced in Dragon Z chapter #1 Bulma and Son Goku(ブルマと孫悟空?Buruma to Son Gokū)As Goku grows up, he becomes the Earth's mightiest warriorandprotects his adopted home planet from those who seek to harmit.Goku is depicted as carefree, cheerful and friendly when atease,but quickly serious and strategic-minded when in battle. He isableto concentrate his Ki and use it for devastatinglypowerfulenergy-based attacks; the most prominent being hissignatureKamehameha (かめはめ波, lit. "Turtle Destruction Wave"), inwhich Gokulaunches a blue energy blast from his palms. Also pure ofheart,Goku has frequently granted mercy to his enemies, which hasoftenearned him additional allies in the process (though hasalsoresulted in others taking advantage of his kindness), and he isoneof the few who can ride the magic cloud called Kinto'un(筋斗雲,lit.Hero Goku is super saiyan one of a kind Third Person gameavailablethat simulates the Goku Character from famous cartoonseries withall of his powers. In the series Hero Goku is fond oftraining injungle, facing and surviving all the dangers present inthe jungle.This game would gave you the exact feeling, in fact evenmorepowerful, because you get to control the Goku and make himperformmoves the way you want.As a player with addition to the training you would have to helpthecommunity around the jungle by breaking and removing all thehauntedtrees from the jungle. Keep your stamina intact to performsomedeadly moves and win the missions along the way.Features of Character:Run FasterJump higher and longerThrow Fireball (Kamehameha)Power moves (Punches and Kicks)Game Features:Immersive 3D environment with realistic sound effectsEasy controls and fun gameplayTwo camera systems making game more realistic and Enjoyable.
Hero Vegeta Super Saiyan Super Hero Warrior 1.0.0
Be well HospitalDr . Nusrat Ara Majeed10’o clock call to ZaheerChaudhryJau ka aata . adha cup aam aata chaki walaAade se b aadechookerCheema and Chatha……… Welcome to a new adventure of Hero GokuGreatest ally Vegeta………This Vegeta based game is based on our earlyHero Goku Jungle Surviving Game. This is one of the most attractiveand fantastic game available for comic fans. In this game, Herogoku friend have some strange powers and he is ready for some newadventures that will keep you engaged. Hero Goku and vegeta bothare fond of training and surviving in the difficulties of jungle.This game would gave you the exact feeling of power, both legendaryfighters namely Goku and Vegeta has. And the fun part is you get tomake him perform moves the way you want. You can win your target inlimited time if you are a good time manager because time is limitedin this survival game of hero goku and his ally vegeta.Hero Gokualong with all of his super saiyan mode and his friend vegeta alongwith all of his super saiyan modes possesses some unexpected powersto kill the strange, uncommon and false creature. In these oddcreatures, you will be seeing Dinosaurs, gigantic Spiders and verystrange Allosaurus. In this Jungle Surviving Game, your mission isto kill these strange creatures and oddest trees saving yourselffrom these dangerous animals. There are massive mountains coveredby greenery. The scenery of green hills looks so attractive andbeautiful. Here you will also enjoy flying experience of hero gokusaiyan warrior and his partner vegeta that can move upward andtowards any side as you want. Other powers like Power Ball of bluegauge of goku and final flash of vegeta is available to kill theenemies. In this surviving game, you are assigned a task in whichyou will kill spiders, Allusaurs, raptors and other enemies. Youcan finish your target by throwing power canons from palm andrefill your power to perform highly destructive moves. You can alsofight by punches and kicks. In this survival game, you will alsokill the incredible haunted trees which looks like ghosts. In this3D hero goku super saiyan ally vegeta game, you will see thefantasy environment and impressive graphics. When you will startthe game you will never leave it. This Hero Goku Jungle SurvivingGame is highly addictive game.This Hero Vegeta Super SaiyanUltimate Battle Warrior Game is an ultimate fun and a highly timekiller game. Its graphics and music is attractive and enjoyable. Soinstall this game and enjoy a lot of fun.Install the ultimateadventure game of hero goku and his greatest ally vegeta 100% free,and not only enjoy the super destructive moves of your lovingheroes but also enjoy their epic kungfu fighting moves and get theultimate victory against some false creatures. So in this game youget to enjoy the goodies of Kung fu games but also the greatspecial powers these heroes possesses. Note: This game is way moreattractive and reality based than any other comic fan games likeBen Alien etc. Where you get to fight in pixelated omnitrix type ofenvironment or hero lab env acting as an extinguisher or something.Our game is truly a hero adventure game that is specificallycreated keeping the needs of a user in consideration. Features ofGoku greatest ally Vegeta:• Run faster to finish the target.•Defeat the target by punches, kicks and powers balls.• Throw canonby palm.• Super Hero Flying Mode.• Improve power.• Can make aim ofthe target.• Easy control to play. So, play the game and give yourfeedback in review.
Hero Killer of Super Spiders 1.0
Hero Killer of Super Spiders is anAmazingjungle based new intense 3D first person action shootergame. As aplayer you start off in an open world environment, whereyou’reattacked by spiders. You’ve to survive, don’t let thosevenomousspiders to make you there prey for lunch. You are equippedwithmany guns ranging from pistol, assault to snipers with lotsofammos to save yourself in this filthy arena.Spiders (order Araneae) are air-breathing arthropods that haveeightlegs and chelicerae with fangs that inject venom. They arethelargest order of arachnids and rank seventh in totalspeciesdiversity among all other orders of organisms.Spiders arefoundworldwide on every continent except for Antarctica, and havebecomeestablished in nearly every habitat with the exceptions ofair andsea colonization. As of November 2015, at least 45,700spiderspecies, and 113 families have been recordedbytaxonomists.However, there has been dissension withinthescientific community as to how all these families shouldbeclassified, as evidenced by the over 20 differentclassificationsthat have been proposed since 1900.Spider-like arachnids with silk-producing spigots appeared intheDevonian period about 386 million years ago, but theseanimalsapparently lacked spinnerets. True spiders have been foundinCarboniferous rocks from 318 to 299 million years ago, and areverysimilar to the most primitive surviving suborder, theMesothelae.The main groups of modern spiders, Mygalomorphae andAraneomorphae,first appeared in the Triassic period, before 200million yearsago.Although spiders are widely feared, only a few species aredangerousto people.Spiders will only bite humans in self-defense,and fewproduce worse effects than a mosquito bite orbee-sting.Most ofthose with medically serious bites, such asrecluse spiders andwidow spiders, would rather flee and bite onlywhen trapped,although this can easily arise by accident.Funnel webspiders'defensive tactics include fang display and their venom,althoughthey rarely inject much, has resulted in 13 known humandeaths over50 years.They have been deemed to be the world's mostdangerousspiders on clinical and venom toxicity grounds,thoughthis claim hasalso been attributed to the Brazilian wanderingspider, due to muchmore frequent accidentsHigh quality graphics.Great sound effects and music.Great game for survival and shooting genre lovers.Lots of challenging missions.Lots of different spiders.
Hunting Expert Safari Animal Hunter 1.0.1
Hunting wild Expert Safari jungle animals is challenging task whenone is a trained professional Animal hunter as an amateur willendanger his whole life in trying to kill various dangerous animalscarry beasts.This Expert Safari Animal Hunter game is a brand newreal hunting and sniper category experience which you mightactually not been able to get in your real whole life. Those whocannot risk their life hunting wild Safari animals can enjoy realhunting experience by playing this game. Hunt different wild scaryanimals like Tiger, Hyena, Cheetah, Lion, Lioness, Elephant,Giraffe, Deer-stage, Wild Gorilla, zebra, Elephant, and Buffalo.You will also feel what it takes to be a gorilla hunter. Thishunting game stands out from the rest of free hunting gamesspecifically because of Third Person Shooter setup. Fill yourappetite with some real hunting fury and enjoy this one that isbetter than all the other Hunting games for free.Believe yourselfin diverse scarry critical environments filled with over 100dangerous animal species! Watch out ready for attacking predatorsincluding deer, elephants, wolves, and cheetahs etc! Hunting deeris just the beginning! Enjoy huge customization as you perfectcollections of your weapons. Upgrade your’s weapon accessories likemagazines, scopes, stocks, barrels and much more! Take hunting tothe next level!Animals Hunting Game is the best shooting game. Thisis the most popular hunting game takes you to extreme beautifulenvironments and most popular game around the world. The challengehas been issued and become a champion in Animals Hunting. ThisAnimals Hunting game gives you the full experience of hunting andsniper skills. So it’s time to reload your rifle and jump into thewilds of jungle and mountain world. Let’s imagine yourself as ahunter and enjoy playing a real time Animals hunting game. The gameis loaded with full of action, hunting and shooting. While Faceshooting the huge bears, Lions, Deer and Dinosaur etc. in HDgraphics and best audio sound you won’t be disagree with this game.Those who love to be legend hunter will love to kill differenttypes of animal in beautiful multi environment.A very deeply menuin hunting expert Safari animal hunter Game is built to help youcomplete your missions. Deer hunting games are very amazing inanimal hunting games and wild animal shooting games. There will beguidance provided for you in each and every mission but at the sametime it is only guidance and not help. You are on your own amongstthe beats of the wild. We have merged Animals Hunting game andsniper shooting together to form the best shooting Animals huntergame ever. Start from deer and move towards killing huge animalslike bears, Lions and Dinosaur. Animal hunter should follow thehunting rules. In Animal hunting games also enjoy the best freeshooting games. Download this HD graphics game to enjoy the huntinggames for free. So, it is an opportunity to test your huntingskills through this addictive game which presents you followingdangerous animals for hunting at a beautiful and cool places likeforest desert & ice land etc.You will enjoy Beautifulenvironment of forest with Animals hunting. Jungle and Mountainmode is also adventure and kills the dangerous animals. In thisgame you can also test your sniper shooting skills in Animalshunting. This “Hunting Expert Safari Animal Hunter Game 2018” isfree to play and get to enjoy archery Bow and arrow shooting. Youalso get to use crossbow archery or bow and arrow hunting. Have agreat time with archery hunting and shooting with some great guns.
New Wild Duck Hunting 3D 2018 1.0.0
Boost your hunting fever, get your hunting gun and allow us totakeyou on Wild Duck Hunting 2017 adventure. Enjoy the mostrealistichunting experience ever. Wild Duck Hunting is all aboutpreciseshooting, aiming quickly and shooting at the right time.Developyour skills as a bird hunter by shooting down as many ducksaspossible in a limited amount of time. Become a duck huntingexpertby playing this great duck shooting game 3D.Try to masteryourshooting skills, by becoming a duck hunter, by playing duckhuntingwhich is one of the best shooting games.The hunting fever isat thehigh so grab the hunting gun and go for a duck hunt.Duckhunting isone of the best hunting games. Download this top duckshooting gameapp for free and enjoy shooting as many ducks aspossible withsuper hunting weapons, by becoming a bird hunter.Earnthe title ofan expert bird hunter, by hunting, as many ducks andscoring asmany points as possible in this realistic huntinggame.Duck hunting3D is a first person shooting game with efficientweapon controland eye-catching 3D graphics and sound effects.Inthis mostrealistic duck hunting game 3D, hunt the ducks from thepassing byriver. Shoot at the flock by using the accurate timingand aimingskills and get multiple hunts with a single shot.Withconsideration of limited time, challenge yourself byhuntingspecific number of ducks with the limited ammo to completehuntinglevels. Wild Duck hunting is one of a kind first personshootinggame with efficient weapon control and eye-catching 3Dgraphics andsound effects. Enjoy duck hunting with realisticanimations andinteresting gameplay modes. Wild Duck hunting has twointerestingmodes. Finish the arcade mode first by passing all thehuntinglevels and unlock the second mode of huntinginfinitely. First person 3D ShootingEfficient WeaponcontrolBeautifulgame graphics and soundsStunning graphics &sound effectsFun,challenging and addictive gameplayReal time DuckHunting withanimationsEasy to play, hard to master game MultiplemapsMultipleDuck Hunting WeaponsAlways keep in mind that you haveto beat yourhighest score, by imagining yourself as a hunter and ashooter, byplaying this wild duck hunting game.
Extreme Ultimate Kart Racing 1.0.0
Racing is always fun, But Kart Racing will let you have anadventureof ultimate speed. Fasten your seat belt and acceleratethe speedpaddle as much as you can without any fear. Be quick,never let youropponents cross you, complete the racing lap and winthe game. Ifyou are a racing lover, then this free Kart Racinggame is made foryou, play kart racing and enjoy the one of thebest Kart Racing gamewith ultimate speed and fun. Let's have anexperience of playingamazing 3D Kart Racing game with HD Graphicsand enjoyable music.Gameplay: Currently, the Kart Racing Game onlyhave a single playerquick racing gameplay mode. There aredifferent rounds that you haveto clear, each round includes anumber of opponents with high-speedracing karts you have to defeatthem all to win the race. The nextround will be unlocked if yousucceed to win the Race. During KartRacing your vehicle can neverbe destroyed also you can't destroyyour opponents. Feel free tospeed up your kart as much as you canwithout any fear and win therace at any cost. Game Controls: TheFree Kart Racing game doesn'thave any moment sensor, so you have toplay the game with manualcontrols. You can see a left and rightarrow on the screen whichwill be used to turn the Kart. Also, thereare two paddles one forthe speed and other for the break. Manualcontrols will let youfeel the real experience of driving a racingkart.