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Hunt Guide for Tibia 2.3.0
This Hunt Guide will assist your selection of hunting grounds forthe popular MMO-game Tibia! Simply fill in your level and skills torecieve a list of really good hunt places rated between 0 and 5stars in experience and loot!The app gives locations, recommendedsupplies and fast-access to the tibiawiki page incase you wantfurther information.The app contains: ~ 50 Solo Hunting Places ~ 15Team Hunting PlacesFeel free to send me e-mails incase you feel anyinformation is incorrect. Updates are coming frequently.The Tibiarelated content present in the application is the property ofCipSoft GmbH.
myPlate (Unreleased)
myPlate is a brand new FREE app that'screatedto aid the everyday kitchen life of the world.With myPlate you can create recipes choosing between plentyofpre-designed ingredients. Using this, myPlate calculates theprice,calories and nutrition values of all recipes so you cancooksomething that fits both your taste and lifestyle.Upload your recipes, or download a fellow cooks recipes.Feeling an urge to try something new? No problems! With myPlateyoucan easily change languange to explore recipes from otherregionsof the word. Download the recipes and change back thelanguage. Thetranslations are made automatically.NOTE:The app is in BETA, meaning some things might not work asexpected.We know our servers have some issues, please do not e-mailus ifthey are down!The Beta is expected to end during late September.Questions or suggestions are welcome, please send them
Deck Builder for Yu-Gi-Oh! 1.1.0
Deck Builder for Yu-Gi-Oh! is a FREE user friendly Yugioh deckbuilding app that enables you to build, download and test differentdecks on the go.This deck builder is the most complete deck builderapplication for the game Yu-Gi-Oh! and includes several new handyfeatures, including an online database where complete decks can beuploaded or downloaded in notime!Features:* Simple anduser-friendly drag-n-drop layout.* More than 8200 released cardsincluded and a feature to add new cards to keep it up to date withnew releases.* Fast card download in background (using your phoneand putting it in sleep mode will not cancel the download. Ifinternet connection is lost, download will continue when it isback.)* Download already finished decks made by others, or shareyour own creations.* Advanced filter makes it really easy to findthe cards you need. (can search the text on cards as well.)* Testdraw from your decks to find out how well it would work on yourfirst turns.* Multiple language support. (English, Spanish, German& Japanese)Disclaimer:This app is not affiliated with Yu-Gi-Oh!or Konami. Yu-Gi-Oh! content and related materials are trademarksand copyrights of ©Konami Digital Entertainment.