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AskIITians - IIT JEE, NEET, SAT, CBSE, ICSE Prep 2.3.1
AskIITians is #1 Prep App for those who are preparing for IIT JEE,NEET, SAT, CBSE exams. Find everything about IIT JEE, NEET, SAT,CBSE here – from syllabus to important topics to question banks toadmission process to prep tips. Ask any JEE, NEET, SAT or CBSEquestion on the new AI app and get an instant solution by experts!JEE aspirants looking forward to admission in IIT, medicalaspirants preparing for NEET, study abroad aspirants preparing fortheir SAT exams can now find best study notes, mock tests, andregular exam notifications, announcements, and news all in oneplace at the askIITians exam prep app. What does AskIITians appoffer? • Entire Syllabus for JEE Main and IIT JEE, NEET, SAT, CBSEexams • Important Topics for the exams • Daily Practice Papers forIIT JEE, NEET, SAT, CBSE aspirants • Solution by Experts for thosewho are seeking admission to engineering colleges, medicalcolleges, and study abroad institutions (through SAT exam). • Clearyour doubt in an instant with the help of peers and experts throughAI app! What’s More? • Learn the visualisation technique of solvinga problem with the help of the AskIITians app. In the visualisationtechnique, one may draw a sketch or a quick diagram using the givendata and use symbols and equations to solve the problem quickly. •We also offer short online lecture videos on every exam topic onthe app. • Math questions and answers we bring for you are ofHarvard level. Rather than merely using computational methods, ourMath practice papers will help you develop your analytical thinkingand problem-solving skills too and help you acquire a deeperunderstanding of the topics you are studying. • Solutions we offerto the problems or questions asked in the exam use the moststraight-forward and easy method or technique to solve thequestion. Wherever necessary, our experts include other techniquesto reach these solutions too - so that you choose which of themsuits you best. • We have videos and study material as well aspremium services for students who want additional support andassistance from our experts 24X7. Why use AskIITians app?AskIITians has been founded by two IITians – Aditya Singhal andNishant Sinha. Today, they have a strong team of over 100ex-IITians and graduates of other reputed colleges who provideonline coaching solution to Indian, NRI, and other students acrossthe world to get admission in the colleges of their choice. Liketrue IIT graduates – Aditya and Nishant – and their team ofprofessionals come up with a solution after a long, painstakinglyminute research-and-analysis exercise. The process involvedstudying the syllabus of the exams, breaking it down intochunk-sized topics, and offering a prep solution that is easy tounderstand and use for students of all kinds. It means that you canfind study notes, mnemonics, mind maps, and mock papers for all thetopics covered in your exam syllabus here. The app is not areplacement for online or offline coaching of these exams but isbest used as a quick reference guide for the topics you are notbeing able to grasp while you are studying at home and clearingyour doubt quickly – as soon as it arises in your mind. We coverthe entire syllabus for JEE, NEET and SAT exams, which means thatstudents who are preparing for one or more of these exams will findit easier to pick up a topic on the app and cover questions relatedto it for all exams at once. If you think getting through entranceexams is unthinkable for you, the askIITians app is here as thesavior for you! Whether you are looking for help with Physics,Chemistry or Maths, you will find interesting ways of learning andbe revising all the chapters of your entrance exam here. Read achapter in your textbook and then, visit the app for mocks,previous year papers, and revision notes. Be a topper this yearwith the AskIITians app!
askIITians Admin App 0.2
The features provided in the current version are: 1. Classdetails-details of regular, doubt and extra classes 2. Attendance-punchdetails of respective faculty members 3. Exam calendar-syllabus,schedule and test campus details of various tests 4.BatchProgress- details of batch wise summary 5. Feedback 6.Notices-list of all notices 7. Test papers
askIITians Classroom App 0.1
askIITians Classroom app is a handy tool for askIITians studentstoaccess their academic details viz time table, examcalendar,performance reports as well as to connect with theirteachers.askIITians is a comprehensive one stop solution for allnecessaryday to day academic support required by students studyinginaskIITians courses. 1. Student Performance Dashboard 2. ExamReportCard 3. Attendance Report Card 4. Fees Report 5.Class/LectureAssignment Download 6. Announcements/Notification BarA uniquemodel Duo of Aditya Singhal and Nishant Sinha realisedtheagony of Lakhs of students who goto Kota, Bangalore, Hyderabad,andvarious other places to prepare for IIT JEE. They leavethecomfort of their homes, live in difficult circumstances andtoilday and night to get through IIT JEE. Moreover, only a luckyfewwhose parents have enough money can afford this! *askIITians,through its various programs like live onlineclassroomcoaching, discussion forum, testseries, classroomrecordings and manymore, ensures that students getan ex-IITian to share theirtoil and guide them in every step whilethe students are sitting attheir own homes. * The ex-IITians ataskIITians acts not only as ateacher, but as a mentor, acompanion, a well-wisher, a counselorand what not! * Theex-IITians at askIITians share their ownexperiences at IIT andtheir secrets to cracking JEE as well. *askIITians provideseverything online saving the precious time offuture IITians. *askIITians provides academic help to students fromremote areas whodo not have access to good coaching centers. *askIITians is a rayof hope for talented girls in rural areas whoare not allowed tomigrate to a different town to prepare for IITJEE. The Vision: *To make the dream of studying in IIT a realityfor aspiringstudents * To do away with the myth of the studentsthat crackingIIT JEE is too difficult * To grease the wheels ofstudents’preparation for IIT JEE making their journey ofpreparation smooth.Mission askIITians: * Helping students meet thechallenges whilepreparing for IIT JEE and other engineeringentrance examinations *Bringing the classroom to students’ desktop* Creating amass-platform where IITians and aspirants dreaming toenter IIT canconnect