Aslan Game Studio Apps

Clown House (Horror Game) 1.2.1
Face your fear of clowns in this horror game!You are trapped in a darkened house with lunatic clowns, due toa meaningless reason. You need to find the key to escape the house.Hidden in a random spot. Some of the clowns are evil and they wantto kill you. You don’t know which. You have a pistol in your hand,use it to defend yourself.Key’s location and the innocence of clowns change each time youstart a new game.
Interactive Horror Stories 1.0.2
Interactive Horror Stories is a collection of6 horror stories in which you are the hero. In the style of ChooseYour Own Adventure; you make choices, they change the plotline andbring you different endings. You encounter various evil entities inthis stories (humans are entity, too).----The Doll is a story that begins as a classical possessed dollstory, but ends differently.After Funeral is a modern gothic story. You receive messages thoseclaim to be sent by your deceased son, who died three daysago.In "Crystal Skull", you are a king whose daughter is ill and aboutto die. You hear about a miraculous crystal skull and have itbrought to your palace in order to cure your ill daughter. But yourman warns you that the skull might be cursed.Evil Beneath the Ground is about discovering an unimaginable horrorthat lurks beneath the ground.You are billionaire in Crystal Skull II this time. You buy themysterious crystal skull and it talks to you. It says that it willbring you joys no mortal can ever reach, but it demands somethingfirst.Madness in Infinite Loop is a story about a man who is doomed towake up to the same morning, no matter what he does. You want todie, but you wake up in your bed each time you die. When nothingyou do matters, can you keep your sanity and morals?Now it is possible to break the loop in this story.----All stories have multiple endings.You can play the game both in landscape or portrait mode, howeveryou wish.
TJC Dino Hunt 1.0.1
TJC Dino Hunt is a shooter in which you trytosurvive against hungry dinosaurs. Controls are super simple,youtap on dinos to shoot. You also need to reload your gun,bypressing the reload button.Velociraptors and compsognathuses (i.e., compies)HD graphicsDifficulty curve (it gets harder as you play)Simple gameplayIn case you wonder, TJC stands for Triassic,Jurassic,Cretaceous; the ages of incredible creatures.
Water Ball Game 1.0
You are the blue circle(s) in water (orspace).You apply force on the objects in the water (or space) withyourfinger. Your purpose is to catch the gold cat-square. If youtouchangry red triangles, you lose life. Simple, isn't it?Features:* Cute HD graphics* 14 levels (7 water, 7 space) those you can play wheneveryouwant* Musics those make you happy
Simon 3D 1.1
Simon 3D is the well-known memory game, butnowplayed on a colorful 3D cube! Test your memory with thissimple, yetaddictive game.In this game, you are given a pattern of colors on the sidesofthe 3D cube (e.g., Red-Blue-Yellow). You repeat the patternwiththe correct order. It’s that simple!This game is developed by Galavalomka (Ezgi Çetin) and AslanGameStudio (Ahmet K. Keleş).
A Short Nightmare 1.1.1
A short horror/mystery adventure game thatcanbe finished in a short time."Let me talk about a nightmare I keep having.I always find myself in a bathtub when the nightmare starts.Whoam I? I have no memory about myself. A dirty bathroom that Iamunfamiliar with. I have no idea how I am brought there."It has pre-rendered 3D images at 2048x1152 resolution.