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ATM with money 1.1
Find ATM With Money Near YouGet money from your nearest atmSingle solution to all money related problems .No need to searcharound for ATMs having cash. Directly just go to the ATM havingcash. This app provides the details of all the ATM’s nearby yourlocation with “Money”, “No Money” and “Wait”.Soon after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's announcement todemonetise Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 currency denominations on November8, there was euphoric celebration over the government's brave move,with many calling it a surgical strike on black money hoarders andcorruption.But, as the days passed by, people have become restless over thelong queues outside banks due to scarcity of Rs 100 denomination,and non-availability of the new Rs 500 note in wider regions.Now it has become easier to find an ATM with cash with just asingle click. Our wide range of ATMs at popular and strategiclocations across the country helps ensure that you’re never too faraway from money.Find an ATM with money app will help you find ATM with cashnearby your location, Here's how to find ATM with cash:Step 1: Enter the PIN code where the nearby ATM’s needs to besearchedStep 2: Click on Search buttonStep 3: Once clicked, the app lists all the bank brands near to theuser's PIN code entered on the map with direction details anddistance in km’s.So, now in whatever district or state you are , if you have thisapp ,just go to ATM having cash.