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Talk! Stopwatch & Timer for Free 1.2.10
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It is a simplest ultimate stopwatch and timer free app of the powersaving to notify time by the voice at the specified interval time.The stopwatch and timer can be used without seeing the screen witha smart phone put in the pocket to inform them of the elapsed timeby the voice. Therefore, you do not need to move the face. Inaddition to can be started automatically after the voice ofcountdown. You can perform the necessary preparations during thecountdown. Please use it by soccer, futsal, and basketball, andamerican football, and ice hockey, and pro boxing etc. when theumpire does not exist. It also takes an active part when it is notpossible to confirm cycling, marathon, racing, a smartphone such asrunnners. Because the elapsed time is notified by the voice, it ispossible to use it as a kitchen timer(egg timer) in life. The bestfor laundry, the brushing teeth, and the nap timer, the yoga, andthe zen timer. Best also for the exercise(exercising),training(workout), meeting, reading, and the video game(onlinegame), etc. with the gym where time is decided. Moreover, it isvery good also for the meditation etc. to feed insight. It nevernever becomes loud voice than music. The best also for themanagement of time that kids play. If you do not press the stopbutton, even if you start another application, stopwatch willcontinue to run in the power-saving without end. Therefore also isavailable at the same time another app while checking the voicenotification. For example, it can be checked while taking a photowith the camera app. * Your smart phone will run even duringsleep(locking). Music volume and is available separately from thevolume control of the voice notification. Therefore, it is alsopossible to reduce only the volume of the voice notification whilelistening to music. * Android4.0 or more is required. 【Knownissues】 ・Stopwatch does not work. 1)Samsung Products(Galaxy etc).2)Android6.0(Marshmallow). 3)Samsung TTS. ・Workaround see "WHAT'SNEW". [Main specification and features] ・Count start button.(On,Off) * Can be set to any seconds to start after the countdown voicenotification. ・Voice interval.(On, Off) ・Voice notification.(On,Off) ・Number of repetitions when the voice notification time hasexceeded.(one-Infinity) * It repeats like the alarm of the wake upclock.(with repeat stop button) ・Countdown voice notificationimmediately before specified time.(On, Off) ・By "Keep screen on"option, during the stopwatch screen display can be set so as not toturn off automatically. ・History management function of eachdesignated time setting. ・History management functions of thecountdown setting. ・Adjustment of voice notification volume.(Withmute button) * In the case of Android4.0 or more, it can beadjusted independently of the media volume. ・The record isdisplayed until 1/1000 seconds. ・Total time and lap time is countedup to a dual. ・Show multiple lap time list.(Displays the split.)・Copy time to the clipboard. ・Copy lap time to the clipboard.・Change of voice notification rate. * Voice notification rate isAndroid4.0 or more.(Less than Android4.0 is in the Android terminalsetting, Change in the "Text-to-speech settings".) ・Notificationsound.(On, Off) ・Notification Vibe.(On, Off) ・Button Pressvibration.(On, Off) ・The word before and after each voicenotification is customizable. ・Even if the stopwatch is beingexecuted, the voice notification condition can be changed. ・Largetime display. ・Display area of time of visual like digital clock.・Possible to operate it easy with a big start and the stop button.・Energy saving of battery. * Since the power consumption goes up,it does not correspond to the widget. ・Tablet support. ・Englishsupport. * All are machine translation. If you find a funny word,please point out by e-mail titled "#Talk! Stopwatch & Timer".(Important to put a # at the head.)