Asteroid Games 3D Apps

Hungry Pipe - Bird Smasher 3.0
Play the pipes and smash birds. This game is great birdkiller andtimekiller.Game is very simple, click on the screen when birds willfly up to the pipes and crush them to pieces.Many types of flyingmonsters to crush, many background to enjoy playing hungry andangry pipes.Arcade game features:- One button simple pipes control-Combo killer counter- Stunning graphics- Ability to disable theblood splatter- A very fun and relaxing- Absolutely free- Funnyflying animals and mosters- Random mountains backgrounds- Good andinteresting timekillerSo what are you waiting for? Download hungrypipe for free! Get your dose of pure adrenaline and kill monsters!
Search The Word: Free Game 9.0
And you can find all the words?Free word search game includesdifferent levels, ranging from children with mild words, to morecomplex with complicated words. Play more than 20 quests andpuzzles with categories such as animals, cities, food, sports, andmuch more! Play one on one at a time, by selecting the size of thefield. Choose your level of difficulty: easy, medium, hard. Beginswhere finished! Game progress will never disappear, the gameimplemented autosave. Use original tips. Chooses words and types oftips. The game will always be diverse, your capabilities - areendless! The game starts on a mobile phone and a small tablet, and10-inch HD devaysakh!  You can play with a light level ofcomplexity and look for the word on the screen 1 for children, orto perform an extreme task of finding 20 or more words per screen.Choose the appropriate category: animals, clothes, profession,food, names, colors and more! Find the right word and solve thepuzzle!Wonderful developing puzzle game for the wholefamily!Features:★ developing Puzzle★ excellent design★ choice oflanguage★ more than 20 top categories: animals, clothes,profession, food, names, colors and more!★ free game★ it includesdifferent levels★ autosave★ 1000 wordsHow to play:Choose yourcategory, find the words that are written under the playing field.Connecting the letters touch of a finger, in a single line.
Matches Puzzles Brain Game 9.0
Can you solve the puzzle with matches?Finally I got the newest gameabout the match, but rather a puzzle with matches. Exciting gamewith different tasks and a huge number of levels. Choose the levelof difficulty for yourself and play the latest hit of the season inthe coolest puzzle with matches! Your task will be to properlyarrange a match or a few matches away to solve a problem orequation. Move the match to get a few squares or triangles, tosolve mathematical inequality by conventional matches! The game isin Russian and English languages. Colorful design, designed levelswith multiple choice answers. Download Now a new popular game -puzzle with matches! Forget the boring time, play at any timeconvenient for you!Features:- The newest game about the match;- Anexciting game;- Different task and a huge number of levels;- Thecoolest puzzle with matches;- A game in Russian and Englishlanguages;- Colorful design;- Designed levels;- A free game;- Nicegraphics.How to play:Your task will be to properly arrange a matchor a few matches away to solve a problem or equation. CAREFULLYREAD JOB !!!I enjoyed our puzzle? Do not forget to put theevaluation !;)
Mega Solitaire Card Game 9.0
Famous card game - solitaire!If you like to play solitaire on thecomputer, then you will like our version. The game is pretty simpleand known to all. We have kept all the best qualities of a tapewormand optimized the game for phones and tablets based on Android withscreens of all sizes, so you can enjoy a game of solitaire. Wealso added a new style and design of the game, you can now enjoythe game not only enjoyable but also great graphics. Beautifulcard, new shirts and great music. Solitaire is also known assolitaire, Klondike, Spider Solitaire. If you like games suchgenres, be sure to Download our app and enjoy your favorite gameaway from home. For those who do not know how to play, webriefly describe the card in the tapeworm. The game consists of twomodes. Solitaire can be spread removing from the deck one card andthree (so more difficult). The aim of the game is to move all thecards in four piles Foundation (located in the upper left corner),and build up each suit from Ace to King. While playing, use thelower number of cards.Unlike other games that are running afterquantity rather than the quality of the game in which cards are toobright, our game is focused on improving the experience of thegame, a perfect balance of classic solitaire games and moderndesign that will satisfy all your needs in the game.Features:♣Klondike Solitaire 1 and 3 cards♣ Auto-completion♣ Leaderboards andAchievements♣ The sound can be turned on / off♣ Unlimited freegame♣ Ability to change the card style and rubasheh♣ The verticalversion of the game♣ The horizontal version of the gameHow toplay:Put in the upper left corner of the four stacks of cards bysuit from Ace to King.
One Touch Connect Dots 14.0
Connecting points with just one touch and create complex geometricshapes.This amazing puzzle made in a non-standard style. Instead ofthe usual outlets, there are sweet donuts, which gives the game aunique style. At first glance the game is very simple, all you needto do is connect the dots on the lines, in the end it turns outgeometric shapes. But with each new level will be harder to figure,which means that you have to poraskinut brains, to understand howto build a new shape. Also, the difficulty lies in the fact that byconnecting one point to another, you will not be able to come backand connect the other point, you missed initially. So think overyour moves in advance.  Puzzle Connect the Dots - Shapesenjoy both children and adults. It has everything to do: aninteresting interface, pleasant music, unusual shapes and of courseincreasing levels of difficulty. In order to complete the game, youneed more than one hour, a great game to kill time!) Westrongly recommend that every fan of puzzles this game. You fall inlove with her from the beginning. The game does not require aninternet connection and you can play it anywhere, anytime. You canplay with your friends and compete who will connect all points. Youcan play for free! Connecting points and train your brain. Thelogic of the game initially becomes clear to everyone, use thepoint as a compound to produce the desired shapes.Features:•unusual interface• nice graphics• great music• complex geometricshapes• huge number of levels• the growing complexity of the game,with each level• The game is suitable for all ages• Easy operation•the ability to endlessly pass the levelsHow to play:Slide yourfinger on the lines between the dots to connect the dots. At theend should get a figure.If you liked this game, be sure to evaluateit, it is important for us;)
Bow Master 11.0
Learn how to shoot a bow like a pro!Get ready for the biggestchallenge this year with the game Bow and arrow simulator. If youare already tired of the game, where a sniper shoots the zombie inthe second world, and you need a purposeful sports game - downloadBow and Arrow simulator! You get it for free! Waiting for you a lotof fun, entertainment and relaxation when you're shooting at atarget and aim the arrow at a target. Bow and arrow simulator -this is a free game that everyone wants to play! Bow and arrowsimulator - is an unforgettable experience, so feel yourself as anarcher, and see the type of game shooting in a completely newlook!Touch the screen to pull his bow and shot an arrow. Multiplelevels, modified, beautiful environment in 2D, moving targets, winddirection, which you should take into account the most realisticgame of shooting available on the market. Already become a masterof archery!You have 10 arrows for each accurate shot from a bow inthe center of the target (the apple) You get 50 points plus bonusboom. After each shot, the target changes its position. From timeto time there is a flying bonus, if it enters into it you getpoints plus a bonus boom. Goal of the game - to score as manypoints in the world championship.Features:• Stunning 2D graphics.•Excellent mechanics of archery.• Spectacular landscape of thegame.• Simple and intuitive control.• Is free!• Compatible with alldevices.• Good sound.• Rating results.• Various bows and arrows.Howto play:Touch the screen, pull the string and fall right on target.The more often you get to the center of the target the more arrowsyou have!If you have any problems with the game, please contact us,we will help you;) Enjoy the game!
Navy Gunner: Sea Battle 8.0
Aim and shoot in new Navy Gunner Helicopter Battle free actiongame.Machine gun and rocket launcher - are your friends with thisepic air battle game!Navy gunner air helicopter combat isrevolutionary defense & attack free game in deep see.Ourcommando seals are ready for every commando war, sea battle,ultimate air combat and a gunship battle. So be ready in your turelto attack and win over terrorists.Free game features:★ Completemissions divided in regions;★ 25 interesting missions;★ Survivalmode - tons of enemies;★ Turel upgrade system - visual upgradesmachine gun, rocket launcher, cannon base;★ Many cannon features toupgrade: damage, fire rate, health, fire accuracy;★ Smart enemiesattacking you with everything they've got; gunship helicopters,fighter, transport heli, air destroyer;★ Aiming helper;When thebattle situation going gets hard, use your rocket launcher to killenemy jet and helicopters.If you experience any issue which doesn'tlet you enjoy our games, please report it toalexandro2mosyk@gmail.comIf you love to play our games and wouldlike more addictive games, please let us know on our facebook page
Jelly Сandy Match 3 Free Game 12.0
Fall in love with this sweet new Match 3 candy puzzle game!Thisaddictive match 3 puzzle game includes jellies,gummy drops andother sugar filled sweet treats that are sure to bring you to asweet jelly rush!Use your wits to solve hundreds of puzzles andenjoy the sweet taste with Jelly Сandy Match 3.Casual match threeexplosion game which is suitable for kids & adults.Are youready for this puzzle game adventure? Swap and tap now, experiencehappy moments with sweet candy.Switch and match your way throughhundreds of levels in this delicious puzzle adventure.Join and playthe game now to experience one of the most addictive and tastymatch 3 puzzle games.If you like “match 3 games free with bonuses”,you will adore this absolutely amazing candy game!GAME FEATURES-Sweet jelly & candy- Easy and free to play- Amazing props andboosters- Mini size but very interesting- Suitable for all ages,-Cool candy game pieces,- variety of Sound, and enjoyable music.-Each level has unique target and fun puzzles- Match 3 or morejellies fruit to collect tasty sweets.- Candy frenzy game stylewith lots of combos and explosion!★ ★ How to play Jelly Сandy Match3 ★ ★- Switch and crush 3 candy or more sweet candy- Unwrap happycandy environments and sweetest gameplay.- Make combo, collectyummy jelly to make the kingdom become candy paradiseMatch andcollect gummy in this amazingly delicious puzzle adventureguaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth!We update the game everymonth so don't forget to download the latest version to get all thesweet new features and levels!
Prison Escape: Jail 9.0
It's time to break out of this prison!For two years you sit for acrime he did not commit, your family and friends have turned awayfrom you, considering that you attacked her and robbed her. Yourattempts to explain that you were framed in vain, a judge passed asentence of 6 years in a strict regime prison. And then one day,you get an anonymous letter which says that there is evidence ofyour innocence and who framed you. The only option for you is toescape from the prison and find that person to prove hisinnocence. In order to escape from prison you will need to gothrough several well-protected rooms. On your way to meet a varietyof traps, as well as surveillance cameras, machine-guninstallation, motion sensors and cruel guards. You need to becomeinvisible, to look for different ways around the traps, calculatethe speed and the rotation of the camera, and much more! Helpto escape from prison an innocent man in the latest game from ourdevelopers! Addictive gameplay, challenging levels and ingenioustraps! The game has never been so fun and exciting as it is now,having passed one level you want to go next and so on until thevery end. A great option for mobile lovers of puzzles here willhave to think quickly and make spontaneous decisions. The gamedepends on your ability to think logically. If you ever wanted totry to escape from prison, but you are a law-abiding citizen, thenthis game is for you, a great simulator prison escape by the hostphone, do not miss your chance!Features:✯ addictive gameplay;✯challenging levels;✯ ingenious traps;✯ mobile puzzle;✯ simulatorprison escape;✯ absolutely new game is unique;✯ over 30 levels;✯excellent graphics, in 2D styleHow to play:Manage concluded, leadhim to the door or hatch, beware of traps and guards.We are glad tosee you in our groups, engage, communicate and ask questions. Also,you can submit a question directly in the comments, we will replyto you !;)
Bowman Puzzle - Archery Game 22.0
What should you do with a bow loaded with arrows? Save people, donot let them die. You have no time and limited arrows! Bow manpuzzle is a fun and free arcade game. If you are a fan of brain& puzzle games, do not miss bow man puzzle. Beautiful, funny,challenging and relaxing bowman game.It's not just archery - peopleare hanging on gibbets and ask you to grab bow and arrows andrescue them with accurate shots.Each level in Bowman puzzle ispacked full of different objects and crazy sheep and power ups.Load your bow, pull back and start shooting! Use precariouslystacked crates and other environmental hazards to solve the puzzle.Enter as an archer to rescue by shooting the rope with your bow andarrow. Be careful not to miss!Bow man puzzle has 35+ levels toplay, unique characters, amazing arcade physics. Unleash your innerarcher and save people from dying. Features:- Loads of funnycharacter to save- 35+ challenging levels- 5 types of arrows, powerups and 3 bows to unleash- Funny sheep on level- Beautifuldifferent objects and backgrounds- Realistic arrow physics- Free todownload and playShoot the sheep, it will help pass difficultlevels.You can be skilled bowman or a casual physics game player,you'll love bowman puzzle!
Fruit Splash Match 3: 3 In a Row 13.0
Visit magical lands, forests and beaches discovering wonderfulplaces and sweet wild fruits and vegetables, you can crush them andexplode in match 3 games! Incredible colors and sound effects foreach fruit! Combine the fruit of three or more and get a bettertaste! It's not candy or jelly. It's fruit!Walk through many levelsof fun in this tasty and sweet match 3 games free. Classic styleconnect three, but more fun and sweet effect. Marmalade,strawberry, berries, vegetables, fruit all explodes with light andcolor! Free game gets sweeter every time, it is very tasty! Amazingfruit mania!The all-new puzzle games free in match three gamesgenre from your favorite developers! Drive through the colorfulworld and collect complex combinations of delicious fruits andvegetables! Very beautiful and animated vegetables and fruitsare waiting for you right now! Vegetables are sleeping and yourtask is to wake them up as much as possible. To do this, you needto press your finger on the vegetable and it will open your eyes.But in order to win, you need to collect a series of as many aspossible of the same vegetables!The bright and colorful game, easyto operate and enjoy absolutely everything! Funny characters,interesting levels, bright explosions and much more are combined inthe known puzzle genre three in a row. Combine the fruit in longlines and have explosive bombs! The all-new style of play, newlevels and missions!Game Features:🍏 110+ unique puzzles!🍏 Addictivegameplay!🍏 Excellent boosters that help you solve problems!🍏 Greatgraphics, animations and sounds!🍏 3 types of puzzles and game modesfor speed!🍏 Updates with new levels of puzzles, new boosters andimprovements!🍏 Absolutely free!🍏 Combo, winning streaks and muchmore!🍏 Colorful gameHow to play:Tap the screen with your finger,which is the fruit, draw a line between the same and collect threein a row and more.If you like the game, do not forget to put theassessment and write a comment, it is important for us!;)FollowUs:VK:
City Racing Free 4.0
Urban race free super fast racing game. Thank the best rider doesnot come just like that. You have to get the best sports car andgrab the title. Though the game City race is absolutely free, youdo not have to exert a little effort to pump your car and become aleader. Bring the driving experience to a whole new level! Like ahurricane swept by car through the streets of the city. The AmazingRace, addictive gameplay races and tough competition you onlypleasure. Passage through the busy streets, to avoid the collision,overtaking cars, picking up coins, dynamic, cool driving all thisawaits fans of fast driving.The world of illegal racing beckons andexperiences for strength. There are crazy speed real drug, and thedanger of turning into the meaning of life. Try to survive a crazyrhythm, to pass the test of money and fame, but the main thing - tobe the first. Have fun with all the heart, overtaking other cars atexorbitant rates. Take part in an incredible race and earncredibility among their friends riders.The game "Urban race free"have a huge selection of cars. Also, you can improve your gameusing earned money. Purchase the best car and win an incrediblerace.So what are you waiting for? Download the "Free City Racing"now!RACE TO THE LIMIT emotions overtake rivals, starting at speedand are laid out in full at the finish line. It will be fun!UNIQUEGAMEPLAY: forget about the brakes, look only forward.AVAILABLEAPGREYT: City Race - Free game in which everyone can pump your carto your liking, it will take only a few hours.Features:- Feel thedriving speed,- Drive as fast as possible to collect the bonusesand increase the chances of winning,- Absolutely free game, doesnot require any cost, all seeking only your experience and skills,-Racing occur on a set of tracks,- Stunning 3D graphics,- Realisticphysics,- Ability to pump the car for themselves,- Stunning visualsand amazing tracks- Earn money to unlock and update your car,-Urban environment,- Cool sound and light effects,- Dynamicgameplay,- The atmosphere of the street racing,- Entangled plot,-Endless fun!- Amazing controls,- Wacky Races,- Ability to set a newrecord,- Damage system,- More than 10 detailed maps- Smooth andrealistic driving,- Free Mode game- Of detailed car interiors,-These engine sounds,- We can contact us on the social networks andask to add new maps, cars and more!Future plans:- Add even morelevels and cars,- Create the possibility of competition between theplayers,- Add more improvements, upgrades, vinyl.
Speed Racing 3D 5.0
Speed Racing is new endless arcade racing with physics.Race throughtraffic, earn money, buy and upgrade muscle cars.Features:-stunning graphics,- real car physics- many classic cars to choosefrom,- 10 different higway levels- endless racing- avoid traffic inracer experience on real roads,- upgrade your high-speed cars,spoiler, bumpers, hood- repaint body and buy new wheels- bonuspolice car,Driving features:- You can drive with tilt or use screenbuttons,- Race on highways with four lines with two lines inopposing directions.- Use cash to upgrade your car.Feel free tocontact us:
Mahjong — Puzzle Games 19.0
Because of its simple rules and engaging game play, mahjongsolitaire free has become one of the most popular puzzle boardgames in the world. Mahjong games is also known as Taipei,Solitaire Mahjong, Mahjong Shanghai, Majong, Mahjong Classic andMahjongg Solitaire.You need to match open pairs of identical tilesand remove them from the board, exposing the tiles under them forplay. The game is finished when all pairs of tiles have beenremoved from the board.Mahjong involves skill, strategy, andcalculation, as well as a certain degree of luck.Let's play puzzlegames for adults and kids. Become a Mahjong King!GAME FEATURES:⛩Chinese mahjong, shanghai mahjong and mahjong games free genre;⛩ Nointernet connection required to play - you can play offline;⛩ 15beautiful backgrounds and over 300 boards!⛩ 5 unique sets oftiles;⛩ different levels of complexity;⛩ HD graphics and beautifulmusic;⛩ You can play anywhere - best timekiller;⛩ Time killer gamesfor all family - for adults and kids;HOW TO PLAY:⛩ Get Mahjong:Puzzle Games now from Google Play;⛩ You need to match open pairs ofidentical tiles and remove them from the board;⛩ Enjoy the bestmahjong games and share to friends!FOLLOW US:VK:
Racing Monster 10.0
Run as fast as you can!How far will flee the fastest monster in theworld?Play as a monster: you are waiting for jumps, throws andtwo-dimensional rotation in the stunning scenery. You go aroundobstacles in the rapid and exciting game of infinite - begalke. Runas far as possible, jump as high as possible, collect coins, allyou have to do. Be careful, jump over obstacles and pits, do notlet your monster drop. Your task is to jump and collect coins, themonster will run forward himself. You need to jump over obstaclesthat monsters are not stuck. Interesting, fascinating and endlessgame - begalka help you relax and enjoy the game. The game is greatfor all ages! It offers the fastest monster, and only depends onyou how far he will flee!incredible abilityAbilities monsters helpdodge hazards, jump over obstacles and do the dead loop anddevastating homing attack to help him deal with the enemy!StunninggraphicsColorful monster parts of the world come to life on thescreen of the phone and tablet: never before has an infinitebegalka was not so beautiful!IMPROVEMENTSOpen, win or buy ingeniousimprovements that will help to run on: the jerks at the start ofresuscitation and magnetic coin!RUN CONTINUESThe more you play, themore prizes get! Increase your multiplier accounts, completingunique missions, or win amazing prizes.Features:- Stunninggraphics;- Game - begalka;- An exciting game;- funny music;- Manylevels !;- Endless game;- Absolutely free;- Suitable for allages.How to play:Click on the screen, your monster will run itself,you need to jump and collect coins.
Feed the Cute - Rope Puzzle 9.0
Your pet is hungry!And you have a very voracious pet, he is veryfond of sweets! I hope you do not refuse him in his delicacy! Treatyour pet a new sweetie! A wonderful game with a new characterfor you! Excellent animation, colorful graphics, unusual andchallenging levels! The game - puzzle to get a piece of candy, youhave to work hard. The task of the game - drop candy into the mouthof your pet. To do this, cut the thread and make sure that it hasgot the character right in the mouth! You can play one-touchfinger, you need to cut the thread, puff balls, move the candy andprotect it from the treacherous spiders! More than a hundrednew levels waiting for you right now! Nice music and beautifulgraphics. A character like a living! He asks you to eat and upsetwhen the candy fell past his mouth, or broken. Do not let himgrieve and has treated his favorite most delicious dish -yum!Features:✔ A wonderful game with a new character!✔ Colorfulgraphics.✔ Excellent animation, a character like a living!✔ Theunusual and challenging levels!✔ The game - puzzle.✔ More than ahundred new levels.✔ Nice music.How to play:It is necessary to cutthe thread and make candy fell into the mouth of your pet.Writecomments, leave your wishes, we put evaluation, it is veryimportant to us!))))
Onet: Magic PaoPao 13.0
We are glad to present you one of the most colorful board games —PaoPao!The goal of this puzzle is to remove the identical tilesfrom the game board. You find the identical and tap on them.Identical tiles are connected horizontal or vertical lines. Linemay consist of three, but not more. Try to play connect games andimmediately understand everything yourself. The puzzle games foradults and for kids is surprisingly simple and interesting.Only inthis game you will find interesting items, backgrounds as well aspleasant music. A game for those who want to relax and unwind. Noneed to hurry and tense, just turn on the game and enjoy thefun!Game Features:💥 Connect lines puzzle games genre;💥 Thebrightest and colorful puzzle;💥 Beautiful tiles;💥 Pleasant music;💥Easy one-touch control;💥 Relaxing onet classic puzzle.💥 No internetconnection required to play — you can play offline;How toplay:Download onet picachu and remove the identical tile from thegame board.Follow Us:VK:
Push the Box Puzzle 10.0
It's time to work as a loader!Meet unusual puzzle! Loader Simulatorand Sokoban, two in one!  Your task is to move the boxesto the point. Not such an easy task as you think. Boxes can onlypush forward or to the side, you can not pull back, so try not toput a box in the corner, from there it will not pullout. There are over 200 levels, several different settings,including the control. You will please our very attractive design,to play our puzzle is a pleasure. The game is suitable for all agesand for any location, regardless of the Internet. Each level iswell thought out and worked out, in order for you was a pleasure toplay. Download the game now and enjoy a pleasant story and greatmusic!Features:- Extraordinary puzzle;- A simulator of the loader;-Based on the genre of Sokoban games;- Over 200 levels;- A varietyof settings;- Attractive design;- Independent from the Internet;-great music;- Beautiful graphics;- Elaborate physics.How toplay:Your task is to move the boxes to the point.You can alwayscontact us by writing to us in the comments, as well as in socialnetworks.VK - -
Realistic Puzzle 7.0
The most colorful pictures only with us!For all the fans to collectpuzzle we have good news, there was a new game for you! All themost beautiful images to the most popular themes! Download andchoose the picture you want to collect, surprisingly simple andexciting game! Your task is to collect a picture from piecesof the puzzle, get your desired piece have put it in place. Chooseone of eight popular topics: cars, animals, flowers, castles,children, and other topics of interest! Choose the level ofdifficulty for a time, for points or just enjoy the game and do notrush. Use the tip to make it easier to collect the picture or turnit off if you believe in yourself! Easy and intuitive,easy-going puzzle, the pieces themselves stand in its place, if youchoose the correct location. All images are opened at once, chooseany that you like. Mosaic is suitable for all ages, fun toplay as an adult and a child. Nice interface, beautiful picturesand great music for you. When creating games, we have taken intoaccount all the wishes of our customers. The game is constantlyupdated and added new pictures. Enjoy your game!Features:🌸 mostbeautiful pictures;🌸 popular topics;🌸 simple and addictive puzzle;🌸choice of difficulty levels;🌸's tip;🌸 simple and convenientoperation;🌸 pieces themselves stand in its place;🌸 all images openat once;🌸 for all age groups;🌸 nice interface;🌸 great music;🌸 gameconstantly updated and added new pictures;🌸 free game.How toplay: Your task is to collect a picture from pieces of thepuzzle, get your desired piece have put it in place.Leave yourcomments, write your wishes, we are always looking for new ideas!VK- -
Classic Labirinth 2D 8.0
Rolled his ball to the finish line!Excellent reading puzzle foryou! You just have to roll the ball and it could be pushed to thefinish line. But there are always difficulties! The path to thefinish line is through a maze of walls and holes, as well as othertreacherous traps. Try not to get lost and do not fall into a hole,going all the way from start to finish! Beautiful graphics,lots of different levels and excellent music are waiting for youright now, try to play this game and you can not stop! Twotypes of control, rolling ball game pad or tilting the phone.Choose the most convenient for management. The player always has achance to shorten the way, if he could perfectly pass betweenholes. Good game for the whole family, helps you relax and givesyou a lot of positive emotions, you pleasant game!Features:-Excellent puzzle game board;- A maze of walls and holes;- Beautiful2D graphics;- Many different levels;- great music;- Two types ofcontrol: game pad or tilting the phone;- Different variations ofgame;- Game for the whole family;- Convenient operation;- A freegame.How to play:We need to roll the ball and it could be pushed tothe finish line. Beware of traps and holes.We always welcome yourcomments, as well as the wishes of the new e-mail us !;)VK - -
♛ Chess Grandmaster Free 4.0
Play the game with your friends, or against bots!A puzzle game withspecial shapes on a 64-cellular board for two contenders. The gameis based on the strategy, logic and special knowledge. The mostpopular board game is now on your phone! Download and play chessgames against your friends or against bots. Three levels ofdifficulty, from easy to difficult, easy settings and beautifulinterface. The rules of chess are identical to the present, itis necessary in turn to make a move with the figure and wait foryour opponent's turn. The player who has checkmated opponent.Variations moves to the figures highlighted, as there is soundimportant points. If you love to play chess, then this gameyou definitely like it, download our app and see foryourself!Features:♜ puzzle game.♜ most popular board game.♜ Partyagainst friends or bots.♜ Three levels of difficulty.♜ Simplesettings and nice interface.♜ rules of the game are identical tothe present.♜ Variations moves to the figures highlighted.♜Soundtrack important points.♜ game for all ages.♜ Chess 2D.♜interesting game.♜ free game.How to play:We need to make progressalternately with the figure and wait for your opponent's turn. Theplayer who has checkmated opponent.Write comments leave marks!VK - -
Stone Moving 10.0
Drop the magic stones!Colorful game for real connoisseurs of goodpuzzles! Simple and excellent control, beautiful design and a hugenumber of excellent levels! Check yourself for the cleverness inthe new interesting puzzle! Your task is to move the stones,so that there are three identical in a row, then they willdisappear. The difficulty is that you have only one right decisionand one move. Magic stones can be instructed very much, your taskin one move is to make all the stones in a row. Try it, it's veryfun!Features:⛏ colorful game;⛏ an interesting puzzle;⛏ more than200 distinct levels;⛏ beautiful graphics;⛏ simple management;⛏magic stones;⛏ free game.How to play:Your task is to move thestones, so that three are aligned in a row. The number of yourmoves is limited.If you liked our game, then feel free to goodgrades and comments !;)))All questions with the passage ordifficulties with the game, as well as your suggestions, you canleave here:VK - -
Jump Planet Arcade 7.0
Jump all the planets!Fun arcade game with attractive graphics andsimple game story. You play as a monster and you have to jump fromone planet to another. The difficulty is that the planet isconstantly spinning and you need to choose the right moment tojump, otherwise you can not fly to another planet. Very simpleand fun game designed for entertainment and enjoyment. Tired ofcomplicated games? Download this! Simple controls with which tohandle even your child, press the screen to jump, that's all youneed. Cheerful music, funny monsters, help you to have fun and takea break from the heavy working days! Play and have fun!;)Features:- Fun arcade game;- Attractive graphics;- A simple gamestory;- A fun game;- Easy and convenient operation;- funny music;-Funny monsters;- An endless game mode;- Beautiful planet;- A freegame.How to play:Tap the screen to jump. Jump from one planet toanother, collect bonuses.Do not forget about our group, buteverything is very fresh and interesting !;)VK - -
Arkanoid Block: Brick Breaker 5.0
Shoot the blocks, do not lose the ball!The best arcade this year!You need to control the platform, shoot at blocks, destroy bricksand pick up bonuses! Pass all 100 interesting levels, destroythousands of blocks, there are no obstacles on your way! Awonderful game in the genre of Arkanoid, performed in a modern,stylish design. Beautiful graphics, great music, many levels, easymanagement and a huge number of different bonuses - this is whatyou need for a delightful game! Try your hand at block shooting! Donot lose your ball, be the best! The game is divided into twomodes: campaign and survival mode. In the campaign, you go throughthe levels one by one and you are given 3 balls per level, in thesurvival mode the levels change one after another, withoutstopping. In the survival mode you have three balls at all, try tohold on as long as possible and break as many brick blocks aspossible! Choose green bonuses and beware of the Reds. Each bonusaffects the quality of the ball or your platform, some bonusesallow you to play easier and others complicate yourgame.Features:☠️ great arcade;☠️ 100 levels and thousands ofblocks;☠️ in the genre of games arkanoid;☠️ beautiful graphics;☠️realistic physics;☠️ great music;☠️ simple management;☠️ variousbonuses;☠️ two game modes;☠️ free application.How to play: Youneed to control the platform, shoot at blocks, destroy bricks andpick up bonuses.If you liked the game, do not forget to leave arating.Here you can follow the release of our games, as well aswrite to us on any questions:VK - -
Super Battle Tanks 2.0
War in the tanks on your phone!A great fun arcade game, control thetank, destroy all enemies! A game for those who like tanks,strategy, shooters. We all remember the wonderful game fromchildhood, much of this game was taken when creating ourapplication. You also have to defend your base, but now you have toattack the enemy's base! You will get similar bonuses for thedestruction of special tanks, but now there is a bonus with thecall of support from the air. The control of the tank is verysimple, the game joystick will appear on the screen, thanks towhich you can easily destroy all enemies. The game is absolutelysuitable for any age. Play when you feel comfortable. Improvedgraphics, powerful tanks, nice music - great combination for a tankarcade!Features:💣 great fun arcade;💣 tanks, strategy, shootinggames;💣 new bonuses;💣 convenient control;💣 beautiful graphics;💣 forany age;💣 different tanks;💣 tank war;💣 free game.How to play:Managethe tank, destroy enemies, blow up the enemy base.We will be gladto see you in our group!VK -
Forklift Loader Simulator 3D 6.0
Control fork lift car in new simulator free game.An excellentsimulator of technology, where you have to transport cargo from oneplace to another! Be careful, because the goods can befragile. To begin with, you have to master the management ofthe forklift, in addition to managing the transport itself, youneed to master the work with the pitchfork. An excellent game forthose who like to manage technology. Pick up the load and take itto where the arrow points. The level will be passed when you bringand deliver the cargo to the specified place, and you will alsoneed to move a little from the cargo. Every time the load will bedifferent, from heavy boxes to light barrels, carry the loadneatly! Much will depend on the skill of managing the player withyour vehicle. If you want to pass the level for the maximum score,pass it as quickly as possible. A realistic 3D simulator fortrue fans of games of this genre! Play and control yourdream!Features:✔ Simulator technique;✔ control forklift;✔ Greatgame;✔ Realistic 3D simulator;✔ Convenient operation;✔ Select thecamera angle;✔ view from the cockpit;✔ Different loads, from strongto fragile;✔ Beautiful graphics;✔ Realistic sounds;✔ Free game.Howto play:You have to transport cargo from one place to another. Findthe cargo, pick it up and take it to where the arrow points.We hopethat you enjoy our game and you will give us good grades !;)Joinour groups, where you can watch the release of new applications, aswell as communicate with us!VK - -
Bug Adventures: Ball Free Game 17.0
Great game for the whole family!Do you like to play arcades? Thenthis game is for you! Go through all the adventures of the beetle,where you have to shoot on colorful balls, collect bonuses and earnpoints. You need to play for the bug, it is at one point andcan only spin, in its paws appear balls, which he shoots.Throughout the playing field there is a path, along itmulti-colored balls roll, do not let the balls roll into the hole!To destroy all the balls, you need to shoot at the balls of thesame color, shoot two or more identical balls in a row, then youwill definitely destroy them! Sometimes bonuses will appear on theballs, thanks to which it will be easier for you toplay. Beautiful graphics, nice music, many exciting levels, 4different game worlds. Convenient management, allows you to playnot only adults but also children. Play online in order to receiverewards for passing levels and scoring. To play easily andpleasantly, drags on for several hours, plunge into the fairy-taleworld of colorful balls!Features:❀ An interesting arcade;❀fascinating game;❀ beautiful graphics;❀ pleasant music;❀ manyexciting levels;❀ 4 different game worlds;❀ convenient control;❀game for the whole family;❀ the ability to receive rewards forpassing levels;❀ online high scores table;❀ convenient settings;❀free game.How to play:Shoot and destroy all the balls, do not letthe balls go to the hole.We are always happy with your estimatesand feedback, thanks to you we make our games much better! Do notforget to leave comments and assessments, for us it is veryimportant.Subscribe to our groups, here you will receive moredetailed information on all your questions, and also you will bethe first to learn about the release of new games from ourdevelopers!VK - - -
Stone Pillar: Block Puzzle 6.0
Stone Pillar: Block Puzzle - one of the best casual stacking towergame for family!Stack stones wherever you want by simply touchingthe screen. Its just your creativity that will decide the structureof your building. Don't let the blocks fall down from thestack.Google Play Games - earn XP and level up as you master gamesacross Google Play. Complete missions, earn awards, and track themall right from the app. Then, see how you stack up against otherplayers.Stone Pillar: Block Puzzle goes on mobile phones andtablets. You can play to this puzzle game free with no Wi-Fi or 3Ginternet.Build a tower by touching the screen and test your skillsof balancing physics!GAME FEATURES:▪ Classic-style tower buildingblocks free games genre;▪ No internet connection required to play -you can play offline;▪ Many challenging levels;▪ The best of timekillers games;▪ Achievements & World Leaderboards in GooglePlay Games;▪ Amazing graphics, excite animation and beautifulmusic;▪ Friendly user interface and one-touch game control;▪Timekiller games for all - for children and adults;HOW TO PLAY:✔Get Stone Pillar: Block Puzzle now from Google Play✔ Tap on thescreen to stack a tower block and complete the mission.✔ Enjoy thebest tower blocks building games and share to friends!FOLLOW US:VK:
Find The Difference - Pictures 6.0
Find The Difference - awesome free casual puzzle game for family!This spot the differences game free is among the best fun games forkids and for adults!Classic Find the difference puzzles, known asphotohunt game. The goal is to guess the differences between 2photos. If you like find the object games, you're at the rightplace! Are you ready for an awesome “find the differences”adventure?Play for free spot the difference now!GAME FEATURES:🖍Brain puzzle game in find the differences free games genre;🖍 Youcan play hidden object with your friend and your family, it's allfree.🖍 Super hard quest and logic puzzles;🖍 One-touch gamecontrol;🖍 free hint in each level - find it!🖍 excellent graphicsand beautiful music;🖍 relaxing game;🖍 Puzzle games for all - forchildren and adults;HOW TO PLAY:✔ Get Find The Difference -Pictures now from Google Play✔ Find five differences between twopics and tap it. If you find the right difference, it will bespotted. Find all ten differences on one level.✔ Enjoy the bestpuzzle game and share to friends!FOLLOW US:VK - -
Crossy Snow Road: Winter Games 6.0
Welcome to Crossy Snow Road: Winter Games! See how far can you getin a crossy road arcade full of dangers! If you like running gamesand runner games — you will love this winter game! Timekiller gamesfor all family — for kids and for adults!Help your jumper frog andhis friends to pass the crazy hurdles to get him towards the yummyfood — gold coins. Collect gold coin, cross roads, rivers, arrowand more! Watch out when the frog cross the road — there are poisonslugs all the way, rolling spikes, fire traps, rolling slices andmore! GAME FEATURES:❄ Mix of game genres: crossy road games,running games and runner games;❄ No internet connection required toplay — you can play offline;❄ Amazing graphics, excite animationand beautiful music;❄ Friendly user interface and one-touch gamecontrol;HOW TO PLAY:🐸 Get Crossy Snow Road: Winter Games now fromGoogle Play.🐸 Control your frog to pass the various crazy hurdlesto get him towards the food.🐸 Enjoy the best of crossing road gamesand share to friends!FOLLOW US:VK:
Two Player Games: Air Hockey 28
Discover this top free air hockey game with two player multiplayermode and amazing features! One of the best 2 player games of sportsgames free on your smartphone or tablet! Use your finger to movethe hockey pad and hit the puck to score goals! Smooth and quickmallets moving so fast and bringing you inevitable victory! If youwant to win an air hockey world cup tournament, get ready for thatwith help of this air hockey free with accurate physics and agilemovements of the puck. Enjoy the freedom of motion and speed! Thenewest of 2 player air hockey games in which you can switch betweenmodes to take your game to the ultimate level. Soon you'll be ablenot only to play one or two player air hockey with your device butalso look for a real opponent to start a tournament and win! Let'sstart multiplayer competition! Game features: 🔘 Hockey games, sportgames and air hockey games genre; 🔘 No internet connection requiredto play - you can play offline; 🔘 Awesome space graphics —fantastic colors and real life mechanics! 🔘 Realistic physic andbeautiful music; 🔘 Multiplayer — you can play in air hockey gameswith friends or AI; 🔘 Simple and addicting for all age groups - forkids and adults; How to play: 🔹 Get Two Player Games: Air Hockeyfor free from Google Play. 🔹 Use your finger to move the hockey padand hit the puck to score goals. 🔹 Enjoy the best airhockey andshare to friends! Follow us: VK: FACEBOOK:
Tower Defense: Defender of the Kingdom TD 9.0
Orcs attacked the Kingdom! And now, the destiny of the Kingdom inyour hands, defender! Meet the new TD, strategy games and rts —Tower Defense: Defender of the Kingdom!Murderous war began...Defense of the Kingdom — your primary goal. The people believe inyou. Build a defensive line with a powerful tower and defend yourkingdom. Build tower, upgrade your towers, ue the magic support andstopped the invaders!If you like turret defense, tower games,strategy games free — you will love Tower Defence: Defender of theKingdom!Remember, defender — orcs must die! Are you ready? Let'sstart the battle!Game Features:🏰 Mix of genres — strategy games,defense games, rts games, tower games genres🏰 Amazing 3D graphicsand heroic music!🏰 40 interesting levels;🏰 10 different towers withupgrades to increase strategic choice;🏰 Colorful magic support toeliminate enemies in defense zone!Play the best tower defence oftower defense games for free!Follow Us:VK:
Parking Games: Car Parking 3D 8.0
Are you annoyed by all the similar car games and parking games andlack of high quality graphics and uniqueness? Brand new car parkingwith realstic 3D graphics and physics! This is a car simulator likeyou’ve never seen before! Let's start parking mania!Parking Games:Car Parking 3D — is an amazing car parking simulator game thatrequires highest precision! The parking situation in vehiclesimulator will require you to show top driving skills in steering,acceleration, and obstacle avoidance to get those vehicles parkedin parking places. As the parking lot driver, you will drive theawesome automobile around corners, obstacles, and parking lotborders with speed and accuracy.Learn how to navigate a realisticparking environment. Steer the vehicle meticulously and catch thebridge in time to lift your car onto the next storey. Use thevarying gears and shifts to wiggle into the parking spot. Avoidcrashing into barriers and other cars! This is quite the challenge.Follow the checkpoints to find your way ad become parkingmaster!Game Features:• Parking simulator and luxury car simulatorgames genre;• Realistic driving and parking experience;• Amazing 3DHD graphics and excellent music;• Realistic world and high qualitycars;• Lots of different vehicles — police car, bus, jeep, trucketc.How to play car simulator games:You need to switch thetransmission of forward or backward, press the gas and brakebuttons and turn the steering wheel and to wiggle into the parkingspot.Follow Us:VK:
Shooting Gallery: Target & Weapons 8.0
Hello, marksman! Do you like listen gunfire in shooting gallery?Brand new shooting simulator with shooting targets!Aim and Shoot!This game train you to take over the whirlwind criminal Enemiesunderworld. You are an army commando shooter training to play yourpart in dangerous attacks and silent assassin missions. If you likecounter strike and identical games, you love this shootingsimulator. Download shooting games offline and play gun games freenow!Game Features:🎯 Games genre — shooting gallery & shootingsimulator;🎯 Three perfectly balanced difficulty levels;🎯 Amazing 3Dgraphics and realistic sounds;🎯 Friendly user interface;🎯 Nointernet connection required to play!Follow Us:VK:
Cube Games: Blocks & Puzzles 6.0
Solve all the puzzles and save the yellow blocks from the redmalicious!An exciting puzzle game with lively and charismaticcharacters and colorful levels. You have to solve tasks on logicgames, to seek logical solutions and save all the yellow boxes. Redvillains will stop you, while you remove blocks!In the game morethan 45 interesting levels — a real puzzle for the mind! The gameis not difficult — assignments to logic for children and adults,time killer games for all family! Install the logical games forfree!Features of block puzzle:🎮 Puzzle block games and casual gamesgenre;🎮 Over 45 exciting levels;🎮 Beautiful graphics and funnymusic;🎮 Perfectly drawn characters;🎮 Funny hats for the cubes;🎮 Oneof the best of time killer games!Follow Us:VK:
A ride through the dark streets of the city!Urban race super fastracing game in 2017. Thank the best rider does not come just likethat. You have to get the best sports car and grab the title.Though the game City race is absolutely free, you do not have toexert a little effort to pump your car and become a leader. Bringfast driving experience to a whole new level! See, that's the charmof the game. Like a hurricane swept by car through the streets ofthe city. The Amazing Race, addictive gameplay games and toughcompetition you only pleasure. Passage through the busy streets, toavoid the collision, overtaking cars, picking up coins, dynamic,cool driving all this awaits fans of fast driving.The world ofillegal racing beckons and experiences for strength. There arecrazy speed real drug, and the danger of turning into the meaningof life. Try to survive a crazy rhythm, to pass the test of moneyand fame, but the main thing - to be the first. Have fun with allthe heart, overtaking other cars at exorbitant rates. Take part inan incredible race and earn credibility among their friends riders.In the game "Race City" has a huge selection of cars. Also, you canimprove your car with the help of money earned. Purchase the bestcar and win an incredible race.So what are you waiting for?Download "City Racing" now!RACE TO THE LIMIT emotions overtakerivals, starting at speed and are laid out in full at the finishline. It will be cool!UNIQUE GAMEPLAY: forget about the brakes,look only forward.AVAILABLE APGREYT: City Race - Free game in whicheveryone can pump your car to your liking, it will take only a fewhours.Features:- Feel the driving speed,- Ride as fast as possibleto collect the bonuses and increase the chances of winning,-Absolutely free game, does not require any cost, all seeking onlyyour experience and skills,- Racing occur on a set of tracks,-Stunning 3D graphics,- Realistic physics,- Ability to pump the carfor themselves,- Dynamic gameplay of arcade racing,- Stunningvisuals and amazing tracks- Earn money to unlock and update yourcar,- Urban environment,- Cool sound and light effects,- Dynamicgameplay,- The atmosphere of the street racing,- Entangled plot,-Endless fun!- Amazing controls,- Wacky Races,- Ability to set a newrecord,- Damage system,- More than 10 detailed maps- Smooth andrealistic driving,- Free Mode game- Of detailed car interiors,-These engine sounds,- We can contact us on the social networks andask to add new maps, cars and more!How to play:Drive your car,overtake oncoming cars, move to the right and left, often press thegas button!Future plans:- Add even more levels and cars,- Createthe possibility of competition between the players,- Add moreimprovements, upgrades, vinyl.You can learn more about our gameshere:VK - -
Horror: Fear in Hospital 5.0
Horror: Fear in Hospital — like an Outlast and Outlast 2 terriblesurvivor horror in hospital games genre.Search an old, abandonedmental hospital and collect any scraps. But be careful and try tosurvive in this horror place. Experience fear and deep horrifyingatmosphere. Survive in and find out horror stories about mentalhospital. Features:👻 Horror games free and horror escape gamesgenre;👻 Terrible levels and fearful atmosphere;👻 Beautiful 3D HDgraphics and horror music;Follow Us:VK:
Solitaire Card Games Free: Spider Solitaire 5.0
Looking for spider solitaire free? You found what you need!A greatsolitaire classic will allow you to have a good time and relax yoursoul while you play solitaires. Spider solitaire game is useful forthe mind and at the same time gives him a break from a hard day.And its mobility will allow you to play cards of solitaireanywhere! Install the Solitaire Collection for free and enjoy theflawless performance of tapeworm solitaire!Classic spider solitaireare simple - 2 decks of 52 cards. Initially, 54 cards are evenlydecomposed into 10 columns (i.e., 4 columns of 6 cards and 6 on 5columns are obtained), the remaining 50 are added to 5 heaps of 10.In each column, all but the upper ones are closed. You can movecards from a column to a column.Maps are moved according to thefollowing rules:▸ you can move the top map of any column to anempty space;▸ the top card of the column can be moved to the nexthighest card, regardless of its suit and color;▸ A stack of cardsof the same suit, lying in order, can be moved as one card;Featuresof Solitaire:♦ Classic card games genre;♣ Spider solitaire classicrules;♥ Unbeatable distribution and undo mode;♠ Delightful VictoryAnimation;♦ Tips if you are stuck;♣ Nice graphics and beautifulmusic;♥ Choice of layout for 1,2 and 4 suits;♠ Convenient gamesettings;♦ Ability to customize the game interface;♣ The game iscompletely free!♥ Does not require an internet connection;♠ Abilityto trim shirts and backgrounds;Do not forget to rate thegame!Contact:VK:
Pool Billiards — Pool Cue & Balls 4.0
Brand new billiards! Welcome to Cue Club.We have tried to transferthe whole essence of this billiards into a pocket version and nowyou can chase balls anywhere and anytime! ;) You can play both withfriends, and against artificial intelligence - ie, against thebot.The rules remained unchanged - American billiards. Make thefirst stroke and the color that you scored and will be yours.Continue to score balls in the pockets until you scoreeverything.Features:🎱 The most realistic ball pool;🎱 The game isabsolutely free!🎱 Excellent 3D HD graphics;🎱 Play with friends oragainst AI;Subscribe:VK:
Mahjong: Magic Chips 2.0
Majong is a сhinese board games. Mahjongg — one of the most populargames in the world. If you were looking for puzzle games andmahjong solitaire, then you are in the right place! Mahjong: MagicChips — is a real brain training & sweet puzzle! Over 200colorful levels and 10 different worlds are waiting for you!Collect all skins of chips and beautiful backgrounds from eachChapter! You can use them in free mode to fully customize the gameto your taste. The rules of a puzzle games for adults and kids arepretty simple — you need to look for the same pictures on the tilesand remove this pairs from the game board. Once all pairs of tilesare removed, the level will be completed. Also you will meet thelevels where there will be a timer — here you have to hurry toclear the game board for a certain time. Solitaire mahjong is bothtraining of attention and real gymnastics for the mind. Thesimplest rules of the puzzle and the measured course of the gamewill allow you to relax after a hard day's work or pass the time onthe bus or metro. The game is also known as mahjong king, mahjongshanghai or mahjong classic. Download mahjong games free and becomea Mahjong Master of board game! Game Features: 🎛 Mahjong solitairefreee; 🎛 Over 200 colorful levels! 🎛 Collection of chips andbackgrounds! 🎛 4 different hints; 🎛 Pleasant sounds and melodiousmusic; 🎛 Amazing quests and game modes; 🎛 Training mind andattention; Follow Us: VK: TWITTER: FACEBOOK:
Board Games: Backgammon and Dice 5.0
The popular board game is now in a mobile format! If you werelooking two player games, then this is the best choice!Everyoneknows such puzzle games like backgammon. There are different kindsof backgammon — backgammon long, backgammon short. But the essenceremains one — backgammon is a very interesting board game and wetried to transfer it to the mobile format completely preserving thespirit of the game.The rules of the game remained unchanged: twoplayers play, two halves (left and right). The number of checkerson the board is 15 pieces for each player, which are placed ontheir side of the board along the right side. The number of dice —2. Players take turns throwing out dice and making moves. Thenumber of steps in the course depends on the number of pointsdropped on the dice.The player must pass all checkers full circle,counter-clockwise, go into the "house" and "throw" them before theenemy does. "House" for each player is the last quarter of theplaying field — "White House" (1-6) and "House of Blacks"(13-18).In backgammon, you can play multiplayer on one phone ortablet. Arrange a tournament in a large company or pass the time ina long queue.Key features of the board game:🎲 Classic board games;🎲Pleasant sounds and beautiful music;🎲 Funny multiplayer;🎲 Excitingtutorial;🎲 Brain training;Follow Us:VK:
Christmas Bubble Shooter 2018: Funny Balls! 4.0
Сelebrate a holiday with us and puzzles! Feel the festive mood in anew and exciting puzzle quest! Shoot on the colored balls, makecrazy combos and earn points! You need to shoot at the balls of thesame color as yours. If the bubbles fall below the line, then youlose, so try to hold on as long as possible. Shooting balls do notrequire an internet connection, which means that you can play atany time and anywhere! The puzzle is absolutely free. The game willhelp relieve tension and give a rest after a hard day. New Year'sgames not only relax but also raise the mood for the whole day!Features: 🔵 Ball shooter & 3 match games genre; 🔴 Bright andcolorful bubbles; 🔵 Juicy and smooth animation; 🔴 Delightfulgraphics 🔵 Simple and convenient controls; 🔴 Two different gamemodes; 🔵 The game is completely free! Follow Us! VK: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: