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Card Shark Brain Teaser 2.0.2
A simple FREE brain teaser game. It may take you awhile to figureit out, but once you do, think of all the fun you'll have watchingyour friends try to figure it out.Pick a card, any card. NO. Don'tpick it. Just THINK it. And the magical app will do the rest....
Inherit the Earth (Zombies) 1.0.9
Fight zombies that are really alien bacteria. Based on scenes fromthe book Inherit the Earth (available on zombiesin Arlington cemetery, schoolyards, and even the EiffelTower.Totally free and zero ads.
MaryHadALittleLamb 1.0.26
Mary Had A Little Lamb, and your child will love reading it withthis new FREE app! There are NO Ads in this game, and NO in-apppurchases.Click on a word to have it repeat it, or click on replayand listen to the whole sentence.Of course, the lamb DOES followMary everywhere, but you can also click on Mary or the lamb to hearfunny sounds that will keep your child entertained while theylearn.There's even a Tic-Tac-Toe game they can play withGranny!This app will always be free; however, it is just the firstone of a series. There will eventually be 10 Nursery rhymes in theseries, and you will be able to buy the entire series for only$0.99
DeadRinger 3.0.3
A Koala hunts Zombies in Paris with histrustyboomerRING...not to mention several sticks of TNT. Fight yourwayto the Eiffel tower, and then ride the elevator up to thetop....ifyou can! Once you are on the top, you have to throw sticksofdynamite to blow up the zombies that are crawling up the sides.After that, just for fun, you have to fight your way past theArcde Triomphe to wind up fighting lighting fast zombies inthecemetery!Don't worry, there are mini-games, like "whack a zombiehead",where you can earn extra lives. I suspect you will needthem!
Three Balls 1.0.30
3 balls moving on screen. Don't let the balls touch each other.That's it.
Tooter Scooter 3.0.90
FREE game where you ride a scooterthat'spowered by your FARTS. You have to catch every flag thatcomes downthe road or you lose. Like a bizzaro world flappybird...instead ofDODGING things, you have to CATCH things. Everyone!Oh, you also lose if you run out of farts, so make sure youcatchthe cans of BEANS that come down the road! It lets out a burpsoyou're sure to know you caught it!Appropriate sounds and images are provided.The free version just has ONE scooter. The PAID version(0.99)gives you FOUR different scooters to ride that have differentsizesand speeds, and it even has a BABY-TOOTER training mode thatonlyhas 1 flag to catch. OR you can ride ALL of the differentscootersand enjoy the complete game...simply by watching an Ad!The game has a Leaderboard so you can compare your scoretoothers on the internet, and it has Achievements, too.Play the game in either PORTRAIT or LANDSCAPE's likeatotally different game!And I can truthfully say that THIS GAME DOES NOT STINK!