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Collect is a mobile data collection app and web dashboard thathelps you build mobile forms and collect high-quality data indifferent ways ranging from simple text, and numeric data to audio,video, and location data. The Collect app works offline, lettingyou easily collect data in places without internet or electricity.Collect's web dashboard allows you to create and publish exhaustiveforms, manage your teams, and view the incoming data in real-time.You can add skip logic, create sections, and enable real-time datavalidations for ensuring better data collection and analysis. Italso supports grouping of questions in order to easily includerepetitive questions, making your survey efficient. Just a click ofa button, and you can publish your questionnaire as a mobile surveyto any Android device around the world! Collect is built to bebudget-friendly and runs smoothly on low-cost devices with limitedmemory and storage. It supports over 460 languages, making sureyour data collection project can pan the globe. Over 150 globalorganizations rely on Collect for their data collection needs.Using it you can conduct surveys like: - Baseline, midline, andendline surveys - Impact assessment surveys - Tracking andmonitoring surveys - Customer feedback surveys - Market researchsurveys - Supply chain management and logistics - Socialdevelopment surveys and any survey you want! Collect's featuresinclude: - Works offline – No internet connectivity? No problem! -Built-in monitoring — Track entities over time without having tore-enter baseline information. - GPS-based location tracking on amap (even offline!) - Infinite levels of skip logic forcomprehensive mobile surveys - Custom validations to ensure dataquality - Upload questionnaires from Excel to quickly build asurvey - Over 20 question types — images, audio, video, tabular,monitoring, map, geolocation, signature, barcode, date, time, phonenumber, email, dropdown, scale, and more. - Run multiple surveysunder the same organization - Download data in real time Take thefirst step towards smarter, mobile-based data collection withCollect.