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World Clock 1.0.26
Get family, friends or co-worker from all over the world? Then thissimple and beautiful Android app is a must-have application. Beforeyou schedule a Skype/Whatsapp call with your family or friends, orschedule a meeting with a co-worker in another city, make sure youuse this app to select the perfect time for everyone! Features:Convert date and time to multiple timezones. This is particularlyuseful when you are scheduling a online meeting (or Skype call)with people from different countries. Weekend and night time isclearly indicated. Thinking of scheduling a meeting with some onefrom New York on Monday morning? It's probably not a good idea ifyou work in Tokyo. This app solves the problem by clearly show ifit's weekday or weekend, and if it's daytime or evening indifferent timezone. Easily copy time in different timezone forsending email When you find the perfect time for you meeting/Skypecall, and you want to send a email to notify everyone about thecorrect time in their timezone, you can select the timezones andcopy paste to your email. Everyone will know when the meeting startin their timezone. Easily send your event to your Calendar app Whenyou find the perfect time for you meeting/Skype call, you can sendto your Calendar app with one single click. Search timezones withcity or country - 500+ cities supported. London San FranciscoSingapore Paris London New York Tokyo ... and many more!
A+ Gallery - Photos & Videos
Loved by 9 million users, A+ Gallery is literally world’s BESTphoto gallery app for your Android phone. You don’t have to makeany trade-off because A+ Gallery is BETTER than any other apps inEVERY aspect. Fast, fast, and fast A+ Gallery is the fastest appfor viewing HD photos, search photos and managing albums. Abeautiful and simple user interface Combining the beautiful look ofmaterial design and the simplicity of iPhone style designphilosophy, we made the app a great pleasure to look at and to use.Enjoy the best part from both worlds in one app. Customise yourgallery with a big collection of beautiful themes. Automaticallyorganise your photos Your photos and videos are automaticallyorganized by when and where you take them. See your photos andvideos by where you take them in the map view. Create and managephoto albums Organise your photos and videos by creating albums,setting your favourite albums and hiding unnecessary albums.Perfect support for multiple SD card. Create albums in any of theexternal SD cards. Search photos or videos by date, location andeven image color Your photos are now searchable by when and whereyou take them, and by image color. Searching photos in A+ Galleryworks without internet connection, and is lightning fast. Hide yourprivate photos in a password locked secure vault Protect yourprivacy. Move photos and videos you want to keep secret to thesecure vault. The hidden photos and videos won't be visible in thesystem gallery and all other apps. Only you can see the photos byentering the password. Access all your online photos from oneGallery If you get photos from Facebook/Dropbox/Amazon Cloud Drive,you can view and manage all those photos from A+ Gallery. Managingthese photos is just as easy as managing photos in your phone. Syncand backup photos No matter you want to back up photos to Dropbox,or download a Facebook album to your phone, or you want a photoalbum and a Dropbox album to stay synchronised, A+ Gallery help youset that up in a few clicks. Google+: Facebook: Twitter:
Math List
Math list is the best Android app to create and edit any list anddo math calculations on your data. It works seamlessly with GoogleSpreadsheet and Microsoft Excel. It also has a beautiful Googlematerial design user interface.Features:- Create any lists. Thinkabout Microsoft Excel, the idea is similar.- Built-in calculator,do math calculations on your data.- Many templates available.-Easily build your own money manager, finance calculator, todo list,budget tool or shopping list.- Search / Filter / Organise yourdata.- Supported data types including: text, number, rating andboolean.- Supported math functions including: sum, average, count.-Beautiful Google design style.What other users say:Love thebuilt-in calculator! As a finance manager, Math list allows me tomanage money on the go! - Jin, SingaporeI used Google Spreadsheetand Microsoft Excel on my Android phone before I use Math List. NowI know Math List is the best. - John, London
Mini Desktop (Launcher) 2.0.13
New in v2.0! Major performance improvement:- 100% faster- Uses 50%less memory- Apps lock and icon packMini Desktop is the mostlightweight (250KB) and fastest launcher on Google Play. Despiteit's extremely small app size, Mini Desktop has powerful features.With Mini Desktop, you can create icon packs, quickly search forapps, and lock down your private apps with a password. Also, MiniDesktop allows you to put your favorite apps to the dock for easieraccess.Extremely lightweight and fastMini Desktop is by far theworld's most lightweight and fastest launcher. The second smallestlauncher on Google play is 4 times bigger than Mini Desktop, andconsumes at least 2 times more memory. Launcher is the applicationthat live in memory most of the time, by using Mini Desktop most ofour users found their battery life grow at least 50% longer.Quicklyfind appsMini Desktop is designed to save your time on finding appsall over different places. Your apps are sorted by usage frequencyso that you can quickly find the app you want.Apps lockProtect yourprivacy, enable apps lock to lock down your private apps. Lockedapps are password protected. Only you can open these apps.You canalso hide your locked apps, this will further protect yourprivacy.Organize your appsCreate groups to better organize yourapps. Drag apps on the dock to reorder them. To add apps to a groupor remove apps from a group, long press the app and select "EditGroup".
Hello - Schedule Group SMS 1.0.5
When was the last time you say hello toyourfamily, old friends or the person you love? If it’s lastChristmas,you should connect more with your family and friends!With Hello,you can say hello to your family and friendsautomatically.Features:Send happy birthday to family or friends automatically.Say Merry Christmas to family and friends, with theirnameautomatically filled.Schedule SMS message to multiple contacts.Schedule SMS message that repeats.Google material design! Thank you Google!Tips:- Put (name) in your message, then it will be replaced withthecontact name automatically.This is the best app to:Schedule repeating romantic message to your girlfriend.Schedule Christmas message to your parents and friends.Replace any birthday reminders in Google Calendar, wecanautomatically send your greeting on your friends’ birthday.“Best app to make my family and friends happy! Savestimetoo!”“Beautiful Android app! Help me connect with my friends!Loveit!”“I never forget to say hello on my son’s birthday, thanks tothisamazing Android app!”