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City War 1.0
Atrump Games
ts all about War, Fights, missionsagainstdevils..Complete deadly missions and hurdles at everyfootstep.Ultimate Graphics with easy smooth play,destroydifferentenemies.Game with full of actions and fights.This extreme sniper game is having thrilling and violentgameplay with amazing controls, weapons and challenges.Extreme super levels filled up with lots of obstacles. Acolorfuland exciting game .Are you ready to feelthe depth of War. Your mission has just begun! Upgrade yourheroand unlock special abilities to defeatthese evil villains, with the play you will get the specialpowersto defeat your enemy, don't avoid yourenemy it will not let you go.So be ready to defend yourcityagainst various deadly enemies.So Keep enjoying this adventurous game.
Pappu Pinku Run 1.0
Atrump Games
Pappu and Pinku run is 30 stagemultiplecharacter fruit collection in jungle posing number ofhurdles.Ifone is really good in games then it would be fun for themtoattempt and complete all 30 stages. The tip of the gameipsconcentration and very good for all age group to enhance theireyeto finger coordination. The game will help kids to improveupontheir skillset on improving blazing coordination, eye movementandmind manipulation. Play it with zeal to be successful insteadoffailing in the middle. Try out before making an opinion andGamedeveloper strongly believe that their user believes in " Forgettherest and you are the best". We wish all user grand success andstaytuned as Game developer will notify you for another excitinggamewhich will be launched soon
Squirrel Fruits Bonzo 1.3
Atrump Games
Jump squirrel, jump and collect fruits! In this game, your goal isto collect as much fruits as you can, while moving left & rightand jumping. As the game progresses, the speed of platforms willincrease. If three fuits of same types are collected consecutivelyspeed of platforms willspeed up for some time. Beware of fruitbomb, which explodes.How to Play: * Tilt the mobile left &right to move squirrel left & right respectively. * Tap to jump* Collect fruits to score * Beware of fruit bombs Features: *Amazing game with attractive graphics which attract users of allage group * Easy to learn and play the game * Various types offruits which keeps on moving * Fruit bomb which explodes * Movingplatforms left & right * Squirrel flipping while jumping