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Your morning routine starts with Audible. Your place for listeningto the world’s biggest selection of audiobooks, mysteries, truecrime, comedy, news updates, kids stories, and bite-sized audiocontent, anytime, anywhere. Listen to audiobooks, audio originalsand inspiring audio entertainment from a variety of genres. Hearstories told by the voices you love. And listen to the audiobooksthat speak to you. Start a free Audible trial for 30 days and widenyour world one audiobook mystery, kids story, ebook, or audiooriginal at a time. You can cancel whenever you want. FIND YOURLISTENING ROUTINE. 1. Mystery & Thrillers, True Crime, Comedy,Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Self-development, Documentaries, and more audiocontent to help you start your day. 2. Kids stories and audio booksincluding classics, bedtime stories, bible stories and modern youngadult books to entertain your children. 3. Keep informed with dailynews updates from the NYT, Wall Street Journal, and The WashingtonPost. 4. Audible Audio Originals such as exclusive audio books,documentaries, comedy and scripted shows that you can’t findanywhere else. 5. Wherever you’re working, the Audible audiobooklibrary has the titles you need to stay ahead - productivity,communication, virtual collaboration and more. LISTEN ANYTIME. Ourlibrary of audio entertainment is always open. So come on in andlisten to bite-sized audio content such as daily news updates andaudiobooks as you cook, walk the dog, run, work or fold laundry.Find your morning routine with Audible. Download and listen tobooks offline. Dive into engrossing true crime thrillers,mysteries, fantasy & sci-fi series, memoirs, bestsellers,documentaries, and Audible Originals. UNPLUG BY TUNING IN. Enjoysmall listening bites such as short stories or book chapters frombestselling titles. Download audio books & ebooks to listen tooffline. And take your listening break with Audible. KIDSSTORYTIME. Kids stories and young adult audio books to keep yourchildren entertained. Share storytime together, or set them free onan adventure narrated by mesmerizing voices. JOIN AUDIBLELISTENERS: - Search the entire collection and use credits to add toyour library. - Own your library. Your titles are yours, even ifyou cancel. - Easy exchanges. Swap any audiobook at any time. -Download and listen to your audiobooks offline. - Set a sleep timerto stop playing your audiobook if you get sleepy. You won’t miss aword. - Use Whispersync to easily switch across your devices,including your Alexa-enabled devices, Amazon Kindle, and anyBluetooth speaker. - Stay captivated with ad free listening. -Access Audible Daily Deals and get audio books from $2.95. - Freemonthly titles. Get 1 credit for any audiobook, and select AudibleOriginals. - Plus, get 30% off any additional titles. Discover anew routine with Audible, an Amazon Company. And fall in love withbooks all over again. Happy listening!
Amazon English 1.7.2
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Amazon English is no longer accepting newmembers. Unfortunately we have closed the phase for new membershipregistration. Only current subscribers can sign in to play content.Non-subscribers will not be able to use APP. We deeply apologizefor any inconvenience that this may cause.Amazon English is the entertaining way to improve your Englishconversation skills. The unique service lets you listen to nativeEnglish speakers as you follow along reading, a practice shown tohelp improve listening and vocabulary comprehension when used for15 minutes a day. It is easy to use. Do it while you commute towork, over lunch, anytime, anywhere.Amazon English features content that you want to listen to,including titles that can help you in business and life. Choosefrom thousands of articles, interviews, and conversations frompublishers like Nikkei Asian Review, Harvard Business Review, TheNew York Times, and TED Talks, as well as short stories and bookslike Sherlock Holmes and other classics. From categories likeBusiness to Travel & Adventure, to content recommended forTOEIC practice and conversation study, Amazon English helps makelearning English enjoyable.All content is levelled and assist you to select titles to yourcurrent English skills so learning isn’t too difficult. The appincludes key English learning features like a built in dictionaryfor easy translation, listening speed controls, vocabulary buildertool, and TOEIC words lists.As long as you have some English experience, Amazon English canhelp you improve your English conversation skills.App Features-All-in-one learning app features:• Mobile app easily fits in to your lifestyle• Short form content for quick study• Listen to catalog of thousands of podcasts, articles, books• Content include business, news, travel & adventure,conversations• In-app dictionary for easy translation• Content is levelled to make it easier to select contents at yourskill level• Download content for offline play• Personalized vocabulary lists• Multiple choice vocabulary quizzesEnjoy thousands of pieces of content-• Content includes short form podcasts, conversations, and articleslike:o TED Talkso Nikkei Asian Reviewo Yomiuri Japan Newso Harvard Business Reviewo The New York Timeso The Washington Posto Bloombergo Forbeso The Economist• To favorite books like:o Divergento Anne of Green Gableso Pride & Prejudiceo Sherlock Holmeso Alice in Wonderlando The Wizard of OzContact Us-Get in touch with our Customer Service Team by phone or email orvia the Contact Us option inside Settings on the Android mobileapp.CS toll free : 0120-899-540E-mail:
Audible Suno 2.53.1U
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LISTEN AT HOME OR ON THE GO Make inspiration and entertainment yourconstant companions with the Audible Suno app from Audible, AnAmazon Company. With our free mobile app you can listen to audioseries on-the-go, whether you’re at home, commuting, at the gym orjust doing chores. With new episodes added every week, you canstream your favorite stories without listening to ads! AUDIBLE SUNOORIGINALS Yoddha: Nothing is closer to the hearts of Indians thanthe people who sacrifice their own lives to protect our homeland.In this series, master storyteller Neelesh Misra brings theseuntold stories of bravery alive for Indian listeners ThrillerFactory: Only on Audible, listeners can escape once again into theseedy underbelly of Indian Pulp Fiction’s most beloved and prolificauthor, Ved Prakash Sharma, as reimagined and retold by modernmaster, Anurag Kashyap with stories narrated by actors like Tabu,Nawazuddin Siddiqui Ae Dil Hai Complicated: Ae Dil Hai Complicatedbrings to life the secret stories of sex, love, and relationshipsin India. Experience what it feels like to be 30 and to never havebeen in love? Living in Without Sin, Open marriage... Celebratingthe real stories from across India Kissa Khwabon Ka: This seriesgives hope to the true outsiders with nothing more than a dream.Experience as Anupama Chopra transports you to the heart of 10incredible stories of then strugglers like Tapsee Pannu, ManojBajpayee and many more. Listen to the seemingly ordinary nightsbefore your favorite stars got their lucky break Be Stupid: Vir Dasand his guest in each episode reveal how stupid decisions in yourpersonal life, your career, your relationship with your childrenand parents… can change your life for the better. This is Vir’sguide for listeners of all ages who want to live life on their ownterms Kaali Awaazein: You can run away from a demon but how willyou escape from the claws of a VOICE? ‘Kaali Aawazein’ is adocumentary drama series, featuring horror stories inspired by trueincidents Picture Ke Peechhe: Untold stories and director/castreunions of some of the most iconic Hindi films of the last twodecades. Listen to stories from Karan Johar, Vidya Balan, Sujoy andmany more, as they sit down with Rajeev Masand and recall memoriesfrom the sets of their movies AUDIBLE SUNO FOR EVERY MOOD AudibleSuno offers enlightening, inspiring and entertaining storytellingfor every mood with its unparalleled range of audio series in Hindiand English, featuring stories by popular authors and interviewswith popular artistes and celebrities. Take your pick fromThriller, Mystery & Crime, Comedy, Horror, Romance,Spirituality and Self- Development with content like RabindranathTagore Ki Lokpriya Kahaniyan, 30 Women in Power, The Omieyoga Show,Chanakya Neeti, Myth & Culture show, Global Comedian audioseries & many more. HOW TO GET STARTED • Download the freeAudible Suno app • Stream free and fresh entertainment every weekwith just one click • This service is completely FREE, no paymentdetails or account are required TOP FEATURES THAT ENHANCE YOURLISTENING EXPERIENCE Get the most out of your Audible Suno app: •Customize narration speed • Access ad free, premium audio withouthaving to listen to ads • Jump back and forward if you want tore-listen • Set a sleep timer for up to an hour or until the nextshow • Share your favorite episodes with your friends over email,text or WhatsApp TOP FEATURES THAT ENHANCE YOUR LISTENINGEXPERIENCE Get the most out of your Audible Suno app: • Customizenarration speed • Access ad free, premium audio without having tolisten to ads • Jump back and forward if you want to re-listen •Set a sleep timer for up to an hour or until the next show • Shareyour favorite episodes with your friends over email, text orWhatsApp NEED HELP Find us at