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Audio Tour Guide 1.3.1
Download the app and enjoy a unique tour experience and a tripinancient history and its monuments. Audio Tour GuideExperiencesguides you through archaeological sites, giving you theopportunityto choose among 7 different languages ​​(Greek, English,French,German, Spanish, Italian, Russian). You can enjoy arelaxingsightseeing tour with your personal headset. At this point,it isimportant to note that the tour texts were constructed byaqualified tour guide. The purpose of Audio Tour GuideExperiencesis to provide a perfect audio material so that you willnot missanything in relation to a real-life tour. Even if you donot obtainheadphones to listen to our tour, you can stillexperience thisunique touring experience through our texts, whichare availablealong with the headset, free of charge. Close data /wifi duringyour tour and enjoy an unusual experience without acharge. Take atour of the archaeological site having freedom ofmovement. Choosea hero-mythical person as a guide and experiencethe journey intoantiquity. Apart from the archaeological site tour,meet and beinformed about all the historical places of the area youarevisiting. Discover the wider area and its evolution overtime.Audio Tour Guide Experiences wishes you a beautifultourexperience. Enjoy it!