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Font Studio Pro Text On Photo 1.31
Font over: Label text on photoAmazing photo effect with stylish label. Enjoy the world ofwords!Font over is the app for creating the perfect effect with font toyour photo. You can add beautiful label well-designed stickers andphoto effects with font over. It is a powerful font maker and photoeditor for you include all the tools of fonts you need.functions:★ Great UI style and wonderful visual experience.★Perfect text function :You can write everything what you want .Atthe same time you can edit the font color and shadow and so on. Doit by yourself with text function.To discover your innerartist!★Great and funny label function:There are 20+label templates thatis a quick and easy way to edit font on your photo no fuss. This isa magic app to write any font on your photo without thinking. Wewill provide lots of label templates just like tage and heart andso on.★Professional designed stickers :So amazing stickers with font over.It is the most popular function with text stickers and picturestickers . There are 30+stickers.Millions of people loveWell-designed stickers.To make your photo be cool!★Beautiful filters:We provide a verity of filters for you .★Share photo to :Instagram/Twitter/Facebook etc.In Font over you will find a lot of fun and experience the beautyof art. This is a great app to fast inputting words .Every word isa kind of mood. Come here to find your love label and stickers toshow your mood. Share your photo to social network with yourfriends.Please download and install!Enjoy it and if you have some suggestions please contact us
Square Mirror Snap Photo 1.7
Square Mirror Snap Photo is the best square,snap, photo mirror andpic collage photo editor for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.Square Mirror Snap Photo is a wonderful photo creator to edit yourphoto Insta square. You can add the blur and color background inyour photo . This is a great app to make your photo be full size.And frames /filters / stickers will help you to get more likes andfollowers with square function, Square Mirror Snap Photo is usedfor create photo mirror effect, and also provide lots instamagmirror effects. Mirror image mirror worlds.Insta Square Mirror SnapPhoto provide 2D mirror effects and 3D effects . And you can usethe effect to make your photo be more beautiful . We provide a lotof 3D and 2D style . For example heart / butterfly and son on.Amazing photo mirror effect will make your photo be unique. InstaSquare Mirror Snap Photo also provide snap pic effects, with snaptext, emojis and text to tell worlds say: Hi, I am here. InstaSquare Mirror Snap Photo is amazing pic collage with hundredslayouts, shadow effect, blur background,and lots patterns.[Features] ~ Insta Square Mirror Snap Photo make insta square foryou . you can make the blur / grad / color/ Pattern background withyour photo share to instagram without cropping. ~ Square MirrorSnap Photo is best mirror photo app with 2d(20),3d,Mag effects. ~Square Mirror Snap Photo is amazing snap pic stickers for makephoto speak. ~ Square Mirror Snap Photo is powerful pic collagemaker, with lots layouts, record nice moment. ~ Square Mirror SnapPhoto is generous photo editor by lidow effects. Square Mirror SnapPhoto is now here, please enjoy it! Any thing you want tell us,please mail us:, you always welcome!
com.baiwang.xsplash 2.2
Color Splash Photo Effect is is the best photo editor app onandroid which create by "Lidow" team,it's the best effect photoeditor for color splash effect, add stickers, backgrounds and text,with on tap share to Instagram, facebook, twitter. Color SplashPhoto Effect offer tens splash Mag effects. In addition,you alsocan switch photo between color and gray by brush.Color Splash PhotoEffect can intelligent find colors you want,and replace it by theother colors,this is an amazing tools you ever seen. Color SplashPhoto Effect take amazing classic Splash effect with touch, withfingers, you can create best color photo effects. Color SplashPhoto Effect also take snap pic effect,with stickers and text, withtext, make photo text says photo to the world. Also you can createSquare photo with blur background and share it to Instagram withoutcropping. [Features] ~ Color photo with mag effects with blurbackground. ~ Color Splash with intelligent find colors you want. ~Classic Color Photo with Fingers touch and auto maker it sensitive.~ Best for photos,add stickers and snap text make photo saysworlds. ~ Square photo for Instagram with blur background. ~ Fullfeatures photo editor, with amazing filters and so on. ~ On Tap toShare Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Color Splash PhotoEffect is best color photo and snap pic photo editor, just enjoyit. Any Suggestion and Request, please mail You always welcomed!
LiSquare Insta Square Snap Pic 1.8
LiSquare Insta Square Snap Pic lidow square and snap photo editorfor instagram. LiSquare Insta Square Snap Pic is the best way toshare the square photo for instagram facebook twitter with nocropping. LiSquare Insta Square Snap Pic create the full size photoand make the lidow effect for you. Have a fun way to edit yourphoto with LiSquare and get more likes and followers with LiSquareLiSquare Insta Square Snap Pic is amazing snap photo editor, youcan create snap text for photo, and also you can make it square ororiginal. with LiSquare Insta Square Snap Pic you can create greateffect to share you fans and friends all over the world ofinstagram. Features include: ~ LiSquare Insta Square Snap Pic Makeyour photo be square with one step . Add the white background withyour photo no cropping. ~ LiSquare Insta Square Snap Pic Blurbackground is a great function in LiSquare . You can adjust theblur effect for your photo . And close it so easy . Blur is a magiceffect so that let your photo be beautiful. ~ Edit your photo withcrop / zoom/ rotation ~ Colorful grad for your picture. Grad byLidow is very popular . You can choose from a variety of amazinggrad . And you can design the color and effect . ~ Lens flare inLiSquare . We designed the beautiful lens flare for your photo .Enjoy the Lens flare and get more likes. At the same time you canuse your finger to move it . So nice ! ~ LiSquare Insta Square SnapPic have Powerful leak . We provide the 20+ leak effect . You candesign the leak hue and transparency . Add the leak ad make yourphoto more special just like Lidow ~ LiSquare Insta Square Snap Piccan create snap text effect. ~ Classic / Vintage/ B&W filterfor you. ~ Text:.Add tag or snap to your photo. ~Adjust:brightness、contrast、saturation、sharpness,etc; LiSquare InstaSquare Snap Pic :the best square and snap pic app with beautifuleffect.enjoy it!
Photo Editor PIP Mirror Image 1.5
Snap Photo Mirror Image editor:photo mirror by lidow Tired of sameand weary photo mirror apps?Mirror Photo Reflect Editor give you aunique experience,more cool and more fun . Stretch mirror,Gradientfilter,lead you to a different and magic mirror world. Mirror PhotoReflect Editor is the best mirror effect photo editor you ever seen. Mirror style、blur background、ratio,in addition to these normalfunction,you can do more exciting photo mirror effect:Stretchmirror、gradient filters,etc. Mirror Photo Reflect Editor willprovide the best 2D/3D mirror style for you. You can choose it foryour photo. And be a popular mirror editor, With Mirror PhotoReflect Editor you can make the mirror effect for your photos.There are many PIP mirror style mirror effect for you . You canmake the perfect and different mirror photo and share Mirror PhotoReflect Editor with your friends. you will get more likes andfollows. ~ 2D / 3D mirror for you . ~ PIP / blur /colorful mirroreffect for you . ~Amazing “Stretch Mirror”:It is a wonderfulfunction ,You never see it in any otherapp.Bulge、Concave、Tilt、3D,you will get many surprised stretchmirror effect,that different from your friends’ normal photo mirroreffect. ~ The best gradient filters . You can add magic effect foryour mirror photo . You can change the hue just use your finger.~16 mirror templates for your photo,these are the most populareffects. ~ Adjust the ratio with your finger,so easy to use. ~Blurbackground will make photo so beautiful. ~Share your photo toInstagram/ Facebook / Twitter and so on . Mirror Photo ReflectEditor :The most unusual photo mirror effect editor,that will makeyour photo to stand out from instagram、Facebook 、twitter and etc.Let’s enjoy it now!
Fadeo:gif and video maker 1.0
Fadeo:the easy and funny way to make can capture your favorite moments by usingFadeo,aneasy-to-use gif/video app. it makes everyday moments funandunexpected. Create captivating and interesting mini gif andvideothat loop back and forth, then share it with your’sacool way to retain and share your can get more"like"on instagram 、Facebook and other social networks.FEATURES:1)create a funny gif by tap the button;2)create a funny video by long press the button,then you canshareit to instagram;3) Switch the front and back facing camera;4) Share gif or video on Facebook and Instagram right fromtheFadeo, or save your video to your camera roll to sharelater;Download and start capturing immediately!No sign up oraccountrequired.