Austin Eaton Apps

Asteroid Blaster 1.0
Austin Eaton
Asteroid Blaster is a fun fast paced game, in which you pilot aspaceship through an asteroid field. The object of the game is toscore as many points as possible, points are earn by staying alive.New backgrounds and colors can be unlocked at 50,100,150 and 200.Credits:Developed by: Austin EatonMusic by: Lensko
Zombie Wave Survival 1.0
Austin Eaton
Zombie Wave Survival is a zombie survival game in which the goal isto survive for as long as possible. Players will have to balancetheir health and stamina while mowing down hordes of zombies.losing all health will result in death, while losing all staminawill result in the player getting surrounded by a horde of zombies.Programmer : Austin EatonGraphic Artist : Nick Friesen
Polynomial Solver 2.0
Austin Eaton
Polynomial Solver is an all in one Polynomial app, it can add,subtract, divide or multiply any two polynomials. This app cansolve any two polynomials (even complex polynomials to the power ofa variable). Some features of this include a built in keyboard tohelp with entering polynomial's quickly and efficiently, one touchsolving of polynomials.Instructions on use: To use PolynomialSolver use the keyboard to enter the first and second polynomialthen click one of the action buttons (Addition, Subtract, Division,Multiplication). To switch between the first and second polynomialsclick the radio buttons located to the side of the polynomial ordouble click on the text box that says poly one or poly two (thiswill also bring up key board to enter numbers press back button toexit out of key board).