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ABC listen 4.6.392.560
ABC listen lets you: • Take the radio with you - listen to live ABCradio wherever you are • Discover podcasts – download ABC programsto listen when it suits you • Hear the latest News bulletin withone tap • Use the sleep function to listen at the end of the dayDownload ABC listen today for free and hear the world differently.LIVE RADIO LISTENING • ABC metro Local Radio stations: ABC RadioAdelaide, ABC Radio Brisbane, ABC Radio Canberra, ABC Radio Darwin,ABC Radio Hobart, ABC Radio Melbourne, ABC Radio Perth, ABC RadioSydney • ABC regional Local Radio stations: ABC Far North, ABCNorth West Queensland, ABC Western Queensland, ABC SouthernQueensland, ABC Western Plains, ABC Goulburn Murray, ABC Gippsland,ABC Northern Tasmania, ABC North and Western South Australia, ABCAlice Springs, ABC Kimberley, ABC North West WA, ABC Goldfields,ABC South West WA, ABC Gold Coast, ABC Newcastle, ABC Ballarat, ABCCentral Vic, ABC South West Vic, ABC Western Vic, ABC Mildura -Swan Hill, ABC Broken Hill, ABC Mid North Coast, ABC Capricornia,ABC Central West, ABC Coffs Coast, ABC Esperance, ABC Eyre, ABCGreat Southern, ABC Illawarra, ABC New England, ABC North Coast,ABC North Qld, ABC North West WA, ABC Riverland, ABC Shepparton,ABC South East NSW, ABC South East SA, ABC Tropic, ABC Riverina,ABC Wide Bay, ABC Sunshine Coast • National networks: ABC RN, ABCClassic FM, ABC Classic 2, ABC KIDS listen, Double J, triple j,triple j Unearthed, ABC NEWS on radio, ABC Grandstand, ABC Jazz,ABC Country, ABC Radio Australia and ABC Radio AustraliaMulti-language These are all the ABC Radio stations that currentlyhave live radio streams for online and mobile. ON-DEMAND PROGRAMS(PODCASTS) • All current and previous episodes of podcasts fromover 130 ABC programs • Hear early release episodes and contentexclusive to ABC listen • News bulletins updated hourly DATACONSUMPTION Live streaming: The app streams HLS over AAC+ at64kbps, which uses about 29MB/hour.
triple j Unearthed
Unearthed is the largest source of free independent Australianmusic as well as new music recommendations from triple j and bandsand artists you love.This app delivers 99,000 tracks of newAustralian music in a range of genres, with hundreds of new tracksadded weekly. You can:- listen to the tracks- download tracks- addtracks to playlists; and- share tracks with your friends.Too muchto choose from? We’ve hand-selected some stand outs; tryrecommended tracks, featured and super user playlists and ourweekly Unearthed podcasts. You can also stream Unearthed digitalradio - it just got easier to find your new favourite band. ***Note that you are responsible for the data transfer and consumptioncharges incurred by you when using any ABC app. The ABC disclaimsall liability for such charges ***
ABC NEWS 6.0.6
News from Australia’s most trusted news source ABC NEWS. We’ve madea few changes to focus on bringing you the best news experiencepossible. With a new look and feel it’s now easier to read,explore, and stay up-to-date with news that’s important to you.Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurementsoftware which will allow you to contribute to market research.Please see for more information.
ABC iview 4.5.0
Watch high quality, distinctively Australian TV, on demand from theAustralian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). From breaking, trustednews to binge-worthy drama and comedy, quality children’s programsto live streamed broadcast channels. ABC iview offers a largecatalogue of Australian and international show, many available ascomplete series with extended availability. Dedicated Show ScreensIn recent times, some people told us they had difficulty locatingall of the episodes and information about a show. We've taken thison board and have introduced Show Pages in iview. Show Pages bringtogether all available series, episodes, extras, cast and guestinformation in the one place, making it easier for you to browseand search for specific shows. What can I do on a Show Page? ShowPages group all available series and episodes of that show in theone place, with video extras more easily distinguished. Now, it’seasier to see multiple series (where available), all episodesavailable to watch, and how much you've watched of each episode.There’s also more information about the show itself such as host,guest and cast information, and related links. Refreshed Designiview has been refreshed with an updated look and feel. The newdesign brings it more in line with other popular ABC services suchas the ABC News and ABC Listen apps. Improved Program Search We’vesimplified the Search tool to return program titles only, ratherthan a list of episodes. We’ve also added the ability to recognisecommon misspellings of popular programs. Faster and More ReliableThe iview website and mobile apps have been completely rebuilt,making them faster and more reliable. This also allows us to makeimprovements and add new features going forward. AccessibilityImprovements We’ve taken steps to improve the accessibility ofiview across web and mobile with support for voiceover andexpanding text sizes.
ABC Good Game 1.6.5
You asked for it and here it is!Welcome to ABC Good Game for Android!In this creamy slice of mobile goodness:• Watch Full Episodes• Watch Separate Game Video Reviews• *NEW* Watch Good Game Spawn Point Video Reviews• Add Your Own Reviews and Ratings• Read Review Transcripts• Read User Reviews• Share You Faves• Build Your Profile• Unlock AchievementsBut there’s more! We didn’t want to make an iPhone clone app -this is waaay better! Thanks to YOUR feedback, we’ve alreadyadded:• Infinite Swipe Carousel Navigation• Downloadable Reviews and Full Episodes• Option Key Navigation, plus sharing• Latest Games Carousel on Homepage• Sexier Games Detail Page with added Swipe• App now remembers your Ratings and Reviews• Extra Episode descriptions• Extra Achievements & Info• Other Secret Stuff…We’ve also built this to run on Android 2.1 up and look great onalmost any screen resolution – spreading the goodness to as manypeople as we possibly could! Definitely worth 5 stars!!But we’re not finished - tell us how to make this app better, bysending us a message from the About Screen. And did we mention 5stars?!Enjoy!Please note: You are responsible for the data transfer chargesrelated to downloading show videos. The ABC disclaims all liabilityfor such charges.
Spell Block Academy 1.11
Salutations Young Wizard!Your hunger for knowledge and natural talent have led you hereto Spell Block Academy – the pre-eminent School of Magic. The firstlesson that Magicians learn is that the command of language is thekey to shaping the world around them.As a Magus-in-Training, you will be provided with the tools youcan use to enhance your magical vocabulary. The Spell Blocks arethe key! Spell Blocks will sharpen your familiarity and recognitionof the words that will shape your destiny. The more you play, themore you'll learn!Spell Block Academy is a spatial-movement, word, puzzle gamedesigned to be fun for all ages. It has been constructed to havespecific value for early-primary players, with a dictionary thatreinforces familiarity with common word families and high-frequencywords to help develop literacy. The game also has a dictionaryeditor, which allows teachers and parents to create customdictionaries that can be used to support classroom/homeworkgoals.The game also has an “Advanced Wizardry” mode, using the samemechanics but with a fantasy-themed dictionary. This game mode isdesigned to be fun and engaging for older players, but also servesto introduce new words to younger players who try it.
triple j 2.3.10
Get more music on your phone with the new triple j app. Flickbetween triple j, Double J and triple j Unearthed radio stations.Stream via your Chromecast device. See all recently played songs.Add tracks that you love straight to your Spotify playlist. Findyour closest FM frequency. Update your timezone to listen livewherever you are Australia-wide. SMS or call triple j directly fromthe app. Best of all, the install won't eat up too much of yourphone's storage space, so there’s more room for selfies. We’ll bereleasing new features and improvements every couple of weeks, sowe’d recommend turning your automatic app updates on. In themeantime, if you’re looking for on demand programs, you can stillcatch up via the triple j website or ABC listen app. We’d love tohear your feedback – hit us up via the feedback option in the appor at Keep in mind music quality can vary dependingon how strong your cell coverage is. triple j – we love music (onyour phone)! *** Note that you are responsible for the datatransfer and consumption charges incurred by you when using any ABCapp. The ABC disclaims all liability for such charges ***
Spoke 1.0.4
Spoke is a new app from the ABC that brings you news &information tailored to your interests.You can simply and easily customise your news feed, or leave it upto Spoke to tailor the news for you. Spoke learns from yourbehaviour so you receive more of the stories that interestyou.With Spoke you can:· Customise your news feed - Get only the news you want and hidethe things you don’t· Include news from multiple locations - From across Australia andthe world· Get news that’s important to you, without having to lift afingerGive Spoke a Try. Download the FREE app now and tell us what youthinkTips to help you keep tabs of your data consumption:# ABC News 24 can use from 118 MB to 207 MB per hour on Froyoand Gingerbread devices and from 116MB to 313MB per hour onHoneycomb, ICS and Jelly Bean, depending on the strength of yournetwork connection# Live radio streams can consume up to 40 MB in 60 minutes*** Note that you are responsible for the data transfer andconsumption charges incurred by you when using any ABC app. The ABCdisclaims all liability for such charges ***
澳洲佳 Australia Plus 1.4
The free, bilingual Australia Plus China app invites you to learnabout life down under. It’s the perfect pocket guide if you areinterested in living, studying or travelling in Australia.• Discover what it’s like to study in Australia, with articlesabout universities and courses for international students.• Browse the latest trends transfixing Aussies, from arts andentertainment, fashion and business, to debates about currentissues.• Read articles about Aussie animals and the best destinationsto visit in Australia.• Easily switch between English and Chinese, take short Englishlessons via video and test your knowledge by taking a quiz.• Have fun getting to know Australian animals by taking selfieswith our A+ Aussiegram feature. You could be kissing a koala,smooching a swan or even caressing a deadly crocodile.• Take the quiz to unlock more screens with cute Aussie animals,and remember to share your selfies with your friends (includingus!).Download the Australia Plus China app – your pocket guide toAustralia.
ABC KIDS iview 1.1.2
Welcome to ABC KIDS iview ABC KIDS iview is a video on demand appfor preschoolers brought to you by the ABC. Watch ABC KIDS showswhen and where you want in a trusted online environment. ABC KIDSiview content is free and advertising free. - Quality Programs: ABCKIDS is the home to many trusted and loved programs, carefullyselected to educate and entertain Australian children. - ChildFocused Design: ABC KIDS iview gives children the confidence toindependently control their own viewing. - Parental ControlSettings: Parents can actively be involved in and regulate theirchildren’s viewing, and access detailed information about the app’sfeatures. - Filter Shows: Toggle specific shows ON or OFF. Showsturned OFF will not appear in the app. - Timer: Regulate app usageby setting a session duration. When the timer expires, the applocks to prevent any further video playback. - Play Next: Uponcompletion of an episode of a show, the next episode of that show(if available) will automatically begin playing. Play Next can beenabled or disabled within the app’s Settings. - AutomaticFavourites: Favourite shows that are watched most often willautomatically move to the first page of the app - making themeasier to find for children. - Trusted environment: All data isstored locally and users are not personally identified using thisapp. - Watch via WiFi or 3G/4G. This version of ABC KIDS iview isdesigned for devices running Android 4.2 and above. Watching ABCKIDS iview on any Android device is metered regardless of your ISP.Due to rights restrictions, ABC KIDS iview is geo-blocked toAustralia. Important: Data consumption. Please note: you areresponsible for the data transfer and consumption charges incurredby you when using any ABC app. The ABC disclaims all liability forsuch charges. The amount you are charged for watching video overmobile data (3G, 4G) depends on several things: - How much datayour mobile phone company allows you to download each month at noextra cost (your quota) - How much data you've already downloadedin that month, and how much of your quota remains - How much yourmobile phone company charges you when you download more than yourmonthly quota If you have a small monthly quota, or have usedalmost all of your monthly quota, watching video over a mobile data(3G, 4G) connection could be expensive. For more information aboutdata consumption in relation to streaming video, please visit theFAQs & Help page in the Settings section of the app. Do checkyour quota with your mobile phone company, and monitor your usage.Your mobile phone company may be able to send you alerts when youreach the limit of your monthly quota. It is possible to disable3G/4G within your device Settings. Please note: This app featuresNielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you tocontribute to market research. Please for more information.
Gallipoli: the first day 1.0
Watch and explore events as and where they happened, recreated in a3D map space of the accurate landscape of April 25, 1915. From thefirst sightings of British Naval ships by Ottoman shore platoonsand the unfolding chaos of the pre-dawn landings, to the ANZACstruggle to gain purchase on the unforgiving terrain, and thedominance of the Ottoman Army through devastating artillery andfierce resistance to the ANZAC advance.Developed with education inmind and anyone interested in the reality of the GallipoliCampaign, the hardship of war and its complex impact on Australianidentity. Features• Spectacular cinematics feature pivotal momentsthroughout the day.• 3D models of military hardware elaborate thetechnology available to the opposing sides in battle.• Audioversions of war diaries, read by Hugo Weaving among others, bringthe poignant eyewitness testimonies of ANZAC and Ottoman soldiersto life;• Curiosity rewarded with an increase in rank andspecialist medals which detail users' progress.• Moving videoaccounts by veterans portray the experiences of 25 April 1915.•Video commentary by historians including Harvey Broadbent and LesCarlyon; the Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove; TurkishAmbassador to Australia, Murat Ersavci; former Prime Minister JohnHoward; Head of Indigenous Affairs at AWM, Gary Oakley; New Zealandmilitary historian Christopher Pugsley.• Personnel records,archival photographs and military trees detail some of thethousands of soldiers who fought on the day.• Original maps used onthe first day, which can be overlaid upon the 3D landscape.• Ananalysis of the broader Gallipoli Campaign renders the first day inthe context of this ill-fated front of the Great War.A completelyremastered edition of the AFI award-winning documentary, originallypublished online in 2009.
Australia Plus: Expats 1.3.2
You might have left the shores of Australiabut Australia has not left you. Stay connected to home and otherAustralians abroad with this free app from the AustralianBroadcasting Corporation.NEWS AND INFORMATION - Keep up to date with stories from theABC. Choose subjects you are interested in to receive regularupdates on Australian, business, world, stock markets,entertainment or sports news.CONSULAR - Access up-to-date travel warnings and easily findyour local consulate. Receive notifications for high priorityconsular alerts.WHAT'S HAPPENING - Keep on top of major events and landmarkAustralian days. Easily find information about venues aroundyou.WEATHER - Set multiple weather locations so you will be preparedfor the right climate where you are, where you are going and whereyour family are living.ABC RADIO - Listen live to your favourite ABC Radio stations24/7.
Gobbling Goblins 1.0.30
Welcome to “The Toadstool Bistro, the hottest diner in GoblinTown.Maître d’ Grundle is in a panic! The Gobbling Goblins, three fiercefood critics, have arrived at The Toadstool Bistro and they’redetermined to put your kitchen to the test!Your goal is to keep the food coming for these ghastlygourmets.Use your maths skills to create fearsome feasts for the fussiestfoodies!Prove your numeric knowledge, beat the clock and maybe win thecoveted Golden Goblin award.FeaturesGobbling Goblins provides training in both number recognition andbasic numeracy for all ages.The activities in Gobbling Goblins map directly to the followingoutcomes in the Australian Curriculum:Develop confidence with number sequences to and from 100 by onesfrom any starting point. Skip count by twos, fives and tensstarting from zero (ACMNA012).Represent and solve simple addition and subtraction problems usinga range of strategies including counting on, partitioning andrearranging parts (ACMNA015).
Australia Plus Indonesia 1.1
The free, bilingual Australia Plus Indonesiaapp opens the door to down under. Practise your English and learnabout arts and culture, fashion, business, travel and living inAustralia.1. Discover what it’s like to study in Australia, with articlesabout universities and courses for international students.2. Read articles about Aussie wildlife, local attractions and theendless opportunities for adventure down under.3. Easily switch between English and Bahasa Indonesian, take shortEnglish lessons via video and test your knowledge by taking aquiz.4. Have fun getting to know Australian animals by taking selfieswith our Australia Plus Aussiegram feature. Picture yourselfkissing a koala, smooching a swan or caressing a deadlycrocodile.5. Take the quiz to unlock more Aussiegrams, and remember to shareyour selfies with your friends (including us!).Download the Australia Plus Indonesia app – your pocket guide toAustralia.
ABC KIDS Play 1.0
Welcome to ABC KIDS Play, a unique collection of games andactivities for preschoolers brought to you by the ABC.Featuringgames from our most trusted and loved shows such as Play School,Giggle & Hoot and Bananas in Pyjamas, ABC KIDS Play is broughtto life within the discoverable ABC KIDS village. Preschoolers areinvited to explore, investigate, create and of course play!Whatmakes ABC KIDS Play special?* Huge variety and depth. Fromopen-ended creative activities to quick toy-like games and deepermore involved activities, Play has something for everyone and forall ages.* Free, with no advertising directed at children and adedicated Grown Ups section to help parents get the most out of theapp and become actively involved in the play experience.* ABC KIDSPlay will grow over time, to include new games, activities andbrands.This app is designed for devices running Android 4.2 andabove. These devices have been tested to provide an acceptablelevel of app performance and stability:Tablets:- Samsung Galaxy Tab3- Samsung Galaxy Tab 4- Samsung Galaxy Tab A- Samsung Galaxy Tab2- Nexus 7
Best of ABC Splash - Primary 1.0.32
Get the best of ABC Splash for primarystudents and teachers in one app!The app features 75 videos and 375 quiz questions across topicsdesigned to engage your children or class in a fun, new way. Allkey learning points are mapped to the Australian Curriculum.The app allows you to view videos (with captions) and containssupporting content for each clip. There are five quiz questions pervideo to reinforce key learning points - students are rewarded withbadges as they progress through the quiz. Each video includeslearning ideas, transcripts and Curriculum mappings. You can sharecontent from within the app with classmates, friends andcolleagues.New app content includes:- Counting - Maths- Dinosaurs - Science- Minibeasts - Science- Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Histories & Cultures- Geography & Science- Antarctica - Science- Experiments - Science- Alphabet - English- Rhymes - English- Convicts and Colonial Australia - History- Australian Wilderness - Geography- Food - Science- Measuring - Mathematics- Sounds - English- Celebrations and traditions - History- Australian animals - Science & Geography
Best of ABC Splash - Secondary 1.0.32
Get the best of ABC Splash for secondarystudents and teachers in one app!The app features 75 videos and 375 quiz questions across 15topics designed to engage your children or class in a fun, new way.All key learning points are mapped to the AustralianCurriculum.The app allows you to view videos (with captions) and containssupporting content for each clip. There are five quiz questions pervideo to reinforce key learning points - students are rewarded withbadges as they progress through the quiz. Each video includeslearning ideas, transcripts and Curriculum mappings. You can sharecontent from within the app with classmates, friends andcolleagues.This release features the following topics:- Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Histories & Cultures- History- Ancient Egypt - History- Rights & Freedoms - History- Space & Solar Systems - Science- Extreme Weather - Science- The Human Body - Science- Robots - Science & Technologies- Books & Illustration - English- Measurement - Mathematics- Money & Finance - Mathematics- Viruses and Infections - Science- Shakespeare - English- Tourism - Geography- Ancient Rome - History- Nanotechnology - STEM
Australia Plus Kids 1.0.11
Australia Plus Kids is a fun andinteractiveapp for preschool children who are learning English.Using bright and colourful pictures, this animated flashcardappis designed to help young learners pick up letters andwords.Featuring audio narration, the app teaches kids how topronounceEnglish words correctly. The categories teach preschoolersallabout the world around them. They include: ABCs,Animals,Activities, Numbers, Music Instruments and Food. This appalsohelps parents work with their kids to learn the words they needtoknow before they start school.Join some of Australia’s favourite children’s characters –suchas Play School, Giggle and Hoot and Bananas in Pyjamas – asyoulearn and explore the English language!Australia Plus Kids is brought to you by Australia's mostlovedand trusted kids content creator, the AustralianBroadcastingCorporation.
ABC ME 1.4.0
Welcome to ABC ME ABC ME is a video-on-demand app for Australianprimary school aged children that forms part of the ABC iviewfamily. Watch ABC ME shows when and where you want in a trustedonline environment. ABC ME is free and there are no adverts orin-app purchases. - Quality shows: ABC ME is the home to manytrusted and loved shows, carefully selected to entertain andeducate young Australians. In the app you’ll also find somefavourite, age and classification appropriate ABC and ABC KIDSshows that are loved by primary school children. - Personalise yourapp: Add favourite shows to your own, easy-to-access ‘My Shows’page by clicking on ‘Add to my shows’ on any program page. You canalso create your own avatar and save reactions to shows. - Exploreand discover: Discover new shows and find themed contentrecommendations from the ABC ME team on the ‘Explore’ page. -Parental Control Settings: Parents and carers can limit access tocertain shows based on classification levels or turn off individualshows. - Trusted environment: All data is stored locally, users arenot personally identified using this app. - Watch via Wifi or3G/4G. This app is designed for devices running Android 4.2 andabove. Due to rights restrictions, ABC ME is geo-blocked toAustralia. Important: The ABC is not responsible for the amount ofmobile data you consume using the ABC ME app. If you are concernedabout mobile data consumption, consider updating your devicesettings to disable cellular data. Please note: This app featuresNielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you tocontribute to market research. Please for more information.
QED: Cosmo's Casebook 1.2
Have you got what it takes to lay downtheLore?QED: Cosmo's Casebook is a mystery-adventure game set inAncientRome in the final decades of the Roman Republic.You are Cosmo Veritas, a hot-shot lawyer with a heart ofgoldseeking fame and fortune in the Roman law courts. You havethreeexciting cases to solve - which take you from theglitteringheights to the stinky depths of Roman society.QED features:• Use your investigative skills to solve 3 different mysteriesandprove your clients innocent!• Explore richly detailed 3D locations in Ancient Rome• Interview prominent historical figures like Julius Caesar,Ciceroand Pompey• Play all 3 cases completely free• No in-app purchases• Save your progressCase 1: Citizen ExileTitus Africanus is to be expelled from Rome; his crime: not beingaRoman citizen! Surely there has been a mistake? How canadecorated, ex-soldier not be considered a citizen? And thenthere’sthe matter of those corpses in the street… There’s more tothiscase than meets the eye, Cosmo and Aquila will need toinvestigatein order to expose the conspiracy before it’s toolate.Case 2: School of Hard KnocksTimon, a freedman and a schoolteacher, is accused ofviciouslybeating his student, Lucius. The boy’s father, Rufus,wantscompensation for his broken son and demands that Timon be soldbackinto slavery. And how does Julius Caesar, Rome’s mostpopularpolitician, fit into this? Cosmo and Aquila must take tothestreets of Rome to find out the true story.Case 3: Death by DormouseAn old crooked merchant is poisoned at a feast. Which of theguestsis guilty? Was it the slaves he mistreated, his businesspartnerwhom he cheated or his jealous wife? Cosmo must defend theslavefrom crucifixion, and in so doing he must put his own careeron theline.Developed by Robot Circus for ABC Splash and EducationServicesAustralia, QED will appeal to both kids and adults alikewith itsrichly detailed 3D environments, clever mysteries, humourandinteractive features. It will support Year 6-8 students intheirlearning of the new History Australian Curriculum.
DJ Decibel 1.0.4
DJ Decibel Stadium F(x) is a multi-levelgamewhere doing the maths lets you lift the roof at anepic,stadium-sized dance party. As DJ Decibel keeps the musicthumping,you solve problems to keep the fans jumping.Rig the show with VERY LOUD speakers. Wrangle 3m-highrobotdancers. Fire lasers to explode fireworks from a flying DJpod. Doit all to max-out fan numbers as Problem-Solver-in-Chief inDJDecibel Stadium F(x).The game is available online as well as an iOS and Androidapps.The game explores volume, spatial reasoning, problem solving,piand the Cartesian plane.*** Note that you are responsible for the data transferandconsumption charges incurred by you when using any ABC app. TheABCdisclaims all liability for such charges ***
WW1:Fromelles and Pozieres 1.1
Experience ANZAC History brought to life! – It’s World War 1, andthe battles of Fromelles and Pozieres, major battles in the Sommeoffensive, are raging.Hear the story of these battles narrated byHugo Weaving while you explore 3D battlefields, trenches and awealth of other resources to gain an understanding of how theseWorld War 1 battles were fought.This app was produced by theDepartment of Veterans' Affairs and the ABC and is the follow up toGallipoli:The First Day• Narration by Hugo Weaving• Accurate,interactive 3D map spaces pinpointing events across both battles.•4 detailed battle scene dioramas give insight into day to day lifein WW1 - The German and British trenches, ANZAC artillery and CloseQuarters fighting • 3D models of military hardware showcasing thetechnology available to the opposing sides in battle.• Videocommentaries and audio war diaries, bring the poignant experiencesto life featuring expert video commentary by Major Mike O’Brien andDr Roger Lee Head of the Australian Army History Unit and Army•Personnel records, archival photographs and military treesdetailing some of the thousands of soldiers who fought on the day.•Achievements – as users progress they are rewarded with an increasein rank and specialist medals• Education resources linking appcontent to year 9 of the Australian History Curriculum
WW1:Battles of Third Ypres 1.0
Experience ANZAC History brought to life! – It’s World War 1, andthe battles of Polygon Wood and First Passchendaele, form a keypart of the Third Ypres campaign.Hear the story of these battles ofThird Ypres narrated by Richard Roxburgh, explore 3D battlefields,dioramas and a wealth of other resources to gain a richunderstanding of these remarkable events.This app was produced bythe Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the Department ofVeterans' Affairs, and is the follow up to the award winning appsGallipoli:The First Day and WW1:Fromelles and Pozières in the Daysin Conflict series.• 12 Chapter narrative of the Battles of ThirdYpres, narrated by Richard Roxburgh.• Accurate, interactive 3D mapspace of the Ypres Salient, pinpointing events across both battlesand providing context.• 4 detailed dioramas give insight intoaspects of the battlefield on the Western Front in 1917 - journeythrough the ruined city of Ypres, and follow the Australiansoldiers along the duckboarded path to the front lines; explore a AMark IV tank bogged in mud and a Captured German Pillbox.• 3Dmodels of military hardware showcasing the technology available tothe opposing sides in battle.• Audio performances of war diaries,letters and poems bring the poignant experiences to life.• Archivalphotographs and videos, military trees detailing some of thethousands of soldiers who fought on the day and illustrating whatlife was like at the front.• Achievements for using the app allowyou to record your progress through the depth of content.•Education resources linking app content to year 9 of the AustralianHistory Curriculum, available in the app's menu under "Settings andother Apps."
Kokoda VR 1.0
Experience the Kokoda story as you’ve never seen it before - instunningly detailed, 360-degree Virtual Reality.Brought to life inreal 3D locations and featuring original museum artefacts,historical interviews and videos; this interactive story lets youwitness the famous Kokoda Track campaign of WWII.Across 12chapters, spanning from June to November of 1942, the main eventsof the campaign play out, allowing you to see first-hand theequipment used, the men involved, the victories and failures.A freeAugmented Reality (AR) app is also available for those that want totake a closer look at real 3D models of the weapons, equipment anduniforms used and the unique stories behind them.This experiencecomes with a full suite of educational resources linking appcontent to year 9 of the Australian History Curriculum. For moreinformation, please visit
WW1:Beersheba 1.0
Experience Anzac history brought to life in this interactivedocumentary detailing the Battle of Beersheba and its pivotal rolein the Middle Eastern Theatre of WW1.Watch the battle unfold,narrated by Richard Roxburgh, explore the battlefield in 3D,dioramas and a wealth of other resources to gain a richunderstanding of these remarkable events.This app was produced bythe Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the Department ofVeterans’ Affairs, and is the follow up to the award-winning appsGallipoli: the first day, The Battles of Fromelles and Pozières,and Battles of Third Ypres, in the Days in Conflict series.- Theday of battle narrated by Richard Roxburgh- Accurate, interactive3D map space of Beersheba and surrounds, pinpointing events acrossboth battles and providing context.- 4 detailed dioramas giveinsight into aspects of the battlefield - explore Beersheba’s townsquare as it appeared in 1917, the role of signals intelligence, anOttoman front line trench and the bond between Light Horse troopersand their horses.- Models of military hardware showcasing thetechnology available to the opposing armies.- Audio performances ofdiaries, letters, poems and reports bring the poignant experiencesto life.- Archival photographs and videos, military trees detailingsome of the thousands of soldiers who fought on the day andillustrate what life was like at the time.- Achievements for usingthe app allow you to record your progress through the depth ofcontent.- Education resources linking app content to Year 9 of theAustralian History Curriculum, available in the app’s menu under“Settings and More Apps.”
ABC KIDS listen 1.2.412.83
ABC KIDS listen is a dedicated audio app for preschoolers, broughtto you by the ABC. Our aim is to provide children aged 0-5 andtheir families with a way to access the music and stories they lovefrom the ABC in a trusted online environment. ABC KIDS listen caresabout providing Australian families with a safe space for theirchildren to access educational and entertaining audio content. Youand your child can listen to our live radio stream, which has beendesigned to suit the changing needs of a child’s day and night, orsimply choose a program on demand that best suits your needs atthat moment. Our programs are inspired by the Early Years LearningFramework of Australia, which encourages children to learn throughplay. The high quality audio programs give preschoolers a spacewhere they can get their bodies moving and brains working. Explore,learn, and play, and later wind down, rest, and sleep. Episodes canbe downloaded and will then be available for seven days in the appbefore expiring, allowing for listening without an internetconnection. It’s free and commercial free. Other ABC apps designedspecifically for preschoolers and their families include ABC KIDSiview and ABC KIDS PLAY. The app is designed for devices running OS6 and above. Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietarymeasurement software which will allow you to contribute to marketresearch. Please see for moreinformation.
ABC AR - Space Discovery 1.4
Become an astronaut and pilot sections of the International SpaceStation in zero gravity.Examine a stunning model of Jupiter andlearn all about its most interesting and amazing attributes.Takecontrol of a futuristic laser to protect the ISS from incomingspace junk.Designed to be used in conjunction with Stargazing Live,on ABC TV from the 22-24 May at 8:30pm - or watch later on iview.
WW1: Home Front 1.0.0
A fascinating look at some of the earliest and most dramatic yearsin a young nation’s history. From the changing roles of women onthe home front, to the experience of Indigenous Australian soldiersand the aftermath of war. Australia is presented in the context ofan interactive globe allowing you to explore not only the homefront but also different theatres of war and the experiences ofAustralian men and women there.