Autonomic Apps

Mirage 5.2.20142.0
Turn your Android device into a powerful controller that will allowyou to orchestrate media playback from anywhere in your homethrough your Mirage Audio System.With the Mirage Media Controller,you can instantly access and play your entire music collection,including multiple iTunes accounts, Windows Media collections andany of your favorite internet streaming services such as Pandora,SiriusXM, Spotify, Rhapsody, Napster, and TuneIn Radio. Ifyou hear something that you like during playback of your localcontent or streaming services, a single button press of ourTuneBridge feature will enable you to instantly browse similarcontent on Pandora, Rhapsody, Napster, or Spotify. TuneBridge is anexclusive and fun feature that will help you discover more musicyou love by finding content with a similar style. When theapplication is supported by the installation of a Mirage AudioSystem, zone grouping and zone volume control will allow you tocontrol and play multiple streams of all of your content throughoutyour home at your leisure. Select party mode and have all of yourzones playing one stream of music throughout your home. The MirageMedia Controller requires the Autonomic Mirage Media Server or theMirage Audio System, both available separately from Autonomic.Designed to work with the Mirage Media Server firmware version4.5.FEATURES• Full Control over a Mirage Media Server or MirageAudio System• Zone Grouping with individual volume control•Advanced Queue Management• Play your entire media collection allover the house• Listen to different content in each room• Createand edit radio stations through Pandora using our TuneBridgeapplication• Listen to custom radio stations with Pandora InternetRadio• Listen to thousands of radio stations around the world withTuneIn Radio• Stream your SiriusXM satellite radio subscription viabroadband, no antenna required• Listen to thousands of titles withSpotify• Play your favorite albums through Rhapsody• Access anylegacy device and control content
TuneBridge 1.1.88
Control your Autonomic music system right from your mobile deviceortablet. TuneBridge is designed with a music-first approach, thisappallows you to search songs across services, add favorites,createscenes, group rooms and more. - Global search across allyourstreaming services and local files simultaneously. Plus, theappwill automatically select the highest-quality source for youtolisten to. - Choose specific music and rooms to create a sceneyoucan recall anytime you see fit. Hosting a party? Play yourPartyScene, complete with custom dance tunes, rooms, and evenaschedule. - TuneBridge allows for a streamlinedlisteningexperience across multiple services. Listening to a songonSpotify? Use it to start a Pandora radio station. -SimpleNavigation. An innovative control panel makes it easy to findwhatyou’re looking for and puts the most popular functions likeRoomGrouping, Scenes, and Favorites just a click away. -Music-FirstApproach. TuneBridge allows for a streamlined listeningexperienceacross multiple services. Listening to a song on Spotify?Use it tostart a Pandora radio station. - Room Grouping. Controlmusic andvolume for individual rooms, or group rooms together for amoreimmersive listening experience. - Create a Scene Choosespecificmusic and rooms to create a scene you can recall anytimeyou seefit. Hosting a party? Play your Party Scene, complete withcustomdance tunes, rooms, and even a schedule. - Vast Lineup ofStreamingServices from Pandora to Spotify, the Autonomic appsupports theworld’s most popular music streaming services, socustomers don’thave to compromise on which playlists they can hear.