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Avast Anti-Theft 4.2.0
Best free cell phone tracker helps you findand track your lost or stolen phone, making ‘lost’ Androidphones/tablets a thing of the past.No need to think “How can I find my phone?” – its cell phonelocator features find and control it remotely.TOP FEATURES■ Locate and Track your lost phone or droid on a map throughour web-based mobile phone tracking feature (uses GPS tracker andother triangulation methods).■ Control your cell phone remotely, manage your device via aweb-based interface or SMS if the phone is stolen (to do this, goto: http://my.avast.com).■ Remotely lock or wipe the phone memory, to keep your datasafe.■ Remotely take photos or listen to audio of the phone’ssurroundings.■ Set up a SIM-card-change notification to another device.■ Stealth Mode automatically hides the app on your phone wheneverAnti-Theft is activated, so that a thief is not even aware of itspresence.REMOTE FEATURE HIGHLIGHTSYou can trigger remote features via SMS command from a friend’sphone or via our web interface at http://my.avast.com■ Remote lock.■ Find my phone and display it on a map. (locate thephone)■ Wipe and erase the phone memory to keep your private datasafe.■ Activate a customizable siren or alarm.■ Custom locked-screen text (e.g. show rewards for itsreturn).■ Send an on-display message to the phone.■ Have the phone call you elsewhere to listen to surroundings (withblacked-out screen, so invisible to thieves).■ Have calls and messages forwarded to a different phone.■ Device manager to manage your device remotely.FEATURES HIGHLIGHTS★ Remote identification: Takes a picture of the thief, known asTheftie, when he/she tries to unlock the device (can use front orback camera, with face recognition). Also can listen to and recordaudio and locates it.★ Password check: Marks the device as stolen if a wrong lockedscreen password is entered 8 times.★ Remotely send SMS: Your device will send them for you.★ Remote data retrieval: Retrieve call logs, SMS messages, andother personal data from your phone – e.g. before remotely wipingits memory.For a full protection install Avast Free Mobile Securityhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avast.android.mobilesecurity
com.avast.android.batterysaver 2.8.3
Avast Battery Saver extends your battery life by stopping apps thatyou aren’t using and optimizing your device settings. You spoke andwe listened! The all new Avast Battery Saver 2.0 is easier to useand more powerful than ever, allowing you to stop apps with onetap, speed up your device, and save battery life. Squeeze up to 20%more life from your battery by stopping apps that run in thebackground. Don’t let your phone let you down. See how many appsyou have running in the background and get regular, accurateestimates of how much time you have left on your battery. ■ Justopen Avast Battery Saver and press “Stop Apps” to immediately boostyour phone's performance. ■ Thanks to the app’s adaptive energyestimate function, you'll know just how much life you have left inyour battery. ■ Activate pre-configured profiles to optimize yourphone’s settings to suit your environment. ■ Plan when you’ll needto charge your phone based on your phone usage. Powerful and easyto use, Avast Battery Saver gives you complete control over yourdevice. ■ Choose from 5 profiles: Smart, Home, Work, Night, andEmergency. ■ Use adaptive Smart Profile to let the app adjust yourphone’s settings according to your regular usage. ■ Get alerts toswitch to a different profile based on your activity and batterylevel. ■ Easily switch between profiles and manage them inside theapp. Avast Battery Saver is the most reliable battery saver in itscategory on Google Play. But that doesn’t stop us from continuallyimproving the app’s look and feel and fixing bugs, so you alwayshave the best experience possible. If you have any comments orsuggestions, please let us know. We care about your feedback! Avastis the world’s most trusted antivirus, with more than 230 millionpeople around the globe relying on us for protection.
Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer
Avast Cleanup is a highly effective cache and junk cleaner app forAndroid. Free up storage space Clean up space-wasting junk to makeroom for the things you want. • Clear out app cache and otherunnecessary files from Android and your apps, such as caches,temporary files or leftover data • See which apps are taking up themost space • Identify and delete apps you no longer use Detox yourphoto library Automatically identify and remove bad photos to freeup space. If Avast Cleanup isn’t 100% sure about a bad photo,you’ll get to review it. • Clean your photo library in a few taps •Get rid of duplicate, similar, old, and poor quality photos •Optimize photo size and move originals to the cloud • Identify the‘best photo’ out of a group NEW! Tune up performance (RAM Cleaner)Hibernation Mode stops hungry apps from consuming your resources. •Easily clean RAM and boost performance of your device in just a fewtaps • Hibernate apps to extend battery life and speed up yourphone • Stop CPU, battery, memory and traffic draining apps •Remove pre-installed bloatware and other apps you never use Boostbattery life Get the most out of your phone’s battery so you canstay on the go longer. • Turn off phone functions you don’t usevery often • Clean your RAM • Set profiles to auto-adjust batteryusage depending on where you are (home, work, car) Unlock premiumfeatures Upgrading to Avast Cleanup Pro gives you access topowerful features that will take your app to the next level. Removeads — Never see third-party ads in this app Pro Battery Life —Auto-adjust battery usage depending on your location Automaticcleaning — Schedule regular cleanings that won’t interrupt youAdvanced Photo Optimizer — Control the size and quality of yourphotos Themes — Choose a color scheme that suits you Avast directsupport — Get fast replies to all of your questions The Results AreIn At Avast, we run lab tests to showcase the benefits of ourproducts. We have run multiple benchmarks on various smartphonesthat have been in use daily, before and after running the AvastCleanup optimization. + Up to 12 GB freed up + Up to 20% faster +Up to 70% more battery life Highlights: ✔ Junk Cleaner:Preinstalled Apps Remover deletes pre-installed bloatware apps youdon't use, or prevents them from slowing down your phone. ✔ DeviceManager — System Screen: view all important info about your deviceon one screen. ✔ Device Manager — App Hibernation temporarilysuspends apps to prolong battery life, save mobile data, cleanmemory (RAM Cleaner) and improve device speed ✔ Junk Cleaner:Remove Junk: Avast Cleanup quickly analyzes your phone's storagespace and clears all unnecessary data. ✔ The smart Safe Cleanfeature instantly cleans out unimportant data, system caches,gallery thumbnails, installation files, residual or unused files,and APKs. With a single tap, you can easily delete accumulated datathat has no purpose. ✔ The Cleaning Adviser option gives you adetailed overview of all the data on your phone. ✔ Uninstallapplications with one tap to free up space , speed up your device,and stop Android lags. ✔ The Phone Cleaner identifies and clearsthe largest files, media, apps, and junk on your device. ✔ Use theIgnore List to mark items on your device that you don't want to belisted. ✔ Master your storage space by optimizing your Androiddevice and boosting its speed. This app uses Accessibilitypermission to assist disabled and other users stop all backgroundapps with just one tap. Avast Cleanup — Cleaner for Android Get theultimate cleanup, tune-up, and battery boosting app for yoursmartphone.
VPN SecureLine by Avast - Security & Privacy Proxy
Avast SecureLine VPN Proxy is an UNLIMITED, SUPERFAST, ANONYMOUSand SECURE VPN Proxy service, simply a must have security andprivacy app for Android! Easily get access to restricted onlinesites and apps, browse anonymously, be safe and protect yourself onpublic WiFi hotspots. Avast protects 400 million people worldwide,making it a very trusted VPN Proxy security and privacy app on themarket. Protect your device too. NEW: Secureline is now availableon all Android TV supported devices. The same great secure andprivate VPN, now for your TV. Wouldn’t it be great if you couldstream all of your favorite content directly through your TV, whilealso protecting your privacy? Yes, it would be. And now you canwith SecureLine VPN for smart TVs. WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE AVASTSECURELINE VPN PROXY? ■ Fast and Reliable: Large coverage of secureand anonymous VPN Proxy servers worldwide ensures a fast securityand privacy service ■ Unlimited VPN: Use the private VPN as much asyou want without any limitations ■ Simple: Start using the VPNProxy and enable unlimited security and privacy with one-buttonactivation ■ Trusted: Join over 400 million users who trust Avastfor anonymous security and privacy ■ Change Your Location: Connectto secure and anonymous VPN servers in 36 countries around theworld, hide your identity and browse global network anonymously ■Uninterrupted Connection: Reconnect automatically to secure VPNProxy when switching from data to Wi-Fi and be online continuously■ Top Quality Customer Service: Get fast and reliable support WHYSHOULD YOU USE AVAST SECURELINE VPN PROXY? ■ ACCESS: Unblockrestricted sites and apps, unlock online content If you travel andneed unlimited Web access from different locations, you may findsome websites blocked, but with the Avast VPN Proxy, you canunblock websites and even apps. Use our anonymous and secure VPNservers (located in multiple countries) to access more Web contenton Internet from your phone, as the geo-IP address shown will bedifferent from the real one. Does the Wi-Fi connection restrictcertain apps? Unblock any app you need instantly. ■ SECURITY:Encrypt your connection on unsecured public Wi-Fi Our privateencryption VPN ‘tunnel’ prevents hackers from stealing your datavia public/open Wi-Fi hotspots. Enable WiFi security and privacywith our super secure VPN Proxy service. Hide your IP addressquickly and browse the internet safely. ■ PRIVACY: Private,anonymous browsing Browse websites anonymously and get privateaccess. Your Internet connection will appear to originate from adifferent location. Use it to hide your IP and anonymize yourbanking logins, chats, emails and payments. Enable privacy with asingle click. ■ VPN on/off dashboard widget Adds a simple one-clickwidget to your dashboard so you can turn the secure VPN connectionon/off with one click. Best for quick hotspot shield security andprivacy to browse anonymously. HOW DOES A VPN WORK? AvastSecureLine is an anonymous & secure VPN Proxy service thatprovides security and privacy through protecting you from datatheft by using a private virtual encryption shield ‘tunnel’ tosecure your public/open Wi-Fi connections. Once secured, yourprivate communications are impossible for any intruder to spy onand you are safe and online in the global network. PRICING Startyour 7-day free unlimited VPN trial now followed by a yearlysubscription. Cancel your subscription anytime viapayments.google.com. Find more info athttp://www.avast.com/secureline-android
Avast Antivirus - Scan & Remove Virus, Cleaner 6.22.2
Protect against viruses & other types of malware with AvastMobile Security, the world’s most trusted free antivirus app forAndroid. Protect your privacy by receiving alerts when spyware oradware-infected apps are downloaded onto your device. Secure yourdevice against phishing attacks from emails, phone calls, infectedwebsites, or SMS messages. Turn on the VPN to keep your onlinebrowsing private and safe, as well as to access your favorite paidstreaming services when traveling abroad. With more than 100million installs, Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus providesmuch more than just antivirus protection. Other features include: ✔Antivirus Engine ✔ App Lock ✔ Call Blocker (for Android 8.1 andolder) ✔ Anti-Theft ✔ Photo Vault ✔ VPN (virtual private network) ✔Power Save ✔ Privacy Permissions ✔ Firewall (for rooted Androidonly) ✔ RAM Boost ✔ Junk Cleaner ✔ Web Shield ✔ Wi-Fi Security ✔App Insights ✔ Virus Cleaner ✔ Wi-Fi Speed Test What’s new VPN(Virtual Private Network) - Hide your online activities and changeyour location to access your favorite paid streaming services fromanywhere. Introducing App Insights - Ever wonder how much timeyou’re wasting while looking at your phone every day? We’vedeveloped a solution for you, right inside of your favoritesecurity app. Premium features for advanced protection: ■ CameraTrap: Secretly capture photos and audio of the thief if your phonegets stolen. ■ Last Known Location: Check your device's lastlocation before its battery died. ■ Sim Security: Automaticallyregister your device as lost after a SIM change. ■ App Lock: Keepyour sensitive content secure and private by locking any app with aPIN code, pattern, or fingerprint password. Only you’ll be able toaccess them. ■ Remove Ads: Eliminate ads from your Avast MobileSecurity & Antivirus experience. ■ Avast Direct Support:Contact Avast directly from the app to receive quick responses toyour inquiries. Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus in detail ■Antivirus Engine: Automatically scan for viruses and other kinds ofmalware, including spyware, Trojans, and more. Web, file, and appscanning provides complete mobile protection. ■ App Insights:Discover how much time you spend using each app on your device andtake back control of your phone-life balance. ■ Junk Cleaner:Instantly clean out unnecessary data, junk files, system caches,gallery thumbnails, installation files, and residual files to giveyou more space. ■ Photo Vault: Secure your photos with a PIN code,pattern, or fingerprint password. After moving photos to the Vault,they are fully encrypted and only accessible to you. ■ CallBlocker: Stop unwanted callers from interrupting your day.Automatically block spam or add phone numbers to your blacklist toprevent them from contacting you. ■ Web Shield: Scan and blockmalware-infected links, as well as Trojans, adware, and spyware(for privacy and safe web browsing, e.g. Chrome). It also fixesmistyped URLs. ■ Wi-Fi Security: Check the security of public Wi-Finetworks and email messages, browse safely, and make secure onlinepayments from anywhere. ■ Power Save: Reduces your device's batteryconsumption by adjusting battery-draining settings such as Wi-Fi,data synchronization, Bluetooth, and screen settings. This app usesthe Device Administrator permission. This permission allows you toremotely lock and wipe your device from my.avast.com. This app usesthe Accessibility permission to protect visually impaired and otherusers against phishing attacks and malicious websites.
com.avast.android.passwordmanager 1.6.3
Logging into different websites and accounts can be a hassle. Whocan remember all those usernames, passwords and pin codes? And howto save them all in a secure place so they’re easy to find? AtAvast we’ve been thinking a lot about how to make logging ineasier, faster and more secure. Introducing Avast Passwords – oursecure solution that makes logging in safe and easy. AvastPasswords offers a number of great features: - Create strong,unique passwords for each of your accounts - Save and store allyour login details is a secure place - Safely store your personaland payment card information - Automatically auto-fill online formsthanks to a floating button - Synchronize your passwords acrossyour platforms and devices - Easily and securely access all youraccounts on your computer – simply tap the screen on your mobileand One Touch Login will unlock what you need - Be notified if oneof your passwords has been leaked Thanks to these features, AvastPasswords makes logging in to any of your accounts easier and saferthan ever. How Avast Passwords helps you: - Save time logging intowebsites and accounts - No need to hide your passwords and pincodes in unsecured places - No need to memorize or write down abunch of different passwords - Never forget and have to restore apassword again - Feel secure knowing that all your passwords arestrong and hard to break - Keep all your sensitive data organizedin one secure place accessible from all your devices - Feel safeknowing that your personal and payment card info is safe and secure- No need to come up with new login details each time you sign upfor a new site Keep all your passwords, PINs and logins safely atyour fingertips. Try Avast Passwords and give us your feedback! Weare continuously improving the look and feel and fixing bugs so youalways have the best experience while using our app. If this is notthe case, please let us know!
Avast Wi-Fi Finder 2.3.1
Avast Wi-Fi Finder helps you locate fast, reliable Wi-Fi networksnear you, so you don’t have to eat into your data plan. Simply turnon the Wi-Fi Finder map to see free, public hotspots nearby, andconnect as quickly and as easily as you would at home.Features■Millions of active hotspots■ Wi-Fi passwords provided by the Avastcommunity■ Internet speed test■ Find devices via network scan■Wi-Fi Security Scan■ Offline Mode■ Smart ConnectSophisticated setof Wi-Fi tools & scanners give you a full overview of the Wi-Finetwork you’re connected to:✔ Is the hotspot fast enough to watchYouTube or just checking Facebook? Run a reliable Speed Test tofind out.✔ Is someone stealing your internet bandwidth? FindConnected Devices network scanner provides instant answers bylisting all devices connected to the network.✔ Is the Wi-Fi hacked?Wi-Fi Security Scan finds potential security holes and issues onthe network.✔ Offline Mode - downloads a list of hotspots to yourdevice and finds the best Wi-Fi even without a connection. Perfectfor traveling abroad and saving on your mobile data. ✔ SmartConnect - finds, tests, and connects you to the best Internet inyour area.
Avast Family Shield - parental control
Avast Family Shield is a parental assistance app that gives youcomplete parental control over your child’s mobile devices so youcan keep your child safe and help them reach their full potential.Keep your child safe with these 5 key features:✔ Content filterWorried about your child accessing unwanted websites such as“social media” or “gambling”? With content filter, you can approveor block apps before your child is able to install them.✔ Phonelocator Using a private map, find your child’s phone in real-timeusing a GPS tracker. ✔ GPS location alertsKeep track of yourchild’s location by receiving automatic alerts whenever your childleaves or arrives at certain locations, including home, work, orschool. ✔ Internet control With the ability to pause internetaccess at any time, you can make sure your child isn’t surfing theweb after bedtime. ✔ Phone statusCheck the battery status of yourchild’s device to help keep them connected.HOW DOES AVAST FAMILYSHIELD WORK?To connect your child’s mobile device to your own, youmust first download Avast Family Shield app onto your device andAvast Family Shield Companion app onto your child’s device. Youwill then follow a few simple onboarding instructions to completethe setup process. Once Avast Family Shield Companion is activated,you will be able to manage apps your child can use, view theirlocation using phone locator, pause internet use, and get locationalerts so you’ll know where your child is at all times. Smartphonesare a big part of today’s digital world, and you shouldn’t have toworry about giving one to your child. Setting up Avast FamilyShield allows you to monitor your child’s online activity, inaddition to other important family matters. ***Avast Family Shieldis currently in BETA. If you encounter any issues with this app,please feel free to contact us atfamilyshieldhelp@avast.com.***Common parental concerns that AvastFamily Shield addresses:Did they arrive home from schoolsafely?Quickly view your child’s current location on a private mapwith the help of phone locator. Are they using inappropriateapps?Easily block an app that you don’t want your child to haveaccess to. If you change your mind, you can unblock the appwhenever you want. Are they browsing the internet at school?Stopinternet access on your child’s device so he or she won’t getdistracted while at school. Are they exposed to inappropriate webcontent?Block websites that you feel are inappropriate for youchild. They aren’t responding, did something happen?View yourchild’s phone status and check their device’s battery life.
Avast Family Shield Companion
***Avast Family Shield Companion is currently in BETA. If youencounter any issues with this app, please feel free to contact usat familyshieldhelp@avast.com.***Install Avast Family ShieldCompanion app to pair your child's device to your own. We'll walkyou through it. Together with the Avast Family Shield app, theAvast Family Shield Companion was designed with the busy parent inmind. If you're worried about where your child is, how your childspends time online, or what your child is using their smartphonefor, this is the app for you. Here's what Avast Family ShieldCompanion allows you to do:* Restrict your child's access toindividual apps or sites.* Restrict your child's access tocategories of apps or sites. * Monitor your child's whereabouts.*Set up location alerts to notify you of your child's comings andgoings.* Set up rules around location.* Set up rules around onlineaccess.