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Russian Traffic Racer 1.19
Russian Traffic Racer - a real driving simulator with harshconditions of the Russian winter. Drive a legendary Russian caralong a difficult snowy road full of traffic and try to regaincontrol in extreme driving conditions. Learn extreme driving inthis Android game. Settings let you make car control either simpleor as close to real conditions as possible. The game features adynamic day and night, so that you can drive at any time.You can drive a legendary Russian car (VAZ 2101), three sports carsand 4x4 pickup. Choose the car you like, bend the throttle anddrive along a snowy road.This racing game gives you the opportunity to choose your owndriving style, it can be quiet driving or the extreme racing style.Also, you can personally choose the difficulty and realism of thecar behavior, from arcade and easy style, up to the real drivingconditions, where you'll need to use real racing skills.Attention! This game is quite realistic, but it is notdesigned to teach you how to street races. Do not repeat this inreal life. Enjoy virtual racing in heavy traffic road traffic, butplease observe the traffic rules and be careful on real roads.Features:- Nice graphics;- Realistic physics;- Changing the time of day;- 5 cars with a view from the cockpit;- Two modes: "Simulation" and "Arcade".
City Traffic Racing 1.01
City Traffic Racing - this racing gamein city with traffic cars. Drive on the highway overtaking hard cartraffic. The game has a dynamic day cycle, with which you can driveat any time of the day.Features:- Endless City road with traffic cars.- Realistic car physics;- Dynamic change the time of day;- View from cockpit of the car.
Racing Quest 2 1.02
Racing game with elements of quest, where youneed explore locations (the city with live automobile traffic orport with containers in the middle of the ocean) and search theobjects. Find all objects in the city or in entangled port withmultiple containers as fast as you can, to set the record. Thechoice represented by three cars - four-wheel drive SUV and twosports cars.Features:- English and russian interface;- Open World (City with road traffic and Port);- Online Leaderboard (Google Play Services);- Realistic physics and damage model;- Three types of control: touch, accelerometer and steeringwheel;- Three cars (two sports cars and four-wheel drive SUV).
Farmer Girl Runner 1.11
The main character of this runner is agirlfrom farm, who more than anything loves flowers. Run alongthewoods and gather flowers, but don't clash of obstacles, thatwillcome across on your way. Collect as many flowers as you cantoplease the charming heroine of the game.Features:- Beautiful 3D graphics and animation;- Interesting and easy gameplay;- Global leaderboards via Google Play Games Services;- Pleasant thematic music.