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Pet's Island - Planet Fauna 2.12.6
Your donkeys have landed on their firstisland, but it’s empty!A great adventure is about to start on Petsisland. Spin the LuckyWheel (psst, and mayhem!) to collect and earn enough free gold, soyour band of donkeys can build fascinating buildings, scenery, andlandmarks.Upgrade each island to the max to unlock the next floating island,but move fast and be smart because your friends are alsoleading their donkeys to collect each island world. You'll need toattack and steal to get the resources you need to get ahead…whilealso raising your pets to shield yourself from others looking toset you back!Will you target only strangers…or also your friends? Will you putyour friendship to the test?! :D Embark on the adventure now!*******************************************************************************Weekly ActivitiesDAILY LOGIN BONUS: Login everyday to get free gold, freespins, and free pet food!PUZZEL: Complete an assortment of challenges to collect allthe puzzle pieces and win valuable prizes!FeaturesMORE SPINS, MORE COINS: Spin the Lucky Wheel to get freegold coins, build your islands, raising pets and watch out revengefrom friends. Enjoy the adventure, but don’t get your petscaptured.MORE FRIENDS, MORE SPINS• Invite your Facebook friends to play, raise pets and collect theislands.• Steal coins and powers to sabotage nearby islands and speed upyour own construction! However, be aware to raise pets to againstthe coming revenge!• The more friends you invite, the more free spins you get.THEMED ISLANDS: Discover and collect themed islands fromaround the world and across time, including Australia, Brazil,China, Egypt, France, Great Britain, Greece, Japan, and Russia butalso the Jurassic period, Ice Age, and more!FRIENDS OR FOES? Invite your Facebook friends to playtogether, against each other, or both! Your friends can bring youthe free gold your donkeys need…or they can backstab you to takethem away! Will you too steal and attack your friends? Or will youand your friends band together to wreck sweet, sweet revenge on anyand all players who dare pinch any of your collects and pop any ofyour shields?*******************************************************************************Follow Petsisland on Facebook for bonus spins, free coins, andother perks! Enjoy the adventure!https://www.facebook.com/OfficialPlanetFaunaQuestions? Suggestions? Get in touch: petsisland@avid.lyNote: Petsisland is free to play but offers in-app purchases toenhance your gameplay and your mayhem.Permissions explanation:EXTERNAL STORAGE: use for users to send screenshots to us in orderto locate and solve problems that may occur in the game.SMS: use for verifying the identities of users , guaranteeing thesafety of accounts,and sharing the game to friends at the sametime.RECORD AUDIO: use for audio chatting in the game.
Fish is Coming: Best 3D Arcade 1.8.0
🎉 The best 3D fish game "Fish isComing" is swimming your way💯 ! You're no longer a lonefisherman! Play real-time with other players worldwide! Whitedolphins! Cherry hooked salmon! All the rare local Taiwan fish thatyou only dare to look and not catch are here! Daily FREE coins💰 !Easy to play! Play now and hit the jackpot instantly🎰 !🎉 *Features*🎉-Bullets Rebound: No bullets wasted! All missed bullets willrebound! Not one coin spent!-Useful Tools: Use Boost, Lock, and Freeze to maximize yourchances of winning the grand prize!-Fish Overload: Over a hundred different types of rare fishto be caught! See how well you really know the waters!-Team Competition: Team up with 2-3 friends to pass thelevel or compete against other fishermen to boost your fishingskills!-Automatic Shooting: FREE 15-day trial! No need to purchaseupfront!-Fish Tank: Create Your Own Fish Tank!❤️ Follow us for more exclusive perks and updates:www.facebook.com/HelloFishing💌 If you have any suggestions or thoughts you want to share withus, you are more than welcome to share it with us via email becausewe value your ideas and feedback!Email: fishiscomingaid@gmail.com※The games are intended for an adult audience.※The games do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity towin real money or prizes.※Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply futuresuccess at "real money gambling."
Royal Legends: Minions Mayhem 1.1.0
Join the competitive battle of strategy andaction in Royal Legends! Summon heroes in the real-time arena todefeat all your enemies on the battlefield! Dozens of legends areat your call: Luna, Monkey King, Athena, Saladin, Dracula, DragonKnight, Titan & many more.Experience a thrilling battle and defeat your rivals using yourbest deck and managing your resources wisely. The famousworld-class pro players such as Moon, TeD and Fly100% have alreadyshown their expertise in Royal Legends. Let's join the fight!BATTLE ARENADuel players from around the world in real-time. Destroy theopponent's troops and castle in the 1v1 mode arenas, or stand inthe 2v2 arena side by side with a teammate to confront theenemies.TEAM OF HEROESCollect, level up, and manage your team of legendary heroes, aswell as soldiers and mechs. Build your deck wisely to open uptactical depth. A better understanding of unit abilities, lineupand timing will lead you to victory.GUILD AND FRIENDSForm a guild to get access to special perks and training camps,along with the chance to knock down the mighty Guild Boss. Get morefriends in game and strengthen your guild. Your prestige communitywill make a name in the magic world.LIVE IN GAMEWatch live battles of the best players right in game. Learn thetactics while enjoy the show!Use Google Play Games to record your gameplay and share.Like us on Facebook @RoyalLegendsMobile for latest news and events:https://www.facebook.com/RoyalLegendsMobile/Official site : http://www.royallegendsmobile.com/