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SkateMaster- Skateboard Videos 1.0.3
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SkateMaster is a skateboard videos app that provides you all themedia you need to get motivated.SkateMaster chooses the best videosand divides them into different categories:* Learning how to doskateboard tricks* Watching slowmotions videos* Providing fullskateboard contests* Learning about proffesional skaters andwatching their best videosand much more..SkateMaster is also atablet support app, so you can watch all the videosin large screen.
Easy Workout - Workout Timer 1.0
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EasyWorkout was built to help you to focus the workout instead ofturning on and off timers.You can create yourself a timer thatrelate to your workout type in only few clicks.How you do it?1.specify the name of the set2. choose how much time you want the setwill run3. choose how many repeats do you want.4. click PLAYbuttonIn addition, you can create timers to the whole workout planby combining sets and rest time between themHow you do it?1. chooseworkout plan name2. choose the sets and the rest time betweenthem3. click PLAY buttonNow you can organize workout plans for thewhole week and focus the training better