Awesome Action Games Apps

Rise of Monsters 1.0
One night in a city full of life; a deadly virus spread likewildfire and gave birth to the Zombie Monsters that have taken overthecity and have turned the city into living dead.The City needs a Commando to get rid of the terriblecreatures.Sniper Shooter; Use your rifle scope to track the ZombieMonstersdown from a safe distance and kill all the walking dead foronceand for all.It’s time to hunt down the creepy zombies through the entirecityand snipe all your zombie targetsAdvanced Sniper RiflesUnlimited thrill and excitement of shooting zombies.Deadly Challenging Missions.Fast, aggressive, accurate shooting skills
WWII Warship Battle 3D 1.0
An Epic Naval Collision was the Last Hope for the nationalSecurity.The Military Naval Defense lines was breached and TheEnemy Invasionfor the sea world domination was the greatest riskand the securityof the beautiful homeland was at stake. A BraveFrontier takingcommand of the Naval Sea War Vessels was fightingwith enemy in thisGlobal Warfare. Get ready for the Combat XAttack by the Enemy inthis Aggressive Assault Battle of the LargeOceansSea Battle ships action game with missions inspired by thehistoricnaval clashes of World War. Embark on a mission to destroytheEnemy Warships. Control the legendry Sea Ships and Fight fortheDominance of the Sea. Fight for Honor! Fight for Glory! FightforVictory!Thrill of the world war with bombardments!Strategize and Shoot!Rocket Launchers and Air Strikes!
Rush Hour Train Sniper 3D 1.0
Out there in the hilly outskirts of yourcountry the robbers have occupied military trains and have createdthe hurdle in the supply of weapons to your army. These culpritsneed to be punished as they have committed a huge crime. You havebeen given the charge of your Helicopter and you are equipped withthe latest sniper rifle. Set your aim, pull the trigger and shotdead the marksmen. Surprise your enemies with your deadly shootingskills.Be aware of the counter strikes of your enemies and do not let yourenergy level down. Your shooting skills will be tested throughoutthe game. Destroy the rivalry forces in this furious train battlegame.Save the Military train and the civilians set as hostage from theenemy invasion. Enjoy the intense and thrilling 3D Gunship TrainSniper game. Be the master in this deadly Shooter adventure.Features:Amazing 3D graphics and sound effectsThrilling endless Shooting missionsFaced paced level progressionRealistic sniper rifle to enjoy 3D environment
Agent Adventure Prison Escape 1.2
The nonstop thrilling action game comprisingthe vicious escape plan of Black Agent from the most brutal anddeadliest prison of the world. In this game you will have to helpthe psychotic prisoner to break the Jail designed to give the tasteof hell to the prisoners.This Maximum security facility is designed to hold the dangerousprisoners of all time and most information about the existence ofthe prison has been kept classified. It will not be an easy task tobreak the highly secured prison and initiate an escape plan.Get ready to execute the riskiest plan of running from the jail.Out Player in this Game is the most dangerous consulting criminaland is in the most wanted list of many countries. Let’s do it toend the hard times in the prison. You will have to rely on yourinstincts to carry out this vicious plan. It is battle of life ordeath. The player had no other options.Superb Prison Escape Game!Amazing 3D Features!Exciting and Interesting Action Missions!Powerful Criminal Instincts!
Modern Copter Warship Battle 1.0
The most thrilling Aerial Warfare is awaitingin the city of Battlefield where the survival only depends howtactfully you execute your military strategy. You are all alone inthe air on your military fighter copter and your mission is toshoot down the enemy troops who are armed with the modern weapons,tanks and rotating turrets to maintain control over your territoryagain.Fly and rotate your Military Apache Helicopter, explore thebattlefield, aim your target and destroy the brutal enemy commandosand their tanks. The rival forces want to establish their dominanceand you need to push the army back to their country. Protect yourCopter from the deadliest air attacks and missiles of opponent’stanks and army. Enjoy the intense Air combat Experience.Features:Realistic Sound Effects!Challenging Copter Warship Levels!Easy Navigational Controls!Amazing 3D Graphics!Variety of Land and Naval Enemies!
Island Apache Strike 3D 1.0
Take charge of your Apache Helicopter to fightwith the rivalry forces approaching your homeland by breaching thenaval defense lines. The Specialized naval forces of enemies haveattacked through their monstrous battleships. The intense shootingfrom these modern era weapons loaded on the Gunships have createdhavoc and a dangerous aerial-naval warfare has begun.Assaulting troops of Enemies have taken position on the harbor.The intense shooting has created mass destruction in your homeland.The Battleships, Tanks, Turrets, Jeeps and Air craft warriors areyour strategic targets. Your duty is to kill and destroy each andevery type of opponent force. Brace yourself and get ready toeliminate the savage forces.Fly in your military copter to target the enemies with guidedmissiles and rocket launchers. Protect your copter from thestrikes, bombardments and deadly air attacks of your enemies. Winthis Deadliest Gunship Copter Battle to protect your homeland!Features:Intense Copter Warship Battle!Challenging Missions!Variety of Land and Naval Enemies!Amazing 3D Graphics!Realistic Explosive Sounds !
Christmas Train Maze Sim 2016 1.0
Turn your biggest dream of driving aluxuriousChristmas Train into reality in this Stunning 3D ChristmasTrainMaze. Enjoy the amazing fun filled sounds, differentexcitingenvironments, Glowing Christmas trees in your favoriteSanta RailMaze.Santa has got a lot of gifts for kids and adults on thissnowyChristmas but unfortunately his Christmas train got struckincertain obstacles. You need to place the rail junctions incorrectorder so that Santa can distribute gifts on time. You havegot alimited time to re-order the junctions so be quick in changingtherail tracks. Tap your screen and switch the tracks and don’tletSanta late for distributing Christmas presents!Enjoy the finest Train Simulator Game of this year immersedinstunning Christmas Environment!Features:Great Train Simulator Game!Exciting Christmas Environments!Perfect 3D graphics and fun filled Sounds!Addictive Game Play!Amazing Game for Train Simulators lovers!Smooth and Easy to Play!
Prisoner Adventure Breakout 3D 1.2
It is always fun breaking the rules, Isn’t it?And breaking the rules when you are sentenced to jail is ever morefun. Prisoner, this is the time to escape from the jail whilecombating with the fierce and aggressive jail cops. You are goingto fight with the furious jail wardens in this jail breakoutmission. You are armed with the simple life saving tools that youmanaged to find in the jail. Show your skills and use your staminato kill out the cops that are after you. There is no time to lookback. You need to find escape from the jail as soon aspossible.Combat and kill the ferocious jail guards, wardens and cops thatare after you and mange to escape in the amazing Jail BreakMission. The hard time is going to end soon. You already havemanaged to escape from the cell where you were locked down. Nowit’s time to sneak out from the prison and kill the police men byhitting them hard with your tools.Features:Realistic Jail EnvironmentExciting Prison Breakout MissionsSmooth and Easy ControlsAmazing 3D Graphics and Sound effectsIntensive level based Escape Missions
WW2 Copter Battles X 1.0
Air Commando, the rival forces haveinvadedyour country with the ferocious copters and are ready todestroyyour nation. They have committed a severer crime byattacking yournation. You are the last hope to save your countryform thisterrorist attack in this realistic counter strike coptermission.You have been given the super military helicopter withamazingshooting missiles and weapons. Save your country’s air basefromthe opponent’s deadliest helicopters and destroy theirdomination.This is the time to prove your shooting and controllingskills.Do not forget that you are going to face the most dangerousairstrikes from super military terrorist copters. The rivalryaircraft forces are going to destroy your copter so be aware tododgethem and save yourself from the counter attacks. Shoot down asmanyferocious copters as possible with the guided missiles todefendyour land as this is the time to do or die!
Elite Zombie Shooter : 3D FPS 1.0
An explosion in a laboratory has led tothespread of deadly virus in the city and has turned downciviliansinto zombies. Reload your gun to save the survivors fromzombieapocalypse. Save this infected city from zombie’s terrorandprotect the survivors before these zombies take bite oftheirflesh.Your only goal is to hunt down the creepy creatures and shotthemdead. Stay alert, take your position, hold your sniper, makeperfectstrategic plan to eliminate the walking dead. Use yourprofessionalsniper tool in the best way possible. Protect thecivilians and savehuman race as you are the only hope for survivalin this ZombieShooter Mission!Features:Amazing 3D graphics, Animations and Sound Effects!Training, Campaign and Survival Missions!Weapon Upgrade System!Challenging Zombie Shooter Game!
Crime City : Tank Attack 3D 1.0
In a city full of Chaos and destructionthehumanity need a Hero to bring order and peace!! Commander; Areyouready to fight this War of Honor and Glory?The enemy has invaded your city with the monstrous tanks.Theyhave destroyed all the defense lines. Take charge withadvancedmilitary weapons and Super Ballistic Tanks to defend yourcity fromthe terrorists.Be the glorious soldier in this War of Nations. Devise atactfulstrategy to destroy your enemy’s tanks.Explore the whole city and target the deadly Tank where everyoufind them in this city strike. Destroy the ferocious militarytanksof the rivals for once and for all in this epic tank warmission.Prove yourself as a real tank commando in this realistictankbattle and enjoy the most amazing and superior controls.Now get to the battle field of the crime infected city, protectyourtank from the bombardments and defend your Nation.Realistic tanks, battle field and sound effectsSmooth and superior controlling featuresAmazing 3D EnvironmentLevel Based Progression
Escape Dead Zombies 2016 1.0
The cold and gloomy environment has turnedjailmore like a deserted place. A strange virus has spread likewildfireand has turned prisoners into zombies. Zombies areeverywhere andthe survivors are still finding out the way toescape. You are astrong man and luckily one of the survivors andyour mission is towalk through the jail rooms and save prisonersfrom zombie’sapocalypse. Lead the survivors to a safe place. Don’tlet the livingcorpses catch you and your partner. Hit these wildmonstrous zombieshard with your weapons and blow out their juicyhead.Hunt down and kill all the Zombies to save prisoners inzombie’soccupied jail.Features:Amazing 3D Graphics and Sound Effects!Exciting Escape Dead Missions!Realistic Jail Environment!Different and Intense Game Mods!More Weapons with Level Progression!
Tank Warriors 2016 1.4
A deadly battle has just begin in the cityinvaded with massive rivalry tanks. Rival tanks are roaming hereand there with only one mission to destroy and take hold of thegrand city. You are given command of super ballistic tankstrengthened with modernized weapon in order to fight with theinvaded tanks of enemy.There is much chaos and destruction. You are the only hope torestore peace in the city that has been turned into abattlefield.Be a super tank commando and destroy every tank you encounterwhile roaming in the vast city.Chase and aim your target to destroy the cunning tanks of enemieswith fire attacks and missiles.Grab the power ups coming down on parachutes to make your tankstronger and more powerful. Grab them before they are taken by theenemies.Hurry In catching the Protective Shield, Health, Nitrous and EMP(Electro Magnetic Pulse). These elements will prove veryuseful!Play and win the ultimate tank war to mark yourself as Real TankHero!Features:Impressive Sound Effects!Stunning 3D Graphics!Protective Shield!Refill Health Element!Tank Upgrade System!Realistic Environment!
Ultimate Shooter: Train Sniper 1.2
The enemies are again active this time in morenumbers. They are strong and wicked but stoppable.They have hijacked trains of military supplies moving throughdesert and forest.Will you become the glorious train sniper? Will you be able toshoot down these furious enemy shooters as trained ArmySniper?This is your test! Take your position in military transports. Thiscould be helicopter or jeep. Follow the fast moving train .Keep aneye on enemy forces. Its time to show your super snipingskills.Set and aim you targets carefully. Take hold of your long rangeshooting rifles and pull the trigger. Kill the evil boss in time.Don’t let him escape in front your eyes.You will enjoy slow motion kill shots. Destroy all rivals to endeach level. Be careful of the intense cross firing from yourenemies as it will lower your health. Rescue train at all cost.Experience the most thrilling air-train combat missions inrealistic 3D Environments!Features:3D Train Shooting Missions!Outclass 3D Environments!Amazing Graphics!Realistic Sound Effects!Sniper Scope View!Different Sniping Rifles!
Criminal Escape:Police Shooter 1.2
You are a Sniper Guard on duty in a big prisonsituated in city outskirts. You duty is to keep a check onprisoners that are charged with crimes. Don’t let any violent acthappen while you are on duty.There are both good and bad prisoners. Scan the prison grounds andfind out which prisoners are trying to create troubles.Shoot down the bad prisoners before they kill the good ones. Aimand target those who are trying to break the jail as you are theultimate weapons against them. Kill them before they manage toescape.Prevent any sort of trouble, fight and riot in amazing Policeshooter game. Don’t miss a single shot and any wrong shot will endup failing the level.Prove your management that you are the best sniper guard onduty!Equip yourself with the latest rifles and get excited for amazingsniping missions!Features:Amazing Sniping Missions!3D Prison Environment!Realistic Sound Effects!Different Sniping Rifles!Outstanding Gun Simulation!
Boss Strike 18+ 1.2
It’s time to take prompt action againstorganized crime groups in your country. The Bosses and their evilbody guards are all around in the city committing illegal seriouscrimes. Thousands of life are at stake. The army Intelligence hasassigned you risky task to eliminate these dangerous and mostwanted criminals.You need to move through the big city and hunt down yourenemies. Set the Scope, Aim precisely and blow away your enemies.Don’t miss a single shot. You need to be precise, brave and strongto accomplish this mission. Rely on your shooting skills to finishyour work!Kill the high profile targets and their partners. Go for thehead shots!It’s a war against deadly criminals. Hold your sniper rifle, Aimand Shoot to wipe off the enemies from your City. Mark yourself asthe Sniper warrior of this century!Avail the promo offers, accomplish all risky missions withoutfailing. Be aware of your enemy attacks and don’t kill your teammates while fulfilling your duty. Enjoy shooting in an amazingaction packed game!Features:• Epic Shooting Missions!• Promo Offers!• Brilliant 3D Graphics and Sound Effects!• Challenging Gameplay!• Multiple Enemy Targets!
Copter vs Aliens 1.5
The Alien invasion on Earth will lead to chaosand massive destruction. The brutal alien forces have captureddifferent bases and are threat to mankind. The futuristic enemyforces together with Aliens are on the mission to take over planetEarth causing massive damage. You are a Copter pilot who isassigned a job to aim and shoot down these brutal spacerivals.Face the challenge of shooting down waves of alien forces. Combatwith the flying robotic forces, futuristic tanks, Cannons,hovercrafts, aliens and wipe them out. The fate of entire humanityis in your hands. Don’t let these unfriendly enemies dominate you.Aim your enemies precisely, open rapid fire and throw bombswherever you find your rivals. Fight hard while dodging the attacksof merciless Aliens.Your sole obligation is to destroy each enemy and win the battle byall means necessary. You can change copter, Refill bomb and healthwhenever you run short of it.Kill the ruthless enemies as fast as you can and get ready for anintense Alien shooting experience.Features:• Challenging Shooting Game!• Mind-blowing 3D Graphics!• Intense Game play!• Amazing Sound Effects!• Different futuristic Enemies!
Clash of Mech Robots 1.3
Its year 2060 and your planet is under attackby the futuristic Mech robots. Designed with innovative technologythese robots have amazing combat skills. They are more deadly andpowerful and your are going to battle against these dangerousfoes.The hard time has just started and it’s you duty to save yourplanet from the threat of unfriendly robotic enemies. Move throughthe big planet, Stop to aim your target, open up rapid fire orthrow bombs to destroy your enemies immediately. Use the amazingjump feature to dodge the attacks of your rivals. Wipe out each andevery Mech robot that your encounter.It’s time to show off your super fighting skills in the fierceclash with the mecbots. User your power rightly. Don’t let therivalry forces take control of the planet. Put your best effortsand get ready to for an amazing fighting experience.Features:• Fabulous 3D Graphics!• Realistic Sound Effects!• Upgrading features!• Amazing Futuristic Environment!
Underworld Stick Mafia 18+ 3.0
Its trouble in the city. Some evil minds are behind serious crimescommitted on daily basis. People are upset. The stick mafia is allactive and destroying peace of the city. It’s time to get rid ofthose masterminds and restore peace. Its duty call and StickmanSniper is all set to risk its life and shoot down the evilcriminals. Let’s get ready to face the rivals in exciting snipingmissions. The crooks are roaming freely. Look for the right target.Don’t let them escape or vanish in front of your eyes. HelpStickman finish its duty successfully. Use the slow motion buttonto slow down the running enemies. It will help you target easilyand aim perfectly! Be a professional assassin and go for theheadshots! Save the city from the bad intentions of the undergroundworld. Don’t kill the innocent people of the city while huntingdown the bad guys. Dangerous times lies ahead! Will you be able toface it? Let’s begin the game and finish these law breakers..!Features: • Stunning 3D Graphics! • Interesting Scenarios! •Multiple Targets! • Exciting Sniping Missions! • AwesomeEnvironment and Sound Effects!
Sin City Train Sniper 3D 1.4
Hey sniper, it’s a duty call from militaryintelligence and you need to kill the cruel enemies on train withyour modern assault Sniper Rifle.It’s time to take prompt action against the law breakers! Get readyto chase and kill each and every bad guy in train, whether theseare high profile target, run away prisoners or the crime kings ofyour city. Gear up your sniper rifle, hold it firmly, look throughyour scope, aim your target and blow them away. Be the professionalCriminal Hunter and go for the headshots!Save your city from the evil intentions of the people belonging tocriminal world. Play your part well. Be determined and focusedbefore shooting down your rivals. Don’t miss a single shot. Protectyourself from the dangerous attacks and firing of your enemies.Kill the cruel opponents before they get the chance to aim andshoot you.Be careful and don’t let the civilians get hurt or killed whilefulfilling your duty. Remember, the life of every innocent civilianis precious.Let’s stat the series of onslaughts keeping only one thing in mindthat the VICTORY will be yours..!Features:• Thrilling Sniping Missions!• Stunning 3D Graphics!• Amazing Animations!• Realistic Sound Effects!
Blocky City Sniper 3D 1.3
Blocky City Sniper is on the mission to cleanthe city from evil criminals.City crimes are increasing on daily basis. Blocky civilians areafraid. Their lives are in danger. It is not safe to live hereanymore. Blocky assassin has accepted the challenge to kill eachbad guy of the city who is involved in any criminal activity. Thereis risk in this but someone must jump in to put an end to thissituation.Enemies ranging from militant groups to agents, robbers to suicideattackers are all indulged in terrible crimes. Some serious actionmust be taken against these law breakers. All you need is to befocused on hunting down the right target.Show off your super sniping skills and shoot down the blockyenemies. There are different scenarios. Each one is challenging andexciting. Your targets could be single or multiple. They could befound on the roads or on roof tops. It depends on the situation.Hold your sniper rifle tightly and eyes on the enemies, aimprecisely and pull the trigger on the right time. Go for the headshots!!Be the Real Blocky World Shooter and restore peace in yourcity…!Features:• Best Blocky City Environment!• Stunning 3D Graphics!• Multiple Scenarios!• Various Targets!• Exciting Sniping Missions!
War Duty Sniper 3D 1.3
You are a soldier of an Elite Sniper Army on amission to snipe out all the terrorists that have invaded yourcountry. They have attacked and killed innocent people of yourcountry. The brutal terrorist group have even more evil plans andthey want to take control of your country and maintain their holdand power. A deadly war has just begun in your country!Do you want to take the challenge of eliminating these terroristrivals? If yes then go ahead and wipe out the deadly terroristforces and destroy their domination. You are equipped with thelatest sniper rifle, handle your rifle precisely, aim carefully,target your enemies and shoot them immediately. Do not let themescape. Accomplish your mission without failing the level.Hunt down your enemies, try to take head-shots and become the besthead hunter.Be focused, Fight for your country. Win the war of terror. Makeyour motherland a safer place to live. Mark yourself as the bestprofessional assassin of the century..!!Rate our game and give your valuable feedback.Features:• Brilliant Gameplay!• Best 3D Graphics!• Stunning 3D Environment!• Amazing Shooting Missions!• Realistic Sound Effects!
Secret Stealth Warship Combat 1.3
Warships of enemies have crossed the bordersand entered your country’s sea premises. They are strong andpowerful and have invaded with evil intention. Take control of yourarmored battleship, leave the harbor and take your ship into deepcold sea. Let’s get ready for a vicious naval war with youropponent’s navy warships.It’s time to take serious action as the enemies have brought airsupport as well. Use anti-air missiles to target helicopters andtake them down. Do your best to protect your warship from thewrath, bombardments and violent attacks of your enemy’s ships andtheir copters. Destroy the enemy’s cells, towers, copters,warships, in short destroy all their resources to make them weakerand to gain victory over them.Don’t let the naval forces hold their command and maintain theirdomination. Destroy each and every asset of enemy forces to endthem completely. It’s time to show no mercy but to compete andWIN..!!Features:• Intense Shooting Missions!• Incredible 3D Graphics!• Realistic Sound Effects!• Naval and Air Enemies!• Upgrading Features!
Gangster Escape Shooter 3D 1.3
The modern city is under attack by thegangsters, mafia people and gunners. They are moving freely intheir cars. Their evil plans if executed would let them buildstrong criminal empire. You as a sniper are in a helicopter and onthe move with objective to chase and shoot down these bad guys.Identify the right target, aim and kill them in super excitingsniping missions.Rescue the hijacked buses and the hostages. Kill the hijackersbefore they get out of your sight. Assassinate all gangsters to endeach level. This is test of your sniping skills. Feel the thrill-hold your advanced powerful sniper rifle and follow the bestsniping practice to shoot down the bad guys. Protect yourself fromthe enemies attack and save your city from turning into crimetown!Do you dare to accept the challenge? If yes then get ready toeliminate your rivals in fast aggressive shooting game!Features:• 3D Urban City Environment!• Amazing Graphics and Sound Effects!• Realistic Gun Simulation!• Thrilling First Person Shooting Game!• Addictive Game Play!
Sniper Robots 2.0
This is the era when the robot technology hasreached to a highly advanced level. Intelligent robots have beendeveloped to serve humans. But there is an evil team of hybridscientists (half humans and half robots) who are trying to gaincontrol of everything around. They have programmed robots to attackand abduct civilian in the city. This collaboration of hybrids androbots can be very dangerous!!!You as a sniper is charged with the duty from intelligence to savethe innocent people from this cruelty.It’s time to take the risk and show off your super sniping skills.Get ready to clear the city from all sorts of robots. Target anddestroy the strong robotic cars and air crafts in this amazing 3Dshooting game. Remember the robots are strong and its isn’t easy toget rid of them.Step into a thrilling world of robots and hybrids and save thecity from the evil robot enemies.Aim perfectly, Shoot effectively,and Go for the head shots!! Use slow motion feature to slow downthe running enemies. Use the sticky bomb to explode robots. Don’tlet your rivals escape! Gear up your rifle and target the mercilessenemies as a professional hunter!!Features:• Challenging Shooting Missions!• Incredible 3D Graphics and Sound Effects!• Purchase Strong Rifles from Store!• Superb Animations!• Destroy Robots and Hybrids!
Train Escape Sniper Shooter 3D 1.3
The terrorists are moving hijacked train outof the city. They are strong and armed with modern rifles. Theyhave dark and evil plans. Don’t let them execute any of theircriminal plans.Your mission is to take back control of the hijacked train. Itsdangerous and challenging as you are alone in this sniping mission.The suicide bombers are dropping off from the copters onparachutes. Kill them before they get successful in exploding thetrain.Position yourself on your helicopter and chase enemies on fastmoving train. Aim your target carefully, pull the trigger and showoff your super sniping abilities that will blow enemy heads. Killall the terrorists before the train gets disappear.Keep a check on enemy forces. Don’t let them escape toaccomplish their evil missions. You can jump off the parachute toland on the train and gun down violent rivalry shooters. Beware ofthe cross firing as it will lower down your health. Try to killyour enemies fast.Get ready to experience an intense copter-train sniping missionsin realistic 3D Environment!Features:• Thrilling Shooting Missions!• Copter Speed and Direction adjusted by default!• Amazing 3D Graphics!• Realistic Sound Effects!
US Special Force Training Game 1.2
Do you want to excel in sniping?? If yes thenyou have landed on the right place. We welcome you at US SpecialForce Training Academy where you will learn all amazing tactics andskills required for becoming a professional sniper.Let’s Grab your Sniper rifle and get ready for the challengingassignments in each mission. It’s a high time to test your shootingand aiming skills and gain expertise as a sniper. You got a limitedtime to aim your target to zoom and to shoot. Use slow motionbutton for accuracy. Don’t miss a single shot!!Hit your target with accuracy. You are going to get a specialshooting training. If you want to be a real sniper hero then shootall the dummy targets in front of you!! Each mission will havedifferent challenging tasks. Finish those in time to move to thenext levels.Features:• Awesome Sniper Training Game!• Outstanding Graphics and Sound Effects!• Amazing 3D Graphics!• Buy Rifles from Gun Shop!
Flying Tank Xtreme Battle 1.1
In this modern city you got hold of atopsecret asset of you country which is a Flying Tank. With thisyouare going to explore and fly over the city located in hillyarea.Your mission is to find, aim and bombard your enemies.You would have seen tanks driving over the road, shootingandkilling enemies but in this exciting game you will enjoydrivingand flying your super ballistic tank at the same time.So let’s get ready to control this huge fighter machinehavingflying ability. Shoot down the enemies composed of copters,rivalrytanks and many more and blow them away. It’s time to testyourshooting and flying skills. Don’t miss a single target.Destroyyour rivals before you get destroyed by them. It’s bothchallengingand interesting.Fly high in the skies, fight with your enemies and endthisxtreme flying tank battle with victory..!Features:• Flying Tank Simulator Game!• High Quality 3D Graphics!• Amazing Sound Effects!• Tank Upgrade Feature!• Buy More Powerful Tanks from Store!
Amazing Hoverboard Sniper 2017 1.3
Welcome to the battle of good and crime! It isa dangerous fight in the city of crime where all mafia gang isactive. You have to fly over the hoverboard and target thecriminals. You are acting as a super stickman flying on amazinghoverboard in this futuristic anti-crime mission.Firstly you will learn the basic hoverboard steering and basic ofsnipping. Drag along the screen to aim your target. Tap zoom iconto toggle scope on/off. Tap fire button to shoot target. Kill thegoon taking over the city. Kill escaping criminals. Help cops inputting down the criminals. Save minister senator and civiliansfrom expected shoot out.Some criminals are busy in keeping civilians hostage. Some thugsare robbing a bank. Kill them all before they escape with money.Clear the city from drug mafia.Complete all missions using your amazing snipping skills!Features:Amazing 3D Graphics and Sound Effects!Experience Amazing Sniping Missions!Different Enemies to Target!Interesting Scenarios!
Pixel Survival Sniper 1.1
Are you worried about the criminalactivitiesof mafia gang! Let’s play this game and erase allthecriminals.Welcome to this amazing anti-crime mission. Some offenders arebusyin unlawful activities in your city. You have to fight withthemand save your city.Firstly you must follow the instructions to learn basicsofsnipping. Drag along the screen to aim the target. Tag zoom icontotoggle scope on/off. Tap fire button to shoot the target. Dragthezoom slider up to zoom in and down to zoom out.Kill the criminal keeping civilian hostage. Destroy the workersofland mafia that are working illegally in your territory.Aftercompleting the level you will get coins. You can buydifferentcategories of sniper rifle with coins.Kill the escaping bikers. Aim them correctly. Aim themurdererhiding woman’s body. Kill the burglars outside the civilianhouse.Destroy the thief who has stolen the money around the corner.Savethe man before the killer stabs him. Kill the car hijackersandkidnappers.Focus on energy level. Fighting requires energy. And it willtakesome time for refilling.Pixel Survival Sniper Features:• Amazing 3D Graphics and Sound Effects!• Experience Amazing Sniping Missions!• Different Enemies to Target!• Interesting Scenarios!
Counter Terrorist Hero Legend 1.5
Buckle up against terrorist!!Your area is in danger as it is attacked by terrorists. Due topoorlaw and order situation, terrorists are highly active indoingcriminal activities and expanding their empire.It’s time to stop them. Be a Commando and takeyourresponsibility!Check points have been made to stop any type of terroristactivity.Your mission is to fight against terrorist invasion. Guardtheborder check post and keep an eye on all suspiciousactivities.Stop the terrorists who have decided to rob the banks.Stay safe inyour mission to spy on a market on a lookout forhostileactivity.Rescue the valuable subject which is captured by the terrorist.Anenemy territory is heavily guarded with mines. A heavyterroristactivity has been reported in a building. Take your stepanddemolish the building to the ground. Kill the suicide bomberandremove the terror threat.Don’t leave the leader of this terrorist group, he is themastermind behind all criminal activities. Track him with the helpofdrone and kill him.Be brave and stay safe in this counter terrorist herolegendmission.Counter Terrorist Hero Legend features:Amazing Battle Environment!High Quality 3D Graphics and Realistic Explosive Sounds!Smooth and Easy Controls!Powerful Soldiers!Addictive game play and Challenging Missions!Interesting Scenarios to complete!
Strategic Battle Simulator 17+ 1.2
If you can use best strategies to arrangeandplace your army then no one can defeat you in any battle!It’s time to learn the best tactics to choose and place yourarmedforces.This amazing battle simulator game will take you in a wararenawhere you will place and arrange your soldiers and tanksforcombat. We just want you to win by using strategies.Strategic battle Simulator 17+ has two interesting modes.InPractice mode, you can learn how to select and place yoursoldierand tanks. By choosing both armies by yourself, you willlearn thebest strategies and placements of soldiers and tanksforvictory.After learning placements of your military, jump into itssingleplayer mode. Choose and organize your defense forcewisely.Do you think you can win this battle!!Let’s play and prove!Strategic battle Simulator 17+ features:Amazing Battle Environment!High Quality 3D Graphics!Realistic Explosive Sounds!Smooth and Easy Controls!Unlimited Ammunition!Powerful Tanks and Commanding Soldiers!
Tank Future Battle Simulator 1.3
Now it’s a time to save your land. Enemieshaveattacked your land with tanks. They are ready to destroyyourcountry. Enemies’ tanks are loaded with weapons. You have tosaveyour country by fighting with enemies.You are going to win this battle by ruining your enemies.Keepmoving and destroying all the tanks in your way.Destroy the enemies’ tanks by targeting carefully. But you havetosave your tank too by using strategies as a military commando.Keepyour energy level full and earns gems and bonusesConcentrate on your mission to eradicate your enemy and winthisbattle of tanks.Features:Different Battle Environments!Tank Upgrade System!High Quality 3D Graphics!Realistic Explosive Sounds!Smooth and Easy Controls!Unlimited Ammunition!
Stickman Battle : Online Shooter 3D 1.6
It’s a battlefield. Be a Stickman warrior and snipe all theenemies.Your seaport is attacked by gangsters. It’s time to teachthem alesson and save your arena. Its challenging GUN shootmissions offeryou hours of fun and surprises. You will love itsonline mode.Upgrade your weapons, guns, cannons and rifles anddefeat youronline enemies. They are equipped with more advancedweapons andready to defeat you in this war game. Be an army manand jump intothis online battle. No need to wait. The most amazingshooting gameof 2018 is just a click away. Let’s download and winthis battle.Are you ready to SNIPE? Pick up your Gun!! let’s startshooting!!Features: Amazing Battle Environment! High Quality 3DGraphics andRealistic Explosive Sounds! Smooth and Easy Controls!Powerful GUNS!Addictive game play and Challenging Missions!Interesting Scenariosto complete!
Halloween Sniper : Scary Zombies 2.3
Agent! Let’s dare to enter into this zombies arena and shoot alltheScary Zombies. Halloween Sniper Scary Zombies is themostchallenging shooting game available on your phone full ofthrillingmissions. Get ready to enjoy this action packed eyepopping game.Your arena is attacked by scary zombies. Zombies areon a missionto convert civilians into zombies. They want to eatcivilians. Theyare planning the dangerous missions to harm theinnocents. Its timeto save your people and kill all zombies. Useyour best assassinskills and fight with these scary zombies. Don’tallow zombies toescape. Be a commando, reload your GUN and kill allthe Zombies.Its time to prove yourself a brave stickman. Are youready toSNIPE? Pick up your Gun!! let’s start shooting!! HalloweenSniper :Scary Zombies Features: Amazing City Environment! HighQuality 3DGraphics and Realistic Explosive Sounds! Smooth and EasyControls!Powerful GUNS! Addictive game play and ChallengingMissions!Interesting Scenarios to complete!
Warrior Tycoon : Stranger's Battle 3D 1.3
Your Warrior tycoons are ready to fight. They are waiting fortheirCAPTAIN. Be a commando and jump into this war. Usedifferenttactics to fight and remove your enemies. Stay strongotherwiseyou’ll be dead. Your arena has been attacked by youropponents.They want to eliminate you and get control on yourempire. Enemies’troops are loaded with weapons. Its time to be amilitary officerand save your kingdom. Place your armed force inthe combat zone.It’s time to strike. Finish the Armed force of youropponentmilitaries with the bombardment of gunfire. The game hasvariety ofsoldiers, allowing you to experiment different combatstrategies.Let’s place your warships appropriately to claimvictory. Itsonline mode offers you Hours of FUN and Adventure.Upgrade yourmilitary unit and get more powerful troops. Don’t takeyour enemieslightly, you are up for tough task. Features: •Addictive Missions!• Amazing Battle Environment! • Great 3DGraphics! • RealisticExplosive Sounds! • Smooth and Easy Controls!• Different Varietyof Troops and Commanding Soldiers!
Greek Warriors : Castle Defence 5.0
NOTE: PLEASE UPDATE TO V2.3 FOR SMOOTHER GAMEPLAY EXPERIENCE Thisisexactly the moment you were waiting for. The most amazingSimulatorGame has come to you. Download the best WAR gameavailable on yourmobile phone. Your soldiers and headquarter areawaiting yourarrival. Defending your castle with your greatwarriors is reallyexciting. Fighting for your survival will giveyou a challengingthrill. Check your breath! You will be enjoyingit at hell! YourGreek WARRIORS are waiting! Greek battle Simulatoroffers you Hoursof FUN and Adventure. Enjoy this battle of forces.Upgrade your Armyand decide the appropriate placements to attack.Use your vibrantand creative skills to win this ultimate battle.Its Online modewill give you a chance to play multiplayer. In itsadvanced shootinglevels you will get more powerful troops. Yourenemies are equippedwith a variety of troops and soldiers. Don’tworry, Be a VictoriousCaptain. Upgrade your players and fight toclaim victory. GreekWarriors : Castle Defence Features: •Addictive Missions! • AmazingBattle Environment! • Great 3DGraphics! • Realistic ExplosiveSounds! • Smooth and Easy Controls!• Different Variety of Troopsand Commanding Soldiers!
Battle of Rome : War Simulator 1.8
Your arena is in danger as it has been attacked by yourrivals.Enemy forces are ready to defeat you. They are equipped withavariety of troops and soldiers. Now it’s time to jump intothisgood and evil war and save your land. Are you brave enoughtocompete? Let’s prove! Battle of Rome: War Simulator is fullofchallenging missions. It demands you to use your strategiesandcombat skills to defeat your enemies. Use different combos ofarmyto fight. Let’s choose between troops and soldiers wisely. Youareup for a great task as you are a commander of your armed force.Outof coins? Don’t worry you can get ample of coins bywatchingrewarded videos. Destroy your opponent’s soldiersapproaching you.Be brave and fight to claim victory. Battle ofRome: War Simulatorfeatures: • Amazing Battle Environment! • HighQuality 3D Graphics!• Realistic Explosive Sounds! • Smooth and EasyControls! •Unlimited Ammunition! • Powerful troops and CommandingSoldiers!
Sniping Forte - Grand Deserts 1.1
Your grand deserts are in danger as gangsters have encounteredthem.Criminal activities of this mafia gang have made thesurvivaldifficult. Crime rate is very high. Gangsters are on amission toget control of your lands. Now only a sniper hero cansave thepeople from this terror. Elite American Armed force hasassignedyou this task to use your best sniping skills and jump intothiscombat zone. Get ready to defend your arena and eliminatethisgroup of mafia gang. Be a Sniper commando in this freeactionpacked first person shooting game. Use from a variety ofrifflesand aim your target carefully. Every level of this snipergamerequires you to complete your thrilling mission and eradicateallthe opponents in your way. Start fighting and be the laststandingman. Features: Realistic Graphics and Cool Animations EasyControlsFree First Person Shooting Game on your Mobile PhoneAddictive Gameplay Lots of Weapons and Riffles Action Packed BattleEnvironmentExciting PVP Mode
Tank Future Force 2050 1.5
Tank Future Force is a 3D Tank battle which takes you into theworldfull of thrill and action. Your future fighting vehicle,Super Irontank is equipped with the latest destructive weapons of2050. Youneed to show perfect strategic movements and blast thefuturisticenemy forces with bullets and bombs. Protect your tankfrom thecounter strikes.Upgrade tank to become stronger anddeadlier anddominate the battlefield. Aim your targets carefully,combat anddestroy all future tanks of enemy forces that yourencounter. Don’tlook back, Keep yourself alive as long as you can.It is a game ofsurvival. Use the destructive power of your tank inthe best waypossible. Kill all your enemies with deadly tankstrikes and win thebreathtaking action packed tank battle offuture! Features: AmazingFuturistic Environment! Stunning 3DGraphics! Realistic SoundEffects! Tank Upgrade System! Lots ofEnemy Tanks! Easy and SmoothControls!
Furious Train Sniper 2016 2.5
Out in the hilly outskirts an Activist group has hijacked thetrainthat carry supplies for Army Commandos. There is a very highcheckon train by the Enemy. Getting hold of the train isn’t easy atall.You need to set free the train from terrorist group. Fly acrossthetrain, get hold of your long range sniper rifle, Set your aimandpull the trigger. Set free the train occupied by the savageenemiesand get rid of this hostile situation. Save yourself fromthefiring. Make sure the supplies reaches the Army Commandos ontime.Features: Challenging Shooting Adventure! Weapon UpgradeSystem!Amazing 3D Graphics! Realistic Sound Effects! Auto CopterFlightSimulator!
King Sniper FPS Survival 2018 2.0
Dylan works as a security guard for an American securityfirm.He’sex-military. He has accepted a contract to work for firmthatprotects American interests at the Mexican port ofVeracruz.Average day for Dylan when suddenly the Port is overrun byaMexican Cartel. You need to cover the retreat of employeesandcivilians from the port until support can arrive. You’ve takenoutthe scout. Alarms are ringing. People are running away in fear.Youmust pick out the scout’s partner. You must cover yourtracksbefore your position is given up. You are heavily outnumberedso itis essential that you remain stealthy. The Cartel Boss isheavilyarmoured and armed. He is supported by two snipers who willinformhim of your location as well as provide fire support. Don’tleavethe boss of this gang, he is the master mind behind allcrimes.Kill him. Be brave and stay safe in this SHOOTINGmission.Features: • Amazing Port Environment! • High Quality 3DGraphicsand Realistic Explosive Sounds! • Smooth and Easy Controls!•Powerful Soldiers! • Addictive game play and ChallengingMissions!• Interesting Scenarios to complete!