Awesome Kids Games Apps

Surprise Gift Claw Machine 1.2
MAJESTIC VENDING MACHINE SIMULATORThe vending machines areeverywhere and you always want something from the machines don’tyou? But your parents conviction will always say that the timelesssurprise claw machine is a waste of money. In this game you canpractise the surprise claw machine game in real life!PARENTSDISCLAIMERThis surprise claw machine does not only looks very funfor your children, this fantastic game also lets your childrenlearn to count with in-game money. Every toy vending machine hasdifferent toys and costs a different amount of in-game money, soyour children have to learn to save money!Key Features:✔ Easy toplay timeless simulator!✔ Real in-game money to spend!✔ Let’s yourchildren learn to count!✔ More timeless conviction and fantasticfood truck simulator coming soon!
Majestic Car Practise SIM 2017 1.1
AMAZING CAR DRIVING SIMULATOR GAME FOR ALL AGES!In this majesticcartoon vehicles parker game you can learn the traffic rules andlearn how to park a real city car. This amazing traffic car driversimulator is full of fantastic parker levels for every ages! Usethis fantastic traffic parker simulator to learn the traffic rulesfor your future car driver career and become a majestic carracer!DRIVE THE MOST MAJESTIC TIMELESS CARTOON VEHICLESYou candrive in any majestic timeless cartoon vehicles you want! There arelots and lots of different cars for you to choose from and use themwisely, you can not park a big truck into a small parking space…Stop for the traffic lights and watch out for pedestrians!PARENTALINFORMATIONThis perfect cartoon vehicle parker game is perfectlysuited for your children to learn the ropes of the real worldtransportation rules. By playing the majestic levels of thisvehicle driving simulator your children will learn about everytransportation rules! Prepare your kids for the amazing world oftransportation with this perfect parker game.
Fantastic Happy Fish Collision 1.3
FANTASTIC FISH GROWING GAMEIn this majestic deep ocean seasimulator you start off as a small fish and you have to grow into abig white shark who rules the ocean! Feed yourself with everythingthat is in the big deep ocean sea and become the most fearedtimeless fantastic fish. A collision with other bigger fisher willcause problems because you have to start from the beginning. So donot cause a collision and grow big like a real majestic happy deepsea animals would in this perfect friendly happy fish simulatorgame!Key Features:✔ Amazing ocean animals who want to grow!✔Fantastic timeless missions with perfect controls!✔ Kid friendlymissions for your sweet kids!✔ Majestic fishes from all over theworld right on your screen!✔ More unicorn runner and cooking in thekitchen games coming soon!
Junior Garbage Truck Parker 1.4
EVERYONE DREAMS ABOUT BEING A GARBAGEMAN FOR A DAY!Do you think youcan be a great garbageman and you can keep the big 3D city ofHollywood clean? Practise your city cleaning skills in this amazinggarbage truck parker game and earn fantastic prizes if you keep thebig 3D city Hollywood clean! This fantastic truck driving simulatoris perfect for young and old, the graphics are majestic and thecontrols and physics are as smooth as can be!COMPLETE THE CLEANINGMISSIONS AND UNLOCK THE GARBAGE TRUCKSThere are more than 30different cleaning missions in this fantastic truck driving game.Unlike other truck driving games, this game really gives you thefeeling about cruising in a real truck! Practise your garbage truckparker skills, park the heavy lorry near the dump location and earnyourself a real new heavy lorry after you complete the missions! Wewish you a lot of gaming fun!Key Features:✔ Majestic heavy lorrydriving simulator!✔ Complete all the cleaning missions for amazingfun!✔ Majestic gameplay for the most realistic driving feeling!✔ Ifyou like garbage truck games then this is the game for you!✔ Moredriving school games and high speeds blocky cars games comingsoon!*** ANY IN GAME PURCHASE WILL REMOVE ADS FOREVER ***Check outour other fun to play games too!
Mr. Blocky City Bus SIM 2.1
Everyone Dreams About Being A Busdriver For A Day!Mr. Blocky CityBus SIM is the best simple and fun racing games for young and old!Choose your parker bus and guide it to the parking spot! Drive yourmajestic bus easily and practise your city parker skills. Did otherracing games or parking games become boring because of hard levelsor not easy to handle controls? Then this is the majestic blockycity bus game that you are looking for! Fast, simple and excitingcar racing!Prepare for a race by picking one of the big blockycommercial transport buses, football coaches or even adoubledecker! Earn enough in-game money to buy even faster andbigger buses. There are also plenty of coins to collect for betterresults while cruising through the big 3D city! Start the engineand drive these double deckers in the shortest time possible! Evena toddler can play this game without any problems!The levels aredesigned so that kids can easily learn to drive on the road and getto know real life traffic, and for all other people to simply havea fun time. The comic cars and soundtrack makes the mood ready forthe awesome ride! This driving simulator will also help withhand-eye coordination!Fantastic Key Features:✔ Get to know aglimpse of the real life traffic!✔ Be cautious and drive safely forbonus coins!✔ Perfect game to help with hand-eye coordination!✔More Mr. Blocky bus simulator games and vending machines simulatorcoming soon!We wish you a lot of gaming fun!*** ANY IN GAMEPURCHASE WILL REMOVE ADS FOREVER ***Check out our other fun to playgames too!
Vending machine real practise 1.2
Vending Machine Real Practise Learning and fun. What more do youwant. In this vending machine game you can buy snacks, drinks andspecial eggs. Use your money correctly and collect allcollectibles. Happy Collecting!In Vending Machine Real Practise youlearn to use money. Learn while collecting collectibles. By playingthe game you can buy eggs with special collectibles. Whether it iscars, truck, helicopters, animals or dinosaurs, you are able tocollect them all. Make sure to collect them all! Why this gamevending machine game?Counting money is something everybody does. Soit is good to learn to count money. This while having a lot of fun.For the kids it is great to learn how to use money, for others it’sfun to collect all the collectibles! Fantastic Fun Key Features:✔ 6Different vending machine to collect and play with!✔ Fun for kidsand adults!✔ More than 30 collectible items!✔ Helicopter, Car,Truck, Dinosaur, bus and Animal Collectibles!✔ Best collecting gamewhile learning to use money!✔ 6 Different types of eggs! We wishyou a lot of gaming fun! *** ANY IN GAME PURCHASE WILL REMOVE ADSFOREVER *** Check out our other fun to play games too!
Blocky Fun: Color Run 1.3
A new Blocky story!In Blocky Fun: Color Run you need to stop thecolor pirate. While you sleep he will try to steal the color inyour life. Will you let the pirate get away? You will have to runfast!Use colors to run after the pirate!While you run after thecolor thief, you need to press the right colors at the rightmoment. He will drop your colors and you need them back. It is agreat game for color recognition and had eye coordination, butmostly it is a lot of fun to play.Fully customizable blockycharacter!Blocky Fun: Color Run has a fully customizable character.You can unlock all kinds of cool stuff to make your character yourown. Sunglasses, hats, backpacks, shirts are just a few of thethings you can collect and put on your character.Blocky Fun KeyFeatures:✔ Great blocky world and character!✔ Fun and original rungameplay!✔ Fully customizable blocky character!✔ Great game forlearning color recognition!✔ Super fun story!Run and have Fun ;)***ANY IN GAME PURCHASE WILL REMOVE ADS FOREVER ***
Mr. Blocky City Taxi SIM 1.4
Everyone Dreams About Being A Taxi Driver For A Day!Mr. Blocky CityTaxi SIM is the best simple and fun racing ganes for young and old!As a taxi driver it is your task to drive people around town. Youneed good traffic insight, because this is still a taxi simulator.Besides that you need great parking skills to be the best taxidriver in town.This is the blocky city taxi simulator that you arelooking for! Fast, simple and exciting taxi driving!Blocky gamesare really fun ganes!This is no ordinary taxi simulator. The blockyganes are really populair. This blocky taxi simulator is the bestof two worlds. Blocky and simulator. So what are you waiting for.Play this really fun games.Earn enough in-game money to buy evenfaster taxis. There are also plenty of coins to collect for betterresults while cruising through the big 3D city! Start your engineand drive as fast as possible! Save your money, and buy cool andfast racing taxi’s. Fantastic Key Features:✔ Get to know a glimpseof the real life traffic in this taxi simulator!✔ Choose between alot of different taxi’s!✔ Be cautious and drive safely for bonuscoins!✔ Our ganes are great for hand-eye coordination!✔ More Mr.Blocky bus ganes and other really fun games coming soonWe wish youa lot of gaming fun!*** ANY IN GAME PURCHASE WILL REMOVE ADSFOREVER ***Check out our other really fun games too!
Mr. Blocky City Police Craft 1.6
Catch All The Bad Guys In The Blocky CityIn this craft police gameyou are the police officer who has to make the blocky city safeagain! Lead the cops squad and give them orders to make the cityfree of criminals. Get to experience the feeling of catching thebad guys. Blocky police car games were never this much fun!ManyMissions With Lots Of Criminals To Catch!Get behind the wheel of afast police car! Race through the craft city and be on your watchfor bad guys. When you see a bad guy, do not hesitate to chasethem! Call for back-up from your fellow cops and drive the criminalinto a corner to catch them. Park the police cars in front of thecops headquarters to bring the criminals to their cells where theybelong!Fantastic Key Features:✔ Chase the bad guys before they robmore citizens!✔ Become a real detective by completing all themissions!✔ Upgrade your fast car to keep up with even the fastestcriminal!✔ More craft games and USA president security games comingsoon!We wish you a lot of gaming fun!*** ANY IN GAME PURCHASE WILLREMOVE ADS FOREVER ***Check out our other really fun games too!
Mr. Blocky White House Driver 1.7
AMAZING GAME FOR BLOCKY CAR DRIVING GAMES LOVERS!In this truckdriver game in craft style you are the driver who is responsiblefor the president of the USA. Start of in a simple taxi andcomplete all the missions to unlock the armored truck! In thiswhite house simulator it is all about good security for thepresident. Protect the most powerful person in the world at alltimes! Complete all the missions and buy that amazing armoredtruck.Pick the president of the USA up at the white house and drivehim to wherever he wants! This blocky security simulator is full ofaction levels for kids. Drive through the blocky city and be on thewatch for dangerous people. Do whatever it takes to protect thepresident of the USA in this blocky car driving simulator!Fantastic Key Features:✔ Pick up the president at the blocky whitehouse!✔ Drive him through the craft style city✔ Protect him at allcost!✔ More Mr. Driver simulator games and animal coming soon!Wewish you a lot of gaming fun!*** ANY IN GAME PURCHASE WILL REMOVEADS FOREVER ***Check out our other really fun games too!
Mr. Blocky Emergency Car Craft 1.2
Amazing ambulance, firefighter and police craft simulator!Thiscraft style game is full of action! Get behind the wheel of anambulance, fire truck or police car and race to the emergency. Useyour racing skills to save time. As a emergency hero it isimportant to be on time. It is one of the oldest craft! Make sureyou help all the people in the city. Are you the city defender?!The cars in this emergency craft game are perfect for young andold. So do not wait any longer, the craft people need a blocky citydefender!Help the people and earn new awesome emergency cars!Thereare a lot of different emergency cars in this Mr. blocky simulatorgame. By playing missions you will earn coins! You can use coins tobuy a new and better ambulance, fire truck or police car. Savinglives was never this much fun. Use all your driving skills tobecome the defender of the city!Emergency Craft Key Features:✔Become a blocky city defender in this emergency craft simulator!✔Learn to save lives in this emergency car racing game!✔ Completeall the levels to unlock a new ambulance, fire truck or policecar!✔ More Mr. Blocky simulator craft games coming soon!We wish youa lot of gaming fun!*** ANY IN GAME PURCHASE WILL REMOVE ADSFOREVER ***Check out our other really fun games too!
Christmas Driver: Santa Gift Delivery 1.3
Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas to all!Are you ready to play a part inbringing people the joy of christmas? Drive around in a giftdelivery truck and deliver all the gifts to the children andadults! Santa is in need of a good helper, are you the one we arelooking for? Do not leave anyone out, everyone must get theirchristmas gifts! Ride around in the christmas village with thesanta gift delivery truck! Christmas Driver: Santa Gift Deliverywill give you the real christmas feeling while you are drivingaround the christmas village. Unlock wonderful christmas giftdelivery trucks with their own unique features. Can you deliveryall the christmas gifts on time? Find out by downloading this funsanta game!Key Features of Christmas Driver: Santa Gift Delivery:✔Santa games are fun to play for young and old✔ Realistic beautifulchristmas environments✔ Challenging missions as levels withincreasing difficulty.✔ Continuously progressive levels andepisodesWe wish you a lot of gaming fun and a merry christmas!
Coast Guard : City & Beach Rescue 1.2
Are you ready to help out all the people in need? In ourchallenging coast guard: city & beach rescue simulator you willbe challenged with the most adventurous tasks! Are you going to flyout in a helicopter or is an ambulance needed? Everything ispossible in our fun coast guard simulator! Skill up your drivinggames skills and flight simulator games skills in one coast guardgame! Are you the coast guard we are looking for? Being a coastguard is an amazing job! Rescue wounded people in all kinds ofvehicles and become a real hero! If you like rescue games then youwill love this amazing coast guard game. Unlock all vehicles andbecome the coast guard hero you always wanted to be.Key Features ofCoast Guard : City & Beach Rescue:✔ Become the most successfulcoast guard✔ Unlock all the rescue games vehicles✔ Stunninggraphics and environment✔ Don’t forget to rate and give our coastguard games some feedback*** ANY IN GAME PURCHASE WILL REMOVE ADSFOREVER ***
Fantastic Milk Delivery Pickup SIM 1.2
Fantastic home delivery simulator!You need to drive as fast aspossible in Fantastic Milk Delivery Pickup SIM. The friendly peoplein the countryside are in need of milk. Are you fast enough to makethe delivery. You need to drive as fast as possible, but becarefull. It is going to be a bumpy ride, and try not to lose yourcargo. One bump in the road and your delivery can fly trough theair. The faster you complete the missions the more money you earnto invest in your delivery truck company.It is a real race againstthe clock!Are you the fast and friendly milk deliveryman? Thecitizens are going to be very happy with a fast and friendly milkdeliveryman like you! Start your fantastic fast and friendly milkdelivery company right now!Fantastic Key Features:✔ Become thefastest friendly milk deliveryman in the whole town!✔ Drive bigpickup trucks to delivery the fresh milk products!✔ Real raceagainst the clocks missions!✔ More milk delivery and fantastic farmsimulator games coming soon!We wish you a lot of gaming fun!*** ANYIN GAME PURCHASE WILL REMOVE ADS FOREVER ***Check out our otherreally fun games too!
Mr. Blocky Garbage Man SIM 1.2
Hey Garbage Man, it’s time to clean up the city again! Drive aroundin your big blocky garbage truck and find the blocky garbage binsand clean them! Driving around in a blocky garbage truck isn’t aseasy as you think in a big blocky city, watch out for the trafficand skill up your garbage truck games driving skills! Our simulatoris filled with challenging garbage truck games tasks to pass theboring hours! The Blocky Garbage Man game you will want to play!Inthis fun garbage man game you will have to simulate all the aspectsof being a garbage man, are you ready for this amazing game? Doyour round and at the end you will have to empty your blockygarbage truck! How cool is that! Unlock all kinds of trucks andit’s even possible to upgrade them. Find out what you can do moreby downloading this fun time-passer!Key Features of Mr. BlockyGarbage Man SIM:✔ Play all the aspects of being a garbage man✔Drive around in a massive blocky city✔ Unlock trucks and upgradethem✔ Don’t forget to rate and give our garbage truck games somefeedback
Animal Police Transport SIM 1.2
Transport all the animals back to the zoo!In Animal PoliceTransport SIM you will be searching for the escaped zoo animals,you will have to transport them back to the zoo. Can you find themwithin the given time? We don’t want the animals to harm people.Transport games were never this much fun, animal police transportsim is filled with challenging transport games missions!Challenging transport games missions to play!This action packedtransport simulator is fun to play for all ages! Unlock a bigvariety of police transport vehicles in our fun simulator. Playchallenging rescue missions and retrieve all the zoo animals to thezoo! Key Features:✔ Challenging transport games missions✔ Greatgraphics and environment✔ Easy on screen controls✔ A big variety ofpolice games vehicles to unlock✔ Don’t forget to rate and give ourtransport games some feedback*** ANY IN GAME PURCHASE WILL REMOVEADS FOREVER ***
Mr. Blocky School Bus Simulator 2018 1.1
Drive the school children to their school!In Mr. Blocky School BusSimulator 2018 you will be safely driving the children to theirschool. Can you manage to drive them to their school in time? Keepyour eyes on the road and watch out not to crash your bus with theschool children! Always wanted to become a school bus driver? Thisis your chance to become on!This school bus simulator will skill upyour school bus driving skills!If you like school bus simulatorgames then you sure will love this one. This school bus simulatorwill skill up your school bus driving skills to the max! Unlock allkinds of school bus vehicles and upgrade them to your likings.Become the school bus driver you always wanted to be!School bussimulator Games - Key Features:✔ Challenging school bus gamesmissions✔ Great graphics and environment✔ Easy on screen controls✔A big variety of school bus games vehicles to unlock✔ Don’t forgetto rate and give our school bus games some feedback*** ANY IN GAMEPURCHASE WILL REMOVE ADS FOREVER ***
Oil Tanker Transport Driver SIM 1.2
Hey there oil tanker driver, ready for a big transport?In OilTanker Transport Driver SIM you will be in control of the biggestoil tanker rigs! Become the best truck driver of the city andtransport all the oil the various companies and fill their tanks!Oil Tanker Transport Driver SIM is a challenging simulator, watchout for all the traffic and keep your eyes on the road!Your bigadventure is just a minute away!Grow your oil tanker empire andstart buying more oil tanker trucks, and it’s even possible toupgrade them to your likings! Start from the bottom and work yourway up in this fun truck games simulator. If you love truck gamesthen you will sure love this oil tanker game. Challenging missionswill keep you hooked for hours!Truck Games Key Features:✔ Get todrive the in the biggest oil tanker rigs✔ Upgrade your trucks toyour likings✔ Big open world to drive in✔ Watch out for thetraffic✔ Don’t forget to rate and give our truck games somefeedback*** ANY IN GAME PURCHASE WILL REMOVE ADS FOREVER ***
Mr. Blocky Police: Police Car SIM 1.2
Chase the criminals and get them in jail as fast as you can!InMr.blocky police: police car sim you will be a police officerchasingthe criminals! Get in your police car and drive around thecity tofind the criminal who stole something worthy! With thechallengingtasks you can play this police game for hours! If youlike policegames then you will sure love our police gamessimulator!Get toplay 3 different game modes containing each 40missions!Mr. blockypolice: police car sim will never get boring!Unlock all the fastpolice car vehicles and upgrade them to yourlikings! Police gameswere never this much fun to play! Become thepolice officer youalways wanted to be and catch all the dangerouscriminals! PoliceGames - Key Features:✔ Chase the criminals andbring them to thepolice station✔ Unlock all the police gamesvehicles and upgradethem✔ 3 different game modes with in total of120 missions✔ Don’tforget to rate our police games and give ourpolice games somefeedback
Mr. Blocky School Bus Driver: American Highschool 1.1
Skill up your blocky school bus driving skills!In Mr. BlockySchoolBus Driver: American Highschool you will be driving in thecoolestblocky school bus vehicles! It’s your job to bring all theamericanhighschool kids to their beloved highschool. Bring them intime orthey will be late, and that costs you money! If you likeschool bussimulators then you will sure love our Mr. blocky schoolbusdriver: american highschool game!Get to drive all kinds ofblockyschool busses!Bring all the kids to school and you will bepaidwell, with your money you can purchase all kinds of verycoolblocky school busses! It’s even possible to upgrade yourschoolbus. Enjoy the various blocky environments and become thebestschool bus driver of google play! School Bus Games - KeyFeatures:✔Skill up your school bus games skills✔ Complete variouschallengingroutes✔ Unlock and upgrade all the school busses✔ Enjoythe blockyenvironments✔ Don’t forget to rate our school bus gamesand giveour game some feedback *** ANY IN GAME PURCHASE WILL REMOVEADSFOREVER ***
Mr. Blocky Moto Bike Driver SIM 1.2
Mr. Blocky got a new moto bike, let’s take a ride!In Mr.blockymotobike driver sim you will be driving around the coolest cities!Pickup your friends and go for a ride and drop them off. Motobikegames were never this much fun to play! Show off your awesomemotobikes and make your friends jealous. Become the best motobikedriver of Google Play!In Mr.blocky moto bike driver sim youcanunlock lots of awesome bikes and upgrade them to your likings,howawesome is that! It’s also easy to play for young and old! Withthedifferent game modes you will never get bored! This is themotobike simulator you will want to play!Key Features:✔ Drivearound inthe blocky cities✔ Pick up friends and go for a drive✔Easycontrols to play with✔ Unlock all the bikes and upgrade them✔Don’tforget to rate our bikes games and give our moto bikes gamessomefeedback