Awestruck Apps

Pokedex - Dexter 2.6.1
Dexter is the fastest and smoothest Pokedex onthe market place. With a massive information set, we cover everyneed a player could ask for.FeaturesFast and fluid user-interface.Incredible load times - ~1 second of loading for the entireapplication.Massive information set.Beautiful UI.Multiple languages supported.
Lights 1.0.3
Lights is a simple puzzle game with a simple goal - activate allthe lights. It's simple yet complex. Beautiful colours, relaxinggame-play. It is a good way to test your brain or just relax.- 150 unique levels with increasing difficulty.- Beautifully designed, minimalistic so you can focus on thegame.- Thought provoking game-play, try to think three stepsahead.- You're always a few steps from the goal, restarting the level isan essential part of the game.
Tic Tac Toe 1.1.7
X&O is a minimalistic version of Tic Tac Toe with a ton ofcustomization options available for users. Completely change howthe game is played, or how many people can play it! Want a hugegrid with 4 players? You can do it. Even customize your own piecesyou place, change how they look, and how you place them down.