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Tri D Chess 2.5
Tri D Chess is the only Android multilevel 3D chess game thatbrings Star Trek chess to life, and it’s free!You can play againstthe computer with 10 different difficulty levels, or play againstanother person on your device. Tri D Chess remembers the last 15games you started, so you can have multiple games in progress atthe same time. Other features include: - Supports three popularrule sets: Federation, TDCL and Meder - True 3D view of the gamewith 360 degree rotation, zooming and panning - Review moves fromyour current and past games - Watch the computer play itself - Snapto default view - Show legal moves - Show pieces under attack -Show captured pieces - Change the transparency of the board -Toggle sound on or off - Show rank, file and level coordinates -Undo moves - Change the chess piece colors - Help text - Quickstart videoTri D Chess is free! Download it now and let us knowwhat you think.(Tri D Chess is supported by non-disruptive ads atthe bottom of the screen, and thus requires internet permissions.Ads can be disabled with an in-app purchase.)
Space Battle 1.82
Space Battle is shooter space game fortheAndroid platform with an Asteroids feel. Fly through thestarfilled universe while blasting asteroids and zombie spiderships.New in version 1.82Due to popular demand, an exit button was added to the Mainmenu.You can still exit using the Home button on your device.New in version 1.81In the settings you can now double your maximum speed! Warning-don't forget to increase your maximum thrust also, or you won'tbeable to slow down in time!!Also for devices with limited CPU power, you can now changetheboulder graphics to increase game responsiveness.Version 1.73 now supports Ice Cream Sandwich.New in version 1.65, dual stick controls! Control flyingandfiring independently with this new option. You can still useSpaceBattle Classic Controls, or go to the settings menu and switchtodual stick. Use the right stick to fire in any direction asyoucontrol thrust with the left stick.New in release 1.40; Zombie Challenge! Enter the ZombieChallengefor a battle with an entire squadron of zombie spiderships. Scoretriple points for each kill in a fight to the deathmatch.
Gyro Wheel 1.4
Gyro Wheel is reminiscent of thegyroscopewheel game. The wheel responds when you tilt your deviceandbehaves like the real thing!Now supports devices that have landscape as thedefaultorientation, like tablets.In the free version both the gyro wheel and first game levelarefully functional. Purchase Gyro Wheel Pro and you’ll be abletoaccess all 10 play levels, earn points and purchasepower-ups,change your back ground color, and change to any one of20different wheels.