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Mahir dan Fasih Bahasa Inggris 2.0
Azalea Studio
Applikasi Sederhana untuk membantu anda belajar bahasa inggrispraktis sehari - hari. Applikasi ini hadir sesuai dengan kebutuhananda. Simple dan cocok digunakan bagi anda yang ingin belajarbahasa inggris dengan cepat. Simple Application to help you learnEnglish practically everyday. This application comes according toyour needs. Simple and suitable for those of you who want to learnEnglish quickly.
Yaseen and Tahlil Books - for Visit Grave 5.0
Azalea Studio
Yasin and Tahlil Books Visit Grave Is a simple application that canhelp Muslims in the Nusantara reading the yasin tahlil at the timeof the pilgrimage or the 7 day event, 40 days 100 days, pendak andnyewu or other practices. Why use Yasin Books and Tahlil App. *Using Material Design with a user interface that is easy tounderstand. * Arabic writing and translations are very clear soit's easy to read. even though it is used by older people. * Thereare Tafsir and Fadhilah Yasin. * More complete with a shortQur'anic letter. An - Naas, Al - Falaq, Al - Ikhlash, Al - Lahab,An - Nashr, Al - Kaafiruun, Al - Kautsar, Al - Ma'un, Al - Quraishetc. * Additional Choice Prayer. Safety Prayers, Khusnul KhotimahPrayers, Prayers For Guidance, Prayers Pray for World GoodnessHereafter, Prayers for Forgiveness etc. * Explanation of Terms andConditions and Procedures for Shalat Jenazah and Ghoib. *Pilgrimage Guide. Explanation of the Procedures for the Law ofWisdom on the Principles of Pilgrimage. * Talqin mayit and the lawHopefully this simple application is useful for Muslims in theWorld, especially in the Nusantara. Greetings Aswaja. Any Question,Contact Developer by Email
Maulid Nabi Muhammad (Diba',Simtudduror,Barzanji) 1.0
Azalea Studio
Applikasi Maulid App Collection adalah applikasi yang berisipujipujian kepada Nabi Muhammad SAW. yang berasal dari beberapakitabkarangan ulama. yaitu kitab Maulid Diba', Maulid Simtudduror,danMaulid Barzanji. Maulid Application App Collection isanapplication that contains praise to the Prophet Muhammad SAW.whocame from several books written by scholars. namely the BookofMawlid Diba ', Maulid Simtudduror, and Maulid Barzanji.