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Link2SD Plus (New) 1.1
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✚✚✚✚ Plus key for Link2SD ✚✚✚✚ This app is a license keyonly,requeries the Link2SD (free) app and turns it into Plusedition,removes ads and unlocks additional features. You will see"Link2SDPlus" on the title in Link2SD (free) app. Plus featuresadded ✔Links internal data directory of apps to SD card You need touse anon-FAT file system (ext2, ext3, ext4 or f2fs) on your2ndpartition. Because the FAT file system (FAT16, FAT32 or exFAT)doesnot support UNIX file ownership or permissions and causesasecurity breakdown of app's private files. ✔ Links externaldataand obb folders of apps and games to SD card ✔ Links dex filesofthe system apps to SD card ✔ Auto clear cache service ✔ Removesadsfrom Link2SD **** Note for old Link2SD Plus users **** Due toaproblem with Google Play the package name of the app haschangedand published as a new app. It is the same as the old one,you cancontinue to use old version. You can reinstall the oldversion from"Play Store -> My apps -> ALL". **** Support& Upgrades /Reinstalls **** ● Keep "Link2SD Plus" installed anddo not freeze(disable) it. ● Link2SD Plus purchase is per Googleaccount forpurchases on Play Store, all upgrades and reinstalls arefree. ●You can install Link2SD Plus on any device for free as longas youuse the same Google account you bought it with. Note thatforGoogle Play Store purchases if you have multiple Google accountsonthe device, your "original" Google account should be selectedinPlay Store (side menu => top-right white arrow next toyouraccount). If you're getting license error This is reported inthefollowing cases: ● Play Store app not loaded. Please startPlayStore app and wait until it fully loads start page. Play Storeappcan fail to load, for example, during its self-updating.Pleasewait until it fully loads, then start Link2SD again ●internetconnection is not available/unstable or Play Storeapp/services areblocked from internet. It requires a networkconnection for thefirst license check. But then you can go offlinefor a period oftime before requiring another license check. Cachingis enabled forlicense check. ● Link2SD Plus is in fact notlicensed/order isincomplete/refunded/canceled. Please open yourtransactions in"wallet.google.com" and check your Link2SD Plusstatus is"Complete" ● invalid Google account on the device. GooglePlay appsare bound to the Google account, if you change it, PlayStore can'trecognize your purchase anymore. Please re-add thatGoogle accountback to your device and/or select this account inGoogle Play Storeapp (side menu => top right arrow next to yourGoogle account) ●too much requests from apps to Play servers forlicense check.Please try again later (in 10 minutes) ● (Android2.x) backgrounddata is disabled To resolve this issue: 1. uninstallLink2SD andLink2SD Plus then reboot 2. ensure you have internetconnection onthe device up and stable 3. install Link2SD andLink2SD Plus fromGoogle Play Store app. Reinstalls to the sameaccount are free.(Installing from the APK won't resolve the issue)4. you may needstart/wait a bit/exit Link2SD Plus a few times toreload licensestate. 5. if it didn't help, clear data of GooglePlay Store andGoogle Play services and reboot If you're getting“insufficientstorage available” error when installing Link2SD Pluseven you haveenough free space To resolve this issue: 1. "Clear allapp cache"within Link2SD 2. set "install location" to automaticwithinLink2SD settings and reboot 3. if it didn't help, clear dataofGoogle Play Store and Google Play Services and reboot
Link2SD 4.3.4
Link2SD is an application manager that makes it easy forAndroid2.0+ users on their device to move applications to the SDcard. Itenables you to manage your apps and storage easily.Features: ✔Link apk, dex and lib files of apps to SD card ✔ Linkinternal dataof apps to SD card (Plus) ✔ Link external data and obbfolders ofapps and games to SD card (Plus) ✔ Link dex files of thesystemapps to SD card (Plus) ✔ Auto clear cache service (Plus)✔Automatically link newly installed apps (optional) ✔ Move anyuserapps to SD even though the app does not support moving toSD("force move") ✔ Shows the apps that support moving to SDwithnative app2sd ✔ Set the default install location of the apps;auto,internal, or external ✔ Batch link, unlink, reinstall,uninstall,"move to SD", "move to phone" functions ✔ Notify whenmovable appsinstalled ✔ Uninstall system applications (bloatwareremoval) ✔Freeze and un-freeze system and users applications ✔Convert systemapps into user apps ✔ Convert user apps into systemapps ✔Integrate "Updated" system apps into system (ROM) ✔ Cleardata andcache of the application ✔ Batch clear data and cache oftheselected apps ✔ Clear all apps cache at once (1-tap cachecleanerwithout being root) ✔ Exclusion list for "Clear all appcache"function ✔ Clear cache widget (1-tap cache cleaner withoutbeingroot) ✔ Notify if total cache size exceeds specified size ✔Rebootmanager includes power off, normal reboot, quick (hot)reboot,reboot recovery, reboot bootloader / download mode ✔ Rebootwidgetto boot with one click ✔ List applications, show detailedsizeinformation and link status ✔ Wide variety of options to sortandfilter apps ✔ Search applications by name ✔ Display availablespaceinformation of internal storage, SD card and SD card 2ndpartition✔ Share the Play Store link or the APK (app's fullpackage) file ofthe apps ✔ Create shortcut for the apps ✔ Support40+ languages Howit works: Linking apps Link2SD uses a secondarypartition on yourSD card and uses it as another segment of internalstorage. Link2SDmoves apk, dalvik-cache (.dex), lib and internaldata files intothis partition, which the OS mounts on boot, andcreates a symboliclink in the original location. This retains thefile structure thatthe system expects but with the bulk of the datamoved to the SDcard. Linking obb and external data folders of appsand games Ondevices that have emulated SD card, obb and externaldata foldersare located in the internal storage, not in theexternal (real) SDcard. Link2SD moves these folders to the 1st orthe 2nd partitionof your external SD card (depending on yourselection) and with thebind option of the mount command remountsthe file hierarchy atexternal SD card while it is still availableat the originallocation. What you need: Linking apps - rootpermission - secondpartition on SD card You should have twopartitions on your SD cardand both should be primary. You need touse a non-FAT file system(ext2, ext3, ext4 or f2fs) on your 2ndpartition in order to linkapp's private data files. Because the FATfile system (FAT16, FAT32or exFAT) does not support UNIX fileownership or permissions andwill cause a security breakdown ofapp's private files. Link2SDdoes not create the second partition,you need to create ityourself. Linking obb and external datafolders of apps and games -root permission Second partition on SDcard is optional, folderscan be moved to the 1st or 2nd secondpartition of the SD card.Link2SD also provides native App2SDfeature of Android OS. It canmove any user apps to SD card (forcemove), with batch movingcapability. Link2SD is a free (adsupported) app, you can upgradeto Link2SD Plus to remove ads andget additional features.DISCLAIMER: It is made available for use atyour own risk with nowarranty of any kind.