B.J. Anderson, M.D. Apps

Mat Doc 3.0
The Mat Doc skin app allows users who workwith wrestlers or any athlete to quickly determine what type ofskin lesion may be present. Application is ideal for coaches,referees and even parents who need a quick, simple guide to aid inrapid identification of common skin infections. Utilizing abodygram, the user clicks on the area of concern, and then photosof several skin conditions appear. Click on the one mostrepresentative of your athlete and a description with specifics ofthe condition, treatment guidelines and infectivity are listed.For those who already know the condition, a list of skininfections is presented. Clicking on specific conditions allows theuser to access almost a hundred photos representative of theseinfections. A description follows addressing all the specifics onthese conditions.DISCLAIMER...The material presented here does not necessarily reflect the viewsof the University of Minnesota, Boynton Health Service, MN/USAWrestling, USA Wrestling or Augsburg College. These materials maydiscuss therapeutic products that have not been approved by the USFood and Drug Administration and off-label uses of approvedproducts. Decisions about following these recommendations of drugtreatment or for aiding in the diagnosis of a skin condition shouldbe at the discretion of a qualified health care professional.Readers should verify all information presented here before usingit in making decisions on evaluating these skin conditions. Skininfections are a common problem that plagues the sport ofwrestling. The Mat Doc, LLC and Dr. Anderson assume noresponsibility due to wrongly identifying a skin condition and theconsequences of these conditions even if properly identified.Information on this program should not be used to replace therelationship that exists between a patient and his/herphysician.By purchasing this program you assume responsibility for its useby yourself or others who use it, let alone its consequences.