Elena In Magic World Adventure 2.0
Elena In Magic World Adventure is a new funnyAdventure game for kids and girls in which you can help a lovelybeautiful chibi princess who wants to save her kingdom from theevils .This story is a figment of our imagination and it has no relationwith the princess of the cartoon. Let’s help our chibi cute Elenato finish her Adventure . kingdom avalor has been attacked by amagical evil power from the witch so you need to defeat her withthe princessThe funny Adventure game of elena Princess of Avalor is free sodon’t hesitated to try it . you have items in this game will helpyou a Purple potion to make her big and a blue diamond potion makeher to shoot a fire balls on the monstres and they are a lot ofother Abilities‮‮‮ ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬How to play : is very simple you need to tap buttons on your phonescreen this can make you able to move and run shoot and swim too,so don’t hesitated to save the kingdomFeatures :- Easy gameplay for a kids games-wonderful design and beautiful view of the kingdom- Running and jumping and swimming-Chibi cute Character-beautiful view of avalor-Different level worlds and levels (Garden, jungle, desert,underworld)- nice songs- Free game without Wi-Fi or internetElena In Magic World Adventure is a new game created by YogatagaGames it’s just a fan art of elena of avalor . for furtherinformation contact us
Mr Pean Amazing Adventure 1.5
mr pean amazing Adventure is a new funnyAdventure game for kids and adults as well in which you can playwith your famous character who’s wants to finish his mission.The story of the game: our little agent got a secret mission aroundthe world so don’t hesitated to help him. You have multi WorldsCity, jungle, desert, and undergroundYou have a lot abilities and items that you can get from the gamewhich can really help you in your adventure.How to play : is very simple you need to tap buttons on your phonescreen this can make bean able to move and run shoot and swimtoo,Features :- Easy gameplay for kids’ games-wonderful design- Running and jumping and swimming-Different level and worlds ‮‮‮mr bean- Free game without Wi-Fi or internetmr pean amazing Adventure it’s free is an adventure game created byYogataga Games it’s just a fan art of beanfor further information contact us .
Pepa Pige Amazing Adventure 3.0
Hello everybodythis is a new game in an amazing adventure on a big garden withpepa pig is one of the free educational games for kids.Features :-wonderful design Running and jumping and swimming with peppa andpig-Easy gameplay for kids ‮‮‮‮peppa pig.---------------------------if you like the cartoon you can try this new game it’s free andit’s just a fan make .---------------------------- Touch the screen you have a pad control
Elsa World Adventure 1.0
Elsa world adventure is a new icy gameforgirls and boys as well . in which you can spend you’re yourtimebetween snow mountains and Cedar trees and beautiful viewofbrilliant white snow and frozen river.The story of Elsa world adventure: in an icy world you need tohelpyour snow princess to defeat all the danger coming from a theevilwitch and save your friends. This mini cute princess have somanyabilities (jump and run swim and fight ) by shooting monstersbyusing ice don’t hesitated to save your frozen world it’sfreeThis ice snowy game from our art make and it has no relationwiththe cartoons.How to play : it ‘is very simple you have a joystick on yourmonitoryou need just to tape the buttons A to run and B to jumpand voiding. Ice princess doesn’t have much time so you need toarrive in thegood time .Features :-icy graphic-free princesses game for girls- Easy gameplay for kids-wonderful design of frozen planet ‮‮‮‮‮elsa- Running and jumping and swimming-beautiful view of snows and ice-lovely frozen character-Different level worlds and a lot of levels (81 levels)- Multiple enemies and obstacles.