Advanced Tuner (for guitar, violin, bass, ukulele) 1.6
Advanced Guitar Tuner is the definitive tool for tuning any musicalinstrument: electric and acoustic guitar, bass, violin, banjo,mandolin, ukelele, etc. The main features are next: - Manual tuner.You can choose any custom instrument: guitar EADGBE, violin,ukelele, etc. A lot of custom tunings coming. Stay tuned. -Chromatic tuner: the closest note will be detected, and you canadjust with a accuracy of just 0.01Hz!!! - Display of frequency andcents to the target note - Analog meter display the current notetuning - Reference pitch sound for each string of the maininstruments. - Even you can create your own custom tuning presets.Up to 7 strings: you will have to edit the frequencies and names -Low latency Note: it will be necessary to have access to themicrophone MIC in order to work
Drum Hero (rock music game, tiles style) 2.4.3
From the creators of Drum Solo and Drum Solo Rock (more than 7million of happy users), here comes the definitive drummingexperience. Compete with your friends and the rest of the world inboth the single levels and the career mode. Be a perfect drum heroof this awesome game. With both normal and pro difficult skill,learn the songs in the training mode. Play music loud with headsetfor a superior experience. Drum Solo The Game is designed foreveryone: children, percussionists, musicians, drummers... The mainfeatures are: - High number of exclusive original tracks recordedwith multiple instruments from a band (guitar, keyboard and bass)to enjoy rock music - Compete with your friends and with the restof the world: daily, weekly and all times rankings for both thesingle levels and the career mode. - 2 difficult modes: Normal andPro. - Training mode to learn the tracks: you can speed down thetracks in your rehearsal garage - Get all achievements - RealisticHQ sampled stereo sounds, including double kick bass, two toms,floor, snare, hi-hat (two positions with the pedal), splash, crash,cymbal - HD drums images. - Double bass drum pedal available. -Gorgeous visual effects. - Low latency for the beats (note:depending of your available memory and processor) - Multiple touchsensitive touch pads. - Very fast loading time - Enjoy all theoriginal levels in your mobile phone or tablet. This drumset gameis free, it has fast response, and includes different songsrecorded with studio quality. Join us on Facebook:
Drum Solo Legend 🥁 The best drums app 2.4
Why using Drum Solo Legend? Become a legend of drumming andenjoythe amazing experience of learning rock and play percussionwiththe definitive free electric drum set simulator. Use yourMP3playset as background music. Play the drum kit with yourfingers(as it they were drumsticks) on the pads in your mobilephone ortablet, like a real drum set. Drum Solo Legend is one ofthe bestdrum games in Google Play, it has instant response, andincludesdifferent sound bank sets recorded with studio quality.Learn withmultiple drum lessons and tutorials of different styles.Recordyour songs and show them to your friends later. Play musicloudwith headset for a superior experience. Drum Solo Legendisdesigned for everyone: children, percussionists,musicians,drummers... The main features are: ✅ Enjoy the experienceofvirtual drumming with realistic HQ sampled stereo sounds,includingsnare drum, double kick bass drum, three toms, floor,hi-hat (openand closed), splash, crash, cymbals and cowbell. ✅Record your owndrum beats and later, you can play on your savedsession, like areal drum machine. Double your experience!. You canrecord, playand repeat your compositions in the beat machine. Youcan record ununlimited number of notes in your drum loops. ✅ Playon your ownMP3 playsets and play and repeat continuously yourimprovisations(playback mode). ✅ High number of exclusive drumsessons to learnto play. Control the playing speed of your demofiles so you canlearn more easily. ✅ Unlock exclusive electric drumkit designs,including different skins for your free drum kits. ✅Export yoursaved files to MP3 and share them with your friends. ✅Play overmultiple rhythm styles backing tracks included: Pop, Rockn Roll,Blues, Heavy Metal, Funk, Punk, etc. ✅ Equalize soundsvolumes ofeach instrument and global music in the mixer screen ✅Immersionhaptic feedback (tactile effects) for a better experience✅ Choosebetween 5 complete audio packs: Classic Rock, Heavy Metal,ModernRock, Jazz and Synthesizer ✅ Left-handed mode available ✅Turn onthe Reverb effect to simulate a live performance. ✅ GreatHDgraphics and animations. ✅ Double bass drum pedal available.✅Animations for each instrument. ✅ Low latency for the beats(note:depending of your available memory and processor). ✅ 12touchsensitive touch pads. ✅ Multitouch drums. You can touch up to20fingers simultaneously. ✅ Drum Solo Legend is free and youcanremove ads by acquiring a in-app purchase license. ✅ Use itinconjunction with the rest of Batalsoft apps (bass,piano,guitar...) to form your own band. Join us onFacebook:
Drum Solo Pads 1.2.5
Drum Solo Pads is the definitive drum kit simulator. Easy touse,you will find tons of demos to learn to play the drum set. -12pads with all the instruments of a drumkit, withexclusiveanimations for the drum machine - Load your own MP3 songsfrom yourdevice to play - Multiple demos to learn different styles(pop,rock, jazz, metal, etc) - Choose between different drumsetsounds(recorded in studio) - Record your tracks. You can then loadandlisten while playing on them - Export your sessions to MP3andshare your tracks with your friends - Equalizer to setindividualvolumes for each instrument and global music - Veryrealistic:reverb effect and vibration for each pad. - Speedregulator for thedemos. You can learn the most complicated parts ina simple way. -Pads includes sounds for next instruments: doublebass drum (leftand right), ride, high tom, middle tom and floortom, hihat (openand closed), crash, splash, cowbell and snare.Follow us inFacebook:
Real Violin Solo 🎻 1.3.1
Real Violin Solo is the definitive tool for violin lovers.Thisgreat game has powerful graphics and animations, soundsrecorded instudio, so you can experience your love for thismusicalinstrument. It is suitable for all ages, musicians, violinplayersand classical music lovers. Even you can record yoursessions andsend the loops to your friends. The main features are:- Highquality images and sounds recorded in studio. 62 realviolinsamples! - Record your own session and later, you can play onit,like a real violin. You can learn from your mistakes orevaluateyour progress and skills. - Export your sessions to MP3 andshareyour progression with your friends - Arco normal samples andbuttonfor pizzicato technique. - You can remove ads acquiring alicense -Use it in conjunction with the rest of Batalsoft apps(drum, bass,piano, guitar...) to form your own band. Join us onFacebook:
Drum Machine Loops 0.1.0
Why use Drum Machine Loops? Drum Machine Loops is apowerfulsequencer to create drum patterns in an easy way. With aniceinterface, you can edit your loops by tapping on the desiredpadsto play the drumbeats in rhythm. It has high quality soundsandsamples recorded in studio. The main features are: Withmultiplesettings is the perfect tool to use to train or composeyour trackswhen you cannot use your favorite DAW The fastintegrated editorlets you experiment different step beats to createyour songs. Youcan also change the sequences in live mode. You cansave yourpresets and use whenever you want. It also contains somedemo files(Pop, Rock, Heavy Metal or even Reggaeton) for inspiringyou. Italso contains multiple sound packs (standard, rock, modernorsynthesizer) . Stay tuned for more! You can even changethesignature. Suitable for drummers, guitarist, pianist oranymusician Join us on Facebook: