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Gold Miner - Classic Gold Miner 1.4
Gold Miner - Classic Gold Miner is the newest mobile versionclassic gold rush game. Gold Miner - Classic Gold Miner is funnygame with nearly 30 challenges at various gold mine in the world,not easy to complete level to make more gold. Tasks in Gold Miner -Classic Gold Miner game, you're a gold digger and your job to dig alot of gold, diamonds (jewels). The monster mouse, dynamite,stones, bones are difficult obstacles that you need to avoid. Youhave the support items as bomb, diamond polish, lucky clover,strength drink, magic clock...Are you ready? Time to gold rush!FEATURE: - Easy to play, tap anywhere on the screen to release theclaw (fork hook) to grab gold and diamond. Your claw will swingback and forth - 30 unique levels but playing endlessly to get ahigh score - Outstanding graphics, different terrains - Cutecharacter HOMEPAGE • •
Unblock - Worms Rescue 1.0
Unblock - Worms Rescue is a brand new and amazing unblock me,unblock casual game! The goal is to recuse the worms out of theboard by sliding the grass blocks out of the way Horizontal grassblocks can be moved from side to side Vertical grass blocks can bemoved up and down Unblock - Worms Rescue is a challenging, funpuzzle and addictive sliding block puzzle game. PLAY for FREE totrain your brain! KEY FEATURES • 4 difficulty puzzle ranging fromBeginner to Expert • Thousands of puzzle levels • Reset and Undounblock system • Cute character, stunning graphics • Easy to playand pleasurable game for all age • Hardest puzzle game for mobileTry to play Unblock - Worms Rescue and I'm sure it will cause amania for you! FACEBOOK • HOMEPAGE •
Brick Breaker
The classic brick breaker game with a newgameplay, new graphics and more addictive!In Brick Breaker game, your goal is to destroy all colored bricks,clear the screen to pass levels. The level difficulty of the gamewill be increasing with each screen play. Some magic items in thegame can help you boost your game progress, try to catch them inbrick game.Enjoy various missions and addictively simple play control!HOW TO PLAY:- Move the paddle with your finger and controls the ball collisionwith the bricks to destroy them- Avoid the ball hitting the ground- Eat items to accelerate the play- Make lots of points to reach the highest point in the rankingsgameGAME FEATURES:- Hundreds of stages and various missions- Multiplier balls- Change the size of the paddle- Laze ball- Item power up- More features to come!Easy to play but really challenge to pass all levels. Just downloadand experience Brick Breaker game to have fun relaxingmoments!HOMEPAGE••
Block Puzzle Free 1.6
Block Puzzle Free is the hardest block puzzle game! As long as youtap sideways or vertically and connected into a line can beeliminated and got scores. Block Puzzle Free is amazing block andbrings brand new game experience to classic puzzle block games.This addictive game makes for great brain training and offers hoursof retro games fun for fans of hard puzzle games and mind gamesalike! Block Puzzle Free - it’s the ultimate puzzle game! Once youstart, you'll be hooked. You can play games for FREE! HOW TO PLAY •Drag the blocks to move them. • Try to fit them all in the row orcolumn. Then the block will be clear and you get the point. Gamewill be over if there are no room for any the shapes below thegrid. • Power up with boosters • Hurry up! Time is limits! sFEATURES • Simple rules and Easy control • Various blocks andstunning graphic • Smooth and delicate animation • Funny soundeffects • Hours of fun, exciting play • Support all tablet devicesTry to play Block Puzzle Free and I'm sure it will cause a maniafor you!
Bubble Shooter Quest
Bubble Shooter Quest is an amazing new junglevision of bubble pop game with a lot of new challenges and makesyou addict.Bubble Shooter Quest has simply rule but is very funny eliminationgame. This game is very cool and fun for all ages in thefamilyPlayers will have to overcome more than 55 challenges, the gamewill become more attractive because of difficulty in the game willincreases with levels. So you need must be quick hands and veryaccurate that to get the new recordIn game have the items support you overcome challenges such as: eggdinosaur 5 move, color bubble, fire bubble. Just buy it to conquerchallenges quickly and easierAlthough the Bubble Shooter Quest is egg shoot game free, someitems need to be bought.HOW TO PLAY:- Just simple to play it. You only touch the screen to shoot thedinosaur eggs. Mark your targets with the same coloredbubbles- Clear all the bubbles to finish the level and play a puzzlebubbles in this game. Challenge you by get all 3 stars allpuzzles- Buy support items to complete challenges quickly and easier- Limited supply of balls so you have to think before youshootFEATURES:- Interesting challenges in 150 levels.- Super beautiful graphics, funny music, especially this game canrun on all devices well.- Special Boosters, Combos, bubbles will help to be easy toovercome challenges during bubble shoot.- Suitable for all age in the familyBubble Shooter Quest is a popular & entertaining Bubble Popgame that is appropriate for all ages. As the game is free ofcharge, we’ll need your ratings and support so we can continuemaking more and more amazing games.Have lots of fun and relaxing moments with our game. Thankyou!HOMEPAGE••
Jewel Deluxe Free 1.2
Jewel Deluxe Free - Top #1 classic match 3 jewel blitz game onmobile! Jewel Deluxe Free is very addictive and exciting adventurematch 3 game filled with colorful gem crunching effects! Swap andmatch jewels your way, show your best strategical moves to gethighest scores and pass hundred of levels. Be the jewel star andunlock all castles in jewels mania games HOW TO PLAY - Swap jewelsto match 3 or more same colour jewels vertically or horizontally toclear all the tiles - Clear all cells: the ice cells, the stonecells, the machine cells to create Heart Stone and bring it down tothe bottom - Match 4 jewels to create special lightning jewelsblaze. Lightning jewels blaze can destroy all jewels in a row orcolumn - Match 5 jewels with T or L shape to create special jewelsblast bomb. Jewels blast bomb can destroy all jewels around it. -Match 5 jewels in a line to create special color jewels star. Colorjewels star can destroy all jewels with the same kind of selectedjewels FETURES - The king of brain games. Challenge and Beat thepuzzles - Two game modes: Arcade and Classic - Over 300 challengingjewels deluxe levels - Great graphics and stunning effects - 8different jewels legend with classic jewel style and many specialjewel items - Easy and fun to start but a challenge to achieve 3stars and pass all jewel star levels in jewel saga Let's adventurewith Jewel Deluxe Free in jewel saga world! It's a relaxing way topass the time! HOMEPAGE • •
Jelly Puzzle - Match 3 Game 1.2
NO LIMIT TO CHALLENGE! TRY, TRY & TRY AGAIN! Jelly Puzzle -Match 3 Game is a brand new match 3 game, puzzle and adventure.Join those delicious candy and enjoy the most splashtastic matchinggame around. Connect the longest line of Jellies you can, settle inand relax with the most delightful puzzle game around. Jelly Puzzle- Match 3 Game has classic elimination gameplay, lovely andextremely cute pictures, straightforward fingertip micro control,fantastic level design and exciting witch gameplay bring youultimate experience and charm of elimination all the time. It isabsolutely a high-quality game for entertainment and killing timeOnce you play jelly blast, you cannot stop it! It's jelly mania!Don't you believe it? Start your adventure journey, travel throughthis sweet candy jelly kingdom, smell fragrance released from thosemarvelous blooming flowers, and enjoy mesmerizing jelly saga worldHOW TO PLAY - Crush to swap 3 or more same elements to eliminatethem - Match 4 same jelly on line to create a jelly blast - Joinjellies to create 2 lines with 3 same elements of each line at thesame time, jelly boom is created - Smash 5 same soda candy on lineto create a jelly clash mania, colorful sugar - Swap the jellysplash mania with any gem to make a super jelly dash, destroy all -Breaking the obstacles quickly as possible to pass mission bestscore FEATURES - Tasty juicy graphics - The KING of BRAIN TEASERS,Challenge and Beat the puzzles - There is NO LIMIT to “STAMINA” asmany of the puzzler games have. - Hundreds of sweet levels in theJelly Saga World - Helpful magical boosters to help withchallenging levels - All kinds of bright and colorful jellies willgive you a fun-packed match-three experience! - Easy and fun tostart but a challenge to fully master - Exciting lighting effectswhile playing including blast mania, lighting splash, candy boomDownload Jelly Puzzle - Match 3 Game now and chill out with thecandy in the splashiest match puzzle game ever! HOMEPAGE • •
Clever Block 1.0
Clever Block is the best block puzzle freeforyour brain!As long as you tap sideways or vertically and connected into alinecan be eliminated and got scores. Clever Block is amazingblockpuzzle and brings brand new game experience to classic puzzleblockgames. Best classic inspired game for touch screens.This addictive game makes for great brain training and offershoursof retro games fun for fans of hard puzzle games and mindgamesalike!it’s the ultimate block puzzle 1010 game! Once you start, you'llbehooked. You can play games for FREE!HOW TO PLAY- Drag the blocks to move them.- Try to fit them all in the row or column. Then the block willbeclear and you get the point. Game will be over if there are noroomfor any the shapes below the grid.- Power up with boosters- Hurry up! Time is limits!FEATURES- Simple rules and Easy control- Various blocks and stunning graphic- Smooth and delicate animation- Funny sound effects- Hours of fun, exciting play- Support all tablet devicesDownload Clever Block and start solving brain puzzles today!FACEBOOK••
Idle Garden 2.0
Always wanted to have your OWN PLANT GARDEN? The time isNOW...DISCOVERY, COLLECT and GROW cute plants to increase yournutriesincome and expand your garden! ☘️ 🌴 🍉 🥬 ☀️ A great RELAXINGidlegame that help you to rest, get calm and zen without going toyoga!GARDEN HIGHLIGHTS 🌵 COLLECT hundreds of cute and fun plants,eachwith their own style. 🍄 LEVEL UP your plants to evolve them andgetmore nutries. Everytime plants evolved that had a new style.Looklike very lovely and fun. 🌻 BOOSTER items to push your plantsgrowfaster and get more nutries for a short time. 🌹 SPECIAL PLANTareget by collecting and combining 3 pieces of the same plantthroughwheel of lucky. 🍀 EXPAND your garden by earning new landplots thatwill let you plant more plants and profit even more!Let's relaxwith Idle Garden game. Best crop idle game ever! LikeIdle Gardenon Facebook! Gotany problemsor suggestions? Feel free to send a message Weare always happy about our players’ feedback!
Solitaire Classic 1.4
The World's #1 Classic Card Game Solitaire FREE onAndroid!Solitaire Classic is also known as Klondike Solitaire andPatienceor windows solitaire, and it is the most popular freesolitairecard game in the world. The goal of classic solitaire gameis toplace all cards to a four foundations (one for each suit)inascending order. Solitaire card games are fun andchallengingpuzzle games that anyone can enjoy! Gameplay is verysimple tostart but hard to master. Millions of users are having funforhours everyday! You can play Solitaire Classic in anywhereyouwant. No need to the internet connection and solitaire no ads(ifyou not connect to internet). NOT ONLY classic card game, wegofurther and brought klondike solitaire to the new level withuniquefeatures which other games not! First of all it isbeautifulHD-graphics, just look at these cards, backgrounds andmenu game.The Second, you can customize your card backs, choose thecardbacks you like with over 9 card backs in solitaire klondikefreegame. But that's not all. Our Solitaire Classic has two gamemodes:Classic & Arcade. And Special Arcade mode has 300solitairepuzzle. Try your best to complete every level, become thestar ofyour Solitaire game! Are you ready to be a real cardgameschampion? Download Solitaire Classic NOW for FREE!!! Be fastlike aSpider Solitaire, build your card Pyramid Solitaire and climbtheTri-Peaks! Like for Spiderette and freecell, this game isaKlondike Solitaire Draw. FEATURES • Classic Klondike SolitaireDraw1 Card • Klondike Solitaire Classic Draw 3 Cards •Simpletap-to-play or drag-and-drop card movement • Awesome HDgraphics •Unlimited free undo • Unlimited free hints • All Winningdeals •Auto complete to solve game • Choose your card style •Winningclassic animations • Offline play and solitaire no ad whenofflineplay • Two game modes: Arcade and Classic • Phone andTabletsupport If you love original Solitaire, don't missingthisSolitaire Classic game for your device. It's completely free,noneed to the internet connection and this is solitaire withoutads(offline play). Relax and have fun with the best Solitaire2017!HOMEPAGE••
Jungle Adventures: Super Story 1.8
Jungle Adventures: Super Story is a super classic platform gamethatbring back memories of old school arcade games withnumerousadventure. A jungle adventure game that you can jump, runand shootmonsters in super jungle world. Jungle Adventures is asuper storyabout super adventure of Jack, a jungle boy want todiscover thesuper world to find treasure without knowing that a lotof threatsin strong world are waiting for him. In the super jungleworld,lots of dangers, enemies, troubles, obstacles, difficulttraps andbosses are defending Jack’s way through the jungle,castles andwonder worlds. To find the treasure, will have to jumpand run overmany obstacles, fight and shoot against mushroom,hedgehogs,skeletons, evil turtles, poisonous spider, autobot andmany othermonsters. Be nimble... be quick... and help Jack find thetreasurein jungle adventure! FEATURES - Awesome gameplay similar toretroclassic game. - Easy and intuitive controls. - Over 80wonderful,well-designed, exciting and challening levels withslowlyincreasing game difficulty. - 4 different addictiveworldthemes(jungle ape, subway runner world, dark world, cavesphere). -8 epic boss fight (angry scorpion, dangerous crocodile,bee catgolem and robot boss) in 8 different red dungeon. - Overthan 20super cute enemies to smash such as crocs, turtles, frogs,spiders,monsters, dragons, snails and many more - Store withadditionalitems and rewards: unlock worlds before finish otherworlds. -Unlock free coins, buy items to make mike and maxstronger. -Rankings for you and your Facebook friends to competewith playerfrom other country. - Great mix between 2D and 3Dgraphics in veryhigh resolution. - Retro arcade music and oldschool sound effects.- Classic retro jungle platform game style. -Try to unlock allachievements and to be number one of leaderboards!- Suitable withall age in your family, the best adventure games forkids. HOW TOPLAY - Use button to jump, move and fire. - Jump on thetop ofmonsters to defeat them. - Collect all coins and bonus itemsto getmore points and buy additional items in store. - Do not falloffthe ground. Run to the end of map to pass the level. - By eatingameat Jack will become Super Jungle Boy, get magic powers andthenbe able to destroy bricks. - By eating golden banana Jackwillbecome Super Hero and be able to throw fireballs. If youreallylove arcade type jungle run games, Jungle Adventures: SuperStorygame is perfect choice for you and your kids! We're working onmorelevels for a future update. HOMEPAGE••
1010 Block Puzzle Free 1.4
1010 Block Puzzle Free is a free jigsaw puzzle totally. Simplebutaddictive puzzle game! Easy to play and pleasurable game forallage. Simply Drag & Drop blocks in order to create anddestroyfull lines on the screen both vertically and horizontally,getscores to pass all puzzle levels. One of the most highlight ofthisgame is design and color. This game is inspired by diamondsandjungle style. Moreover, it has over 50+ challenging levels,noteasy to become a master in this game! 1010 Block Puzzle Free isafun and addictive game! Once you start, you'll be hooked bythisinnovative game! You can play games for FREE! ✅HOW TO PLAY •Simplydrag the blocks to move them. • Try to fit them all in therow orcolumn. Then the block will be clear and you get the point.Gamewill be over if there are no room for any the shapes belowthegrid. • Power up with boosters: - Angry BOMB: Destroy 3x3gridblocks. - Super THUNDER: Destroy blocks in “+” pattern. -GodHAMMER: Destroy all same color blocks. - Lucky STAR: Destroyrandomblocks. - King TORNADO: Destroy 5x5 grid blocks. • Hurry up!Timeis limits! ✅FEATURES • Simple play and easy control. •Variousjewel blocks and stunning graphic. • Smooth and delicateanimation.• Funny sound effects. • Hours of fun, exciting play. •Support alltablet devices. • It is all FREE and NO need to connectnetwork!Try to play 1010 Block Puzzle Free and I'm sure it willcause amania for you! It’s great time to relax your brain!✅HOMEPAGE•✅FACEBOOK•
Stickman Jump: Shadow Revenge 1.1
Stickman and his revenge mission are ready to fight. Play asanenrage stickman killing every enemies to revenge the dead ofhiswife. He never wanted to hurt anybody but they dare to driveastickman angry, there will only be blood! Stickman Jump:ShadowRevenge is not sedentary game. It is an awesome stickmanrunninggame about Stick and stick fighter for you to try. Fight,andsurvive for as long as possible and see how high you can gowith"Stickman"! The stickman revenge mission adventure will bestartedright away after you turn on this stickman game. Don't worryabouthow strong enemies come, he is a stickman warrior and hecankilling every enemies easily. In Stickman Jump: ShadowRevengegame, your goal is to climb as high as you can whileavoiding sawblade obstacles. Killing evil bat, legendary dragon,giantdinosaur. Collect shields and amazing new power-ups along theway.Hit three matching enemies in a row for a bonus power-up boost.Allof blood for monster will come! Be nimble... be quick... andriseto the top, killing every enemies to revenge and become astickmanlegend! HOW TO PLAY - Tap to jump and attack - Hit 3 of akind tobe invincible - Kill enemies and avoid obstacles - A shieldblocksone hit FEATURES - Addictive gameplay with high qualitygraphicsand in-game visuals - Endless gameplay with real feelingsword andaction - Intuitive tap control, easy to play and suitablefor allages, great time killer - Awesome power-ups & shields -Variousenemies & obstacles: evil bat, legendary dragon,dinosaur andmore Download Stickman Jump: Shadow Revenge for FREEnow and helpstickman revenge in stickman warrior HOMEPAGE••
MAZE 1.0.9
MAZE is a classic maze (labyrinth) puzzle for kids and adultswithfun tweaks and surprises! In this game, you just swipe yourfingerand guide the dot through the walls to find a way out andescapethe labyrinth! Maze game with tons of handmade levels frommultipledesigners, all increasing in difficulty as you progress.Minimal 2Dgraphics make it feel like a classic and retro maze game,while newgame modes keep the adventure fresh (and sometimesscary!).FEATURES - Easy to play, smart control with using a marker!- 6categories: Classic, Monster, Ice Floor, Darkness, Traps andTimeAttack. - Easy mazes for kids and hard labyrinths for adults.-Minimal and retro 2D graphics, forget about complicated 3D mazes.-Offline play with no wifi - Hints to learn the mostadvancedsolving techniques Find the only way out in tons ofmazes(labyrinths) and become the king of the maze. Once youstart,you'll be hooked. Try to play The Maze and I'm sure it willcause amania for you! HOMEPAGE••