Funky Bay - Farm & Adventure game
Hi there! Welcome to the fun-filled tropical islands of Funky Bay!Build your own town and farm in a tropical paradise. Set out onamazing adventures and find your fortune. Exotic plants, animals,and adorable pets await you! The charming and colorful charactershave lots of interesting stories to tell! Harvest crops, processthem at your factories, fulfil your orders and sell goods todevelop your town and farm. Explore new lands, mine resources,solve quests and unearth pirate treasures. Become an Adventurer,start your own business, escape your routine and get some realrelaxation on an island paradise! What are you waiting for!FEATURES: • Breathtaking scenery and stunning graphics • Create andcustomize your very own farm with tons of different buildings anddecorations • Harvest crops and fruit to craft valuable goods •Trade with island neighbours and friends • Begin your adventurewith EXPEDITIONS on different islands in Funky Bay • Get pets andanimals for your own farm zoo • Buy and sell valuables on theglobal marketplace with other players • Explore and expand yourbeautiful island • Embark on exciting and risky adventures for moreresources • Play 100s of different quests with guaranteed bonusesand souvenirs! • Interact with the fun local characters!
Happy Home - Design & Decor 56.0.130
Fulfil your heart’s desire to be an interior decorator!Matchpuzzles, earn coins to help lucky characters create the Houseoftheir dreams! Be in the lead of a team of professionalassistants.Create modern and cozy spaces! Be free in your choice.Customizeevery piece of your furniture. The way you want! Any placeinlocation, any colour you choose! - Express yourself withanincredible variety of things - from chairs and wardrobes topianosand cocktail bars! - Challenge your sense of design - adjustwallcolours, flooring and furniture placement to harmonizetheatmosphere; - Master all furniture styles and become atrulyprofessional decorator - each client with his/her owndesignchallenge! - Help your clients with houses in thecountryside,penthouses in big cities! Unique styles for eachlocation! -Transform exterior decor as well - cozy porches, gardensand yards!- Meet little and cute Sparky the dog and the furnituremasterMichael - your best design team ever! - Uncover morebrightcharacters and their unique stories - an ambitious LisaLightningthan a versatile optimist Henry Stafford! More to explorein thegame! - A plethora of Match 3 Levels with colourful bonusesandboosters! Let’s make fun together! Download Happy Home now.Morestories, awesome characters, furniture styles await! Happy Homeisa fresh decor and design Match 3 game. Please let us know whatyouthink!
Ice Cream Challenge - Free Match 3 Game 0.12
Welcome to Ice Cream Challenge, a free match three game. Putthreecandies in a row and save the world of ice cream. Get readyforlots of exciting events. Embark on in-game breathtakingIslandexpeditions. Set out on amazing adventures. Collect questitems andsolve quests. Meet intriguing characters. Come on in!Features: -Amazing Match 3 ice cream, cookies and sweets; - Traveltoenchanting worlds and rescue cute dwellers; - Take part in abonusevent - expeditions with stunning landscapes and quests; - Setouton amazing adventures - find chests of countless treasures;-Interact with fun characters - ice cream dwellers of Match 3andlocal characters of the Island; - Unfold intriguing stories oftheIce Cream World and the Island - save them from a mysteriousspell!- Master over 1000 levels of sweet combos, puzzles and questitems;- Challenges and events every week! - Facebook login andHDgraphics. Travel to ice cream worlds, play match three andrescueall dwellers. Get ready for a bonus event. Explore the Islandofexciting expeditions. Collect items and solve quests.Meetintriguing characters! Play now! Ice Cream Challenge is a freetoplay game but some optional in-game items will requirepayment.Like us on Facebook!
Solitaire Cruise Game: Classic Tripeaks Card Games 2.2.0
Take a Solitaire Cruise and enjoy your classic solitaire tripeaksjourney! Train your brain & patience with solitaire tripeakscard games! Experience the thrill of a sea voyage: solve solitairepuzzle and discover colorful locations all over the world.Beautiful modern architecture, historical sites and naturallandscapes await you. Relax with a free card game that’s moreinteresting and challenging than Three Towers, Spider Solitaire andTri Peaks Solitaire free. Its clean cards and polished design letyou immerse yourself in this addictive free solitaire game full offun, excitement and new experiences. Train your brain and logicwith thousands of unique levels and enjoy your solitaire tri peaksjourney on a first-class cruise liner. Say goodbye to boredom andmisery. Enjoy a rich life and a world of entertainment from yourmobile device. Have a refreshing cocktail and check out whatSolitaire Cruise Game: Classic Tripeaks Card Games has to offer: ✅Play challenging Solitaire games, Dice Tournaments and numerousevents. ✅ Visit all 25 magnificent venues, including glitzy LasVegas, majestic Paris, alluring Nassau, romantic Venice, stunningDubai and other spectacular locations. ✅ Enjoy striking graphicsand admire stunning views of modern cities, historical locationsand natural landscapes. ✅ Discover the classic solitaire game froma new angle thanks to a huge number of bonuses and mechanics. ✅Collect stars, spin the Wheel of Fortune, hunt down the Jackpot andwin HUGE prizes. ✅ Build up your reward and multiply it risk-free.✅ Place bets and win even more! You can play card games freeoffline or online without ads - no Wi-Fi and no internet connectionrequired. Age doesn’t matter - the only thing that’s important isyour desire to succeed and the lure of a better life. Stillweighing up the options? Thousands of people around the world havealready made their choice. 🏆 Solitaire Cruise Game: ClassicTripeaks Card Games - a stylish free solitare card game, premiumtravel and extravagant leisure for true connoisseurs. Download itnow to embark upon your amazing personal adventure!
Funky Faces: Farm & Adventure Live Camera 0.93
Want to discover a magical world of tropical islands, enjoyamazinglandscapes, set up your own farm or build a whole city?Thenwelcome to Funky Bay, where farms and adventure await!Prepareyourself for fantastic journeys, join research expeditions,andenjoy a nice bonus from the creators. Complete exciting questsandcollect fantastical masks for you to try on, take selfies andsharethem with your friends. Become a true farmer – growvegetables,fruit, and cereals in your very own fields. Want to tryyour handat business? Great! Build factories to process your cropsandfulfill orders for your customers. Become a real adventurerandenjoy the rich experience of the sunny tropical paradise ofFunkyBay and its Funky Faces camera masks! Dive into the depths ofthesea, explore dark caves, discover new lands and search forpiratetreasure in the jungle. Customize your game’s appearancewithcolorful Funky Faces camera masks! Download the Funky Bayupdate toget three themed face camera masks for free! Completequests to getthe others. Want to take cool selfies to share withyour friends?Explore and expand your own lands, rear tropicalanimals and pets,and search for ancient treasure in the hiddendepths of the jungle.Don’t miss out on exciting and dangerousexpeditions – be a winnerand get great rewards. Ready to take yourbest ever selfie andshare it with your friends now?