Who viewed your Facebook 1.1.2
FaceView App is the most accurate way tofindout Who Viewed Your Profile on Facebook!FaceView calculates all your Facebook activity and get dataforeach users who has interacted with you recently.Since Facebook shares only limited data aboutinteractions,FaceView app not only uses Facebook as a data sourcebut alsofetches related data on other sources about your Facebookfriendsas well to give its users the most accurate results.FaceView analyses all the data fetched from Facebookandgenerates the most accurate list for "Who viewed yourFacebookprofile recently"The list is updated automatically when the potentialrecentviewers of your Facebook profile changes.You can see up to most recent 200 list for yourFacebookprofile.PLEASE READ:-You must have an Facebook account to use this app.FaceView is a 3th party tool and is not endorsed or certifiedbyFacebook.Tell us what you think!
Who viewed your Instagram 1.3.1
InstaView calculates all yourInstagramactivity and get data for each users who has view yourprofilerecently.InstaView provides a list of people who recently likedandinteracted with your profile.This app displays the list of users who likes you most, basedoninteractions which other people have had with yourInstagramaccount, such as likes, comments, photos tagged you,following andmessaging.You can see up to most recent 200 list for your Instagramprofileviewers.