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PT Distinction PT Distinction 7.29.0
For trainers and their clients to view programs and coaching, andto record progress on their mobile
BodyVision PT BodyVision PT 7.30.0
Online Personal Training is ideal for those who want to have theknowledge of a personal trainer without the expensive price tag.Body Visions Online Personal Training Packages give you all youneed by way of training programmes, dietary advice together withnutrition & supplement advice to allow you to achieve yourpersonal fitness goals. Body Vision's Personal Training App is theonly app in the market with personal bespoke training programmesthat match your fitness goals. It's not an ordinary fitness appwith fixed/generic workouts for everyone. 1. Download the app. 2.Get in touch at for a free consultation. 3.We'll create your own bespoke training programme based on: Primaryfitness goals, Current fitness levels, Body type & Bodycomposition. 4. Receive your Log In details via Email. 5. Haveeverything you need in one place and all tailored for you with theBody Vision Personal Training App. If you have a bucket load ofpassion and drive, but lack the knowledge to fully achieve yourgoals, then Body Vision Online Personal Training is definitely foryou. Just make sure you follow your programme.
FitmatePT Online FitmatePT Online 7.30.0
The Fitmate PT’s online coaching and personal training app is apowerful tool designed to help you to achieve your fitness andhealth goals with long lasting results. Our coaching app is the oneplace where you will find your training, nutrition and coachingplans designed by your personal coach. It’s like having your owncoach and trainer alongside exactly when or where you need him. Welove helping busy professionals, mums and dads to have the bodiesand health they want while living their busy and hectic life. TheFitmatePt’s coaching app will help you to have a better controlover your exercise and nutrition regime, make your life easier andyour goals more achievable. You will have your individualizedtraining and nutrition programs anywhere and anytime, offline oronline so it will be easy for you to stay focused and on constantlyhitting your best. Whether your training is in the gym or at home,whether you are a beginner or advanced trainee with our coachingapp and your member account you will never wondering again what todo and how to do during your training. Here we got you covered witheach exercise from your program explained and recorded so you aregetting all the benefits from your training while maximizing yourresults and minimizing the risk of injury. At Fitmate PT we are“all about results” and we will help you to become the best versionof yourself. You will feel and move the best you ever have and willfinally find the program and nutrition plan that work for you. Withour nutrition and habit based coaching program which is nicelyintegrated into the app we will teach you and show you exactly whatto do and how, to get the results and body you want. You will getthe right tools and daily actions to bring you the desired outcome.For an extra motivation and accountability, the app’s trackingsystem will show you your progress, what achievements you made andwhat we might need to focus on to get you where you want to be.With Fitmate PT Online Coaching app Your coach will provide youwith support and accountability every step on the way. Features ofthe app in a nutshell: • Individualised Training plan and nutritionprogram targeting specifically your goals • Your Personal trainerand private coach when you need him • Videos and full descriptionsfor each exercise. Each video from two angles for easyudnerstanding and learing • Nutrition coaching, lesson and mealplans option • Notes recording and feedback recording for review byyour coach who will use it to create the best experience for you •Track body metrics and your body composition in graphs to see howyour body is changing • See your progress with progress photoswhich can be taken and stored in the app • Record yourself whileexercising to see side by side comparison with coaching videos •RESULTS To get all benefits of the coaching app you have to be afull member of the Fitmate PT Coaching Program. To apply for ourcoaching program please go to
i-Health & Fitness i-Health & Fitness 7.30.0
The i-health and fitness app is an online coaching and trainingsystem that works alongside to delivertraining, nutrition and coaching plans to people looking to achievethe best results possible with the support and accountability fromyour own coach. Everything is personalised to you, from yourworkouts, to your own bespoke nutrition plan alongside coachingattachments to help you with absolutely everything you need tosucceed to finally get in shape, get healthy and have the bodyyou've always wanted. You can also record your own food diary,progress photos and track your results which can include yourweight and body measurements to help you and your coach keep you ontrack to reach your health and fitness goals. Inside the app youcan access; - Personalised Workouts with dual angle video and fulldescriptions for each exercise - Bespoke Nutrition Plans - Healthyand Easy Recipes that work alongside your nutrition plan - ResultsTracking - Progress Photos - Review past progress stats and graphsIMPORTANT (PLEASE NOTE) This app is a companion app for youraccount on An online account is required.If you're a client, your coach will give you your account detailsso you can log in to this app.
AC Training Systems AC Training Systems 7.24.0
Entrenamiento Personal Que Se Adapta A Tú Estilo De Vida ConsejeríaNutricional Con mi ayuda aprenderás nuevos hábitos alimenticios queasegurarán que tus resultados sean a largo plazo. Programa DeEntrenamiento Te proveeré un plan de entrenamiento que se adaptaraa tus capacidades físicas, recursos y horario. Plan IndividualizadoCada plan esta creado para ajustarse a las metas individuales decada persona para que de esta manera tus resultados seansostenibles.
Chell Carlin Fitness Chell Carlin Fitness 3.11
Online Personal training app to accompany your programme.
Puzzle Fit Puzzle Fit 4.341
Numerous of men & women have turned to Puzzle Fit forMotivation, Fitness Videos and workouts. People have transformedtheir lives using Puzzle Fit's simple and effective methods. PuzzleFit is a FREE app which will help you transform your body and yourmind.Puzzle Fit is an app that allows you to evaluate your progressalong with before and after photos. Regardless of your start point,Puzzle Fit Workouts will accommodate you.Puzzle Fit will guide youthrough easy to follow workouts designed to get maximum results.Every workout and exercise will be explained with easy to followinstructional videos that show you how to perform each exercisesafely and effectively. Your progress will be tracked and yourresults recorded so that you can see exactly how far you’ve come.Log in with Facebook to share your experiences with others usingPuzzle Fit' Workout's.App Features:- Fantastic easy to navigatedesign - Simple easy to follow workouts- Comprehensive exercisevideo tutorials- Interactive workout designPuzzle Fit Workouts is afantastic way to work towards the goal of a healthier and happieryou.
CL Strength CL Strength 7.30.0
This is the client app for CL Strength and Nutrition members.Clients can log in to view their custom workout plans withinstructional videos, record and graph progress, and view nutritionplans and recipe suggestions. Go to for moreinformation!
Maggies Movement Maggies Movement 5.3.0
Did you know, Americans spent over $60,000,000,000 last year tolose weight? That is $200 for every man woman and child in thiscountry! To make matters worse, 90% of people, who attempt to loseweight, fail. Im here to prevent this industry from taking yourmoney year after year and to prove that you can have sustainableweight-loss.Ive been in this industry for over 5 years and have theeducation and experience to help debunk the myths and gimmicks youhave been fed. Within a year of beginning my training career inMichigan, I won the Best of the Best award and became thenewspapers local fitness expert. You can be certain that by workingwith me you ensure your success and dont become anotherstatistic.No matter where you are in your fitness journey, I canhelp you! Visit our website for a free trial today!
This is the app used by online members of TFW Eugene to see theirplans, their workouts, their coaching and more!
Pearson Fitness Pearson Fitness 7.12.0
Pearson Fitness offers you all the information and help you need toget started and keep you grinding. This app is your way of having apersonal trainer in your back pocket. Customized workouts specificto you and your goals. Pearson Fitness offers the following: *Gymand Home workouts*Challenges*Progress Tracking*Nutrition*VideoDeminstrations *and much moreWe want you to reach your goals andset new ones. This is a very user friendly app and you get to seeyour progress not only in numbers but in graph charting as well.Enjoy the app.
Evolution-NI Evolution-NI 7.30.0
Evolution-NI online coaching app is a powerful tool designed tohelp you achieve your exercise and nutritional goals. Our coachingapp is the one place where you will find your bespoke training,nutritional and coaching plans designed by your personal coach.This App allows you to have your own personal coach with youwherever and whenever you train. Evolution-NI enjoys helping busyprofessionals, mums, dads and even teams of people in reachingtheir own personal goals such as; weight loss, muscle building,sports specific or even rehabilitation from injury. Evolution-NIcoaching app will educate you in exercise and nutrition, thereforegiving you the tools you need to understand each movement performedand how to prepare each meal. You will have your individualizedtraining and nutritional programs anywhere and at any time, offlineor online so it will be easy for you to stay focused and motivatedto reach your goals. Whether you’re training in the gym or at home,if you are a beginner or advanced trainee our coaching app andmembership account is the complete tool to educated and guide youon the right direction to achieving your goals. Each exercise ishandpicked for you, based on the assessments you perform prior tostarting your bespoke training and nutritional program therefore,maximizing your results and minimizing the risk of injury.Evolution-NI is the hub for achieving goals through an evidencebased approach. We use the information gathered on you to designbespoke programs for you thus educate you on how to implementcorrect movement and nutrition into your daily plan. With ournutrition and habit based coaching program which is nicelyintegrated into the app we will teach you and show you exactly whatto do and how to get the results you want. You will get the righttools and daily actions to bring you the desired outcome. For extramotivation and accountability, the app has a tracking system thatyou can record your progress and areas you feel you need to improveupon in order to achieve your goals. Evolution-NI Online Coachingapp provides you with support and accountability every step of theway. Features: • Bespoke Training programs and nutrition plans. •Your Personal coach at your fingertips. • Videos and fulldescriptions for each exercise. • Exercise videos show front andside views for easy understanding and learning. • Nutritionalcoaching, and education plus meal plan options provided. • Notesand feedback recording for your coach to review. • Track bodymetrics and body composition in graphs to see how your body ischanging. • See your progress through photos which can be taken andstored in the app. • Record yourself while exercising to see sideby side comparison with coaching videos. • Postural assessmentsamong many can be recorded and uploaded for your coach to review.
An app exclusively for PHNX FITNESS online coaching members. Onlinecoaching for training, nutritional meal plans, comprehensive videolibrary and 24hr support exclusively designed for you, wherever youare. More information at Or
GWD Performance GWD Performance 7.30.0
I love my job, but this isn't just a job for me it's a lifestyle!How can I expect my clients to listen to me if I'm not following myown advice? All the techniques and methods I adopt into myprogrammes I use on myself, and I'd like to think I'm a by-productof training hard at the right intensity and good nutrition. Withclient compliance, I have a successful track record for achievingresults in the shortest time possible for my clients.
NewSleekYou NewSleekYou 7.9.0
You get the best interactive personal training and coachingexperience with the New Sleek You app. If you are looking for awell-rounded coach who can help you look, feel, and live better inthe long run you're in the right place.Our app contains customisedand animated exercises to do in the gym or at home, fitnesstracking charts, along with nutrition advice plans. We aren’tmachines, we are all different and we have different goals, so wemost likely need different approaches. I want to share my passion,experience and fitness knowledge with my friends and clients, sothat they can know how to reshape their bodies successfully, eventhough for many it's going to be a struggle. I can support you andexplain how your body “works”, I will assist you in understandingyour goals and help you to make the changes necessary for achievingthem, but if you are looking for a 2 week program to lose 10 kg –you are on the wrong page.We will take it step by step, totransform your body and mind permanently. Probably we will need tochange a little or it might be a lot. I offer real workouts, realnutrition and most importantly a real mindset.Why are you readingthis description? Whatever your reason – you have taken the rightfirst step! Just do something. Bring energy into the situation. Weoffer: • 1-2-1 ONLINE PERSONALISED TRAINING PROGRAMS • 1-2-1 ONLINECUSTOMISED NUTRITION PROGRAMS• 1-2-1 ONLINE TOTAL BODYTRANSFORMATION PROGRAMS COACHING, TRAINING & NUTRITION• GROUPSONLINE TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMS COACHING, TRAINING &NUTRITION. • PURCHASE DISCOUNTED RATES AVAILABLEIf you want toimprove your quality of life, making you a healthier and happierperson, boosting your self confidence and improving your body imagein the process, do not hesitate to contact us.E-mail us or connectwith us on Facebook and Instagram.
bod Focus bod Focus 7.12.0
bod. online PT includes workout routines, exercise videos,nutrition guides, recipes and online coaching. Exclusive to bod.members participating in an online transformation programme with 1to 1 coaching and support. Visit the bod. website for furtherinformation on weight loss, fitness and muscle development.
com.ptdistinction.gedohara eFitProPT 7.24.0
After years of of 1-2-1 personal training I've developed an onlinenutrition and exercise program to get you in the best shape of yourlife, in the least time possible. If you want to improve yourstrength, fitness, body composition and nutrition in an efficient,safe, motivating and scientifically backed way, then we are theright choice for you, our reputation is second to none. Ourprevious results speak for themselves. Based in the UK searchefitpropt and contact us.
GaryFillery PT GaryFillery PT 6.3.0
An App that helps you achieve your health and fitness goals, withthe help of exercise videos, instructions, food diary, meal plansand more.
Fit and Lead Fit and Lead 4.341
FIT AND LEAD is simple and handy application for people who want toincrease their muscle mass of their body or for those who wants tolose weights drastically. Fit and Lead provides varieties servicesin the fitness industry such as Personal training , Weight lossprogram, Home based fitness training , Corporate fitness training,Nutrition and Fitness consultation, Bootcamp, Yoga , Pilates andHealth seminars also .we collected only the best and trulyeffective exercise that will work for you. Here you will get afully detailed nutrition and a fully customized exercise plan withclear explanation of all meals and exercises. Here our trainer DEVSUJEEAWON and his team will analyze your Body Mass Index (BMI) toset goals depending on your body types with a graph charting thechanges in your weight, you will be able to analyse how your bodyhas change completely at a glance.-TIPS download the apps andstarted!
Matt Stirling Fitness Matt Stirling Fitness 7.30.0
Welcome To The Next Generation Of Online Coaching! Our coachingprogram includes scientifically drawn up nutrition plans,customized workouts, and a support system designed to get you toyour goals and keep you there! Hypertrophy and TransformationCoaches: Specializing in hypertrophy and transformation coaching ishow MSF online coaching came to be. Our methods have been tried,tested and true for thousands of people thus far over the years.Combining Science and 17+ years Experience ensures that youregetting a valuable experience with results that are built to last.Custom Workout & Nutrition Plan: When we say Customized, wemean it! Everyone responds differently to various methods oftraining and nutrition, and as you change, your programming needsto as well. The beauty about this is that youll learn along the waywith your coach so that you understand exactly what YOU need forsuccess. Coaching, Mentoring & Support: We understand thestruggles that come along with trying to reach any goal, nothinggreat ever comes easy. This is why weve worked hard to implementaccountability features integrated right into your membership site,along with scheduling coaching calls each month, creating an MSFsupport group on Facebook and more.
Max Out Fitness Max Out Fitness 5.3.0
Online Personal training program with real certified personaltrainers. You will be able to use Skype, facebook video and othersources to see and communicate with your trainer. Meal plans, detoxrecipe, constant communication, assessments, and real results. Homeand gym routines at your service.
The CJ Rubric The CJ Rubric 7.30.0
This app is the coaching app for people who are being guided on theCJ Rubric Way. In this app you get Video Demonstration Exercises:The app has over 1000+ video demonstrations of exercises so younever have to guess what exercise you are meant to be doing everyagain. Individual Programs catered to you and to fit yourlifestyle*: When you sign up to The CJ Rubric Coaching programs,you are taken through an assessment through the app and once youenter your results, you get a program suited to you. We also havesome 4-week template programs you can trial to see what the app islike. Video analysis: The hardest thing with online training hasalways been the technique of the movement. Are you performing itproperly? Now you can record yourself doing the movement, analyseyourself with a side by side of the demo exercise video and it willautomatically send me a notification to check the video and offerguidance. Nutrition Journal: In your account, you will get yourvery own nutrition journal where you can track everything you eatand drink to stay on track. Adherence Chart: The adherence chart isfor people who are practicing the CJ Rubric way and doing thenutrition programs. We do things via habits and this Adherencemakes it quick and painless for you to tell the coach that you areon track and making progress. Plus you can see an overview of yourweek. Progress Tracker: You have the ability to take and uploadprogress photos via this app in minutes. You can also record anynumber of tracking measurements including body fat percentage,conditioning (running, biking, swimming), and body girthmeasurements. Customised Tackers (Habits, Conditioning, etc.) Youcan track anything you like. Habits, steps, sleep, readiness score,emotions. Your imagination is the only limit. You can also shareyour results with your friends via social media to show them howwell you are doing on your journey to a better you. This app hasallowed us to take our in-person results to the world. Postcode isno longer a limiter. You can train anywhere in the world and getthe awesome results our legends have already got. If you want tostart learning The CJ Rubric Way and get onto this app, visit ourwebsite for more info.
IBR Fitness IBR Fitness 7.30.0
Our online training service provides tailored training andnutritional support to help you achieve your goals. 8 week programsbased on either fat loss or muscle gain that will also give youmore energy, strength and a healthier approach to life. This appthat allows you too:- View your Training program with videos anddescriptions of every exercise. Record exercise results in seconds.Film your exercise technique, then view it alongside correct demovideos. These videos instantly upload in to your account so i cansee your progress Record and track nutrition habits, goals,lifestyle habits, body stats, activity levels and more. Take andsave progress photos instantly. And the ability to fill in a fooddiary or adherence chart.
The F.A.T.T. Fitness Training and Montavious Skelton. I've startedtraining clients nearly FOUR years ago I am the founder of thisunusual concept. I continue to advance my online fitness coachingto ensure I am always meeting the ever-changing needs of my onlineclients. I was exposed to several training methodologies along withdiets, and meal plans. Ive studied Exercise Science and Nutritiondue to my passion and earning a Masters degree in Sports Managementdue to my fascination with the mindset of Athletics & Wellness.My great solution for fitness for any, age and gender are simple astraining your mind. I'm a Strength and Conditioning specialistaiming to increase fat loss, lean muscles, ultimately a betterlifestyle.
Hayden Stringer Fitness - Coaching App Hayden Stringer Fitness - Coaching App 7.12.0
Coaching app for Hayden Stringer Fitness for the delivery ofprofessional online coaching as well as nutrition coaching. Find uson Facebook: Hayden Stringer - Fitness & Nutritional Coach
Vlad Simanel Vlad Simanel 7.12.0
This is a complete exercise and nutrition coaching plan for men andwomen of all fitness levels who want to lose weight, feel instantlyenergised, healthier, and fitter. My tailored 12-week fithabit planempowers you with knockout tools, knowledge, and support tokick-start positive lifestyle changes youve always wanted. Get adirect roadmap to sustainable results that you can use anywhere,anytime...
LA Movements LA Movements 7.30.0
Coaching-App für alle Kunden von LA Movements - Personal Training
DF Personal Training DF Personal Training 7.24.0
This is a unique feature for all my clients! A personal app wherethey can view, check and update their workout program and results.All programs include video and short description of the exercise,Progression chart and much more.
Blackheath Studio Blackheath Studio 4.341
This app is used to track your Fitness and Nutritional progress.Clients easily receive exercise and nutritional advice straightfrom our team of professional Personal Trainers. Clients will alsohave access to free video calls with a Personal Trainer. Thisallows Personal Trainers to watch your technique as you exerciseand can correct your technique easily. We will help transform yourbody into the body you have always desired.
Groat Fitness Groat Fitness 7.12.0
Online Personal TrainingThis is an exclusive, Groat Fitnessmembers-only app. For more information, please visit the GroatFitness website.
Lift Acdmy Lift Acdmy 7.30.0
Virtual Personal Training made easy. An easy access app that allowsyou to conveniently track your fitness progress. Designed with fullworkout video demonstrations and techniques, updated workoutroutines, meal plans, and adherence charts, this app will keep yourgoals completely on track. Take the guess work out of your fitnesstraining and stick to a regimented plan that is catered towardsyour health and fitness goals. Must be a Lift Academy client foraccess. Join the program at the Lift Acdmy Website and gain accessto a platform that will have you well on your way to the body ofyour dreams. Gym Is In Session!
SavagePT SavagePT 7.12.0
Your complete online workout in one handy app! Perfect forcomplimenting your in-person training or for working out at home orin the gym on your own. Excellent for tracking your progress overtime, both in your workouts and in your physique. Online supportincludes nutrition coaching and food diary analysis. Packagesavailable for all fitness levels.For information on pricing McMaster is a qualified Personal Trainerand certified Precision Nutrition coach.
Alpha Man Plan Alpha Man Plan 4.341
Here you can keep on top of your schedule so that you don't miss aworkout as well as being able to see what your coach has asked youto complete. You can also take progress photos direct from your appand compare them with previous photos.
Vegan Cutz Vegan Cutz 6.1.0
Welcome to Vegan Cutz Online Personal Training.Congratulation. Thisis another major step in your already incredible Vegan journey.Nowit's time for you to get started.This app is now your best friendfor the next 12 weeks during your Total Body Transformation withus,If you need ANY help please contact me. I am here for you everystep of the way.This is an incredibly exciting and nerve rackingtime for you right now. So the sooner you get started the soon youwill start to see the incredible results you have signed upfor.Welcome to the Vegan Weight Loss Revolution.
Stronger Things Stronger Things 5.3.0
Online training just got personal. Stronger Things is not a onesize fits all approach. We specialise in diverse training, sowhether you want to train at home, in the park, in your hotel room,or at the gym, well make a bespoke training plan specifically foryou. Well incorporate any holidays, business trips, or downtime youmay have coming up. Download the Stronger Things App, and get atraining and nutrition plan specifically made for your personalfitness goals.After signing up youll receive a personal email fromPhill, founder and head trainer. Hell ask you a little bit aboutyourself, and what you want to achieve over the coming weeks andmonths, including if you want to workout in a gym, at home, oroutdoors. Youll discuss your current eating habits, in order for usto prepare a meal plan to compliment your workout regime. Youll beassigned a fully qualified Personal Trainer from our small team ofprofessionals, and your member login details. Your workoutprogrammes, video demonstrations, nutrition plan, menus andshopping lists will all be accessible within the Stronger Thingswebsite, and on your mobile device via the Stronger Things App.Alternatively, you can instantly download one of our affordablepre-made programmes from the shop. Youll still have access to emailsupport for advice or if you need us to tweak your programme.TheStronger Things consultation team consists of physiotherapists,neuroscientists, genetic specialists, and personaltrainers.Stronger Things was founded by Phillip Webster. Phill is afully qualified Personal Trainer, Kettlebell Instructor, andunconventional training specialist, recognised by the InternationalConfederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals.
Caliber Fitness Caliber Fitness 5.3.0
Visit WWW. CALIBERFIT.COM to sign up for our online personaltraining! Caliber Fitness is a highly rated physical trainingcompany providing circuit training workout exercises from qualifiedand experienced trainers. The Caliber Fitness App is designed toendorse a healthy body image, rather than the number on the scale.Caliber Fitness App will offer a variety of designed workoutstailored to each client. Led by Jeff Garner, a prominent fitnessexpert and healthy living guru of Caliber Fitness, he is committedto serving the needs of each fitness clientele. With the CaliberFitness App, expect to be motivated and committed to improveindividual self-esteem and a positive body image. With CaliberFitness, true results are achieved by helping clients achieve theirpersonal goals.Features: - Personalized Coaching, Recipes, MealPlans and Videos - Personalized Exercises - User-Friendly Interface- Personalized Recorded and Tracked Charts For Results Visit WWW.CALIBERFIT.COM to sign up for our online personal training!
Better Body Breakthrough Better Body Breakthrough 4.0
Are You Ready For Your Breakthrough? My Better Body Breakthrough isan online Body Transformation programme, created by Nutrition CoachJohn O' Neill, of Envision Nutrition.This App is used to deliverthe unique Better Body Breakthrough programme content to yourdevice, giving you the power to transform your body and mindset,using habit-based coaching, scientific nutrition practices, andcustom-tailored training.
FIT365 FIT365 7.30.0
You feel like year on year your aways worrying about how you look,feel and even perform every day because your overweight, tired allthe time and have no energy! Your tired of trying fad diets andyo-yoing up and down in weight, tired of feeling hungry 24/7 onsilly low calorie programs, tired of not being able to walk for 3days after an extreme exercise workout and tired spending 100's,even 1000's each year on not so 'magic' pill & shake diets! Butwait! You have to use these 'fast acting, short lived &expensive programs because your busy and hectic lifestyle doesn'tgive you the time to CHANGE YOUR LIFE and be THE BEST YOU, YOU CANBE! BUT WHAT IF YOU, YOU COULD CHANGE EVERYTHING AND NEVER 'DIET'AGAIN! By upgrading your habits, understanding your body and makingsmall, well thought out and progressive changes to your dailypractices YOU CAN. Look, feel & live better everyday with theFIT365 Online Coaching. Join qualified personal trainer andnutrition coach Ash Burleigh as he helps you build new habits andchange the way you think about your diet, exercising and your bodyforever! Download the App for FREE and head over to our website tostart your journey to a healthier, happier and leaner you today.
NLF Online Training NLF Online Training 4.341
No Limits Fitness Online Training is ideal for people wanting towork with a personal trainer to improve their fitness, nutritionand mindset. We provide regular coaching and feedback as well asgoal-setting and accountability. Our goal is to help you become thebest version of yourself!
Dream Fitness UK Dream Fitness HQ 7.30.0
The Dream Fitness App is like having a personaltrainer/nutritionist and a life coach in your pocket. This App hasbeen designed to not only help you reach your physical goals butalso improve your mental strength so you can remain in a positiveand progressive state. Join the universal Dream Team with the DreamFitness App. Receive customised programmes all with HD videosdemonstrating the exercises for you. Its super easy to use and youcan even keep track of your progress so you know exactly whatweight you lifted and for how many reps and sets. The App alsocomes with a food planner so you can keep track of all of yourmeals daily! No longer will you have to carry training journals orlose papers to the gym, access your full workouts straight fromyour phone. Your progress will be tracked from our end, as youprogress, which helps keep you accountable throughout yourprogramme. Your will receive your full tailored 6-week workoutprogramme as well as a full nutrition guide to help you achieveyour goals even faster!
NOW ANYONE CAN HAVE ACCESS TO HIGH-QUALITY PERFORMANCE TRAINING ATAN AFFORDABLE PRICE!Hi, I'm coach Kate Engard, MS, CSCS and I wantto make elite performance training affordable and easilyaccessible. I’ve simplified the overwhelming amount of scientificinformation and training concepts into easy-to-use, sport-specificand client-oriented training programs.~ENG plans optimize skilldevelopment for improved speed and power- at any age!~ENG plansinclude pre-hab and therapy techniques to keep you healthy for along career~ENG plans include sample meal plans to optimizeperformanceI have over 15 years combined experience as a trackathlete and a coach. I have been a strength and speed coach for thelast 9 years, 6 of which were at the collegiate level. I’ve coachedhundreds of athletes and I want to provide you with a winningstrength training program at an affordable price. Strength trainingprograms like the one I created for the 2013 WSFL ChampionshipFootball Team. That season alone 17 athletes signed NCAA D1! I havea winning model used by elite athletes. This training wouldnormally cost you thousands of dollars per month in training fees,nutrition plans, assessments, etc. With the ENG Performance app,you can access elite coaching at an affordable cost. RegularClient? I've used the same elite performance training concepts andapplied them to my general clients. Can you guess the results? Myclients experience tremendous outcomes using my science-basedapproach. Clients see results that include improved strength,improved lean body mass, improved postural stability and jointcontrol, improved diet habits, and overall improved quality oflife! Download the ENG Performance App and Get Started! Or ContactCoach Kate by visiting!
Coach Nita Coach Nita 5.3.0
Download your coaching application and sign in using the detailsprovided in your confirmation email.Once you have logged in youwill be able to access your workouts, food diary andassessments.For help please contact your coach directly.
12 Week Body 12 Week Body 5.2.0
I'm Beautiful Motives your personal lifestyle coach, I designed the12 week Body programme for everyone of any age, and from any walkof life. It will produce great results and lead to lasting successfor everyone, regardless of your starting point.The 12-week bodyapp is the only training app that is customised towards your ownpersonal fitness goals, rather than a generic training programme. Icombine fitness, nutrition and supplementation to give you resultswhich will far exceed what any of these elements could producealone, and as it's based on your personal fitness goals, It willchallenge you. I guarantee you that your body and mentality aregoing to change and you will get everlasting results in just 12short weeks!1. Visit the website and select which services willbenefit you most2. Book your FREE skype consultation3. Fill in yourpre-consultation forms4. Have your FREE skype consultation withme5. Book your programme6. Download the 12 Week Body appOnce youhave completed your consultation and booked your programme, youwill have full access your bespoke training plan from your app.This gives you the freedom to easily follow along either from homeor the gym based on your preferences you spoke about during yourconsultation. You will be able to trace your progress throughpictures, and track your targets allowing us both to see how you'redoing and if there any areas in which we need to work on together.Safety is key for me! and all your exercises will have fullinstructions and video demonstrations. However, one of the bestfeatures is you can video yourself performing the exercise and geta little extra guidance on your technique from me. It's like havingme right there working out with you! I look forward to our newpartnership! Yours TrulyBeautiful Motives x
Improve your performance on the pole with our strength and personaltraining programmes. Here at the Pole PT, our mission is to provideathletic training programmes for polers that are easy to follow,using a combination of on-the-pole, in-the-gym and at-homeworkouts. They are designed and created by fitness professionalsusing scientifically accepted principles of fitness with onepurpose: to get YOU to your pole goal FASTER! You can access yourPole PT programme any time through the Pole PT app. All programmesalso include: full video tutorials of every move, printable workoutsheets and progress tracking. Choose from our growing list of8-week trick programmes that you can start TODAY, or opt for a morepersonalised programme with meal plans and direct coaching from oneof our personal trainers. Ready to take your pole training to thenext level?
x9Fitness x9Fitness 7.12.0
The x9Fitness app is a powerful tool to accompany you on yourtransformation journey, providing everything you need to help youreach your desired physical condition.Personal training is oftenseen as a luxury item, out of affordable reach to many.Withx9Fitness you can have the best in coaching, training andnutritional support at your fingertips. By taking things online youcan seriously reduce the cost of 1-to-1 PT.If you're ready for realresults, here's what to do next:i. Download the powerful x9Fitnessbody transformation app.ii. Send us an email to arrange a freestrategy call.iii. Based on our call & the information youprovide, we'll design & build your transformation plan from theground up. Moving you ever closer to reaching your goals.iv. You'llreceive a login & password to access your personalized plan.v.Unlock the door to everything you need from personal meal plans tocustomized workouts all regularly updated & recalculated byyour coach as you improve.Tracking progress is simple. Access yourperformance data at the push of a button, while unlimited coaching& support will ensure you stay the course & gain theresults you want.x9Fitness aims to provide high quality nutritionalguidance, professional training systems & first classaccountability.We continually strive to make your online experienceas valuable as our face-to-face services.
She Strong She Strong 5.3.0
She Strong is here to change the game. To change the way femalestrain. Training should be about getting better everyday. Trainingshould be about learning new things. Training should challenge bothyour mind and body. No gimmicks, no excessive cardio, no fancy halfleg reverse donkey butt kicks. Learn to squat, deadlift, push,pull, press, run, jump, skip and more. However this is more thanjust an online program; it is a platform to challenge yourself, togrow and transform. Youll be supported, motivated and heldaccountable by the community of like minded She Strong chicks. AppHighlights:- Weekly programming with workouts focusing on strength,conditioning, mobility and a challenging workout of the week- Easyto follow coaching with video instruction for each exercise- Checkyour technique against demo videos- Record and track your progressand view your workout history- Record and track nutrition habits,food diary, goals, lifestyle habits, body stats and adherencelevels- Track and save progress photos instantly- Access tocoaching videos, recipes, and exclusive content!Download the Appfor FREE and head over to our website to start your journey to afitter, stronger and more confident you today.
Fitness Coaching Fitness
Creating Fitness solutions offeringresults,without violated habits!!!Worldwide Online Fitness Coaching ServicesCreate Customized Workout PlanCreate Customized Nutrition PlanCreate Fitness Solution To You & Only For You
The Speed Project The Speed Project 7.9.0
The Speed Project app is your very own speed coach right in yourpocket. The app helps athletes with their sprinting technique,strength training, linear speed, agility, nutrition and more!Thisis the most effective coaching system which allows direct contactwith your coach anytime. Complete your training sessions at a timethat's convenient to you and get expert coaching regardless ofwhere you are in the world. The Speed Project app is suitable formen and women but is aimed at athletes (mainly track and teamsports) looking to excel in their sport. The training methods andconcepts may be too challenging for the average exerciseenthusiast. Login to view training programs and coaching sheetsthat will help you get the most out of your workouts. You willlearn step-by-step and master the exercise movements with adetailed movement teaching system and instructional videos.What TheSpeed Project Offers You:- Strength training for speed: Workoutprograms tailored to help you increase your speed. - Exercisevideos and instructions: Video exercise library showing you how tocomplete all of the exercises in a program plus exercisedescriptions. - Results tracking data: Record all your results fromyour workout and track your data over time to see yourprogression.- Food diary and tracking: Record all your meals andfluid consumption.- Video recording: Record yourself while runningor performing an exercise from within the app so that your coachwill be able to critique and provide feedback.- Client-coachinteraction: Your coach will be able to check in on you to makesure you are held accountable for completing your program.-Downloadable content: Download the content so that you can view allyour workouts and coaching information even when you have nointernet connection.Info on Using the AppThe download of The SpeedProject is free of charge. Get your training plan and furtherfeatures with the Coach, which is available through The SpeedProject website.
Want to train with Ady James on his FITLIFE program but just cannot get to the AJ Fitness gym? The Ady James FITLIFE onlinetraining and mobile app can help you do just that. Download the apptoday and sign up to one his flagship programs.
Team EDFIT Team EDFIT 7.12.0
World class body transformation coaching for those that demand thevery best!With sustainable results based coaching from one of theUK's leading transformation experts Ed Djafer. We specialise inphysique transformation.So if your goals are to lose body fat andbuild a lean toned physique, either for yourself or at acompetitive level, then you've come to the right place.Everyprogram is designed by Ed, alongside bespoke coaching andaccountability to ensure you get the results you want.Gone are thedays of buying a block of 10 or 20 personal training sessions andhoping to get into shape.You might have a great workout in the gymfor an hour. What happens in the remaining 23 hours of the day whenyou're not with your trainer?Were with you 24 hours a day fromanywhere in the world!And now in the palm of your hand!!You'll haveaccess to:- Your workouts- Full home workout videos for when youcan't get to the gym.- Nutrition Planning (what to eat, and when toeat it).- Recipes- Coaching video training on mindset, nutritionand more.- Regular Check-Ins from us to keep you on track. -Private Facebook group- And so much more...Download the app andstart your transformation today!