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Wonderland OZ Diamond Match 1.2
wonderland OZ diamond matchTravel through magical lands on thisepic adventurea fairytale,comes as a unique and joyful match 3puzzle game!it’s a great time killer puzzlehow to play** swap andMatch 3 or more diamonds of the same!** complete the level!**remove the jewels as much as you can!** get a special jewel!**match it to clear lots of diamond!** achieve 3 stars to get morecoins!** get high score with boosters!
Pharaoh Pyramid Journey 1.4
Enjoy an endless fun match 3 game featuring Egyptian legend Have ajourney to ancient Egypt where you see gigantic pyramids, cursedstones, and statuesque Pharaohs. In this match 3 game; your task isto destroy all curses jewels of "Pharaoh". Form the chain of threeor more jewels of the same color by clicking at one jewel and dragto other adjacent jewels of the same color and all of them willdisappear. Pharaoh will give some missions to you like droppingegypt gold or reaching the target score. Don't waste the movesbecause they are limited. To complete puzzle levels more easily,match and dash 4 or 5 gems. We hope you enjoy this match 3 game andmake it your time machine to the mysterious ancient Egypt. • DeepConcentration & Focus • Increase Attention Span • Smart &Quick Thinking • Improve Hand-Eye Coordination • Faster ReactionSpeed
Egyptian Pharaoh Bubble Shooter 1.5
egyptian pharaoh bubble shooterThis new game is sure to providehours of unbeatable funEgyptian Bubble Shooter is set in ancientEgypt the land of pyramids & pharaohs! It is packed withstunning egpytian bubble levels with a promise to deliver countlesshours of fun. Take on this epic game alone or play with friends tosee who can get the highest score!★ amazing power ups & specialfeatures to boost your bubbles★ great animations & stunninggraphics from the film★ fun for all ages, free & easy to play★available to play on mobile and tablet devicesThis new game is sureto provide hours of unbeatable fun!
Pirate Bubble Classic 1.2
pirate bubble classicClassic Bubble Shooting fun you don’t want tomiss, pirate clashClassic Bubble Shooting fun you don’t want tomiss!Play the thrilling Pirate Bubble Classic game for free andunlock over 900 great levels packed with fun boosts and power-ups!It’s extremely addictive!Match at least 3 bubbles of the same colorto pop and try to get 3 stars at every level! Just aim and shoot 3or more bubbles of the same color to create a line crush and popthe group. Tap on the screen to drag the laser aiming and lift itto smash bubbles. You can swap bubbles without limit, simply tap tochange the color. Try reaching high scores and earning 3 stars onevery level.It’s fun and entertaining! warm up your fingers and getready to practice your color-matching skills.
Diamond Witch Quest 1.4
diamond witch questthe ultimate match 3 puzzle with 1 millionmobileThe entertaining game does not only train your mind but alsohelp you relaxed and truly comfortable. You can play it everywhere,every time as you want. We have many cute and beautiful jewels.Game has simple interface, easy game play. Challenge friends to seewho can get to the top of the leaderboards! Send gifts to give eachother a helping hand and collect costumes to gain fun, powerful andmagic advantages.Over 1000 spellbinding levelsTake on the evilMaster WizardEasy to learn, fun matching game mechanicsHours ofentertaining and challenging casual puzzle gamesIdeal for fans ofmix and match casual puzzle games or for anyone who wants to havefun exploring a fantastic land of witches, spells, potions andpumpkins. Get ready for a magic adventure where the witches bringthe environment to life!
Treasure Temple Plunder 1.3
treasure temple plunder treasure plunder is an addictive Match 3diamond game Beat match 3 puzzles to reveal the story and uncoverthe mysteries of the ancient temple realm. Join the temple treasureadventure,and dig your way to the temple crush treasures ! ThisDiamonds puzzle match game will provide you with many hours of fun,with endless challenges! features - very addictive and popularmatch 3 jewels puzzle game - fun for more than a million playersalready - classic matching with a twist - fantastic kingdom withunlimited levels - create a cascade with every crush - free bonusgifts every day - powerful boosters and power ups
Pirate Treasure Blast 1.4
Match 3 jewels and never stop getting tempted towards thiswonderful adventure journey Pirate Treasure Blast is the mostvibrant addictive brain jewels game ever! This game will let youthink ahead before you make any swap while you are playing thisendless jewels game. A simple yet cool game, pirate treasure blastprovides you a great way to relieve from all the stress with itshours of fun and brain tickling effect. Your only motive is toburst jewels. Stunning graphics with a highly polished interfacepirate treasure blast is a free jewels game and it can be played byadults and teens. Your whole family can play it and they will enjoyit! an addictive jewels and gems matching game with twisty gamingmechanics! Generate power diamonds for completing levels with easeChallenging puzzles with exciting and great game play What are youwaiting for? Download our game Now and Enjoy playing the bestjewels game ever!
Bubble Shooter Roller Skating 1.1
bubble shooter roller skatingBeat all opponents, won the honorGetready for the big Skate-Off game! You’re no newbie to theSkate-o-rama… but you want to get serious and become a rollerskating pro! Smooth bubble games Amazing graphicsPlay in wonderfulscene, the most beautiful wonder.1100+ challengesEasily controldirection shoot bubblesGame are made for everybody ,all age ,boy orgirl,children or adult ,men or women,under or over 18 age.
Witch Magic Shooting 1.1
witch magic shootingI bet you will be addictedWitch magic shootingthis is fun and addictive bubble shoot game! Support for bothdevice mobile and tablet!Easy to play, extremely fun, and requiresno special skills to play. Adventure across a fun game bubbleworld. There are more than 950 levels of difficulties to challengeyour brain and dexterity. I bet you will be’sfeatures:fantastic eye-catching graphics.multiple levels withadaptive difficulty according to your progressfriendly balls tohelp you on the wayopportunity to collect golden coins to buy moreitems
Snow Princess Bubble ❄❄ 1.2
If you are a ice princess fan, you will love this puzzleTheEnchanted ice palace needs a new royal stylist! Do you have what ittakes? This bubble shooter game is the next addictive challenge ina row. ❄ why you should choose it? ❄❄ a lot of challengingpuzzles!❄ exquisite game interface!❄ cool animation effects!❄download for free!❄ applicable to any ages!❄ applies to all androiddevices or google play users!❄ any time at any place!Extremelyaddictive and fun bubble shooter game! Enjoy our bubble shooter!The more play and The more exciting!!! Believe us and Download it.You will never regret it!
Pirate Island Treasure 1.1
pirate island treasurePirate game fun match 3 diamondpuzzleAmazing, Beautiful and Colorful Tropical IslandThe world mapis colorful and full of stars and hidden jewels. Can you enjoy thetropic millions of jewels and stay hungry enough to play addictivejewel games?Match 3 Puzzle Adventure ChallengesMany, many levels toenjoy with their own challenge. Be brilliant and hungry enough towin all challenges with a gems blast.You need to match 3 puzzleadventure jewels in a row or column, and can even match more togain even bigger bonuses and effects. Boosters can help you in thisvery addictive puzzle game. Use bombs to gain more stars and becomethe best fortune hunter that has been playing in the last time. Winthe pirate treasure hunt with amazing and very addictive gameplay!
Witch Puzzle Diamond Quest 1.5
witch puzzle diamond questIt’s magic and spells timeDo you likemagic potions beaker and alchemists ? Do you like challenge? It’smagic and spells time. Dash through thousands of enchanted levels,solve the fun puzzlers and complete all the missions. With thisgame you can easily improve your brain and intelligence, andconcentration.Fabulous graphics and designs.Thousands ofentertaining match-3 puzzles to enjoy.Free to play, no internetconnection is required!Hours of entertainment are guaranteed.
OZ Magic Land Bubble 1.2
OZ magic land bubbleGet ready for the most exciting Bubble Shooterof all time!With great puzzles to coordinate with the story, The OZbubble is a fantastic interactive game for the whole family. Gathercolorful bubbles to charge up the adventurer's special skills tohelp you through those tight spots or to burst the most epic combothat will leave your friends speechless when they see your name onthe leaderboard.Defeat the evil witch : match the colored bubblesto break the Witch's curses. Unlock new areas, and embark onengrossing journeys in mysterious lands. Bubble shooter Oz is acompletely free game which optional in app purchase to help youprogress quicker in your adventure in the land of Oz. - Hundreds oflevels with unique layout and challenges- Simple and addictivegameplay- Shop with a lot of Power-ups and boosters- Play inwonderful scene, the most beautiful wonder. - Smooth bubble games -Game are made for everybody , all age , boy or girl, children oradult , men or women, under or over 18 age.
Witchy Diamonds 1.6
download for free and challenge your brain now!Match 3 games havenever been so fun: help the cute little Witch advance through thisnew puzzle game by solving puzzles presented by the powerfulwizard! Match magical ingredients to solve over 1000+ levels inthis enchanting and addictive puzzle adventure! Start brewing nowand show your friends that you're the best witch to be found!5 starfeatures:. Easy to learn, hard to master. Over 100 exciting levelswith challenging obstacles. Boosters to help you through toughlevels . Create powerful combos by matching more than 3 items.Train your brain with more than 1000 fun puzzle levels andcounting. Colorful and vivid graphics. Leaderboards to competeagainst your friends through Facebook
Dungeon Dragon Bubble Shooter 1.2
dungeon dragon bubble shooterDefeat all invaders to defend your dungeon!In order to defend the last remaining dungeon of this world,youbecame a guardian.Heroes from all over the world gather to conquer the dungeon.Never be defeated, be the best dungeon!Dungeon bubble shooter is a classic bubble match 3 game. Pop,tapand tilt your way through over 999 addictive bubble puzzleswithexcitement and packed with adventure!Features:+ easy operation but lots of fun.+ gorgeous special effects and beautiful images.+ different roles dress+ many interesting props to help you pass game quickly+ A combination of multiple bubbles+ no wifi can also play
Cookie Crush Free Match 1.2
cookie crush free matchjoin millions of happy players in thisaddicting match-3 gameThis game is seriously fun, super addictiveand we can’t promise you will not fall in love with our awesome anddelicious adventure.Cookie Free Match is a delicious new match-3puzzle game filled with hundreds of yummy dessert themedlevels!Swap and match your way through new magical game worlds anddiscover the ultimate puzzle adventure! Got a sweet tooth? DownloadCookie match 3 today and satisfy your cravings! Beautiful graphicsand effectsThousands of fun levels filled with candy and jellytreatsExplore enchanting worldsSolve the brain teasers and winamazing bonuses that will reward you with high scores and awesomepower-ups. Download this fun and addicting game
ice princess jewelry star 1.3
ice princess jewelry starThis is matching for the princess andendless funice princess jewelry star is a fun match 3 mania whereyou discover some amazing icy treats along the journey with 900arctic levels. Eye catching blast powers and combos to help you outin your quest to reach the top of the kingdom.Enjoy the fun treatsand gift items hidden across the ice lands in your quest. The icemountains and glaciers take you on a ice treat journey where youtake the help of the ice princess to help the snowman complete histarget. The queen ice beauty will help you in collecting and givingyou special powers along the ice journey.900 Crazy fun &addictive ice jamming levelsBright and colorful combo blasts andeffects to make your adventure more colorful.unlock differentpowerful items and boosters to help you get a high score!playnormal mode to unlock more levels while uncover shining jewels inBoss Mode!play against all players around the world to get a highrank in the week event!
Block Puzzle Pharaoh Diamond 1.1
block puzzle pharaoh diamondIt is really a casual puzzle game foryour free timeBlock Puzzle Pharaoh diamond is an exciting free timeactivity that will catch your eyes with unbelievable beauty andunexpected new things appearing. From now on, let’s enjoy a simpleand addictive puzzle game! Once you start, you will be hooked.Easyto play and pleasurable game for all ages, but it is addictive andfunny game. There are 1000+ puzzles in total, the highest amount ofpuzzles you'll find in any game, worth hundreds of hours to keepyou challenged and addicted.
Block Puzzle Pirate Jewels 1.1
let's enjoy a simple and addictive puzzle gameEasy to play andpleasurable game for all age.Simply Drag the blocks, and fill upall space. Put the colorful blocks into the square area by draggingand fill up all grids. as long as you tap sideways or verticallyand connected into a line can be eliminated and got scores. .pirate themed puzzle. free to play in google. intuitive one-touchcontrols. elegantly design. no time limit,. get highest scores youcan. support leaderboard
Freeze Princess Diamonds 1.0
freeze princess diamondsAdventure into the stunning world of ice toexperienceAdventure into the stunning world of ice to experience.match diamonds with ice magic, earn unique boosters and discoverspecial surprises around every turn.Features:+ Super attractivegameplay with eye catching gems+ Reveal unbelievable beauty againstmean princess+ One of the best princess games online+ Classicmatching game for solving puzzles+ Very addictive match 3 puzzleadventureStart this amazing journey through a wonderland of gemsand get solving puzzles all time. Get high scores and win from yourfriends on Facebook. Enjoy the best princess games now and getmatching for an epic jewels fever! Solving unbelievable beauty inthe puzzles where you swap, swipe and match gems!
block game ice princess 1.1
This is a full of fun and very exciting classic block game.iceprincess block puzzle is the legend of all puzzle games because itspopularity is very high. It’ll bring you back to your childhood.It's very simple and exciting. Features♦ simple rules and easycontrol♦ fun and exciting play♦ support both phones and tablets.
Slot Deluxe Free 1.1
slot deluxe free download deluxe slots is the #1 free casino slotsgame! The best free Vegas slots directly on your mobile device!Love the excitement and suspense of Vegas-style slot machine games?download deluxe slots brings you the best slots experience on themobile market! come visit us at the best Vegas-style casino slotsapp for the FREE SLOTS that you love! Thrilling quick game playwill ensure more bonuses and faster slots experience than everbefore, so don’t miss our Las Vegas-style free casino games! BonusGames in these Free Slots! • Scatter Wilds, Jackpot Wins, andfamiliar Vegas feel! • Match-3 with a unique slots twist! •Thrilling machines that provide endless amounts of fun • Come spinand receive the best wins! • Daily and hourly bonuses to keep thespins going! • The best free bonus rounds • Vegas-style slotmachines that will keep you spinning all night!
Temple Mummy Jewels 1.3
temple mummy jewelsendless adventures with mysterious templeworldDo you think this is a legend? You have a chance to find thetruth! Play match-3 game about temple and treasures. At the "mach3" levels you will find a lot of puzzles, beautiful animations, anduseful bonuses.The game does not have any energy limiting your gameattempts! You can pass as many levels and as many times as youwant!All the adventures in this game are completely free, regularlyupdated, and the game does not require the Internet!Move and matchjewels, combine them, create bonuses and go through all thenumerous levels of the game! At the moment, the game has more thana thousand levels and this is far from the limit!- Great graphicsand sound!- A huge number of levels!- Different sets of crystalsfor every taste!- Various adventures and treasures! Constantlythere are new adventures!- A lot of obstacles!- Different bonuses!
Treasure Hunt Cleopatra 1.5
Join Cleopatra for the best puzzle & start winning pyramids oftreasure! Start your diamonds and jewels ancient treasure crushstory now! Enjoy a variety of mysterious levels; each level has adifferent and dedicated set of game rules such as limited moves,time and much more! Match 3 or more jewels and earn incrediblelightnings to crush stunning ancient totems a trophies. TopFeatures: - This diamonds Cleopatra game is completely free! - Thegame becomes more mysterious and addictive as you go on. - When youare stuck, wait for a hint to help you. - Easy to play but achallenge to master! - Designed for all ages. - Amazing specialeffects. - Beautiful golden totems, jewels and Egyptian trophiesvisuals
cookie crush puzzle 1.5
Plunge into fantastic cookie crush puzzle now! Keep having funwhenever you jump into the cookie world! Matching the right cookiein this sweetly fun game. It is easy to start but hard to be thecookie crush master, come and try if you can conquer the challengesand be the fans of cookie star! Collect yummy cookies and cakes incase of tricky levels, swap or more in a row to create blast. -Colorful and vivid cookie graphics - Stunning music and soundeffects - No time limit - Play anywhere and anytime
Cookie World Crush 1.2
cookie world crushLet's start a magical cooking journey in thiswonderlandThe most exciting cookie game is now on your mobile.Download it now for free! it's super addicting. Be prepared forendless hours of fun and entertainment!Unique and deliciouspower-ups and combos in each levels.Fun and easy to pick up, but arewarding challenge to master!Beat tough levels with the help ofboosters!A sweet and exciting match-3 adventure challengedyou'llembark on a spectacular journey with exciting and challengingobjectives like you have never seen before!Last but not least, wewant to give a big thank you to all for playing Cookie world jam
Pirate Match 1.2
pirate matchdownload and join us on an epic adventures of match3Play through level after level in arcade mode where with eachcompleted level the difficulty increases. As you progress further,you will travel through a series of different pirate themedenvironments and adventures.You can also play in classic mode withpotentially unlimited game play as you make as many matches ofthree as possible. The concept is simple, slide a piece into aposition where it makes a set of three or more of the same, and itwill destroy the block behind. - Nice pirates! Master thedifficulties making super combinations with gems!- Lots of bonusesand daily rewards will help you to solve all puzzles and collectall diamonds-jewels.- You can play offline!- It’s absolutely freematch 3 game, but you can buy some additional moves or other gamefeatures.
Farm Fruit Harvest 1.6.1
dip your fingers into the best sweets game At our fruit farm, thereare mysterious fruits portals, bombs, and ice cubes… Also lots ofjuicy fruits! Hundreds of levels of fun and sweetness are waitingfor you! There are amazing new fruits, splendid new booster and arelaxing world to experience fruit harvest! • easy and fun play -Easy to learn and fun to master gameplay • no time limit - Play itanytime! anywhere! • no wifi? no problem! - You can even playoffline anytime. • stunning graphics - Playful theme along withgorgeous visual effects.
Panda Rescue Pop Bust 1.2
what are you waiting for, let us play and conquerPlan your everypop shot to rescue friends ‘s panda!Slide, swipe and shoot bubblesto save trapped little pandas!To play a simple, fun and challenginggame Shooter Bubble Pop Adventure definitely gives you a feeling ofrelaxation, comfort, enjoy playing. Once you download, you will beEnchanted by the wonderful dynamics of this amazing game, let's getstarted! On your way to challenge a brand new bubble pop game, youfind this one is incredibly crazy.Amazing bubble bursting effects!
Robber & Thief Bubble 1.2
bubble shooter is an addictive game with lots of funClassic BubbleShooter is an Addictive Game. And our Bubble Shooter is not justthat. It is more Simple and Amazing! Pop, tap and tilt your waythrough over 820 addictive bubble puzzles with excitement andpacked with adventure!- Pop bubble with extension line.- Bubble popwith lightning bubble.- Easy and fun to play, challenging tomasterEnjoy this Free Bubble Game!
Robber Diamonds Swap 1.1
robber diamonds swapOver 1000 new levels of lootin’ fun!The trueking of thieves is back!Over 1000 new levels of lootin’ fun!Can youunlock all new levels and help Bob in his quest?How to play:-diamond swap match 3 or more identical diamond match- swipe threeor more same Diamond to score points.- you can swap and Match 3 ormore Diamond of the same- match 3 diamond it to clear lots ofDiamond- game matching diamond The Complete the level- game achieve3 diamonds to get more coins- you get high score with boosters
Cleopatra Bubble 1.3
cleopatra bubbleSuper popular shooting puzzle gameConnect 3 bubblesto make them disappear for lots of points!Super popular shootingpuzzle gameThere're tons of levels to play through and in each one,you only have so much time to clear and get the star that fallsinto the bottom of the screen.Each one of these levels willprogress you further on your journey throughout Egypt in one ofseveral beautiful high definition Ancient Egyptian themedenvironments. There is also the classic game that has nearingunlimited gameplay and only goes as long as you can.Game Features:-More than 900 levels and 3 mysterious scenes in the game.- Easy andfun to start but a challenge to fully master.- Stunning graphicswith a highly polished interface.- Mysterious ancient Egyptianmusic, let you fully appreciate the mystery of ancient Egyptian.
Cleopatra Diamond Quest☥ 1.2
cleopatra diamond quest☥Wonderful ancient Egypt wonderland totravelWelcome to puzzle game cleopatra quest!Let the adventures inEgypt begin. Complete the map to unlock all levels. Experience theexcitement of cleopatra quest from the comfort of your own home ortake it anywhere on your mobile device! Throughout playing thisgame, it will guide you discover the last active Pharaoh of AncientEgypt "Cleopatra", from the world of mystery, a new Pharaoh willrise to break the curse of pyramids tombs by smashing the cursesjewels of Cleopatra. Race against time, all you need is thediamonds' greed.In this match 3 game; your task is to destroy allcurses jewels of "Cleopatra". Form the chain of three or morejewels of the same color by clicking at one jewel and drag to otheradjacent jewels of the same color and all of them willdisappear.easy to learn but hard to master matching game throughpyramid and temple statuespopular puzzle adventure game for allagesjoin millions of players in this popular match-3 gamewonderfulancient Egypt wonderland to travel through in this adventure
Sweet Juicy Fruit 1.2
sweet juicy fruitnever-ending fun and fresh quests every dayComeand discover all the amazing surprises. Join delicious matchingadventure in Sweet Fruit and share the fun with all your friendsand families! Match the juicy fruit into lines of 3 through 500+challenging levels in this delicious puzzle adventure. Takeyourself on a wild journey and experience a match 3 adventure withfruity delights in the Kingdoms- brain puzzle game with simplerule- no play limit such as heart, play as much as you can!- canplay even without network!- game file is as low as 20M,light-weight download!- supports tabletscreenhomepage:
OZ Magic Land 1.3
Match your way to meet the wonderful Oz in this amazing puzzleadventure! Game Features ∙ The most unique match 3 puzzle ever ∙Easy and fun to play ∙ More than 800 levels to start your way (TimeKiller) ∙ Magic charms to help with those challenging levels ∙Unlock Fun New Characters ∙ Can be played without internetconnection offline
Superpuff Girls Bubble Shooter 1.3
As a classic bubble game, popular at all over the worldLet’s takeSuper Puff and help a little Girls fight against the monsters eventhe Big Bosses.Bring relax and happy to you.Help you kill yourboring time.Help you train your brain and finger.Are you alone? Wewill be with you.a super pet feed system. You can feed your ownbird and dress up it.match 3 meets bubble burst.500+ funny andchallenging game levels, Do you want to challenge your brain?morestrategy and more happy.fluent shooting experience.captivatingarcade inspired music.
Cleopatra Treasure 1.1
cleopatra treasureStart your treasure hunt in the diamondjourneyIts growing popularity and increase of coverage areacontribute to the possibility to download it and play free ofcharge without registration and other dataAndroid “three-in-a-row”apps have almost endless quantity of versions with innumerablelevels! They may be moved horizontally, vertically, and sometimesin diagonal direction, so the similar objects could make a match.In this match 3 game; your task is to destroy all curses jewels of"Cleopatra". Form the chain of three or more jewels of the samecolor by clicking at one jewel and drag to other adjacent jewels ofthe same color and all of them will disappear.- The game isabsolutely amazing. - Loads of bonuses, gifts and discounts arewaiting for you- Nothing is to be paid- Improve Hand-EyeCoordination- Faster Reaction SpeedWe hope you enjoy this match 3game and make it your time machine to the mysterious ancientEgypt.Thanks for your good intention, we are glad to have yourtrust.
Panda Baby Bubble 1.4
panda baby bubbleretro puzzle game panda bubble shooting is comingnowClassic puzzle game Bubble Shooting is coming now.Lovely BubbleShooter is a classic bubble match 3 game.Pop, tap and tilt your waythrough over 630 addictive bubble puzzles with excitement andpacked with adventure!* with over 630 puzzles and more attractivechallenge* the interface is pretty subtle effect with cutecharacters and funny* fun games you can play anytime, anywhere*intellectual game, easy to play but difficult to master and achieve3 stars for each level* full Free game, you can challenge friendsand compare the score with offline
Fruit Harvest Garden 1.2
fruit harvest gardenfruit crush is an amazing match 3 fun game withyummySwap to match 3 or more fresh fruits green fruit garden topop. Set out for an impressive fruits blasting journey in world offruits! Create sweet boosters to achieve highest score and win 3stars with each puzzle. fruit harvest garden features:this is acompletely free game, no life limited. You can play fruit harvestgarden scapes endless.journey through almost 1100 enchantinglevels. Updates come out all the time!easy to play interface, Justswap & match. You can play it by one handsmooth animationeffects, Easy and chanllege Levels, You will enjoy never ending funin fruit harvest garden!you can play it with your Facebook friendsunder the network and signal environment. network and signal arenot a problem, you can play games offline.