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UpperCUT - One Tap Reaction 1.0
The game has 20 different themes, more than 200 missions and 7different style skins.You have to tap on the screen at the righttime to hit the target. Collect points and unlock new themes.-Compete with your friends- Train your reaction- Be ready to thehight game speed- Improve your Game Accuracy- Become a real gamesniperUpperCut will keep you in the game for hours.Check yourstatistics and work on the a reaction.
Racing Crazy Banana Boats 1.0
NEW Crazy humorous water racing attraction, you'll meet the mostunpredictable and unusual passengers in the extraordinarycoastlines with various obstacles in your way.“Careful... there's arock... oh no, no, nooo... we don't wanna crush”The game's got easyeasy gameplay and the control system that everyone's used to... abit of practice and you'll be able to do long swims, and collectmore stars.Don't be surprised, when you'll be giving a ride totalking fries...Be ready, the passengers of your banana boat aregonna turn into aliens...Using your agility, provided gifts and adsyou'll be able to acquire more and more boats which means moreboats to make you smile and enjoy our game...We'll keep makingupdates and adding new boats with more humor and oddness...“Solet's ride now... am I seeing what I think I see? Our boat driveris Dracula… aaaah!!!”
Football Free Kick League 1.1
Decide the fate of your team! Prove that you are the best! Competeagainst the strongest, making the most spectacular goals and saves.Fantastic Football Free Kick and penalty shoutout game will makeyou feel the tension of playing against the best teams.FootballFree Kick League facilitates practical and convenient free kickstrikes and intuitive operation of a goalkeeper. Perfect yourspecial shots, simply controlling the ball with one finger ormaking the most impressive saves, by dragging the goalkeeper.Finding the right spot on the gates will lead you to catching theball in a spectacular jump while playing for goalkeeper.Byqualifying from your group and winning in each and every match ofplay-off series you will be able to compete with your ultimaterival in a final game of the Soccer Free Kick World League.EnjoyFootball Free Kick League right away - stunning football simulator- 3D soccer tournament.The tension of a penalty shot is carried outby dint of realistic 3D graphics and super realistic animationsusing the latest technologies.In Football Free Kick League game youare going to discover:- Realistic ball flight physics- Easygoalkeeper controls- Breathtaking gameplay- Support of stadiumfansYou are able to choose from the worlds best footballteams.Download Football Free Kick League right away - awesomesoccer 3D simulator.Game Includes:- Realistically looking graphicsand animations.- Ability to play for both a shooting player and agoalkeeper- Easy and intuitive controls: Shoot the ball with yourfinger and drag the goalkeeper in order to make monumental saves.-Broad selection of the best teams from all over the world- Oftenupdates- Real-life football situationsBecome a top football player- make your ideal penalty shot - catch the hardest balls - bringvictory for your team !!!Become a Football Free Kick League Winnerand World Champion today - install the Football Free Kick Leagueright away.
Mobile Soccer Free Kick Cup 2017 1.0
This summer's hit among sport 3D soccer games and footballsimulators, with realistic graphics, is now available fordownload!Free Kick Mobile Soccer Cup 2017 is a game, one of themost popular sport games, will allow you to be closer to your idolsanywhere and feel yourself on the same wavelength with millions offootball fans.Players have the opportunity to compete for theirfavorite teams, to win in football free kick competitions. Thelevel of the opponent's game will become more complicated eachmatch. For the victory, it is necessary to improve your skills, tocurve shots bypassing the walls, to score goals by tearing the webfrom the corners of football goals.The match stops if one of theopponents does not have a chance to equalize the score.Do not missa single ball and prove yourself as a legendary goalkeeper or godown in history as the best forward. Only the most talented andpersistent player can lead the team to victory and get a unique cupof champions!In Free Kick Mobile Soccer Cup 2017 you can note:-Optimized requirements for all mobile devices that will allow youto enjoy colorful 3D graphics- Unique animations that you will notsee in other 3D football penalty simulators- Game arena, which willbe the object of envy for any club- The best world teams -Unpredictable opponents game- Constant updatesToday you candownload the free Kick Mobile Soccer Cup 2017 game for free! Becomea champion!
FreeKick Soccer 2018 1.0
You have to lead your favorite team andshowthe whole world your skills. Go through all the stages ofthetournament, from the group stage to play-off matches. Thevictoryin the final will write your name into the world ratings andbringthe coveted Cup.You can demonstrate your skills in such game modes:- Penalties- Dribbling- CombinedGiven your wishes, in the Freekick Soccer 2018 is availableseveralmodes:- Single Player- MultiplayerPlayer Customizer will allow to add individuality to your style -ithas never been so easy to create your own character.Magnificent 3D animations will breathe life into your forward,asthey were created with the help of professional footballplayers.In the movements of your character you will be able torecognizethe movements of your idols.Thoughtful controls will help you get comfortable and quicklyfeelyourself as the main one in a huge stadium, where millionsofspectators watch the movement with bated breath.The progress of players from all over the world can be seen intheonline gaming rankings - the ratings of football teams andtheratings of the players themselves. Personal statistics willhelpyou to display the level of your game in the Cup.Every 2 weeks begins a new season and you have the opportunitytocompete for the first place in the Cup again. Prove to thewholeworld that you deserve the title of Champion!Key features of Freekick Soccer 2018:- The game was created to unite football fans aroundtheworld.You personally can watch the progress of friends and enemiesfromaround the world.- Real animation and real movements of professionalfootballplayers.Only real movements and only professional football players- Real confrontationThe best teams of the planet and the real scenariosofconfrontation.- Thoughtful managementYou run your finger across the screen - you hit, you movethegoalkeeper - you reflect the ball.- Beautiful graphics and detailingWe found a balance between attractive graphics and made surethatthe device works quickly.- Free participation in the main tournament of the year!The game is free. The game also has purchases, but theyareoptional.Be yourself - be the Champion!
Sniper Shooting - Ultimate Accuracy 1.0
The game allows you to develop and perfect a shooting skills in themost beautiful places in multiplayer and career game scenarios.Choose your favorite weapon and compete with rivals from all theworldWe created one of the best shooting game conditions:- 30legendary sniper rifles- True to life bullet physics and realisticsniper scope zoom- Picturesque real locations- Intuitive touchcontrols- More than 30 unique targets including movable- Iron sightfor short distances- The sight of an infantry sniper for mediumdistances- Sniper scope for long distances and very long distancesfor a real Sniper Range MasterYou can play Sniper Career, orquickly compete with the rivals in multiplayer mode.And for realshooting kings, we developed sophisticated tasks, with movingtargets. Improved weapon purchases, will make your life easier, butyou still have to make efforts!Outstanding players will be awardedwith generous awards and general recognition:- InternationalTournaments- World, country ratings and Facebook ratings - Dailyquests and bonuses- Wheels of Fortune- Daily awardsToday you caninstall and play in Sniper Shooting - Ultimate Accuracy for free.
FreeKick Soccer 2018 1.0
You have to lead your favorite team and show the whole world yourskills. Go through all tournament stages, from the group stage toplay-off matches. The victory in the final will write your nameinto the world ratings and bring the coveted Cup.Demonstrate yourskills in "Penalties" game mode.Given your wishes, in the FreekickSoccer 2018 is available several modes:- Single Player-MultiplayerPlayer Customizer allows to add individuality to yourstyle - it has never been so easy to create your owncharacter.Magnificent 3D animations will breathe life into yourforward, as they were created with the help of professionalfootball players. In your character movements you will be able torecognize the movements of your idols.Thoughtful controls will helpyou get comfortable and quickly feel yourself as the main one in ahuge stadium, where millions of spectators watch the movement withbated breath.The Players progress from all over the world can beseen in the online gaming rankings - the football teams ratings andthe ratings of the players themselves. Personal statistics willhelp you to display your game level in the Cup.Every 2 weeks beginsa new season and you have the opportunity to compete for the firstplace in the Cup again. Prove to the whole world that you deserveChampion title!Freekick Soccer 2018 key features are:- The game wascreated to unite football fans around the world.You personally canwatch the friends and enemies progress from around the world.- Realanimation and real professional football players movements.- Realconfrontation scenarios The best teams of the planet and the realscenarios of confrontation.- Thoughtful controlsYou run your fingeracross the screen - you hit, you move the goalkeeper - you reflectthe ball.- Beautiful graphics and detailingWe found a balancebetween attractive graphics and made sure that the device worksquickly.- Free participation in the main tournament of the year!Thegame is free. The game also has purchases, but they are optional.Beyourself - be the Champion!