BMM-Soft Apps

Balance 3D 2.6.1
In Balance 3D game, you are to operate a ball, simultaneouslykeeping its balance. It is not so easy: your way runs over theclouds across narrow roads and air tunnels. React fast, don't crossthe edges of the field, lest you should slide down to the chasm!Intermediate results are not saved - if you fall it will bring youto the beginning of the level. Every new stage will bring you newchallenges: steep slopes and bends, dangerous areas, barriers -there is no time for boredom. Explore the worlds as much as youlike taking your time, or hold the time records. Be attentive andpatient, and you will succeed in winning the game from beginning toend! There are several types of controls available: arrows,joystick and G-sensor. While using G-Sensor for the ball stability,you should hold the device vertically, slightly sloping it ahead(30 degrees).
Arctic Ball 1.51
Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of ice and snow-cappedpeaks.Admiring the scenery, overcome obstacles and collectsnowflakes.Available to you 8 levels now. New levels will be addedin future updates.
Maze 3D 2.0.2
Here is an addicting game whose purpose is to lead a colored ballthrough the maze. The action unfolds under the clouds, on thebackground of picturesque mountains. Show your dexterity andintelligence, and you’ll be the best!The length of the maze growswith each level, and it becomes more and more challenging tocomplete the level. To overcome the distance faster, collect thebombs and use them for breaking the walls. Don’t be afraid of goingto shining areas - they can teleport you closer to the finish.Thecollected stars will bring you money; use it to buy protectionagainst thorns, shortening of the distance or acceleration. Haveyou seen a vertical ray in the end of the maze? Follow it - youhave completed the level!It is very easy to control the ball usingvirtual keys, you’ll learn it in no time. In the left bottom area,you can choose a viewing angle for the maze.Be careful at thedistance - mind the time. Dodge from the sharp thorns, otherwise,the ball will deflate, and you’ll have to start fromscratch.Complete the levels at maximum speed and set a record inscores. Have a good time, playing Maze 3D!
World Of Rest: Online RPG 1.31.6
World Of Rest is a multi-player role-playing online game in fantasygenre. Its character has to conquer new space and perform feats toprotect his city. Step by step, hit by hit, he becomes moredangerous for his enemies and more and more out of reach for hisopponents. For courageous researchers An exciting travelling acrossthe varied World Of Rest will give you a real joy. Your characterwill fight with different monsters, from wolves to minotaurs anddragons using both his weapon, and magic. He will establish orderon islands and in vaults, in deserts and jungles, on the plains andin the mountains, using force and sharpness of mind. The trophiesobtained in the battles will give your character money so that hecould buy new ammunition. Hundreds of opportunities for becomingthe best We suggest your character mastering additional set oftrades: a hunter, a fisherman, an herbalist, an alchemist, ablacksmith. There are almost no limits for improving your skills.With every won level, your character gets access to new types ofweapon, armour and magical objects. If you wish, you can buyspecial ammunition for real money. It will instantly improve thecharacter's parameters and speed up achievement of the gamepurposes. As for the rest, the game is completely free. Beat youropponents and make friends As you play, you can see other users'weapon and their ammunition. Compete with them, trying to excelthem by all parameters or build a team to beat the monsters. Inviteyour friends and make new ones via the chat. It is much moreinteresting to discover the unknown together. Everything to theuser's comfort The player gets easily accustomed to the magic worldthanks to intuitive controls. A detailed map makes the orientationeasier. The score of victories and defeats, as well as a lot ofother useful information about your character, is available if youclick his icon. If you quit the game, it is saved automatically.Next time, you will start exactly where you finished. Become thebest protector of the World Of Rest! Note: The game is in the stageof early access (active stage of revision and improvement). Yoursuggestions on the development are welcome!